ola YouTube my name is Ricardo Lino know and I’m a wheel addict welcome to skate talks number 30 and my guest today my guest today it’s the first female guest that I’m having and it’s probably the best if not the best one of the best inline skaters aggressive inline skaters in the whole world she also skates on others kids aren’t in the aggressive skates she also uses those urban three wheels four wheel skates she skates for power slide and she comes from Spain she’s 28 years old she started skating about 15 years ago in Bilbao Spain so my guest today is the one and only mery munoz so let’s call Mary and let’s see what’s up hello hello yo Mary are you doing fine yeah okay so why did Mary sit finally we’re recording now so before this phone call we made I don’t know like three or four phone calls and I’ve been having some trouble basically I changed my phone from an iPhone to something else and I don’t really use the phone with a recorder and the microphone to do this and we’re I was having a few problems and the sound wasn’t sounding the way that I wanted to so now it’s good I hope okay Mary you’re living in Barcelona right yeah for how long have you been living there for free three years now in our role but I I went to Miami one year and a half between Miami and Spain my parents house and after I was another state years here so in college like six years okay but you’re not from there right no I’m from move involved okay so you wanna tell us a little bit how do you got into skating and you ended up in Barcelona yeah okay so I was raised in Bolivia although I’m from Bilbao I used to have these friends that we were like doing bike and everything around the area and when we saw this movie they blink movie I don’t know if you know I know for Latvia them and I I saw this movie and we we were all together when we were seeing it and we went to the street with a skate with and I think that was a ray that I really find out something that you like and after I must do Bilbao and I make my friends like the name sorry and all the good writers from bill Vaughn was there but I just keep on going okay how old how old were you back then like the first time violently I think I was eight or nine when I’m up so I quit because I moved to another city and after I came back again they will vote people so I was her Tina after okay so you say that you were 13 when you started in Bilbao but before that you were also doing it in Valencia yeah like jumping bouncing no nothing like grinding or anything just messing around okay so but then when you started in Valencia you started right away with duty and garnish and those guys or in Benoit yeah that’s sorry in doable yeah yeah we police there was a very good movement in the bow like it was Borja Tran man they found was officially on my chair they were in like in the top in that moment in vert skating mm-hmm and we and Judi was in our way on our each canal there were a lot of good riders so when I saw them it was very like easy to get motivated by them what okay watching mhm okay so for someone listening to these that doesn’t know who was a fairly and bore her is basically there were the team riders for Red Bull Spain for a few years so cause if Alex was actually really really good in Street – and I think he was a sa pro for he was a sa pro in street and bought her was a a sa Pro invert so they were like basically some of the best skaters not just in Europe even worldwide they used to get really good results when they Street when the bird contests were super cool as well in that moment they were everywhere I think huh ah come on vert is still cool we just like avoid is still cool I think I meant whenever shot whenever someone sees Takeshi of course it’s cool how many Takeshi yeah that’s

because people don’t is no I’m not saying it’s easy to get there obviously but it’s it’s for me it’s too scary but the truth is there’s not people probably trying it as much as you used to be back yeah the level is still super high like that she’s always complaining like super super mega high that no one can really do I know the high and then he starts flipping it there huh anyway so let’s go yeah let me go back a little bit and again I always say this but I need to say it to anyone else who’s listening to this for the first time to one of these skate talks I sometimes interrupt my guests I will try to do it as less as I can okay but sometimes I might need to do it mmm but now to start this you said that you came from from Valencia to to Bilbao and then you started skating but from those moments to to what you’re doing right now a lot of things have changed you you used to be just like you said just like a little girl that used to to skate with some local eros to someone who’s winning the biggest events in the world do you remember of a moment of change or it was all just coming with time was just gradual I guess like moving towards Ilana for the second time was like a bit like the decision of okay I want to try to make a living of England skating or tried at least dying there in the way and it was coming coming again here and because I was in Miami trying to do a light there like working and like six days a week and yeah what were you doing hi what were you doing in Miami like I was living in Barcelona I was working in a producer and I was like doing the internship so I was not winning money and I was dating my girlfriend that in that moment that she was moving to Miami to trying to find our good work because in Spain in that moment I mean the crisis on everything yeah and I just and I just went to Miami and tried and it was I was doing my best like working as a seller and winning money as every American is know like the life stance okay mm-hmm just trying to get money here and there and here and there just basically yeah you’re earthling is that it yeah working doing I don’t know I was skating one day a week so I was a bit stressed okay and after that when this relation finished I went back to my parents house I was there like okay what I do now and I was like I want I want to go again to Barcelona I think I was happy in one way here and and when I came back it was like yeah like the motivation of giving your best because you want to achieve something or try at least okay wait you’re all right we’ll go there in a few minutes because you said more more than once or try but I will go there in a second but before that was there we did like a huge jump here we went from the wisdom to someone that just moved to Barcelona for the second time there’s a lot of things that we’re jumping we’re skipping a lot of things so let me go let me push you in another way it’s all good you in another way you used to skate for a brand nowadays you skate for other but before even going to the second before even going for the left before even talking about the jump that you did from one brand to the other how did you first got into your first sponsor I don’t know if it was your first sponsor but your first main sponsor was rollerblade I remember seeing you your for the first videos of you being for role already which is basically one of the biggest brands in the world so the question is how did you like it yeah how did that happened yeah I think it was through a friend like a leech or Tara and Mitchell brother one another girl were in the right place teaming I think they just lend me some skates to

try and I like them and after the girl Anna talked with the Nell Martin I think mm-hmm and they put me in the race team but it was like a very fixed you know like freestyle management and after they they shut down the team and like one year later they came again like yeah we went to do a proper team and they say to me and since then I was like four years from really so it was kind of like Toki just gaining as person was not very serious okay yeah it makes sense I know that there was a there was a big change with rollerblade Spain and from from what I know the second guys that you’re talking they were even from I don’t know if not if not from Bilbao from close to Bilbao right yeah okay I don’t remember very much yeah was something like that and then back then when you were on rollerblade were you already getting paid a little bit or not they pay me the travels like some travels like winter class they helped me with a plane ticket but I was not really getting paid and for the first time in my life I did a video of whisky with the twister and I was like okay let’s give free skate I try and because the thing is going in this way and and I did it any hard life you got a lot of views like no no what more than 150,000 views mm-hmm YouTube so so I was like okay now I can ask for for the second one and try if they can’t pay me for it no because it’s what the brand new self anymore like crispy and they say no I know we don’t have money blah blah blah and I say wow okay it’s okay no no problem but I don’t want to keep on but let me ask you something don’t get me wrong in this question but did you really want it I’m not judging anyone here not judging you not judge it’s not my role to judge anyone here but when you want it to do that free skate video you were trying to do the free skate video because you wanted to try the skates or because there was like an intention to try to make some money out of the yeah at first at first yeah it was like trying to make money but after it was like perfect for ownership skating because it like keeps you see them and in some way like all the aggressive skaters we need more of these more now running more I don’t know like it makes you skate after better in skating of course man improving it improves your skill of skating yeah so at first yeah fantasy much like other word attentio like yeah it’s going to be fun making a video edition video now like not only grinding so it’s like a challenge for for any together I think is a bit challenging because you are not used to to film in that way like three three three three I know exactly what that is when I first moved to Cape Town and I started using big wheels more and more because I I used to use big wheels way back like I don’t even know like 20 years ago for for speed skating and then I was just like you just an aggressive skater and an aggressive skater in the early 2000s was basically let’s go to this library and that’s just yeah let’s skate 20 meters to the ledge grind and then stop on the other side 20 meters this way and grind this way and then if there’s like five skaters they make a line and they wait and it’s if you look at it now it’s actually boring but still I’m not judging especially myself but I used to do it but like I agree with you it makes the skaters better and you see that in the skaters nowadays you see a lot of girls that actually know how to skating yeah that’s the thing like no Queen to skate like Beijing because I feel like I passed from learning how to go fakie to doing a hundred but I didn’t know how to learn properly or clean or you know yeah I was like that’d be crazy and I didn’t have fear and I do this rail so ladies or whatever but the landing was not like smooth okay so when I start to do free skate I felt like it was like like you sure okay work you like I need to make you a question see it’s one of those times that I’m going to interrupt you is the 900th thing real or it’s just a comparison what is it is it real did you ever do a 900 or it’s just a comparison that you’re doing a 900 yeah can you do

900 no I didn’t London okay okay so welcome to the team I did land it once but it was once okay I said sorry okay okay no man your English is more than good whoever is listening to these they do know that you are Spanish when I’m Portuguese and we are doing our best it’s the truth we are doing our best to try to to make free content to make free content to all these carriers out there so I guess which with trying our best and people will appreciate it I’m sure so keep going so you got the rollerblade and then you were not really happy we you were not really happy with them not paying it and was that before you move to Florida or when was that in in the meantime I guess also I was him in USA so I was like maybe they treat me better there so I was like with Tom hi self giver he tried to help me like he really tried but it was not possible from the Chiefs from the horses so I don’t know what happened I just try it you know okay they always say if you try and they say no at least you try yeah and you know what sometimes they say no once they say no twice they say no three times and then you show them different you just you wonder which is right so I guess they were not happy this year anyway keep going and then there was a there was a time that I was already working for powerslide and I heard about Mary is gonna start skating for powerslide and at first if I’m not wrong and you correct me if I’m wrong at first you were supposed to not even start for us you would get free skates from USD yeah but at first I was just free skiing right yeah it was that was the deal okay so what was the deal exactly like yeah like a little bit of money for the free skate I scared they were they offered me to skate the ion no I think it was for free I think I’m not sure and and I said wow sorry but if I scared ion I lose a sponsor they can’t okay so so I was like it’s not possible to skate the acog one because I already skated in the past a car one and I like it and they are like my you have to pay for them like whoo and I say it’s okay I have our new road blades at home I can scale it out I feel relatively and and keep on with the fish game okay deal no and they say no no no so they what they wanted the whole thing they wanted you to be a nice day yeah I I understand that I receive skating you know a big but I don’t want to pay for skates because for me it’s not that easy to get that money to pay scale the thing is you knew you knew about your level you knew about your skill and you had a plan you know what you wanted to do in the future so you wanted a brand that would support whatever you were going to do that makes sense yeah okay so the whole deal ended up happening right you ended up starting to work with them and nowadays I know that you make some more videos not just your videos but you out filming some stuff including I’ve seen some some things with Christina bone either with the rollers yeah but see there’s a little bit of thing and always married doing nowadays so you you in the beginning when I asked you about moving to Barcelona you said that you moved to Barcelona to try to leave from skating what do you do for a living nowadays now now it’s summer so it’s a good time for me because I have like contests and mostly I get paid for teaching so I do they replace income with it they’ve ladies come and after one here with my company I work or in the schools and after I do part people our classes until the school starts again okay so I and after we do teaching every day in school and it’s okay okay so basically you’re living from skating not just for being from being a pro skater but not really it’s more for ya but the pros case the pro skaters nowadays that’s what most of them do you know if you do the it camps you know what montre what Josh

they’re pro skaters but that’s that’s their choice of live like if you want to leave for skating things change somewhere well they they understand us like yo so understand me every skater like because he’s won not us so he’s like really making a cool project for for this part I’m flora mm-hmm like nowadays if you wanna make a little bit of money from Eli Scalia not only like your image is not that important anymore is more than what do you do for the sport and be involved no I think I think you’re right and not at the same time it’s an opinion you know I think Europeans my is my experience yes no I understand what you’re saying what I’m trying to say is your image no matter what will always be important of course what you maybe I don’t if that’s what you’re trying to say or not but imagine is it if you if you have like a completely sorry the expression but if you have a completely fucked up image if you you won’t be able to teach you want basically it’s not about that image of like the top pro that doesn t v– is not even achievable to the kids it’s just like that doesn’t exist anymore but you somehow need to be a role model so yes your image does matter not in a way like I don’t think anyone matters if you smoke weed or if you drink these or that but it’s more about like the way that you act with people how much you’re trying to somehow make this sport grow or yeah it’s grow grow basically that’s like like like you said josh is doing an amazing job and I had these skate talk with Josh do and it’s cool to see that he gets surrounded by people like you like rich he like montre Neil’s yeah and he’s going to move next week no by the end of this month he is moving towards Iran is it that’s cool is there are they starting to do blading the blade camps the blending camps more often or it’s still just that time of the year yeah well we have some plans I hope that everything works and we can soon tell you what’s going to come next but yeah that’s the plan to make it more frequently and make it like all year come like not only in something but let’s see let’s see what happened yeah that’s really cool it’s cool so people should know that there are people actually working in making new skaters and that’s amazing yeah and it’s working the best thing is to see that it’s working ok like from last year to this year you can really appreciate that there’s more movement how was it with the blade is the blade the blade is camp this year why it was also like this year who were super organized so and we had this amazing bus that we all fit in anyway we’re all together and the house was here with some very like in the nature and the food was also and the girls get along where he was like it was we did like an introduction the first day and everyone seems to be sigh and like you know and then the last day we make our review like make everyone speak about the week and it was also to see that like the evolution from one from one day from the day one to the last one like all the girls while super motivated to keep scaling their cities because it was the first time this came with other girls for some of them where were the girls from were they mainly from Spain or you had girls from all over the world we had like three girls from the United States one from Peru England damn they might Czech Republic Lucia that’s like yeah that’s amazing and or some of them like really really beginners or they were old yeah well maybe half of them were beginners or there’s new hot song tricks there was a little girl from Germany that I liked a lot of potential from Belgium sorry it’s amazing like little girls at one another one from 30 13 years old from Villarreal Alva like it was like a mixture of people getting together and yeah the level was different but they all skated together we learn a lot yes that’s that’s something that I’ve been watching with the blade camps I was watching one of Neal’s videos Neal’s new I don’t know if it was newest video rich guys there both of them have been doing those YouTube videos on yeah yeah just like Neal’s are more like edited and

reach here just the live streams but in one of those videos I was seeing that one of the most amazing things with those camps is that they mix all ages all levels of skating so in the end some of the skaters that are not there to teach in the camp they end up teaching the newer kids – is that is that happening yeah yeah like this girl from America Brandi like she’s a teacher as well and she came to enjoy it they come and she was also teaching the because we were only two or three weeks and money more Indian but we wanted to teach like you know everyone teaching at the same time so for example this girl blonde brandi was helping us teaching as well so yeah at the end it’s just it’s like energy flow in between each other like everyone helps everyone I don’t know that’s really cool and do you feel do you feel that some of the girls that go to the camp would prefer to go to a camp with a female teacher because they feel more comfortable I don’t know I have no idea yeah yeah they feel a bit closer if we are woman together I don’t know I think they get more like not so nervous or no intimidated I don’t know because that they feel more coffee I don’t know at the end it doesn’t matter if it’s a female coach or a man but the important thing about this camp is that we all are women so I guess if they come to these companies because they prefer female coach of course I don’t know if you feel this or not but as an example I do try to teach whenever I go skate if I see someone doing something I’m it’s actually a problem if it doesn’t matter if I’m skating with you that just won the winter clash or if I’m skating with montre or Ritchie if I look if I’m doing no that’s not even that it’s like if they’re doing something and if I see something wrong they can be the world champion but I just I can’t I just tell them I maybe if you do it more like that or if you do it more like these so it’s weird because you’re saying that to the best guys in the world that’s what I’m trying to say but sometimes I do if I do with them now imagine if I go to a skate park and there’s just someone which is starting you do it a lot more often so if there’s a girl in the skate park I would try to help a girl the same way as that tried to 12 a man but sometimes you feel that thing I don’t know if you know these are if you tell you correct me if I’m wrong but sometimes from the other side they might feel that a man might be eating on them just because I like I said if you need any help or if I can give you an because I will give an end to a guy learning out to grind a rail it’s when I do that I don’t know if you saw it in Barcelona when I was there with Barbie and with Christina I was doing that on the rails with them it doesn’t really matter if it’s a man or a woman when you’re teaching skate you teaching skating at least from my side but maybe from a woman learning that’s what I was asking I don’t know if women feel that way well well what I’ve been doing I think since my little girl is like in Bilbao for example we had these three girls and we were skating together and if we go to escape but and we saw we saw a girl for example this happen actually like and I went to her I’ll say hey do you want to go with us we are going to Street skate and she was a street and and we had a talk with this girl and after that she came and now she’s actually skating with you guys you know like so some of the girls maybe they need you to say come yeah and that’s it I’ll teach or do this oh I don’t know but you think if it’s a man that’s that the question was more like what if it’s a if it’s three if it’s three guys three boys that go to her and say let’s go Street do you think it would be a different answer no I think everyone likes to skate with friends no yeah I don’t have that I don’t have that problem I’m just asking from someone from your side you know like for a girl III don’t know what’s going yeah sometimes not even about men trying to hit on you it’s just like that defense mechanism that a lot of times people do have and especially if it’s like a younger girl their parents I know you don’t go anywhere it’s just like younger boys parents would tell them hey you don’t go here I don’t go there and watch out to your friends I think it’s a normal thing and sometimes it’s yeah but

in general you know I think you understand okay I’m sorry I’m gonna go to some questions Rickey quick I’m gonna go to some questions that some people did on Facebook what setup are you skating right now what’s your skate setup and they come on three with a flat circle cultic okay have you been skating flat for a while or four for more than one year now okay and what friends what which which Celtic frame is it the new one or the old one no I I have okay that’s the older version the 60 millimeters yeah no I haven’t tried them yet okay but what size will they use me does those are up to 62 no I don’t know and and you what wheels are you using a 16 okay that’s cool it likes escape our said yeah I was I was going to ask you why did you went from anti rock or two to flat well because they’re framing is asking for II that’s well yeah with the Canada I try to skip the Celtx without being flat and it feels weird with anti rockers it kind of feels like yeah I mean I skated like four years we found your organs and they were fine but suddenly with the escape party in like now they come to us are in a fire and I was like I wanna go fast as well because of it this game you know you skate freescale and you go to your RAC and suddenly you have two wheels and you go slow and you’re like ah so I was like I’m one more mm-hmm okay it was kind of it was a mixture of freescale and they said to like the frame man I think is decide to vote ID so like I mean it teach you how to do the tricks like more proper proper the way cheering yeah it’s like a healthy skating like but at first at first is not that healthy because at first you can eat shit not yeah and you fall like but I’m sorry if you do have a great my legs no one and you are like oh I I did it with flat you know like yeah it’s challenging for yourself that makes sense and yeah sorry I’m a little bit 60 wide a carbon boot because you came from skating you told you said before that you came from skating roller blades rollerblades were the teal the TRS which is the solos and why did you why the carbon skates was it easy to adapt or well okay I had I skated these ones when they came up and all he was doing like a prototype of some peanuts he let me try once so I keep on with this carbon like I don’t know maybe nearly ten years ago and I like it and after I was like okay I have to choose between these ones and I think the carb on one side like light and I remember doing like like good top soles I don’t know the feeling of going low I like it a night I was like okay this is my escape it’s cool it’s good because you were talking about speed and usually supposedly in theory a carbon skate should have like a way better power transfer which means more speed so in the skate park you should go a bit faster with the carbon skates but if you tried any other USD skate since you are on USD or you have been 100% on carbon skate yeah no now I’m going to try some new skins USD that are going to go out I still haven’t see them so I don’t know how they are going to do okay so you can’t speak about it or can you I don’t know I don’t know so I will say okay okay I’m not going to push it like it’s actually it’s going to be my first video of aggressive skating paint so it’s quite not good wow that’s awesome when it’s done well is that gonna happen have you have you fired do you know what yeah they have to arrive to my house when they are right by me see I was talking with my dear I don’t really have more importantly no I’m just asking if you if you knew if there was a date or anything like that so for everyone listening today’s what they want to know

is that there’s a new USD skate coming out and you are going to make the promo video that’s it yeah okay yeah you need to put these little things you know those little things it’s what’s gonna make people listening today’s just gonna go with a boring shit like no one wants to hear us but now let’s go let’s keep going there’s something else someone made your question so I did before going to the question that this / in May I know that you’ve been focusing on a lot of ramp tricks like bio 5 for these corkscrews and all that stuff someone made a question when are you going to land a 720 corkscrew if you tried us yeah I already tried in front pic and it was not so bad I well I did a 720 very ugly in a phone book I’m not very nice and clean but the problem is that I don’t have a proper some folks in Barcelona so for example the one I like most is the cheese farm box you know the big one and every time yeah the one every time I go to a fish I kind of really try new things there it’s like me go ah you do your best tricks and you have like two days to do everything so what I need is a foremost was to train to have to practice and after I think I can start landing Holy Mary wine are you going to Woodward come on we need the first woman to do the mega ramp like properly like yeah I will yeah why not with me dressed well to to skate talks ago the interview was with Miguel you know Miguel because I’m yeah so you know you need to talk with I don’t know he’s just with his bag and now he’s with the gums I will talk to him once let’s see hmm do we like hi are your parents still living in your parents are living in Bilbao right okay no I just I was just asking so you you still need to you like it when you move to Florida there was nothing to do with your parents no I was crazy okay so someone made a question that I’m gonna need to it was the first question it’s a really basic one but someone asked rollerblade or USD so basically you use carrot you are skating for one of those brands use carrot for the other brand from the products to to the management what company do you relate the most I do know that you are working with USD or you are related to USD but coming from one what are the biggest differences that you see as a skater right there are both as a skater like as as the way they deal with you as a relay like a relationship you can have with a brand like the proximity with a brand and the product both of these things well the management I really like how they work boys like like when something is about to drop they send you like email and they say okay now is this problem this is art the day and as well you are kind of learning how to do a marketing strategy no no it’s good for the future for me for myself mm-hmm you think it was ability to grow did you ever felt that yeah yeah I mean I would like to stay involved like maybe as a camera woman or filming and editing the video for the rest and I think it’s not so far in this company and enroll a that I I thought that they didn’t really care they were like like can I do this now can I do it no so it’s okay let me try to to put these in different words basically I died I don’t know rollerblade that well but what I know from rollerblade it’s it’s from what I see and from what I read and it’s but I also read some people saying other stuff from power spot that I can’t some people talk about powerslide as if it’s a huge corporate power slide it’s actually really small for yes it might be big in the skating world but for for

the amount of products that they have there they’re actually really small as a company the number of people that actually works in the headquarters compared to a company like relevant rollerblade is more like corporate you know it’s just like you have a bigger company they have from that’s the idea that I am maybe I’m wrong but maybe that’s why you feel that difference because in powers lot like you said you got emails and sometimes who sends you the emails from powers lines sometimes yeah remark yeah yeah materials materials is the boss see you might get some from Martin but some from it Matthias is the boss so you’re getting email you’re getting in contact with the owner they listen yeah now the question is do you know who the owner from rollerblade is do you know his name well no I haven’t talked with him but I met him once and he was like very humor died but I don’t know it was like it’s not the same you I don’t think I will get to talk to him in this way I get to talk with my peers that he came to Barcelona some months ago and like I said another what he was actually in scape and that’s good to see you know yes cuz i he’s gay he’s gay so he’s he knows okay that’s really cool I don’t know because I know I know one of the most important things this is important for you this is important for everyone we are all in a really really small industry no one should ever burn bridges it’s like you might not be happy with something sometimes you don’t need to heat it the whole time if you’re not happy you should say it no I mean again for example they have been Daniel nice they are doing a good thing with Danny as well for me what I’m saying I yeah I watch what they do because I learned from what they do as well as I learned from poets then of course well but what I’m saying is not even that is like what I was just saying that sometimes we might not be happy with something it doesn’t matter what brand you might not be happy with something from powerslide you might not be happy with something from rollerblade you might not be happy with something from them it doesn’t matter what I’m trying to say here is because you’re not happy with something you don’t need to heat it the whole time you need to say it if you’re not happy you should say it but again you should just not burn bridges there’s a lot of ways of doing it without burning anyone including yourself and that’s why I’m saying like me you talking about these two brands rollerblade or powerslide we’re not trying to to get anyone with a bad image it’s not going to happen we both love skating way too much to try to burn anyone it’s not the goal it’s an opinion trying to understand what you like the most about each company now the product which product what’s the main difference when it comes to a product – the rollerblade product and the power supply product USD is in fact like now I think that the Trinity system is like the difference between the two brands No right I don’t know the whole site has a lot of free skate boots like low budget high if I did like a lot of models and for me is great because so I can do more videos with showing the product and everything and I don’t know the quality for me I don’t have escaped I really like all these case boots like super light and I think is a lot of technology to make this product so and when I was even really yeah quite a lot of boots as well and they were super cool as well but for me the Trinity system is it’s something that makes the difference in the free skate board between one or the other one okay I lift three three holes to because you if you tie it you will know this like how they would comes together like just yeah it’s part of your flute I’ve said it a few times it’s like you actually feel differences when you turn when you stop but even the vibration that comes to your food comes differently all these little details that sometimes they don’t even think about and as an aggressive skate from rollerblade to USD do you feel good a

lot of difference in the product or you was easy to adapt well I think I can if I scale any scale I you get used to them and you learn different tricks sometimes you smile yeah now if we carbon I’m super comfortable and at least with a trooper but I I was like I really liked that booth as well and I still have them in my house or I don’t know why but I think they are about to cut the production of solid trooper now it’s going to be just a new yet so I guess now USD has right to have more more aggressive boots it’s a different night yeah I do I do I did skate the solos I did love them a lot I I remember that the souls because they’re like so thick you don’t feel the grind that much but it was so easy to topside and to torque yeah because the frame would become really really low somehow I don’t know how to explain but at the same time it was some of the time of the tricks like a torque would be really easy but a backslide would feel like you wouldn’t need to bend your food so play what they when they act like that’s the legs you don’t feel it so much because it’s like two pieces like yeah it’s there’s a lot of yeah there’s a lot of plastic between your food but other than that I thought I always felt something which is I felt this the the rollerblades were comfortable to me and that’s just an opinion at least the solos they were comfortable their solos yes the New York there were a bit hard for me okay not my style okay but and now skating with the carbon don’t you think it’s harder no I I mean it’s a lower please it’s a it’s a it’s a low cut maybe I will like a bit higher for four more more for the skate park theme mm-hmm but for the street skating because in the end I’m kind of thirsty so why haven’t you tried the car have you tried the carbon force the what the the USD carbon four they supposed to have like a little bit higher cuff in the back or maybe if you just put that cuff on your regular US days you’ll feel it like a little bit higher and now I neither I don’t really know which one is it’s a whole black skate I think it’s a whole the Russian but the whining yes but I guess you can just you might be able just to put the cuff or you can even maybe put the towel or the the art core evil from powerslide cuffs they they I always ask for cops and they don’t they don’t like you marry it’s like I think if you put a new cast in a car one is like it changed again the feeling know how in a new escape yes completely but it’s the cuff the cuff can make it it’s I guess it’s one of the parts of the skate that makes the biggest difference let me tell you something a few months ago no no like not a few months ago was almost two years ago soap our style was trying to do some changes on the Imperial boot and they asked me to make a little cut just a really tiny cut on the back of the power slide Imperial it’s underneath that underneath the cuff there’s two wings in the back of the the skate just I okay they asked me yeah they asked me to cut a little bit of those wings just to open the space in between those wings a little bit more but it was not more than one centimeter it was just like a little cut around I cut it on one skate only and I left the other one normal just so that I could feel the difference I was obviously I was skating with 125 which means that you gonna feel the differences a lot more so that little centimeter that I cut it made a huge difference obviously like I said I was talking about the cuff differences it’s not I didn’t change the curve but I changed something in the cuff area and the sketch felt so much less responsive so for 125 I wouldn’t think that cut would be good because you need more support you know okay one question here Matthew I namond was asking Mathieu Armand was asking for you to tell us

about dolphins what do you want to tell us about dolphins as you know that yeah last year like we were in Roskilde and he was like doing a trick like the dolphin over the people like you know this whole drinking and he just went like do like adults jump and do like a more time when you land and he was so after that please don’t you in forever so he’s doping for everything yeah and every time we travel talking we send the pictures like dolphin joke everywhere like an inside joke okay okay so tell me something you went to Roskilde you’ve been going to a few events this year how many competitions have you won this year or what was the best results that you are at in turtle and hating and this is yeah yeah reducing line championship with the problem yeah we’ll go there we’ll go there in a second I know mm mm 18 mm no no this year as well yeah okay so sorry was they getting machines why did I wait but the year started before did a winter clash wasn’t winter clash in 2018 no this yeah I was 70 in window glass come on okay okay so you want the British inline Championships and yes and the feast of Montpellier mm-hmm and the ghetto games the two weeks ago three weeks ago okay so now let’s try to motivate a few girls how much yeah how much does someone like you made me with three events like that if you will get paid and we will get there in a second if you won’t get paid how much would someone do with three events like that they’re like three or 400 euros for the three events every other each event three or 400 or the three events together yeah one was 500 the other ones 400 and the one of guitar games because it’s the first year so it’s like super cool at least we have this contest mm-hmm so we are fighting in a way so it was 250 so in total that would be around a thousand a thousand one hundred something like that yeah yeah 1001 yeah and if you like for example the of our fellow Night’s Dream I was second but Sarah L was first win 700 so okay and the sake and the second how much did you made a second for 400 that’s good so in total how much you think you made this year in competitions in total yeah 1500 something like that okay oh what a little quantity not too bad and if you were if you made the same results but if you were a man how much you think six hundred six thousand is it so there are five times more yeah okay and it’s is it is it frustrating for you or because I remember the reason why I’m going this way I’m gonna tell you why this cuz at the winter clash there was that girls talk which I still have it here to release yeah and that was like let me just explain to everyone else listening to this at the winter clash this year there were a few panels basically Jojo put a few people together to talk about the theme and one of these panels were about girls in skating so there was probably some of the best skaters in the world where mariya was one of the person speaking and they were discussing strategies to make skating better for them and one of the things that were said is that the skate complete the girl the female skate competitions are not paid enough and the reason I’m making this question is I was trying to get there do you think that makes do you think that makes a huge difference when it comes to to the level of skating or I mean it does make a difference because if if no one is willing to pay that money no girl is going to go be you know because it’s

like ah I’m not going to kill myself for 200 euros you have to work on money you know so if you put this situation that okay we put this money it’s not about the money it’s because like maybe if we do this like slowly the girls will drop their jobs and start to escape maybe so because I can take a bit not serious but you know they can every time they go to a contest they can be like okay I have fun but if I do good maybe I can win something to work like to at least all the money I’m spending the flight and the food and hotel like at least I can put that money in that and win a little bit more like so I can take competition in a more serious way yeah like not like nog like oh yeah it’s Palin let’s do some tricks so I fall it’s okay right it’s just because if we need the woman level to rise up I think this is our way right no like if you won tennis players to take a much more serious just put a little bit of money and so maybe the girls will train and I agree and I don’t mean some things I will tell you with what I agree I agree with what you’re saying when you mean there if people can afford to to stop doing their jobs to focus on skating obviously their level will will just grow so I if that’s what you’re trying to say yes it makes sense but at the same time at at this moment I don’t think like there’s enough people in what we do we are I think in a group like what josh is doing which you are doing what I try to do it most of us are trying to do we are trying to change that and in the future that might be a possibility that might be a reality but at the moment I don’t think there’s enough people doing it for what for the money to be out there for everyone and I mean for everyone I don’t I’m not trying to put girls down or up it’s not like that I keep saying the same if you do if it’s a job if you’re if you’re working if you’re doing something for someone you should be paid for it like you said before if you’re gonna promote something you see putting your blood sweat and tears you need to get paid for that like if you are 15 probably for you to be paid will be a pair of skates and be really happy but if you’re 28 like you are and if you have a rent to pay or if you if you think like if you’re trying to to go somewhere in your future with skating then you need money I understand that but this is where I agree what I don’t agree is just I don’t necessarily agree that money will increase the level I think more important than anything and I’m not saying that you don’t have it it’s the passion and when we get greedy and when there’s only money in it then it doesn’t matter how much money there is in something because it’s it will never be enough yeah I know like sometimes when we talk about this they think like all you can about the money but it’s not the money is like it is my faith my passion but if I don’t win money I have to take another job of course good morning call centre don’t call me please don’t call me I’ll say right away no I’m sorry I’m busy so if you are traveling to contest and you don’t win anything I won’t go again so the patient dies if there is not like a second motivation apart from patient I love that I mean for example for winter class I will go because I love it and that’s it and I in the end of course I do care a little bit about the contest but I’d love to be there and it’s like a ritual but in the moment that I cannot buy the ticket or get the hotel like 100 euros for the hotel if I don’t have that money because I’m in a bad situation I will stop doing it so what I don’t want is to stop doing yeah that makes us like it’s like a steroid what you’re trying yeah I don’t know if it that’s what you’re trying to say what I get from that is it’s your passion and you want to be able to live from it so you’re doing everything you

can and you just want somehow that the things that you are doing are able to to make it sustainable yes sustainable so in a way that yeah you work your ass off but all you want is to at least keep doing it without struggling you wanna yeah yeah you want to be able to go to events you want to be able to to keep doing it and of course but you know what’s the biggest problem about all these and that’s not me being negative it’s that we do oh we all try to do that and in a way with the level of skating that you wear which is amazing that’s you’re able to do it the biggest problem that I see in that is like in four or five years what you did now most of us don’t think what we’re going to do in four or five years so in four or five years the ones that didn’t develop a skill in what we are doing the expression is you’re fucked but that’s not what you are doing because like you said you’ve been working with videos and you’re somehow developing a skill through your passion and that’s amazing and I know that a lot of people through skating do that on the other end some other people just don’t develop any type of skill other than skating and that can be a problem in the future so that if if I can advise you on anything is like you said like be passionate try everything you can but always try to develop any other skill it might be connected to what you are doing like you said like I’ve seen your videos I love what you do so I’m not saying that’s the way the way needs to be what you feel it’s right but trying to relate to fashion with something like that it might be the few yeah always if you mix fashion with with our skin is is it works like yeah I started to to to study on the visuals because I was always filming my friends and doing these funny videos of scaling but lifestyle so I I I got this skill because of scaling and after I studied and I study a lot and now I can mix other visuals on unscathed as for me is exactly to think that I I love together and I can still do because it’s part of my life so it’s it’s exactly what I do you know like I’ve never studied anything to do with video I’ve never studied anything to do with audio probably that’s why I to make five phone calls to you before this but the truth is then passion passion will always make you move that’s it now if you could give any advices to any girl starting or to anyone doesn’t need to be a girl let’s just be reasonable here if you if there’s anyone starting this gate what would be the best advice that you can give them to love it as you say like to like to love this party itself and you will get a touch to it if you look land how to do ask something and you get happy when you learn it that’s that’s Kayla no mm-hmm advice an advice will be like it not only for skating is for like like if you discover something that you love just keep doing it because it’s going to make your happy life mm-hmm make you a better person like a happier person yeah and as well inline skating comes with all the tribes and everything is you kind of Foley them or you can have a goal and say for you then we really say make you like I don’t know how you get emotional I know what you mean but you know what that’s something that I think that you guys are doing really really nice with a blade camps because it’s more what you said here it’s really important it needs to be let me go back if you like a few sentences a lot of people always say that they don’t know what we should do for skating other people like myself always say that we need more kids but you said something here which is really really important really important is for us if we’re teaching them something we should never forget that they should learn how to love the sport and the reason why we all do what we do most of us like you high 20s me high 30s and some guys 40s the reason why we do it it’s for a lot of people it’s still a kids thing the reason why the reason why we actually do it it’s because we love it and we learn to love it and sometimes

that’s really that’s a really hard skill to pass you know I can teach anyone to do a sore grind I can teach anyone to do a 360 but to teach them how to love what we do it’s it’s not the same and that’s what you guys are doing amazingly with the blade camps providing them thank you the best experience that the kids or even adults can have because you don’t need to be no we are mixed like for example we are planning like the winter class like to stay all the girls together and mostly they are from blading town and from this year and last year so we are all doing like our like a group so we are 12 nearly and we are staying in the same hotel and it’s like it’s not only that you teach inline skating like now you have like a group of girls to hang out yeah yeah that’s really powerful because that’s then that not just make them like you said they need to set goals now they know there’s that event they’re gonna try to put money on the side they’re gonna work they’re gonna work as a as a phone whatever you we were just saying they’re gonna work in whatever they need to what I’m trying to say here is that they have a goal so they’re gonna try to make money but at the same time if they’re super young having a group of girls or having a group of guys or whatever sometimes also makes parents safer if we’re talking about kids like if I got if if I would be like 14 or 15 and if I would tell my father I want to go to an event in in Orland but you’re from Portugal ah do you want to go that you don’t even know how to fly on a hare play don’t play airplane alone I don’t good you know what I’m saying but then if there’s like a group of people makes a huge difference I was luckier that I will we had my friends traveling Oh going to the contest and he always makes they treat me as one more and this makes me strong because I was just traveling with them and I see okay no my mother was not very worried like what a bit I guess but I guess parents like I guess parents from skaters it doesn’t matter what I mean skaters I’m not even saying inline skaters or whatever it’s just oh like people that go to the skate park their parents will always be worried yeah it’s just part of it but you know what Mike I have a daughter like she’s 14 14 months she doesn’t skate no more it’s so what I’m trying to say is like I guess parents will always be war it doesn’t matter if there’s just it’s just a parents thing okay so marry plans what do you want to do what do you want to be doing in let me think what do you want to be doing in two years with your life when you’re 30 how is it going to be your 30th anniversary come on I don’t know I I really want to make my own school like my own blended school and have a place to teach when it’s rainy night I hope if this is done I will be happy and if I can keep on traveling because okay and where are you in that plan I’m gonna be like the life coach right now where are you in that way where are you in now where are you in in your skating school have you started already are you thinking like star properly with your school do you have a name well I kinda have like my card like okay so you start it’s nice guys I mean yeah but I need to do the paperwork but it is a plan and my father is like he’s a lawyer and he’s going to be retiring some years come on that like when I when I retire I want to help you with your blading– school I’m like okay okay buddy don’t wait for him and he’s like you never know if he’s a plan already so starting to grow okay and like a plan how are you with having a covered space not that it rains a lot in Barcelona we know but if you have a safer place it’s also a safe income so for someone who doesn’t really understand what I’m trying to say here imagine this yeah it’s the rain it’s actually a little bit unpredictable and sometimes when you depend not sometimes everyone depends on their money to leave so if you did yeah when you’re depending on the skin on your skate classes to leave you don’t want to be depending if

it’s gonna rain or not so I totally understand what you’re saying and that’s why I’m asking where are you in that of in that there because for example yesterday I had to concern two classes because of the rain and and then one of them we went to a Saltine place to practice flips but any kind of ruin the day like all the day except but and I want to have a place because I’m always with my scooter a little scooter like Ryan driving to the other place to this one to the other corner just wanna take taking trains and I would like to have like my place so people come to my place I don’t have to be traveling and you know can I give you some advice yeah okay maybe like I’m gonna say something that I’ve done when I was in Lisbon in Lisbon and I know that you have those two the the gym the health club alms place they usually have big parking lots and they are always looking for other farms place yes they are always looking for other activities to put inside a gym and a lot of times a lot of times you don’t think about that but most of the people that use health clubs their parents they have kids and they’re looking for activities for their kids so that could be a way you know I did it for three years in Lisbon before before I even got but yeah that’s just this is just an idea but places like all places like Holmes place you will find like this type of project you can present it to a lot of different places to if you think I know there’s a lot of shopping malls in Barcelona and most of them have parking lots there’s also a lot of parking lot places in the city centre because we all know it’s really expensive to part there’s also a lot of the buildings that this the centre of the building it’s actually just a playground so if you start looking for all these things or if you make your own always think of it differently if you’re going to be doing just what everyone else is doing you’re just gonna be another one that’s what you need to see yeah I just tried to help you I would love to yeah yeah I would love to bring my girl 2 to Barcelona and then I can tell her ok you go to Mary she’s gonna teach you how to do a 720 course – yeah you’re there you’re on the way ok Mary and just to finish these who’s your favorite skaters at the moment – favorite skaters two men and two women for skaters Nick I would say always Chris – okay for like I know they weren’t like quite like right now as a skate you know as our model you choose for example like a model I will tell this man like he’s ready he’s scaling like yeah so Chris happy hands bed okay woman woman Chihiro mmm-hmm and um all I used to love Martinez Olivet she’s not skating anyone but yeah yeah but if she if she has an influence on you she has an evil on you like you know like for me I could say the same Jonny ality doesn’t scare anymore still the best yeah I would say taquito because she’s always killing it and I’m sure my penis although I already as a Stephanie Reed sir she used to inspire me a lot now she’s doing the high jump from the plane but wasn’t just kidding I thought you were starting to skate yeah she has to escape and she’s she once escaped but I don’t know now she’s doing this jump thing from the plane let me make you question code I wasn’t planning but do you think that you somehow came to powerslide to fill Stephanie’s spot of course and she was I think she was like in the protein so it was happy sad like like it was the first girl not to be pro a long time yeah in a long time in a long time but before there was girls that you were pro but yes in a long time shoes I I don’t know but I don’t have the same deal as she had like immediately I have to fight for it all the time yeah she was you know that she was for a long time in the company and made a difference there but that’s in yeah you’re on the way now before finishing this one last question what happened at the British inline Championships you can

see it all from the beginning just spread it put it out there yeah yes I mean yeah I’m gonna let you talk it’s a crazy story okay yeah so the thing is that last year I know this event and I talked with a guy like I wanna go over love and and yeah at first he was going to pick me up he never came to pick me up it was a nightmare to get there because you know England is quite the transport is not very good so when I get there I do they contact and I went I the first thing I wanted to see the skipper so the skipper motivates me to come to this contest and the next year I got invited kind of and I say is there going to be money because the other idea there was 675 pounds that Loudoun the girl from girls who played put from his pocket from her pocket so there was no money for price so I asked is there going to be price and he’s like yes yes yes there’s going to be a spot in blatant cunt for the winner so the spot is worth 600 euros so I’m like hmm so if I go he’s like maybe we can speak about it because you are coaching this time maybe we can speak about giving you like a economic compensation instead of the spot huh mm-hmm so I I’m like okay let’s do it and I plan with my friend with Rossi Melissa we pick up a hotel that is super expensive because you see Finland and we are like it’s fine because we like the skipper and we want to have fun and everything’s okay so the contest car passes and when we announce the winner the same for many when your first place 150 pounds plus the lady account spot so at first I thought this is my problem I’m not getting paid because the blaming comes weird situation because you know he was supposed to pay too great income but he never paid and I’m like I thought at first it was personal but suddenly I asked I talked with you do I eat tonight and he cost me Midland Lee and he’s like Mary you are working Marc we are a lot of people from this year and last year including Turkish Tina sue taco that has not been paid so Takeshi was supposed to get paid 1000 pounds in the two constants like this year and last year so it’s two thousand and also more – yeah so it’s like a lot of money I’m not he’s not the only one other people from bad were not Betty and you know they the list is super long and in a moment that Joe caused me I realized that everything was a big mess and the guys because I was like kind of polite with him like because he was saying me hey I’m sick I don’t know why I went to winter class and somebody jump on top of me I’m feeling a bit not very good I’m like oh sorry I hope you are better but I was like question I don’t care I mean it’s your life you I fall every time skating and I’m not yes starting to be a we suddenly their moms pass by and I’m like hey so at the end because at first I choose to keep the bleeding can spot to Chihiro no because I could choose if I want to keep the money or give it to someone and I say okay give it to Chihiro and Hiro is like no I cannot because I have exam so I and after I was very bad in money and I say you know what I’m going to keep the money because I wanted to Chihiro and she couldn’t make it so I keep the money because I was going to move to an apartment i i we know we need money it’s everyone needs money to leave so yeah and it doesn’t matter it’s your money you want it so but and I was like why our girl has two one one Leafeon give our work a 600 and they go in the guy’s 1,000 like oh it’s not and I say it’s okay and and suddenly the story comes to it like devastation and everyone starts to say all that he owes me as well oh he owns me I work he didn’t pay me he didn’t pay me and we start to do the paperwork like Mandy the owner of the skipper starts to everything like in situation like in little o year and like he he disappears also he he told to me and to Joe that his kitchen was burn like he had a

domestic accident so we are like Oh mate I’m sorry but you know you know what he’s trying to put you in us like so you feel sorry for him more I don’t know if this is true I guess not because everything that he say is alive so I don’t know and now he’s been posting wait we are things in facebook like putting like the sponsors didn’t pay in time like all he the money came from his pocket no no if you are having problems don’t do that contest for the second time doesn’t like I get it if you had financed some like problems to make a contest I get it is hard to do a contest but done if you are if you have done a mistake don’t do it again for the second time and turn all 2,000 pounds the best skater in the world like you cannot do that like no for me no no excuses if you had problems the first year don’t do it the second one that’s the only thing I can say okay but now there’s a GoFundMe campaign somewhere right someone yeah yeah but but I I appreciate a lot what people are doing but for me it’s not like the solution is from him he had the money at once and I don’t know what I don’t know what he did but why the people like like the people that are putting money in they go for me they are people like me let’s go to the contest pay they the inscription pay the fly you know this why these people have to face the the mistake of a guy that we did super wrong okay so basically there was there was a managing mistake that made the whole thing happen okay but sadly from what I heard there’s no there’s not going to be a third one which is like yeah I understand what you mean which is yeah if there’s if they messed up twice they better not do a third time but at the same time like but at the same time sadly from what I know there’s no plans for Oh British I think yes is it yes okay I think there’s they were talking about another like a very old school right a very mean Blackburn I thought he was going to running oh good I’m not sure I’m not totally sure I haven’t speak with Nick I hope these okay that could tackle thing that could be a good skate talk with like yeah you can ask him maybe I’m wrong but I think some of the guys were already offering themselves to keep on with the contest like they really want to make it happen and Mandy as was i me and Joe so Mandy here in Barcelona one month ago I think and we were she’s like super there’s motivated about this guy might but she really won the contest to be going on okay just let me just tell the one the people listening to this so Mandy is the owner of the skate park where where the British inline Championships happened over the last two years so apparently they also put some money in it and yes you put one thousand pounds that first year one thousand and she paid the hotel room of these guys as well of might okay you know so she’s he’s lying about that even though like I don’t think this right yeah it’s not fair but you know what it is what it is let’s yeah we we put it out there and let’s hope that it doesn’t happen again and hopefully if Blake or anyone else is going to do it yeah because this the skipper is awesome and even though they like I think is they only contest in UK that right now is bring in people from outside you know mm-hm and he if he stops is like cockney and means that I’m not traveling to England for a contest anymore maybe 50 and for the UK scene is really good because the skating is UK it there might not be a lot of inline skaters as it was back in the day but the scene is it’s still one of the strongest ones in Europe the level of scale from the UK skaters is one of the best in the world so it’s really important to keep that event we yeah my friends used to travel to the satsanghs in because you know so for me it was like the new satsangs thing you know the new laces after he was lazy yeah in rambles after so I took this contest as you know and suddenly happen yeah I’m sure I’m sure Blake or

whoever takes over is going to do something really cool so I hope they keep it alive escape is awesome right they will marry they will we got it we got to stay positive okay so I guess we’re coming to an end I’m gonna let you go out and enjoy your lunch and I want to say thank you so much I have to say that I’m waiting for the the video that you’re gonna start filming soon for the new us Kade yeah let’s see if I find our fingers come on I can teach you some techniques with the tripod in the floor now you’ll find one then you’ve got some more some powerslide filmers in Barcelona yeah I will or Pablos you have three at least yeah so I’m sure you’re gonna find someone to film it and I’m sure the whole video is going to be amazing and I want to put like all my strips get us out oh yeah no I know you have a lot I read I always remember like a huge backside Royale from one of your rollerblade videos in Bilbao I still never understood that ledge is huge those 91 yes yeah they dug one I don’t know I just know it’s a long one that was amazing yeah okay so we’re done for here I’m gonna let you go and yeah I’m gonna wish you best of luck with everything and next time we talk you’re gonna tell me that you already have a place for your skates cool I hope so I’m sure you will have it to everyone for everyone listening to this if someone is in Barcelona we never know if someone has any ideas or if someone has any ways to make this happen make sure to contact Mary we never know Mary they say there’s eyes and ears on the walls so okay so I’ll let you go thank you so so much and thank you you’re welcome have a nice weekend Cheers bye I don’t know how to stop this ah-ha-ha and that was it Mary munos I hope you guys enjoyed this one as much as I did Mary is seriously amazing as a skater and has you clear now not just as a skater she she is as passionate as I think as you can be someone at 28 years old was trying to leave her life around skating and I really really hope that everything goes well and I hope that sooner or later we’re gonna hear about the Merriman your skates cool and that’s it for today I hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did enjoy this K talk do not forget to subscribe to the channel it really makes this channel grow every little subscribe every little new subscriber that I get makes this channel grow and it makes YouTube and whatever platforms this is playing share this content more and more and hopefully make skating rope and yeah if you like it you can also give me some thumbs up and like I always say more important than anything else just don’t forget why we all started skating and that is because it’s fun cheers guys

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