The barrel It’s crazy what we put ourselves through just for skateboarding. Why do we do it?

Because we have to It’s in our blood. It’s in our DNA Skateboarding is what drives us keeps us moving forward It’s our passion our family our life And it’s the common bond that every skateboarder shares These days there are people skateboarding in nearly every corner of the planet But it all started right here From Santa Monica to Sunset Boulevard to the valley. It’s all here schoolyards skateparks plazas And all these things make this city a breeding ground for progression Los angeles ground zero for skateboarding where it all began That is exactly why skateboarding is the best As great as Los Angeles is

There’s something about the open road pushing into the unknown In order to find something new you have to put yourself out there On a road trip, you know RV – this trip is gonna be so sick cookies come in take my best friends I quit my job, so I could keep skating more and not be held back when I want to travel Seung-hoon that’s like the dream, you know, you go around exploring new places trying to find new spots. That’s our mission in life Notifications Tampa scene 1 3 P more experience. I’m not working my scene at Temple guys though. I Keep you half half as much fun as I did got your money’s worth. It’s very special take care of it We’ll take good care of it There’s a freedom that comes with being on a road trip Time is measured in sunrises and sunsets Not minutes on a clock and as they say the journey is more important than the destination Oh Rasmus illogic stop Navi don’t identify new para

Intervene desertin a Yoshida Oracle Osman I had to change it – singsong truck – and of another side Skateboarders view the world in a very unique way and we can’t turn it off While most people see form function and progress all we see is something you escape Some cities will practically built for skateboarding as architects design Barcelona’s urban landscape they unknowingly Created a mecca for skateboarders these people that we’re building this Plaza They can escape because it’s just so perfect and it’s innovating shapes Materials that’s why it’s so good the whole city There’s one spot that attracts more skateboarders than anywhere else in the city the legendary Mokpo The entire place is granite when you have something like that. It’s just special and people come all around the world to skate a sledge I Don’t know what it is about this city. You can travel all over the world to so many different countries feel out of place But for some reason when we come here, we feel like we’re at home Leaves me I’m change it feels like there’s

There’s so much more to skateboarding than just pushing your own limits it’s about coming together and discovering something new On the outskirts of Barcelona long forgotten and buried beneath acres of dirt lay thy Mane’s of one of Europe’s first skateparks a Few years ago handful local skaters started digging it up whipping working animals for a year dig out the first ball use with hands the Coppola no, I Was expected here where this skate park was working that was 1979 They cover in 82 32 years ago. Today was the early days. We used some machines It’s crazy because the man who is worked with the machine. He was the same guy 30 years ago cover all the skatepark use Thomas Capano Patina they will soon My friends area my escape pod is again, forgive me This is the shangri-la No Like a replace feels great to be skating the skatepark just because it’s from the 70s Everyone to jail and everyone skating just a good vibe Maybe people think is just half a bird

I’m pushing and cursing around but it’s not only that this is a skateboarding right now to work with friends and making the best project You can do in your life We are in New York City and just pulled up to do – Shit hides me up to see all these guys out of here. Paul is a great example. I just want to watch him skate It’s gonna be sick Has become such a Veteran that do Tory’s been here since day one and he’s always been up in the mix always a threat to win It just makes everything look so effortless Skateboarding started out as something so simple, but you look at it now and it’s grown into something massive a movement Today there are tens of millions of skateboarders all over the world It’s everywhere you look and it’s only gonna get bigger and more popular. That’s just where skateboarding is going When I was little skate rat I like seriously a dream so hard about this what we’re doing right now like dream prayed every day So hard and with the fact that it’s a reality is so I don’t know how to explain a feeling. It’s such a Surreal feeling. Yes. So I’m so glad I I literally was any one of these kids. I’m working with right now What do we get from skateboarding Well for each of us is different For some of us it’s purely an escape way to bond with friends Our way to challenge and express yourself Some people it’s the only thing they’ve got But no matter what happens to you once you get hooked it’s hard to ever let it go I Don’t usually have a destination to where I’m going. I still just love skating and that’s what I do. I Never was even expecting for it to become my career. And now no career. It’s like people still think I’m Pro though. It’s weird It’s like when you lose your job doesn’t matter what it is. It’s not going to be good and that’s life I just got to deal with it. I wouldn’t let the career part take away skating for me. That’s my sacred thing I’m not going to give that to anything or anyone I like looking for spots I’ll just skate around to usually a different zone and just a constant search man to me if finding a spot is like almost as Fun as landing a trick I Still love skating. I still want to be skating sponsored not sponsored Making the money not making money. It doesn’t matter once that switches on you. Can’t turn that off I’ll tell you that I just need to stay We’re here in Vermont pretty psyched for some signs Oh

Perfect time of the years that’s where I grew up. That’s where I met this guy. We were kids I don’t even think we like each other. No cookies actually opposed to the month in our magazines Yeah, Chris just seemed possessed by skateboarding that skateboard was his instrument, you know Street skating. I mean, it’s an absolute art It’s pretty amazing. What comes out of a street corner? One Ever since I can remember. I just wanted to turn 18 so I could go to California But I never expected to make it in skating. It doesn’t matter where you’re from you’d come from the smallest place Just keep having fun. And I swear to leave you somewhere safe We write down some banisters Southeast Washington DC this is a hula right at the heart of the hood here You have to be so hard but through skating you can go and just cruise and let the wind just take you man Last year Park freedom plasma. This is where I came to get my freshly I’ll be in the hood so much negativity to be going on Everybody was here getting along there were black skaters Chinese green dude purple, dude by this wooden plank, man We meet people all over the world I Switch there’s something different of like being here in the middle America. There’s really nowhere else I want to be like there’s no buildings over there. It’s just fields and animals like I love that about, Oklahoma That’s what’s so sick about being in the Midwest and being in a small town is you can just drive you know and find Shit that nobody has ever thought about skating I’m

Pulling the film Aside from the challenges of being deaf. He’s had a pretty rough childhood He’s been uprooted and and you know shipped around here. There is birth mom She had problems with drugs and when I got him he had no speech or language at all and then his dad hit a rough patch and he went back to live with his natural mother and it was really hard on Brandon and I think skating kind of Grounded him. It’s kind of a freedom for him. You don’t need a language when you’re around the board I Just think that this is so good for him just to meet other people to travel and there’s so much more in the world for Him and my thing is just go you can always come home Community it’s what makes skateboarding unique like-minded individuals brought together by one simple act It’s what unifies us and when you take something like that and share it with the world People gravitate towards it Man’s appetite for expansion is unstoppable and in this part of the world, they’re showing no sign of slowing down for Skateboarders, that means one thing a never-ending supply of skate spots Landed from the states for an hour on the streets. I don’t think they know how to quite deal with us yet It’s nuts the size of the crowds we get these people around us have never seen a skateboard Smoking Cars This Gay bar in China is to give battle bit more and more people talk. I think

People don’t really teach cable it’s something new for them and it’s something funny phone that All my friends skaters at the same Table now we’re talking the really neat language. We have skateboard The Okay Anyway Let’s go to the spot with a small double cent. Yeah. I’m the big four. Yeah I bet It’s one thing about the spa. This is probably like the smartest security guards in China Like if they don’t want to escape they’ll spray down the shit water Well, there’s no shortage of spots in China there are still security guards and police to deal with

It’s the same for skaters everywhere no matter where we are there’s always someone who wants to stop us Gets old always getting kicked out having to deal with cops That’s why some skaters just go off the grid and create their own kind of freedom We develop something that we want to live for and this is our little piece of paradise Bruce had told me we need to build a place where we can do what we want William. Well, there’s no governing area These dudes are just here living man living to skate living to contribute build The reason that skatopia Exists is freedom of expression freedom of your mind But at the same time this place is about hard work and dedication. This just didn’t happen. We came out here and built this shit Skateboarding is in your heart that’s in your blood when you look at another person. That’s a skateboarder. You don’t see the gray hair what you see is a brother I Was going around the corner a little fast and got scared and hit the brakes so might as well rally and burning They want freedom they can experience it live it love it those mosquito pee is all about Brandon’s up here battling his own mind trying to make this drop and happen One thing overall the skateboarding teaches people how to deal with pain Once you start trying to trick it’s like you can’t stop

Because you can see that trick in your mind. You have to keep at it until it becomes a reality When you finally do land one, it’s that feeling that’s what tips is coming back from one When you think about it, we’re all really just a product of our environment How we skate is defined by where we skate and that’s why some of the toughest skateboarders in the world Come from the rugged streets of Brazil It’s a hard place to go work But at the same time the hardness make us stronger the way skateboard is make us be more together, you know If you go to like a poor community or in the favelas You see the people are really United the struggle is real that scheme is not as fast rate the cinema, Nina Please think there’s a better Portuguese you show. No, it’d be too bold This part in Brazil are not the easiest one It’s like we’ve been saying, you know in the strip when one of us do a trick everybody feels like we all did it Was Katie’s first year I went a partridge ja ja v Acadia Chicano Fatima cliche goes Through my pocket assistantship champaka. Jierou Mises machine edition – of an IDP traditional Cevallos Self-identity dystrophic director Brazil Senegal demonisation

Supra during winter meter difficu de este lugar de cosas que pasa pursue medallas de Paz de parada contest illegal – key is chief residency Gahee Rejecting his brazo when you see guys skate like shadow them. So you remember that? He get a nice level like naturally Channeling his magic Some people see a skateboard as a symbol of hope that feeling of belonging or feeling included it’s like a family Skateboarding is like a family of individuals that all have something in common. That’s so deep to their core Kind of defines you and makes you who you are We’re all searching for the same thing. And it’s like that feeling that skateboarding gives They told me that they’re not gonna fish my haircut until I get a trick There’s gotta go I guess The South has always been like abandoned building foundations and everybody starts getting creative and what they can make

You don’t have much sustain around there, you know just build what you boy I don’t think we got what we wanted from our state. Yeah, we do have ledges of clever over there skateboards Got some gasoline we’re gonna kind of burn off some of the excess water all around the park And this one’s actually about to get just one down you guys skating it means a lot to us Get a team of people who truly care about skateboarding and build your own DIY. Yeah get off your ass and do it. Yeah Thanks for filling all that The time you’re in high school is a young kid growing up in Alabama a guy had my heart set on California I wanted more than anything in the world to be a pro skateboarder. So I was just here serving time There’s the hubbas get a clip at your school dude, that would be so sick. Well see it was doable Skating in the 90s was totally different in the sense that it wasn’t popular everywhere. Like it is now all the kids your age Just teased you mercilessly people who throw bottles at you yell stuff at you and like threaten you There’s times when as a kid you feel very hopeless and you feel like the walls are caving in Skateboarding the videos that were coming out and the things that were happening. I think that gave me hope that I would fit in somewhere Having a life in skateboarding. Was that hope? All of that’s gonna grind man feels rad coming back here 23 years later and skating the hubba come full circle I guess Where will you go? I stuck a nollie heel like three years ago and broke my truck. So gotta take advantage now while we’re here I’m so happy right now. Thank God The second I saw Jamie like skate. I was just like this is one of my favorite skaters for sure It’s still pushing. It takes a lot of skill man, especially at his age I wouldn’t doubt every person in this van was influenced by that man mad respect with right here, man 20 years of good times and Slams. I Love it all I’ll be 40 in two weeks and I’m really thankful to just be skating still much less grinding rails

You don’t just hate that got it, man. I don’t get rid training or not In life and in skateboarding You get what you put into it And when you dedicate your life to something That’s when you reap the biggest reward It’s pretty incredible how far a skateboard can take you It’s taken us to places we never would have imagined But no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done you’re always gonna be left wondering And that’s the thing about skateboarding you never know what comes next Dubai is the next frontier It’s a blank canvas Just waiting to be skated. I’ve been told this whole city has been built in less than 20 years We’re in like us they Sage City. The buildings are just unreal It looks like they should have hovercrafts going for one to another as skaters You know, there’s nothing better than the skate things that have never been skated before Opportunities like this come along once in a lifetime Me We’re gonna talk Kojak

Coming off this good with that much I’m gonna go back up this time to go over there I Woke up tongueless like yo, we gotta be downstairs everybody skydiving so I’m like yet not He keeps talking. I can’t swim but I don’t know what the happened there was God. I thank signed a waiver, dude We don’t got nothing. Nope, and no papers I’m going up for the ride. Then we’re debate if you break or jump or not I guess another airplane you gotta jump out Oh We’re in why it’s a small skate team. I hope this skate scene grows There’s definitely potential for all the kids out here cuz they have the best spots. Every skateboarding does seem like it’s growing here They’re new skaters every day. It was great seeing people from a different country different cultures coming together You just connect with people on like a same but different level skaters unite It’s fully, you know, like I’ve met 90% of my friends through a piece of wood with four wheels on it’s pretty special Skateboarders all over the world who are all one hand like we help each other as a local skater It’s something really special to see like bro skaters come from outside to escape our spot Every time We’ll see

We are at the tallest building in the whole world aka Burj Khalifa Stinky party One more fight Door We’ve given so much of our lives to skateboarding The skateboarding has given us even more in return It’s our lifeblood. It’s what makes us feel whole Is our connection to the world? And no matter how far we travel Whenever we meet another skater, there’s an unspoken bond The journey actually more important than the destination Maybe there’s more to it than that It’s those who join us on that journey, and the people we meet along the way that are most important

We come from so many different backgrounds and cultures but Skateboarding is more than that. It connects us Brings us together We’re all searching for that same indescribable feeling and At the end of the day, we ask ourselves why? Well, why not You You Okay that I brought into this cave Hurry dad they believe that They’re tearing down an actual skate spot to put a skate park Which it’s already pretty much been used as a skate park for the last 20 years Summer house 3 I could take you out, but I don’t want to hurt the town

The best a border no trying to sweet-talk Daniel back Moved to jump like this gigantic Five-step man. I wouldn’t even run in Jeff that my regular beat better run a train on Israel And you’re able to be there for your brothers That’s the unique bond like when you can help somebody get through a trick whether it’s just encouragement Whether it’s clapping whether it’s like talking them off the ledge and they’re about to give up when they get that trick You’re a part of that trick forever. Everyone. There is part of that memory Like if I see anybody from this trip from the years to come we’re always gonna remember this No Arrest waited through these long days Watch this blip. He actually saved from breaking his friend Giving birth righty-ho My love for skateboarding, you know I’m not sure what it is or why but It’s supposed to be a mystery You

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