Hi everybody and welcome to this video Today we are with Valentino Rossi The Game on PS4 And we will find out what 2015 MotoGP bike is fastest on the Valencia Circuit I will use my own driver, that, as you can see, has not extremely high stats The first bike we will use is the AB Motoracing Honda I will do 10 laps for each bike and i will take the best lap, that you will see in this video I will use the standard setup of the bikes with soft tyres both front and rear As you can see i will not use any driving assist not even the traction control So, let’s start! 1.27.921 for the Honda Next bike is the Iodaracing ART 1.27.854 for the ART, first position at the moment Next bike is the Forward Yamaha Great time for the Forward Yamaha, with more then

0.4 seconds of gap ahead of the ART Next bike is the Avintia Ducati GP 14 1.28.004 for the Avintia Ducati now in last position Next bike is the Pramac Ducati GP 14.1 1.27.254 for the Pramac Ducati First position at the moment Next bike is the Marc VDS Honda 1.27.404 for the VDS Honda

The same time as the Forward Yamaha Next bike is the LCR Honda 1.27.221 for the LCR Honda First position at the moment Next bike is the Tech3 Yamaha What a time for the Tech3 Yamaha! Under the wall of 1.27 and first position Next bike is the Gresini Aprilia 1.27.254 for the Aprilia

The same time as the Pramac Ducati Next bike is the Suzuki Just 0.021 seconds off the 1.27 wall for the Suzuki And provisional second place Next bike is the official Ducati GP 15 Third position for the Ducati not very suitable for the Spanish track Only two bikes left, next is the HRC Honda 1.26.837 and first position for the Honda!

Only one bike left, the official Yamaha M1 1.26.787 for the official Yamaha! so, the fastest bike in this time attack Very small gaps between the bikes, thanks to the quite short track Yamaha and Suzuki have a good overall driveability Honda has more power and more corner grip But is difficult to drive Ducati has a lot of power but tight turns are a problem 1.26.787 earned me the 57° place in the global rankings with 2015 MotoGP bikes in Valencia A good result, keeping in mind the standard setup and the lack of driving aids but, for sure, i can improve a lot! We are at the end of the video Thank you for watching! Bye bye!

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