from sunny Melbourne welcome to the TCN show welcome to the gcn show coming up this week we hear from the CEO of Strava and discuss their big move to get more of us to pay to subscribe we’ve got to everything World Records the hot new tech and racing that comes even sooner than expected this week in the world of cycling we learned that it’s great when talented bike riders have too much time on their hands this is an outtake from the most recent video from the ridiculously amazing fabio via and I’ve gotta say James I would love to know just how many times he had to do that before getting that bag in the bit well I thought maybe you can tell why the shout at the end I ate up quite a while but it’s an absolute brilliant video and you definitely need to check it out yeah now we also learned this week that Stryver Pro Phil Gaiman has just smashed the ever sting of World Records and that’s where you cycle up and down the same Hill until you’ve climbed a total of 8,848 meters the equivalent height of Everest of course and it took him just seven hours 52 minutes and we were genuinely impressed Ville that is until though US national mounted bike champion at Keegan’s FinCEN when in smashed it knocking 12 minutes off the new record and he did it all at altitude just for good magic is impressive isn’t it now both riders were doing it to raise money for charity Gaiman was doing it for no Kid Hungry and Svensson for Bike MS which raises money for people with multiple sclerosis yeah and to be honest I I think to do an Arras ting it’s gonna take you around 13 hours just to what sounds a bit more impressive he did it in 7 hours and 40 minutes and I just sounds like a good day out doesn’t it why not even a good day out that’s like a half day that’s like you could do that before before lunch I reckon yeah all he definitely looked like he worked hard affairs to me no too fair to him Spencer did say that was the hardest thing he’s ever done on a bike and he does look quite puffed out doesn’t he in that photo of him afterwards right then on to the big story for this week yesterday Shriver announced probably their biggest news for certainly quite some time in amongst a whole raft of new features like improved route-finding on the desktop version and enhanced training analysis was that a lot of segment functionality so the most popular function on Strava would now be going behind the paywall but there Strava summit which is the painful version no longer exist instead you’d have Strava which you pay for and then a pared down free version now the community aspect will still be there so you can still upload your rides you can still follow other riders give receive kudos make comments that kind of thing and also at the top ten times for men and women for each and every segment will still be displayed however to get your time and anything else beyond that will require you to subscribe to do that is if you workout from an annual membership about five dollars five euros or four pounds per month now that doesn’t seem like a massive amount of money certainly not if you’ve been bitten by the cycling bug however if you’ve been using Strava for years without paying I think it’s gonna come as quite a shock especially is when it comes to segments there’s no alternative like Strava kind of owns segments so you can’t find a free version yeah we caught up with Strava CEO Michael Horvath who’s actually one of the company’s two founders to find out or to find out why basically oh by the way I’ve got apologize for the quality of that video call slightly embarrassing interviewing the boss of a tech company and having crap home Wi-Fi but for there we go hopefully he likes the alliums instead Michael thanks so much for joining us here at GC edit and answering some of our questions it’s great to be here thanks for inviting me Sam so I guess it’s been say Strava has evolved loads over the years loads of features loads of developments but I think for a lot of us the kind of core user experience that brings us back time and again has remained quite similar but this feels like perhaps the biggest shift we’ve had in terms of that boundary between the free service and the paid for service I’m really interested a why Strava that have made this change and why now yeah so it’s it’s really a question of how we’re building our business for the very long run that’s really the driver here this has been a momentous year for the world as everyone knows 2020 has been a year of regaining a lot of perspectives when I and my co-founder mark Gainey returned to leading the company we did it for a single purpose which is to read it rededicate Strava to the community of athletes that make

it up and that’s a commitment to longevity so we’re not yet a profitable company and we need to become one in order to continue to serve athletes for generations to come yeah and now it’s funny I was sort of doing a bit of background research before talking to you and I found interview that you’ve given in in 2012 where you said the subscription was was very much the core of the business then as well so is this sort of resetting of the boundaries now to ball calculated to efface we’ve leveraged more people onto the paid for service yeah it’s a statement of what we intend to do to build the business going forward and that is to focus on the subscription offering and build and innovate for the subscriber invests the most in the people who have invested in us the aspects of strata that are the most complex and expensive to maintain like segment leaderboards they will now become a subscription feature and going forward a lot of our development much of our development will be for subscribers will invest the most in those athletes who have invested in us yeah go back to that point about segments you said that’s the most expensive or one of the most expensive parts of the business to run and yeah it’s kind of I suppose it’s one of the key pillars of the Stryver experience but I’d kind of not really thought that there was a cost attached to it I suppose yeah technology isn’t free on our side definitely not and what we’re really excited about is also thinking through what this enables in terms of fuelling further innovation as we’re releasing a whole lot of things this year over 50 athlete facing features like route builder for mobile route route build around web we released you know features around training we’ve released things there related to improving strength Australia experience in general around our feed experience do you think in hindsight the initial kind of free Strava would be too good there was just so many features in it that people felt perhaps it was harder to convince them to get a premium subscription yeah I think you where you’re hitting a definitely something that we think about a lot is the the balance between the two we want the free experience to be a great place to start it must remain the free experience must remain high-quality and useful but a Strava subscription is what we believe will give an athlete the complete experience yeah now I’m sure you must be absolutely flat out today so so I won’t keep much longer but if you’ve got one last message for this driver community what would it be on a day like today I think that it’s the following which is that by making a Strava subscription clearer to understand and building more value there we we believe this is good news for the community we’re building Strava for you we believe that athletes deserve a source of motivation in their life and that’s what straw has always been about that’s what our founding principle is around connecting athletes to what motivates them we believe that makes you better we believe that so that’s the aspect what you value out of Strava and that’s our commitment to longevity and to being here for you in the very long run okay James you don’t need to make your mind up right now because I believe there’s going to be a couple of weeks grace period before these new changes come into effect and there’s going to be a trial period for people to to dip their toe into the water but do you think that you are gonna pay for strata from now on I mean it is a huge new sight and now I think about it I mean it’s I mean it’s like the cost of a coffee and a cake isn’t it yeah and for what you get back as Java I think I probably would I think I will yeah you know the only trail without coffee and cake analogy is that you can use it to justify an awful lot of things like coffee and cake before like you spent a fortune every month but I know you mean I mean it actually it doesn’t add up the timing of it isn’t great given the current gonna rise prices but clearly this has been something they’ve been planning for for a lot longer than the pandemic I think well I think I’m increasingly realizing how much it costs to run digital platforms you know I think we’ve all been conditioned to expect it for free because of you know Facebook and Instagram and you you’ve been on most of our news outlets and stuff but when you hear that they’re losing money and Stryver users of rejected ads on the platform and they don’t want that so so they’ve got no choice and then you think well I see yeah if it’s a case of Strava that you pay for or no Strava then 100 percent yeah okay for sure you know I think I agree with you there but what I want to know si is what do you guys in the audience do you pay for first two papers Java will you start paying for Java and that should you pay this Java let us

know in that comment section below I’ve been keeping my eye on the comments underneath the gcn show for the party two weeks and I managed to find one that asked where I was so here is your answer I’ve actually been in the studio doing something called giro d’italia classic stages so over three weeks and we’re about halfway through it now I’ve been looking back and we’ll be looking back at some of the best year of stages in the past seven editions of the race and there have been some great ones it’s just not a normal replay we’ve also got extra insight on what happened on those days from the rides involved and also from some key journalists and team stuff so it’s been really good fun and I think quite entertaining judging by the comments if you haven’t seen it already it is available for you over on the GC app and also on Eurosport and if you’ve missed it so far it’s available on demand on the G to the app so it’s all there if you want to go there and watch it now today we’re starting with 2016 so we’ve done 2013 3 – 2015 2016 some of you remember was quite a memorable edition of the race with a huge plot twist right at the very end they’re very much welcome your company today if you haven’t been with us already see you later on it’s now time for our weekly inspiration that part the show where we pick out some of the very best most inspirational photos that you’ve uploaded to the gcn app pull out the top three and award prizes for it change who rounds out the podium and third this week in third place we’ve got Mike f winning a channel bundle for this photo of you’re sure in the Moors absolutely stunning photo and I think you would agree sigh it’s always quite difficult riding across those balls because there’s always a crosswind or a headwind I’ve never ridden across Moors with the tailwind I suspected a road to just that shot there James if I didn’t know any better so we won’t have to he won’t have to contend with a tusky grass but I know you mean it it’s very windy but yeah beautiful and such a classic like York’s just seen that isn’t it for any viewers that haven’t ever had the pleasure of going to Yorkshire riding across there is something else isn’t it right there second prize this week is a garden workout bundle which which I still think is the best name bundle in the history of all bundles the winner of it is Munro sm1 inspired by following a fearless Bavarian local into a thunderstorm we both survived and doing about you changed a dramatic photo but if it was me I’ll be riding the other way I mean I don’t know it’s proper like the perfect storm poster isn’t it yeah and I think I’m with you there I am I keep to the sunshine and quickly do a Ewing yeah just like epic doesn’t it absolutely fantastic shot Wow so yeah kind of inspiring in it in a 180 degree turn then goes fast as you can’t wait but no I like it alright then finally in first place first place shall I say who is this week’s winner James in first place we got and Daniel as we know I’m not the best on my pronunciation but Daniel Oz I thought I was guessing yeah there we go in dan dan dan OGG ranges in east of Melbourne in Australia and I think you would agree sigh and this is what pretty inspirational isn’t it I think that would win any Instagram picture of the year I actually love it and don’t tell me you being there sigh what funny you mention that sure yeah I’m familiar with the Dandenong I am indeed yeah yeah yeah oh yeah it’s been a while but but no absolutely fantastic shot isn’t it that’s the kind of like that’s the kind of shot that you want on your desktop on your computer isn’t it just to like I mean that truly is just fantastic Daniel trypsin 100% and I play a game with where have you not been because every time we play this game you seem to have been to every place that well we put a photo of yeah one I play it all the time as she with my wife it’s called beam there and she is her least favorite game she absolutely hates it but I’m not surprised yeah it’s great fun I have been there yeah been there been there and the trouble is is always I’ve ridden my bike there I have a nice so it does get a bit monotonous but still thanks fantastic and anyway there we go three awesome inspirational photos if you would like to submit a photo then do so through the gcn app you should know how by now but certainly the first step is to download the app get involved and then we will pick out our three favorites next week it’s now time for cycling shorts cycling shorts now I’m gonna kick things off with news of the man who last year cycled around the same roundabout three thousand and sixty five times in a single day in order to raise money for world bicycling and his name is David five cards and he was at it again

circling 240 different roundabouts all in a 24-hour period last week and he did it again raising money for world bicycle relief mighty impressive 457 kilometers in order to do those 240 roundabouts you know what I find so striking about this story a sight of the fact that David’s quite clearly brilliantly bonkers is the fact that I thought the roundabout was a completely alien concept to residents of the United States but no clearly the people have come out have taken the roundabout to their hearts because they’ve built 122 of them that was half of Dave’s total in one town hey it’s I I guess every day’s a school day isn’t it yeah now we mentioned everything at the top of this show and we wanted to give a shout out to longtime supporter and a friend of GGN Michael Lavelle for his virtual everything raising 100 thousand pounds for charity in the process so massive well done to you it took in about nine hours 15 minutes which is super quick but go back to my point earlier it’s not so quick that actually it doesn’t sound impressive that does sound like a proper day out doesn’t it at 255 watts it clearly was proper doubt and taught much to the pain K as well Michael there right now there were some big announcements from the world of professional cycling last week specifically two of the biggest riders in the women’s peloton an Evander bragging and Chantelle van den Broek blood both announced the dates of their retirements and they’re not far off 2021 and spring 2021 respectively this is huge news for the world of professional cycling as both riders were still in top form and I guess it was news we weren’t expecting they’re both just 13 years of age yeah from where I sit James that that’s really yeah they’ve got years left in them a lot of years before they start to slide I think right now van der Brennan was the world champ in 2018 at Vandenberg Black was world champ in 2017 but collectively they have won just about everything there is to win in Pro Cycling but while I would say that their team bowls dolmens because they both ride for the same team would miss them that’s not quite the case is it no it’s both rise moving on but they’re moving on to different roles or within the team so they’re going to leadership and coaching Ross yeah we’re definitely gonna miss them on the road aren’t we but I think it’s fantastic news really because successful riders staying in the sport and passing on their knowledge and experience to younger riders is a really important part of cycling isn’t it so the fact that these two big hitters are gonna stay within the sport I just think that’s great some science now and do you want to help with some cool research into athlete training attitudes and beliefs during the current kovat 19 pandemic shooting a friend of GCN Stephen Chung has just got touched to say there’s a huge piece of research taking place worldwide that’s looking into exactly that and all is waiting for is for you to answer a quick questionnaire so it if you want to get involved the link to that is in the description beneath this video right side brace yourself for this one Lance Armstrong is back were well when I saves back he’s back hitting the headlines but this time on your TV screens yeah a trailer has just been released and it’s got people across the whole cycling world talking is this the time where we can hear Lance Armstrong tell the truth this documentary series is going to be aired on 24th of May at 9:00 p.m. ET D on ESPN and if I’m gonna be honest side I’m pretty looking for I’m looking forward this one it’s funny I anticipate okay yeah I am as well I’m afraid to say I mean he’s been quoted as saying I’m not gonna lie to you but it should probably be more like I’m not gonna lie to you this time shouldn’t it because we’ve definitely heard that before so whether we will hear the truth or not I don’t know but but yeah I mean it’s it it’s a pretty tawdry part of cycling’s history but it’s kind of endlessly fascinating isn’t it so yeah I’ll probably watch that but grudgingly yeah now the UCI announced that the pro cycling canada would start on the 1st of August fingers crossed but actually the HTV cut the famous HTV Cup in Vietnam is starting today yeah now when you say famous ACV cup chain I must confess I’ve never heard of it before or not and in there the amazing game have been there I haven’t been there unfortunate of it now sadly but if this race sounds epic doesn’t it 18 stages starting today the 18th of May and going through to the seventh of June so yeah Pro Cycling is back on and the reason they’ve been able to do it is because while Vietnam has

touchwood been very lightly hit by coronavirus so 288 cases confirmed and no deaths at the moment so long may that continue yeah very lucky indeed now on other news sigh here in the UK races are still being cancelled but the restrictions for exercising has been lifted now a famous in the UK cycling program is of course the Tour de Yorkshire and local lad Connor Swift and decided that he wanted to show off his new team colors are care Sam sake and ride the whole race or the whole route solo yeah it’s a lone break way that might that’s a long one oh yeah does that mean he’s won I guess it probably does yeah and so we move to him after stage three to see how he’s getting on I’ve just decided to you know do this year’s Tony Hawk sure because also the race was postponed I come from Yorkshire it’s a race that I really love and going out solo in this time without any group rides or chain gangs it was a little bit demotivate in so I just wanted something you know to spot that motivation again this one race is inside now and I just thought you know go out there do a solo tour Yorkshire and it’d be great for morale get a bit of social media following and yeah people have been loving it they did a video recap every day the team jumped on board Tory oxys from Tom board so yeah it’s been great and I’ve got final stage tomorrow even though I think today was the hardest warned it was pretty brutal 3,000 meters of climbing on the gate on these roads ain’t nice cheers guys right on some tech news now and we have got some new helmets check it out no new like RIA before you say anything but but yet zero have just come on board I’m delighted to say as our new helmet partner so I’m actually chopped to bits I’ve been sent a vanquish which now is probably not the time to try to show it off given that I’m sat in the living room I’m still wearing tracksuit trousers and slippers but Greg wennermark makes it look pretty cool so I’m hopeful well I’m gonna should be so I’ve got it the ether French wheel brand karma has just launched some new gravel wheels now these are tubeless ready they have the hookless system inside and they’re also 22 millimetres wide internally and they’ve also got vests they’re try and tested structural reinforced foam also so yeah these wheels are full of tech on this I’d say hardy know deep right last bit new tech I was well he sent some very shiny SRAM force-wide components last week and well why don’t we step outside into my second studio to hear about that oh so I’m excited to see what’s in your garden right you join me in this crucible hot new tech that’s also known as my garden Nancy in with those zips 303’s wheels that I showed on TCN last week’s Ram also included a new very interesting updates to their force eater access group set called force wide now you see when 42 axis was launched last year I think fans have Stram’s warned by drive trains were left with a slightly more restricted choice of cassettes because you only had a 1033 largest cassette choice on force and whilst you could pair it up with a 10 to 50 mountain bike set you needed a mountain bike rear derailleur as well however with this they’ve just introduced a 10 to 36 cassette which is excellent but let’s not beat around the bush here this is not about sram1 buy because they’ve also introduced this to their a new double chain set but with kind of like super compact size ring so that is a forty three thirty now for gear ratio nerds out there that gives you an equivalent top gear of slightly smaller than 50 eleven but slightly larger than fifty twelve when paired with that 10 teeth cassette at the back so pretty amazing what we can get out of 43 when you got a 10 on the back now SRAM say that this is not a gravel specific group set this is for anyone riding with drop handlebars roadies that like super long super extreme climbs or bike Packers I’m thinking who with heavily laden bikes kind of moving that little bit slower but there is something in here for gravel is to absolutely rejoice that as well and that is this dirt the new front derailleur which when paired with this chain set allows you to fit a 45 millimeter wide tire in the back of your bikes if previously you were limited to 42 mil set certainly on SRAM force but so I think on Shimano grx groupsets as well but now you can get that 45 in there the reason being dad is this so this is obviously the other half of that now

that axle is slightly longer which allows you to space the chain sit out a little bit more and therefore the front derailleur can be spaced a little bit more and you can squeeze that tire in what it also means is that longer axle increases the versatility so you can fit this in a standard frame set of road or gravel frame set with a 68 millimeter wide bottom bracket but it will also fit into a 73 millimeter wide mountain bike bottom brackets well no spatial q-factor out by an additional five mil but that is some pretty cool versatility in there as well the final component got down there is of course a rear derailleur which you will also need to increase that max tooth capacity up to a 36 from a standard 33 on fourth grade sense it’s now time for hack forward slash forge now we’re kicking off this week with one incentive from a Suzuki now he’s recycled his helmet box and made a cat palace and if you ask me it looks pretty good well the cat looks happy yeah to fair and the bottom really changed is it but I like it yeah well and the audience you that app uses the viewers things pretty good – 74 percent of you say hey which I said that is probably a hack isn’t it fair enough especially if there’s still some kind of foam in there keep the keep the cat nice and comfy yeah my new Giro hat box the cat home oh my god I can’t well I managed to adopt one it’s come over and every now and again I get there they’ll milk so uh I might see if the the capped home box works there we go be a permanent residency Yeah right next up we got this one from Jay a KP and 993 which is something that I could definitely use okay so I’m tempted to say hack already get phone out of sweat zone so bases if tied and a tube of some kind what is that it’s a piece of closet close rail and then stuck his bone on it but I think that’s cool because the trouble is when you got your phone on your bars you get out the see I have a tendency to drip on it so I said that looks quite good you and me both you and me both side yeah we both we both that fair to say we sweat a quite considerable amount so yeah I would say it’s a hack to but what to do the GTN happen audience oh well only 55% a hack that’s of it that’s a bit cheeky I’m not sure about that can I say it can I let you in on a disgusting story and when I was doing my food to fitness and I was sort of writing messages to to the group on the workhouse and I accidentally dropped my phone and it landed in all Idol of sweat screen down and I was like no sorry probably not as disgusting as my story when when I did that 24 hours with fries I dropped my pasta bowl into my pool of sweat but I didn’t you didn’t eat it No thank God well that’s it that’s not disgusting that’s just a waste yes my phone – then go back to my ear oh never mind never mind it’s all good right so that was a hack but the viewers were you were on the fence with that one well Louis oh seven coal this is an absolute perla so this is a DI to hack he’s basically been inspired by Chris Froome climbing shifters and he’s he’s made his own so this is this is like my favorite kind of hack electronics we should understand and like solder ring and all sorts of exciting things like that so 100 percent of hack that is the neatest satellite shifter I’ve ever seen yeah I think I would agree with you there and the GC and half audience a 94% said hacks oh yeah well fair play to you that is a killer job on that my skills are definitely not to let yours yeah okay but you can weld James just about so you know and I enjoy bitter well they have to say I’m so yeah hopefully I have so few more welding project so I can up my skill level but ya know I enjoy did that right we got one in from Michael be at Rolla trainer build my son who’s 11 or for my daughter’s 3 to Train daily 100 percent is his work and his project and it works how cool is that he’s got his little there is that the little pink bike is daughter’s bike I’m guessing oh yeah the rollers at sir does it cool although to fed from where I’m sad the garden looks like it might be big enough to actually just ride round so I might be tempted to do that rather than sit on rollers but still don’t let that take away from your hard work I think that’s pretty happy now I’d agree with you there and I think Marc Bohan actually did something similar for his daughter what’s socially I think that was a budge though wasn’t it that was yeah I think I was a pod

ride then this one from Chris I thought was actually brilliant I had this rack made so that I can take my bike out the city of Ho Chi Minh and enjoy the jungle trails and open roads guys Matt and bike on there at the minute but he said he can swap out the mounts we can go from through ax what’s a quick-release that’s super cool mate that must be right up your street surely may that is so up my street that’s giving me a lot of inspiration and I act yeah I think I might actually give that a go because I couldn’t think of anything cooler than having my Pinarello f12 on the back of my motorbike I mean what more do you want but I very I would want someone else to weld it other than you yeah I think that’s fair to say but still make that you know maybe experiment with a cheaper bike before you put one of your money on our bikes on the back there but ya know that’s a hack for me fun use that hack for me too nice and 78% of you the GTR viewers say hack as well so so yeah pretty good stuff right one last one someone who has done some welding this is from Dillon day who’s welded up a custom bike work stand on top of a tool trolley here which which is great that’s a hack from me back from you James it’s a hack from me 100% clean looks good against the wall and it serves a great purpose love that no ice yeah right now make sure you head over to GCN out because as lows with super cool hacks and forges on they’re not just the highlights that we pick out for you each week here on the gcn show and of course if you want to submit anything to hackle podge then the gcn app is your one-stop shop for that as well it’s caps competition time now that part the show where you get a chance to get your hands on a coveted GCN elite water bottle all you got to do is think of a witty caption to a photo we’re about to give you we’ll start with last week’s results first this was the photo mark cavendish back in the archives obviously with an enormous bunch of bananas and a very jealous Elia Viviani looking on who do you think was the winner juice well the winner of this one is Tim Bishop for his capture Cavendish likes winning a whole bunch genius genius we had we had a lot of entries to countering competition last week it was hotly contested so congratulations Tim I thought was an absolute Perla this week’s photo is lack of food were saying well that looks that’s the snapshot of real life isn’t it there he is on his trainer in his garage just thrashing out the miles instead of racing the Giro whatever he’s supposed to be doing in a minute yeah I don’t think his daughters find it as exciting as the racing but nevertheless she’s definitely enjoying herself energy yeah right wait enough for this dilly-dally change it’s gonna have to come up with a caption I know you can do a better job than I can it so over to you mate the mic is all yours thanks mate it’s not so much is it fuga saying junior looks on anxiously as her dad warms up for the main event taking her out for a bike ride I mean it’s more like a story than a caption and it’s certainly not very funny but I mean it’s at least relevant to the photo so I’ve got to get some marks for that may I be honest it’s far better not what I can do but luckily our audience is well a lot better at captions than we are so I cannot wait to see what you guys yeah what your captions are done in the comment section below I’m looking forward this one right now is the time where we have a look at your amazing comments that you’ve been leaving under all the videos this week and I’m going to kick off with one from the racing news show from Dean Sinclair I’m not saying they’re the same person but have you ever seen lasty and Connor in the same place at the same time well it’s very hard to get them on camera the same time isn’t it cuz cuz Connor is about two feet taller than last things so yeah framing is an issue but no there are two of them definitely right under last week’s TCN show there was a well I want to say a lot of people who were enjoying the gardening segment I think they were about five people that enjoy the gardening segment but still they really enjoyed it so make own beauty Simon talking about alliums is the content I never knew I needed but can’t live without it now Nick W my wife nearly fell off the chair size guard me into League she’s asked for any advice on black spot on roses that doesn’t involve wd-40 see what I see what I can do at most remedy Steve off W force your seat but anyway yeah Josh Peck came in with this size attracting all the birds pigeons and crows now yeah to be honest I’m excited every time I have a sneak peek into size garden it always seems to amaze me we’ve got one from Bennett Bob brother-in-law Nigel I’ve cut the grass four times this week Connor four times why can’t I do that brother-in-law Nigel you know why absolute genius

I think the brother-in-law Nigel was a yeah one of the great finds of these isolation videos wasn’t it so yeah I’m just imagining Conor like stumbling upon him somewhere at the back of a shed on the farm like oh no you better burn it what I wanna know is why Connors not allowed to mow the grass that at some point he’s on holiday Connor this week yeah I haven’t holiday I don’t think you can fit his legs under the steering wheel I think that should be a slightly that probably is actually true yeah yeah there’s also a lot of love out there for man really great video she did on Friday giving out some essential tips with beginner cyclist William direction said thanks man one thing I will say the old Brits know how to build stone walls what a great place to stop for a snack and yeah we do know how to build the stone walls don’t we that’s lovely yeah Andy right now sticking with the theme of man ons video beginner tips we’ve got a lot of content coming up actually aimed to help out all these amazing new cyclists coming into the sport that well turning to it as a result of coronavirus pandemic but hopefully discovering everything that we’ve already known all along which is that it’s amazing so anyway on Wednesday we’ve got how not to ride like an idiot that’s probably for all of us actually during this coronavirus pandemic we’ve got six best things to upgrade on your bike on Thursday I’ve got how to set up your new road bike on Friday then we’ve got six mistakes we’ve all made on Sunday so who else yeah lowly cool Quantic coming up as well as much more besides including of course all of that great Giro content that is on the gcn app at the moment it’s now time for extreme corner now they’ll say I hope you’ve across your arms in yeah yeah yeah yeah in true extreme fashion right this one is an absolute belter we didn’t mention it it’s the the intro to this show and it is of course a little sneak peek into fabulous were well office isolation office and if you ask me it’s an absolute killer so what’s this whoa man that is nuts isn’t it although I got to say James if you got a swimming pool in your home office I haven’t got a swimming pool but if I had a little bit more time on my hands if we were stuck in this isolation a little bit longer I also think I could do a few of those skills so I’m back you myself yeah I think you would throw yourself off a roof interest room for Jess I think that’s no one’s arguing about that yeah but anyway yeah as we said it’s obvious you make sure you check out Fabio’s full video it’s just it’s actually brilliant innit right James thank you very much mate for your company today it’s been an absolute pleasure to do the gcn show with you as always in fact yeah I really enjoyed it sigh and yeah it’s been nice to hear your voice made in a while isn’t it has it has indeed right please if you’ve enjoyed watching give this video a big thumbs up and we will see you back here next week

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