– Hey, this is Davin with Redline Rebuilds and today we’re getting back on our 37 Ford race car Yesterday, we completely stripped everything apart and we have the rear axle sitting here on the table and all the front end components off in the dirt room And my task here this morning is I’m going to take and strip this completely apart kind of document what parts I need I shouldn’t say kind of, I’m going to, so I know I’m going to want probably some bearings, and seals, and that type of stuff, get all that documented and stripped apart and then eventually get this into the sandblaster and parts cleaner as well – And this is Tom from Barn Find Hunter While he’s working on the rear end, I’m going to be working on the front suspension, pulling apart the axle, pull apart all the brakes, the, I guess, tie rod ends and bull joints and wash them into parts washer, and then put them in the sandblaster Thankfully, it’s about a 40 inch cabinet so it’ll fit a lot of parts And then at some point, when I’m done and he’s done, we’ll swap and then he’ll work in that So let me ask, isn’t it odd we call this a 37 Ford yet the frame is for Chevy, the drive train is from a Mopar, this is a custom racing part, the only part of this car that’s Ford, is this little piece of tape in there – Yeah, I know It’s interesting you say that because it goes really across the board with race cars, if you notice that, nobody cares what the power plan is That’s kind of where we’re at here, but at least it is original Ford tin – Yep – All right, so that’s our plan of attack for the day all we gotta do now is get busy – Go – Right on (upbeat music) So in stock form, there’s a big chunk of metal that was cut out of here So the adjuster’s easier to access, as far as from a racing standpoint, quick and easy And then also you have in here, for venting, as all these holes are for, it helps get some air in because brake drums or drum brakes tend to gain a lot of heat So that heat causes brake fade and of course, brake fade means no brakes, pretty simply also notice that there’s been some adjustment to this pad or to the shoe This is not a failure This is very specifically cut and basically minimize the amount of brake to the, would be the left side of the car, left rear and also here in here So very deliberate in its modifications (upbeat music) – So what I did here a little while ago was start to spray some WD-40 We had a hard time getting this wheel off the, it’s a quick release, but it wasn’t coming off so I sprayed a little WD-40 on it What I’m going to do is take those bolts out and then deal with the deal with the, deal with the quick coupling release separately This is so race drivers can get in and out of a car just easily The wheel is an encumbrance So you push that, take it off Usually, there’s a little hook on the top of the roll cage, you hang your steering wheel up there to get in and out (Wrench grinding) (mumbling) Yeah (mumbling) Oh man All right So in theory, you should be able to push this button and slide this off and the wheel comes off, but it seems we’ve been jammed over time So I’ll just let it soak for a while (liquid splashing) So you’d imagine a leaf spring on an old Ford to be one leaf spring, running from side the side, but on this race car, they’ve taken two short leaf springs, which I suppose they made out of a standard leaf spring

Then you could see it was just chopped off here as opposed to being bevel like that So they mounted the chassis in the middle and it gives them a much stronger spring rate than if it were just one arch So I’m going to pull these apart (upbeat music) So this area here has been our disassembly area If you remember earlier, it had front end components all over the place Well, those have all been disassembled with the exception of these radius rods coming off the front axle, which, the bolt came off of this or the nut came off of this one, but the bolt is kind of frozen in there And this one, unfortunately, the head of that nut is rounded So we’re gonna have to burn the whole thing off, I’m not sure, but this is the disassembly area We brought the parts into here and have some of them soaking in a bath that’s here The greasy side is soaking in there I’ve already cleaned this brake drum up We’re going to put the pedal assembly in there And then these are the front leaf springs I have them marked, but I still want to stamp in there, what position they were in So we know which is the left and right And then we’re going to soak them, clean them and then glass bead them Because if you don’t get all the grease off before you put it in the glass bead machine, all the glass just sticks to the grease and it doesn’t clean up anything So the idea is to get it as clean and dry as possible before you put it in there and make the metal look like new – Not sure why these are safety wired together? (machine roaring) (wrench grinding) (metal clinking) Well, it’s clean, really clean Okay, so earlier we were talking about this being a quick change rear end the idea is you have a counter shaft, this is your input So your input shaft comes through from the drive shaft, backup transmission And it feeds this gear, which in turn, then feeds the top gear, and then into your traditional ring and pinion Now, why it’s quick change is this changes, these two gears change your gear ratio So the ratio you have here will be different than the ratio we have here, okay So and the change is roughly, just by you using these two gears, you might go from, let’s say, a 350 gear, to a, I don’t know, maybe a 550 gear It’s all relative to the number of teeth on the big one and the small one Now, there are multiple sets of these as well So you can buy any, basically, gear selection that you want So in the traditional sense for circle track racing, you probably gonna run like a 586 gear But then you can also fine tune things, a 586, a 566, 558 you get the idea, all the way out to about a seven, if I remember correctly and then the flip side of things, you can go real super highway gear, where you could be into a two All depends on what you’re after And again, it’s quick to change at any point in time, and you can see the amount of fluid that’s a left I’m sure this is actually full or pretty close to that, but that’s about all you usually get So even on a hot race car, you can change this in between the heat race and the feature if you want to fine tune things for the track conditions And of course, if you’re on the street, if you’re going to go to the drag strip,

you can use one gear versus another This now typically, isn’t the best drag racing gear or axle setup, but you get the point (metal grinding) (mumbling) (machine roaring) (metal clinking) (metal grinding) (metal clinking) (machine roaring) – Every a home shop needs one of these machines (metal clinking) So it’s a little bit hard to see with this kind of a foggy glass, but you kind of do it by feel so, I could probably get a little bit better job down the bottom here The problem is it’s so hard to see, All right, I going to put this back in and get some of these lower fins, which I really couldn’t see through that glass to see if I could just get it a little bit cleaner down here (machine roaring) (metal clinking) (machine roaring) You can see a lot better in here with these lights off (upbeat music) (liquid splashing) This is probably eight to 10 hours worth of blasting, which sounds like a long time for these parts, and it is This is the kind of job that I would have my son do when he was 12 years old because I had more important things to do Now, I do this work The machine worked great, had to replace the shield on the glass ones cause you couldn’t see what you were spraying glass beads at Also we started running out of glass beads, had to refill the cabinet, so that slowed things down a bit, but some of the parts like these leaf springs are so hard that you could just blast, and blast and blast because there’s so many cavities in there Can’t get it clean looking This thing came out nice, the brake drums came out nice, intake manifold came out nice I just find this really amusing here It’s a Weiand manifold W-E-I-A-N-D Then they have on here how to pronounce it, say why- and I always thought it was we-and but to say why-and So they give you a pronunciation, which is kind of cute So that’s it It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it (metal clinking) (humming) – Let’s do this Got it up here where we can see it That’s ugly, it’s three quarter I bet this might be three quarter – [man] You’re doing all that metric work could do you, huh – Yes (metal grinding) (metal clinking) Just shattered, (metal clinking) (machine roaring) put two sleeves in, just saying, just throwing it out there, kids (machine drilling) (flame burning) So for those of you that are wondering why I’m using a torch

and a 75 ton press, I only have 15 tons on here right now, but my concern is that I’m gonna mushroom over the head of that bolt with the press So all I’m trying to do is basically heat up my axle enough to get it to swell And then with that pressure on there, it’ll break Hopefully break free (metal clinking) (upbeat music) Go ahead. Just enough room for that (metal grinding) (metal clinking) (machine drilling) (metal clinking) (metal clinking) Perfect, hey, we got the car pulled apart down to the carcass Tom got all the front end washed and sand-blasted It took a couple hours, didn’t it? – I think it probably took eight or 10 I don’t know – The arduous part of – Yeah. Some of these parts, I don’t know if the hardness of a steel affects how it cleans up, but these parts are especially hard and were especially tough to clean up But some of the other parts, the aluminum parts, intake manifold, brake drums, that cleaned up nicely We put new media in the machine it have lots of pressure You’ve got a great, great compressor So it was kinda cool It was painting in reverse – It was – Yeah, – Absolutely Yeah, so like you were talking about, with all those parts we’re going to take and we’ll paint them all up I’m going to use automotive grade paint wherever I can, we’ll spray bomb where we can’t, the brake hubs, and drums, I’m actually going to have them sort of coded in a clear so that aluminum will stay nice and fresh looking – Oh wow, yeah – So it’ll look nice Likewise relative to the intake manifold, I know you have some questions about the why and intake manifold (David laughing) – Yep, I love it – And so we’ll have that, same thing that’ll get an automotive clear on it like we do with all the engine rebuilds, which brings me right here to the 440 or back to the 440 And so, next few episodes coming up, we’ll be tearing down the 440 and getting on with the time-Lapse rebuild of that motor – Well, I appreciate you tuning into a combination Redline Rebuild, Barn Find Hunter episode This is the first time we’ve done it and I really dig it And I think it’ll be the beginning of hopefully many more – Well, and we’ll get better the next time – Hopefully, yeah (David laughing) – But Hey, I’m sure Tom wants to tell you to go find some stuff, right? – Happy hunting. Yeah – Happy hunting And from my end, get in the garage, you know what to do, get your work done Cause there’s a lot of stuff outside to go do and have fun with And of course, find some cars – You know, between our two programs, we’ve achieved a milestone that, I think few series ever attain and that’s 1 million subscribers They say the first million is the toughest So I think 998,000 subscribers were mine And you had a couple of subscribers too – Well, 20 most of them were my relatives, (Tom laughing) – But they say the first million is the toughest I wanna to thank you so much for tuning into our program I mean, we’re trying to bring, fun into your life and education, as we find cars and work on them – That’s exactly right And if it wasn’t for all the subscribers and what it does relative to Hagerty and such, we wouldn’t be doing the fun things that we do and enjoying this brand new space as well And like Tom said, our point is for everyone to understand that there’s cars out there that are still attainable, still fun, very enjoyable, and the projects are time consuming and you’ll love them and you get your hands dirty And at the end of the day, you accomplish something, – There’s nothing like taking a barn-find and making it roadable again, whether you restore it, or kind of leave it in patina condition it’s such a cool thing – Exactly So from both of us and our whole crew behind us, thank you and stay tuned for more (upbeat music)

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