hello everybody and welcome to this episode of queer girl straight skates I’m Rebel and I’m gonna do a video today that many of you have requested many times and that is I am going to tell you about all of my different pairs of skates and their backstory and my setups so buckle up because I have a lot of skates I want to preface this episode by saying that in the same way that some people are sneaker heads and spend all their money on sneakers or that some people really like designer bags, when I spend my money when I’m saving up and spending my money and I’m usually buying skates and so that’s why I have so many skates and I love all of them very much and yeah I’ll tell you why and I’m gonna start with I think I’m gonna go from like oldest skates to most recent skates so I’m gonna start with I think these are my oldest ones these guys okay so these are the Moxi Lolly and this is actually a green skate now but they did not begin as green skates they actually started as floss so these were the skates that I got when I first decided to get skates outside of roller derby and I wanted to get skates that would be outdoor skates and skates that I could go on beach paths and roll outs and all those sort of things so I had actually done a I think I did a skate-a-thon and I won like third place and so I got a gift card to the then Moxie skate shop and so I used that gift card and a little bit of money that I had saved up and I bought these as philosophies for my birthday for myself in 2018 yeah and in March of 2018 I bought these for myself and I was having a roller disco themed rollerskating birthday party at the fountain vallye rink and so yeah so I got these for that specific day and then these have been my Old Faithful skates kind of since then they have well they’ve been dyed with Angelus suede die actually a video about that I’ll link that up a vote up above and below but yeah so I use angeles wade dye and kelly green to dye these to this color and i didn’t really even choose that color I just had a friend who had extra dye and he was like hey rebel do you want some of the suede diet and I was like heck yeah and so I ended up with Grande skates and I could not be happier yeah so that’s the story of these skates yeah these were the skates that I wore when I first started dating shove so they have very much so sentimental value to me right now I have the Derby laces in yellow I have roller stuff toe caps in the sparkly pink I have the Moxie brake pedals on it right now and then I have the Adam pulse wheels these pulse wheels are 78 a they’re super super gummy and they’re really great for outdoor skating especially you’re going over a lot of different cracks and like uneven road or going over rocks or sticks these pulse wheels are great because they’re super wide and they’re super gummy and so yeah would highly recommend them so that’s my first pair of skates I can’t remember when I named these ones I think I had a name I think I called them my Fergie’s when they were floss cuz plastic glasses but um another green so I don’t know that they have a name anyways so those my first pair skis my next pair of skates that I have or actually I wasn’t going to show you guys these because I’m about to get rid of them but these are the Riedel Solaris skate these are the skates that I used for a roller derby after I got rid of my first pair of roller derby skates which was the roll they’re like rock v the Rydell rock v skates so I got these Rydell Solaris and they were the skates that carried me through a roller derby for the last for the last two years I’ve used these for roller derby and I love them they’re super super comfortable they’re made out of real leather they’re low they’re sick

like I did a custom color boot on them and I’m just honestly I have so many good Derby memories in these boots but what I learned and the reason why I replaced them is because they’re actually too big oh so they’re a size 7 on me but they there’s room at the top and I should have probably gotten a 6 and a half or a 6 in these skates and I didn’t know that at the time and I’ve been skating around in them and every time that I had started Derby practice or like done about after her first couple laps I would have to pull to the side and tighten them up and then go back out there and I thought that was normal it’s not normal so yeah so I have the Neo reactor Pro plate on these and then I think that these wheels are turbo wheels but I don’t remember I think that there are 92 turbos and I really like them I thought that they were great for roller derby and then I have the super gumball on the top and then I also have the Derby laces and light blue and the roller stuff toe cap as well I swear by toe caps because I don’t know how I be tripping and falling all over the place but I am always scuffing up the toes of my skates and so yeah I love having these toe caps on there because it protects my actual skate yeah and I just got them on Etsy I think from roller stuff or you can get them at different skate shops too but yeah so those are my those were my like newest pair of Derby skates that I had for two years but I’ve recently replaced them but those kids are actually I think some might new it so they’ll later but with via skates what’s cool is I’m gonna get rid of the boot and then I’m gonna take this neo reactor Pro plate and I’m going to put it on my green lollies so my Korean lollies are going to get a little bit of an upgrade which I’m super excited about so the next ski that I got was oh my god these guys okay so I got this which is the fuchsia Moxie lolly and the story behind these is that I actually when I like my very first time to the skate park I was going to a CIB Venice meetup and I was like oh my gosh it’ll be so fun to go to skate park for the first time like I was super nervous but me and shove decided to go together and I remember having to get up super early and I saw that they were giving away a pair of skates and I was like oh my gosh I would love a new pair of skates like I think that’d be so amazing like we should totally go maybe I could win these skates right and so I think that I thought it was on the wrong day so I got up super early one day just to realize that that wasn’t the day and that it was the next day and so then I had to get up super early the next day and I went out there and it was so fun being at the Venice skate park like yeah that was so crazy and then I learned like basic stuff at the skate park and was so fun I remember totally being addicted and then at the end of the CIB meetup I won these skates and it was so crazy and I just was so overwhelmed and was super excited yeah so these have a very special place in my heart because they are the skates that were like my skate park skates and I had slide blocks on here for the longest time until I was able to stall I told myself I wasn’t allowed to get jackboots until I was able to stall and so I used these it’s at the skate park for a long long time like I think a year and um yeah any time I went to the skate park I brought these skates with me so they’ve been through thick and thin I’ve fallen and hurting myself so many times on these skates and yeah they’ve always been there for me and I just love how the color has held up over this much time like it’s been at least 2 years that I’ve had these skates maybe two and a half no I think it’s yeah maybe like two years and yeah the color just looks like fine wine like it’s evolved so nicely so I have again I have the derby laces clearly I have a fav the best length laces I 108 inches but you can also get 96 inches for skates with boots like these um I have the Moxie Funday wheels these Funday wheels are a hybrid which

means that they can be used for both outside and inside they’re like a medium hardness and yeah a lot of people when they first start skating in the park will use the Funday wheels because they’re not as intimidating as harder wheels that people use at the park and they’re also smaller and a little bit rounded which is really nice and then I have on this one I have the kyatto stop I can’t remember what this color is called but I love the Kyoto stops I think that they’re super super durable I think that they’re the perfect size like I’m obsessed with the size and they come in all these sorts of fun colors like there’s like red and orange and yellow and just super fun so I love the kind of toe stops big fan and they also come in short stem and long stem I think these ones are long stem toe stops but you can decide whether or not you want long stem or shorts and toe stops based on the plate that you have on your skate and the plate I have is just the nylon that comes with it and they’ve lasted for the whole amount of time that I’ve owned these skates and so that’s really great yeah and that’s kind of of what about oh and then back to that roller stuff toe cover on the front and that’s also lasted me quite a bit of time yeah so that’s these Skeets I don’t really have a name for these either man I am feeling y’all when it comes to names for my skates oh well that’s okay I’m a calling professor plum for now because I’m almost a professor and because they look kind of plumb and I’m gonna call these hmm I’m gonna call these forest yeah okay great moving on to the next ones I think that the next ones that I got were yeah okay so the next piece that I got were my Jack boots so my Jack boots I am in love with like if you had to ask me if you asked me what my favorite skate that I owned was I would say easily it is this skate I love the color like I love that these Jack boots are the poppy Jack boots they have really been with me through thick and thin as soon as I tried on the Jack boots I knew I was obsessed with them and that they would be my favorite skate and ain’t over a year later I’m still totally obsessed with these skates yeah they are just oh I love them they’re so great so what’s great about the jackboot is that they’re really really durable and then they’re also really stiff like they have support they’re not stiff like uncomfortable stiff they’re stiff like I feel like my ankle is locked in so I feel safe whenever I’m at the skate park and I’m trying new tricks or whenever I’m around and I’m trying to jump and do random stuff on my skates like I just yeah they’re my they’re my babies so on this skate I have my C IV slide lock I have actually tried any of the other slide blocks yet so I don’t really have any reference in comparison to other ones but I really like how buttery these CIB slide locks are which means it’s pretty easy for me to slide on many surfaces if I was able to slide well but yeah so the best part I think about this jackboot is the padding that’s in the boot so these are suede leathers so they’re gonna be flexible like they’re gonna flex with your foot but also there’s this extra level of padding on the inside and then there’s this sheepskin tongue which it makes it really comfortable when you’re skating for long periods of time that being said I also had to break these in for ten hours so I feel like I’m like a little bit more connected to them than my other skates on it I have my roller stuff toe caps because I’m always falling at the skate park I have my Derby laces and then I have the kaya cherry bomb’ toe stop and these are short stem because I have the Neo reactor Pro plate on this boot and then I also have the roller bones bump bolt with the roller bones Bowl bombers and these are hard wheels and they’re awesome in the bowl so far I just love them and I love a good monochromatic

aesthetic and as soon as the skate shops open again I’m gonna make this I think just a full red skate I just I love the look I love these skates these are my babies anyone asks about them they’re my fav and these are my cherry bombs and then the story of how I got these I got these when I first started working for a planet roller skate I decided to use my first couple checks to buy these gates I had told myself that I wasn’t allowed to get jackboots until I was able to two footed stall on the coping and I practiced in practice in practice and then I finally was a it’s a two-footed stall on the coping and I remember like that week I went and I bought these Moxie Jack boots because I’d been saving for a long time and yeah I just I’m proud of them because I feel like they signify my progress in skating and they make me feel happy and remind me of the fact that I’m capable of accomplishing goals that I set for myself yeah okay the next pair of skates are these Impala leopard print skates these ones I got in order to review them and because I absolutely love leopard print and now they’ve become my go-to skates for all things arts and crafts which is awesome so these guys have been in glitter they have been in paint if you can’t tell there’s literally paint all over this skate they have been wrapped up and turned into molds to create pinatas oh yeah I like how aesthetically pleasing these skates are yeah so these are my skates for fun and for photoshoots and for crafts and I don’t love how they feel as much my other skate so they don’t get much like active skating long-distance or anything time but they’re great to have and I love leopard print so yeah but they definitely still smell kind of crazy and I got them like a year ago so how do they still smell bad like I’m very confused by that but you know whatever the next case that I have are my antic AR twos they’re so cute I’m like obsessed with them yeah so I got these in order to use them for roller derby I was super excited to use them for Derby and then when they came in the mail literally like that week is when we went into quarantine and Derby was cancelled so I never actually got to use them for Derby which major sucks but I’ll use them for Derby whenever we end up going back to Derby and until then I’ve actually switched out the wheels so that they are the radar energy wheels so their outdoor wheels now this ski is really a top-of-the-line ski it is a custom ar2 color I chose the colors I’ve got Derby laces on here I’ve got the Arias plate which is a really wonderful light amazing plate I have the bionic toe stop so they’re nice and big and sturdy for me and then again I have the radar energy wheels which I used for outdoor skating so that has been fun and they’re nice and beautiful because they haven’t really been used yet I’ve gonna try them on the ramp soon and kind of give a little feedback about how they on the ramp but they’re just so beautiful like I’m so obsessed with them but yeah so these are my Derby skates these are the ones I use in Derby when Derby begins and then last but not least I have a pair of yellow jack boots and these yellow Jack boots I got from my friend who bought another pair of Jack boots she bought actually the black pair of Jack boots of black jacks and she was like I’m not going to use these yellow jack boots anymore so I bought them from her yeah I knew that I loved the jackboots and so I was like I would love to have a pair of Jack boots to be able to Street skate in and then I used to have a yellow pair of lollies but I sold them so that I could buy these yellow Jack boots actually used to have a black pair of Molly’s and a yellow pair of lollies and I sold them both one so that people

could get more Skeets and two so that I could get these yellow Jack boots so these are my banana hammocks I used to also call them banana sluts and so I kind of go back and forth between the two I love them so much they’re awesome I have again the Derby laces on them I have the radar energy wheels the blue ones and these are the smaller energy wheels which means they’re a little bit thinner I really like these for outdoor skating because they just I don’t know I feel like they’re just an extension of my foot and I feel like I can easily go over a bunch of different cracks but I have agility in them still and then I also have the cherry bomb the kyatto stops if you can’t see the trend I clearly like these toe stops and so I have these on them and then I have the Avanti Plate don’t look too closely it’s very dirty but this plate is actually one that I never would have picked and so I’m excited that I’m getting to try it out because my friend had actually picked that out for her skates for me they feel a little bit heavier than other plates but they also are very sturdy and so I don’t really have much else to say about them I like them but yeah so those are my last pair of skates so yeah so these are my skates y’all have been asking me to talk about the different skates that I have for a long time so I figured I would just show them to you but yeah I have a lot of skates and I know it’s a problem like I’m obsessed with skates but you know what I save up my money and I buy his beads so whenever I get skates to review usually they’re in my possession for a short period of time and then I pass them along to someone who needs skates so as I get new skates they’ll become a temporary part of my collection and then move on to new ownership I hope you enjoyed this overview of my roller skate collection yes I have a lot of skates if you want to know the total number it’s one two three four five six seven skates but one of them is leaving very soon so it’ll be six skates something that a lot of people ask is do you and shove have the same size foot and the answer to that is no I wish we did so like the skates behind me right here those are shows skates and yeah we had the same size foot we could have a whole rainbow and that would be so amazing well yeah so I hope you enjoyed this if you have any questions feel free to leave them below thank you for watching this episode of queer go straight skates don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe and if you want to support me further you can join my patreon the link is below or you could buy me a cofee which is just supporting me with cash with the same amount that you would use to buy a coffee or you could buy some of my cool etsy stickers and most importantly cheers to the queers I love you all

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