Each of the snowboarders that I met gave me his own definition about snowboard mountaineering That was the result of his own experience in the mountains, of the time devoted to perfecting the technique to prepare and maybe build their own equipments Snowboard Mountaineering is the way that snowboarders has to move on the mountains We must assume that the skis are means of transport while snowboard is a tool to descend the mountains so to travel in the mountains we had to invent something Snowboard need other tools for the climb the first tools introduced were snowshoes later short skis cut or specially developed in recent years or the divisible board which is also called splitboards I started with snowshoes for a series of random circumstances I worked for a company that produced snowshoes and this introduced me to the mountain and encurage me to know even more 13 years ago, splitboards had still many shortcomings in their design and use I had the possibility to try it but it did not seem so powerful equipment so for several years I used only snowshoes and then also the splitboard I use snowshoes where I can partly use lifts or in those itineraries that haven’t long icy travers sections or the snow is not too deep With splitboard the major float helps a lot to progress in deep snow Splitboard are more and more diffused in recent years thanks to the support of majors snowboard producers Actually there are so many differents boards and there is a strong effort and evolution to reduce weight and improve bindings performance Among the three techniques I prefer the splitboard because it permit to approach and explore some places that where precluded with snowshoes or short skis For a first approach I would recommend to use a binding with and integrated baseplate because it allows to have an excellent controll both on the uphill and downhill phase I started 12 years ago using snowshoes about 4 years ago I started racing and since that I use only short skis The advantage of short skis than snowshoes

is the opportunity slide on snow instead of doing steps and lift the feet The advantages on the splitboard is the reductionof weight on feet the easier handling in inversions and a better progression on icy traverse Most people who use short skis are forced to use a ski mountaineering boot we hope that the companies that are producing snowboard soft boots will achieve a boot made for walking on the mountain with an dynafit interface this will permit to be more efficient even with a soft boot When you move on glaciers or icy steep face having an mountaineering boot makes it easier the connection of crampons and gives and permit a safer progression Anyone makes his own experience that permit to choose and use the right gears for the day From my point of view is very important to the use of sticks especially for those who use hard bindings and ski mountaineering boots and has a body orientation facing the tip of the board therefore it is also much more natural the the fact of being able to use sticks and helps a lot during a trip when there are flat section and you have to push yourself There are sticks that can be telescopic or fixed the telescopic sticks can be folded and inserted in the backpack for the descent while fixed sticks has to be taken in the hands and the snowboarder has to learn to handle them We move like ski mountaineers so also the snowboarder should dress like a ski mountaineer The mountanieer tend to use the propper clothing for mountain ambient This means that we don’t have to wear too hot clothes Must be rather light, layered, interchangeable and add or remove layers depending conditions The usual snowboard clothes are not the best when practicing this sport The breathability is important If we sweat and we wear a cotton t-shirt and the jacket is not breathable the next day we will have back pain or we will have a small bronchitis It is not enough to have the equipment to progress for hiking in backcountry First we recommend not to go alone if there is a more experienced person so better a professional a skiing instructor or a mountain guide to begin is definitely important There are many self-taught, people arrives from the snow park

and has no habit to the mountain then it’s important to learn a good snowboard techniques for off-piste descent that is suggest to learn immediately to avoid useless efforts useless to start having fun from the beginning There is a whole method that people need to know when facing a completely different environment from than usual Zero risk does not exist in the mountains those who agree to move in mountain environment have to take a risk even when it is with the professionals then we have to put this into account The avalanche risk is one of the first things to care about when organizing an itinerary so we have to check the Avalanche Bulletin that is local and consider every area we have a danger scale that goes from 1 to 5 and based on this we have to decide our tour according to these and also according to our experience our ability to assess Also the fact of living on site or to come rather from the city without knowing what happened during the week can be a problem We who live the mountain most days keep an eye on we know the conditions we talk to colleagues and we do not just read what’s on the internet because often we find a very low level informations and it is especially important to have material self-rescue are Artva, shovel and probe Is not sufficient to buy them you need to have a little training like all things there must be an education In the last years was added backpack called ABS as safety material This backpack has an airbag inside that in case of release that is done manually by the snowboarder open these airbags that allow you to float over the snow this means that in many cases the person is not even buried under the snow to prevent asphyxia and thus avoids the trauma because it is protected by airbags I can understand that for a boy it is more important to buy a nice jacket or pants But I would sacrifice these choices to organize in the proper way and have the material adequate safety The physical training is very important in snowboard mountaineering mainly because it is not only downhill but is especially uphill Struggle using snowboarding was something which was denigrated up to 5 or 6 years ago however in recent years it has become almost a “must” for many snowboarders It’s not just a specialty of endurance but also of strength it is important to prepare strengthening the muscles It’s possible training in a normal way simply being able to go running or cycling just 2 or 3 times a week The speed is the really important in the mountains this is not me talking, but some of my friends as Adriano Favre and Gnaro Mondinelli who has climbed all fourteen 8,000 and this applies to everyone even if you’re a snowboarder a ski mountaineer or go with snowshoes The speed in the mountains is synonymous of safety but above all it is connected the experience and skills you have When hiking in the mountain you have to stay below your limit to have a safety margin enough to go home quiet A good workout safeguards resistance but also and especially the force that serves when I must go downhill maybe in challenging channels or in many long pieces in new or heavy snow where, if a person is not well prepared, can’t enjoy the beauty of the descent For this we must find itineraries that allow us to enjoy ourselves despite the length that are not too long that are not too complicated On the internet there are several ski mountaineering routes and we can practise it also with the splitboard

Over the years I have tried many of them to see if they are suitable and with colleagues we are developing a series of specific routes The difference is that if we usually go on ski mountaineering tracks we usually descent in the same track Instead we study and we choose a new line of descent from the mountain which implies a specific preparation an experience of a certain type that many may not have when begin to climb and think they fall exactly into the environment who have chosen for the ascent In our project “iLibro” we mapped a series of itineraries called “freedom tour” away from the ski lifts suitable for snowboard mountaineering Many years before there was the first course inside of the CAI for instructors of CAI (Italian Alpine Club) I was going to propose is this thing here we said, “well, no, but if you want to do mountaineering you have to start skiing” With our club Aurora of Ivrea (TO) which is a historic club we were about thirty people who went around with snowshoes and snowboard took a mountain guide and we started to go around The associations that move around backcountry – snowboard mountaineering in Italy there not many There are 4 or 5 associations but are essential to promote and spread this activity 12 years ago when was born on “VetanClassic” the idea was to ensure that there was something that would give guidance to those who wanted try for the first time to do snowboard mountaineering that what happened to me when wanted to start luckily for me in Italy were already two events that I have led to still have the basics of what I had to do what I could do and from there the “VetanClassic” is born precisely as race but as a meeting especially to carry more and more anthusiasts The Italian Federation Snowboard since 5 seasons organizes a circuit Italian Cup with the Absolute Italian championships you can compete with any tool even for fun because competition in these races is not the main thing mainly is a party that you do all together to sharing the passion for the mountains The thing that closes a day of snowboarding is a beer with friends share with friends who lived experience and only few pictures published on social networks but only some pictures Our experiences are personal, are intimate we live for us not for others but we live with others, that is, the fellow adventurers I practise snowboard mountaineering for 3 years I’m on a bike to do some rehabilitation A few months ago, filming for this video I was overwhelmed by an avalanche fortunately without serious consequences Surely I could avoid it by evaluating the situation better I will continue to gain experience to make sure that does not happen again

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