Skateboarding Doc Closed Captions Damn it! Get out of here! Sorry Dang I’m so fucking tired of you guys coming around here! Okay! And tell all your friends! Okay! Don’t fucking yell! Don’t hit! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! Hey! You get out of here or I’ll get that board from you and you’ll never gonna see it again! Oh shit dude You are trespassing, you have no business here and you never come to place you don’t have business! (laughing) There are parks for you to go to and Sorry sir Sorry sir I’m so tired of you guys it just makes me sick! So where do we start? Skateboarders are an interesting demographic where generally at least at the start, we’re pretty young and we’re generally not of a voting age We’re not officially represented, we don’t have any natural allies in government I just remember skating with a bunch of friends and one of my friends asked me like, “How long are you gonna skate?” and I’m like, “What do you mean how long am I gonna skate?” From the minute I started skateboarding, it was like “oh this is definitely something that I’m going to be doing…forever” It’s not something you ever quit, you know? It’s just, I mean, maybe it wanes a little and as you get older there’s not as much time as when you were a kid, but I don’t think you ever quit, you know? And over the years as my children have grown up and have skated, I’d swipe their boards and tried it a few times myself and I still do enjoy that How do people usually treat you when they find out that you’re an engineer and graduated from college? They don’t believe it, they wonder what the hell I’m still doing on a skateboard People don’t expect me to be on a skateboard when I’m twenty four They think it’s a kid thing and no one expects someone that has a brain to do it I think it’s because people don’t understand what skateboarding is, I think people see…a lot of people view skateboarding as a very popular form of crime Which is not true When you’re that young and everyone calls you a skater and stuff, whether you regard yourself as a skateboarder or not The grown ups think of you as the rebellious kid who, you know, doesn’t have respect for authority, a lot of the times it is that way and a lot of the times it turns out worse because they all treat you like that, so you start acting like that You know, we’re skating around and pedestrians and people form opinions about what we do and who we are and we don’t have any way of convincing them otherwise Judgemental people that just look at you with a skateboard in your hand and they’re just like, “yeah, troublemaker.” None of us just troublemakers, you know? But for the most part, here people just come at you with like a dickhead approach, just right off the bat without trying anything nice in the first place I don’t know if it’s just because they think that maybe now because they’re adults they can talk back a little more, you know or if it’s just They treat us like little kids, you know? Like we’re not I’m an adult You know what I’m saying? I may not be thirty years old, you know, I may be only twenty but I’m an adult I act like an adult I’m rational I’m logical I do everything adults do, so why can’t this person come at me like a rational adult and talk things out with me I’m willing to talk, you know? I like talking Occasionally, we’ll get people that’ll be a little belligerent with us, you know, they’re telling us that skateboarding is not a crime Skateboarding is not a crime However, our school district has made a district policy that skateboards and roller blades are not allowed on our school campus so if we see them we are supposed to take them away Well, they wanna skate, I mean, that’s the bottom line They find a place that they think is good It’s been featured in a number of skate magazines They wanna go to a place that they see other kids skate But as far as their attitude, you know, it’s fine Uh…they don’t particularly like to be chased off but they’d rather be chased off than be arrested for trespassing, so most of them are pretty good

I feel happy I feel really good It’s hard to explain it to somebody You can’t explain happiness to somebody, you can’t explain sadness You just know that it’s a feeling that’s there I look at it, like skateboarding saved my life because all of my friends kind of drifted off into things like, you know, drinking, partying, drugs, all that stuff And when they would start going to the parties, all I wanted to do is go ride my skateboard, you know? I wouldn’t even try to explain it It’s kind of indefinable, cause skateboarding is a sport, is one thing, it’s just basically rolling around on a piece of wood with four wheels but for so many people it’s a complete lifestyle, it’s the way they live their life It’s changed everything about their life It’s hard to imagine my life without skateboarding It’s one of those things where you’ve gone so far down the road that it’s difficult to imagine where you’d be if you hadn’t gone that direction Skateboarding is one of the most rewarding things in my life without a doubt…and it’s hard to say why, um, it’s just a good…it’s a good activity It’s a piece of wood with some wheels on it and you can do anything you want with it I think it’s like a pretty decent pastime, it gives kids something to do it’s actually I think uh, quite admirable I think people just in general need to start seeing skateboarding as a more positive thing My version of skateboarding happens in the streets, you know, it happens down the city street, it happens on the school playground

Skateboarding has sure changed, no doubt about it Because it just used to be you kept all four wheels on the ground and that was it and maybe you went off and up curbs, if you were good you learned to go up curbs But nobody had the idea of flying through the air and doing some of the grinding and some of the activities that are a part of skateboarding now So that’s changed quite dramatically and of course because that’s changed that’s kind of brought school furniture and things like that into the picture They do do damage, they damage the tile you know it’s just, in the act of what they’re doing…I don’t think they intentionally do stuff…the majority Well unfortunately, there’s a few that do That’s just what I was going to say because there’s always the exception, there’s the few that…like we had potted plants up here that they ruined by inappropriate behavior and I don’t even know if I want to say it on tape but they urinate in it And we’ve had the police come down there because they just were riding the sides, breaking the concrete We’ve had to take a little bit of action to try and get that stopped and we’ve put the knobs on the rails so that that would prevent the skateboards from going down and uh, also moved the rails out far enough so it would be in front of the planting area so they wouldn’t continue to take the layers off of the planting area as well as off of the steps We’d actually had these put on first and they pry these off so we had to upgrade to these other ones, but it’s the rails that they really like and we also had guards on the rails and they took them off We’ve had calls almost daily now from Phoenix Plaza Phoenix Plaza The problems that have happened are we’ve had windows broken with skateboards you know when they’re flipping tricks there’s a little square out here in the front and customers trying to get through and get run over as they’re riding around That creates a problem Then the nicer ones will actually go in the back where the loading docks are On the back of each business there’s a stoop and a loading dock but then they wax them all up and of course when they’re doing their grinds and flips and stuff it chips up the concrete back there which…that’s an expense We’ve got to replace windows, we’ve got intimidated customers that costs us money when they don’t come in, we’ve got to repair concrete and we’ve got to worry what’s going on behind us…you know? It’s a problem They like to do tricks on the outside and sometimes on the inside of your building in areas that damage the building or damage the benches You know it didn’t matter if a mother wanted to get in or whatever…these kids were there, they were in charge and that was their private ground and we had to get the police over there A lot of people think that the police think that skateboarding shouldn’t be allowed and that it’s a problem and we don’t at all feel that way We feel that kids should have the right to enjoy themselves as best they can Part of the problems that have arisen have been some vandalism that’s been done as a result of skateboarding Some kids don’t respect other people’s property by waxing up curbs and benches and brickwork and that sort of thing Which causes either damage to the brickwork or just unsightly marks because it turns black after a while And what happens is kids come on the campus, who really don’t respect the campus cause they don’t go here…they’re older I don’t even think they’re from this area And they vandalize the campus while they’re here or they intentionally shoot their skateboard into a window or a wall and just create damage which is a tremendous cost to us and it’s simply vandalism When it is a local problem, people come step forward and they help you to catch these guys and stop them from doing it and that hasn’t worked here I think because they’re not from our neighborhood here How much damage has been caused in the time that you’ve been here? Gosh, I would say maybe twenty five hundred dollars worth of damage I would probably say about five hundred thousand dollars worth of damage throughout the years We came to about three thousand dollars just over the spring vacation That was two weekends and in a year where we’re…we’ve already been cut, we know our budget is going to be cut next year, five hundred bucks per table is a lot of money down the drain It’s an ongoing situation I’m not here on some sort of crusade against skateboarding I’m just here to let the school go on about it’s business educating kids in the community Detrimental, it’s detrimental only to the fact that

instead of spending it on the kids you know? Whether it’s supplementary materials, instructional materials or whether it’s field trips, enrichment you know, whatever, that’s just money that’s not spent on them but I think even more than that for our students and our faculty and our staff it’s just kind of demoralizing to come to work Monday morning wondering what’s been destroyed, what’s been messed up Hey Dr. Phil! Welcome to Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love! People coming through with their kids and they wanna enjoy this beautiful lovely city of Philadelphia The City of Brotherly Love, not skateboarders love I won’t have them here I’m gonna write them tickets and I’m gonna call the authorities on them if I have to, to keep them out of here, to keep the pedestrians safety as well as theirs I’m making a documentary about skateboarding Well you can’t make it here cause there’s no skating here You see those signs around? No, I’m not skating, I’m just filming Who’s is this there? Sitting on your bag? This is my transportation around town Your transportation around town? Yeah, I swear I came from Utah to make a documentary about skateboarding and like how Love Park is Come here for a second Okay Film that Put a film on that too, for your documentary You see, it forfeits Now if I come back here and you’re skating, you forfeit your skateboard Yeah I won’t skate here That’s what I’m trying to say, like I’m just making a documentary about skateboarding and how people are skateboarding at Love Park and how it’s causing such a problem in the city See, how’d you know about Love Park? How do I know about Love Park? Everyone knows about Love Park Cause it’s on the internet right? Oh yeah, that too I researched a lot of newspaper articles about Love Park and like everything that was going on, so How old are you? I’m twenty three You’re still skateboarding? Aren’t you ready to give skateboarding up? Why would…I don’t think I’d be ready to give skateboarding up…it’s too fun You don’t work? Of course I work Part of the reason people have misconceptions about what skateboarders are like is that the way they’re exposed to it is through Mountain Dew commercials And every little thing has a skateboarder now, like you see a deodorant stick, there’s like a little skateboarder on there You don’t have to be a skateboarder to skate anymore and that’s what’s cool You know there’s more kids riding skateboards right now than playing baseball? And that’s pretty heavy I just hope that the kids don’t buy into the image that’s being peddled to them now, you know? Being like Jackass, or like, harshing on people That’s not what skateboarding is all about, you know? It’s not about putting up a bad image, it’s not about you know, saying “I’m this way because I skateboard.” It’s everybody’s individuality, their personality And the individual can take it in his or her own direction but in the end it’s a mass of individuals making this culture There’s so much more than what the public sees, you know? They see what they see on TV Most people I think are generally very appreciative Skateboarding’s a pretty beautiful thing and if you’ve never seen someone roll up to something and ollie over it and keep going, it’s pretty amazing, like it looks magnetic It’s an amazing skill to see…like the first time I ever saw someone who was actually good at skateboarding it blew my mind It had a very deep affect on me

You know this is evidence for destruction of University property? This is? Yeah Sorry Do you know that? No, I didn’t know that This skateboarding, grinding on things, doing anything but all wheels on the ground is against university policy You mind shutting it off? I mean you can have it as proof that I’ve told ya, so next time I give you a class A misdemeanor citation for doing it It’s been pretty much part of my life since I was ten years old and once I started skating I could never stop, so it’s an addiction, you know what I mean? And it’s fun and you don’t think about anything else except skateboarding, you know? For goodness sakes, remind yourselves it was completely originated and carried forward by young people themselves How do you articulate that though? How do you articulate that? Man, it’s like this thing, it’s this passion It’s just a really fun thing you know? Riding a skateboard, learning tricks, progressing to learn more tricks Any kind of games there are, are all adult dominated, they have adult rules and they require the preparation ahead of time of a special environment according to adult perspectives I usually talk about it as an art form I talk about it as if it’s painting or ballet or poetry, you know? The very idea of adapting yourself to the environment, is just the absolute reverse of what they’ve thought all the while, which is, that you set up the environment within adult space rules and then you put them in there and they must follow the pre ordained rules For me it’s very soothing at the end of a tough day I can go out and skate and I feel really good after I’m done skateboarding You can skateboard the way that you like to skate, you do your own style, your own tricks, you’re not out to satisfy anyone else, so to me, it’s a way to be by myself, do my own thing but then join in with other friends who are all doing their own thing I’m watching them do certain tricks and the way they do it and I appreciate them and how their style is and how they do their tricks and I try and learn from them…but we all have our individual styles and we all do it differently and that’s what I like about skating When I started, my parent’s were like divorcing or whatever and the only way to get away is like, “Geez, I’m gonna go skate.” I didn’t wanna sit at home cause they’d be home arguing all the time, you know? You get away from it

I started skateboarding man and it was like this blessing and then to go out two days after Christmas after getting my first skateboard and get beat up by a cop for no reason You know what I mean? It wasn’t the actual like physical abuse it wasn’t that he was physical with me that was scary or threatening to me It was how angry he was You know? He was like, foaming at the mouth angry, like, eyes so intense and his face beet red And he’s screaming at me, he’s not hitting me, but he’s holding me so tightly so hard you know in such a threatening manner It scared me really bad So he throws me around pretty good Screaming at me and my friends are kind of close and he makes them…”Leave! Leave!” and he makes them you know, they run further away but they’re still kind of lurking, like “Leave him alone” They’re really scared and upset, they don’t understand what’s happening And he opens up the back of his car and he throws me on the back seat and I’m like “Am I under arrest? What’s happening?” I don’t even understand And he takes out a little note pad, “What’s your name?” Takes my name “Where do you live? What’s your phone number?” So I give him all this information like “Okay…” He’s like “Alright, get out of here!” What happened and Why? I don’t understand, you know? And I remember I just turned around, I looked at him, I picked my skateboard up and I started screaming And he’s looking at me like, “Whoa, what’s the matter with this kid,” you know? I took my skateboard and I started smashing myself in the head with it, I guess it was like, the only way I could express to him, like, how fucked up I felt Like, “You fucked me up man? Why’d you do that? Why’d you do that to me? How dare you fucking do that to me?!?” Just bawling tears, just so fucking angry I get home and my parents are like “What the hell happened to you?” And I tell them what happened And my mom freaks out and she calls the police department, calls a lawyer and all this crap, lawyer basically….in the end the lawyer tells us, you know, “There’s really nothing you’re gonna be able to do, accept it for what it was….tell your kid not to skateboard,” you know? Tell him not to go out and cause any more trouble So my mom and I go down to the police department a couple days later and we meet this officer and he walks up, takes his hat off “Ma’am, you know I’m very sorry about what happened, I was just very upset that these kids were out on the streets this time of night Anything could happen, and I asked them to leave and they didn’t leave in a proper manner, they were being disrespectful to me and I just thought that this was a moment where I had to teach these kids a lesson and make them understand that they have to respect authority and that they have no business being on the streets doing this at any hour.” And my mom’s like “Okay, that’s okay” And he turns to me, “Son,” gets down on one knee, you know? “very sorry about this, you know? I hope you accept my apology” Okay whatever man, shake his hand…so stupid Couple years later, I’m skating at another shopping center….actually, I was living in California I was living in Huntington Beach at the time I was visiting my folks in Jersey I was sponsored, pro, the whole deal And I’m back, I’m just skating by myself late at night at the shopping center and this cop car rolls up and just stops and looks at me And I’m just waiting for the cop to roll the window down and tell me to leave so I’m just standing there and he never does anything so I walk the ten feet from where I am to

where he is and I just look in the window and he rolls the window down and he goes, “Yeah?” I go, “Do I have to leave?” And he goes, “Nah, it’s fine, just stay away from the storefront We don’t want any broken windows or anything.” “Okay Sounds fair.” Cop rolls on, I can still see his tail lights in the distance when another cop car pulls in, this cop rolls the window down immediately, “Get the fuck out of here!” I go, “Excuse me?” I go, “That officer right there, you can still see his tail lights told me it was okay if I skated here just as long as I stayed away from the storefronts.” “I’m telling you something fucking different Get the fuck out of here!” And I go, “Okay” and I look at him and he looks at me and goes “I know you?” And I go, “Yeah man, you know me.” And he goes, “You’re that little punk ass bitch had to fucking come crying with your mommy down to the police department cause I slapped your ass around.” And I was like, “Yeah, that’e me, man.” Door opens, him and his partner get out, walk around, get in front of me “How old are you now man?” “Seventeen” “Seventeen, big man now huh? Big man! I tell you what punk! You come and see me when you’re eighteen, I’ll kick your fucking ass again!” I go, “okay man, that’s cool” you know? Just walk off, get in my car and drive off, you know? It’s like, “Holy shit! Did that fucking happen?” You know what I mean? Like…that Yeah, there’s plenty of stories about cops being bad, hey, there’s a reason why they’re still acting bad Their higher ups are telling them that they’re allowed to Hey I don’t really have any compassion for anybody who’s ruining city property This park is a major area where you have homeless people sleeping, like this guy over here We got vacants over here, we got skateboarders, we got crackheads and now, skateboarders, crackheads, and homeless people all in one area We don’t feel that we should be exclusively discriminated against when there’s other problems in the park And homelessness is a problem If there’s homeless and crackheads and skateboarders, why do they crack down on the skateboarders instead of the crackheads? Well, the crackheads are really harmless As you see right now I could wake this guy up but I’m not, he’s not bothering anybody, he’s sleeping He’s probably tired and he’s probably homeless, has no where to go so he don’t have a choice Skateboarders have a choice to go wherever they want to skate But not here If cops are going through Love (Park) and saying, “Bums don’t cause problems, skateboarders do, then that’s where the higher ups are coming from We have the Philadelphia Police Department and we have the Fairmount Park Rangers and we also have Scotland Yard Security making sure that these skateboarders don’t get away with what they’ve been doing to this city! This is fine city! Love (Park) was such a crack hole It was such a bad spot Skateboarding felt like it was allowed there because it was so not anything other than blackening ledges It’s a symbol It’s a symbol of love and peace Not for people to come out and ruin this fine park and that’s what they’ve been doing Now I can show you the scrapings and the See that sign back there? What? See that sign? See that sign on the wall? No skateboards! Oh the sign on the wall Yeah that’s what I said, yeah Oh….sorry about that (laughter) What did he say? He’s all, “See that sign? See that sign?” I’m like, “What?” He’s all, “See that sign on the wall?” And I’m like, “Oh the sign on the wall.” He’s all, “Yeah, that’s what I said” It’s not going away And it drives people insane Yeah Anyone who wants you to quit doing something and you don’t do it, essentially they flip out And so it does, it leads to what your question is, it leads to physical violence It leads you to, you know, people trying to mentally scare you into things They do, they throw you into the back of a cop car and tell you you’re going to jail for skateboarding And you kinda sit back there and it doesn’t make any sense and you are kind of scared but you’re not gonna quit skating because you got thrown into the back of a cop car It’s ridiculous So you know, people are insane And the cops are so frustrated that they have to come and kick skateboarders out because there’s so much more that they could be doing You know? They know it The cops know it and that’s why they get so mad You know? There’s times where there’s cops that are just full power trippers So yeah, there’s plenty of stories, I mean, there’s footage, there’s everything But they don’t understand skateboarding so they don’t even see it as you’re skating there You’re just there vandalizing Yeah, you may as well be walking up to their property with a sledge hammer and just smashing shit You know? That’s their perception I try to explain to them what they actually are doing and of course, if I mention the chipped concrete or the wax, they say, “Well that wasn’t us.” Course it’s never anybody, it’s like my five little kids, “No, I didn’t do it, it was somebody else.” So nobody does anything and yet somehow it still happens I admit it, you know? I just pretend like I didn’t do that to that spot

You don’t really go home and feel guilty do you? After skating somewhere? No I never felt guilty about skating But honestly, what if you went to a place and just colored the ledge black You’d feel like crap, you know what I mean? Most of what I’ve heard, it’s primarily authorities overreacting Yeah The worst cases have been a couple of kids who decided to just, chest up to me and swear in my face and so on, which….if I didn’t do what I do for a living, I could probably get real upset Skaters will get in people’s face and kind of just antagonize them, you know? It’s your mentality, too, you’re a teenager You’re an asshole I mean, you really are when you have that mentality What the fuck are you doing getting in my way?! You could have made me eat crap! See that sign on the wall over there? See that sign on the wall? No skateboarding So you don’t like it? You keep on doing it and I’ll arrest you both right here You’re gonna wreck me? I’m an off duty police officer right now Okay, you could have asked me, asked me, not him I’m the one that’s skateboarding Wait a minute He told you what No, no, I’m the one that’s skateboarding, ask me, I’ll stop He told you what happened out there No, he was just laughing Ask me, I’ll stop Okay, no skateboards, it’s right there on the wall No, no, ask me Ask me and I’ll stop Ask me right now Say, “Please don’t skateboard and I’ll say ‘No problem.'” Hey, see the sign, what does it say? It says, no skateboarding allowed any time Okay So, what does that mean? Anytime So you do what you wanna do Okay, sorry officer! Why don’t you just show me your badge then tough guy? You’re lucky I don’t have it on me Hey boy, how you doing? Hi! You fucking asshole! Awww He just called me a bad word Hey, you know what? Have a nice day Have a nice day, since you’re in such a good mood There’s some that, and they’re the minority, they’re not the majority that have been belligerent and disrespectful when we’ve asked them to do that But you’re always gonna get those and they’re the ones that give the rest of them a bad name And I think the same with police work, I think you know, probably ninety nine percent of police officers are great people and then you might have the one bad encounter with one egotistical police officer and from then on some kid or some person is gonna hate cops forever I got handcuffed for just like, I guess the lady thought I was laughing at her and she put me in handcuffs, called my parents and everything and ever since I didn’t feel like dealing with it so I just started running Running every time I ever saw a cop I think kids are afraid of police And they may not of even had a bad experience with police but, they know skateboarding is illegal and they know cops scare kids away now instead of actually protecting them The only time kids are dealing with police are so that they can get thrown out One thing I do want to point out, me being a police officer, I respond only when there is a group of skaters misbehaving and it’s not to mean to say they’re all bad or they only do bad things, it’s just that’s when people call on them If there’s a kid and a security guard and the security guard is significantly older than the kid then it’s kind of up to the security guard to kind of handle the situation and set the tone If he’s gonna get drawn into a fist fight with the kid, that’s pretty much his fault even if the kid throws the first punch It is There’s like a level where like, if the guy sees a fight coming, it’s like, just call the cops You know? Don’t sit there and antagonize the kid Essentially, you know, you’re invading their space and doing something and leaving a mark or whatever But it would be more helpful if people looked at what you’re doing as your own personal expression and your own personal athletic creativity and maybe you just need somewhere else to do it I don’t expect kids, teenagers, uh, to grow up quick and mature and understand that they have a responsibility as skateboarders, you know? So I put it on the adults, I put it on the communities If we make contact with skateboarders and they start getting belligerent with us, I can guarantee you that they’re getting belligerent with parents at home People say that we hassle people and harass people, but I think it’s kind of the other way around Cops harass us just for doing what we do Every single interaction that a cop has in their day with another person is probably really negative It’s like working in the complaints department in the department store probably Well if you’ve been a police man for more than about five minutes you’re called names all the time, it just goes with the job So if you’re a cop and all you have is negative interactions almost all day, almost every day for years and years and years, like that’s gotta have some kind of psychological affect

on you You know? Please? No We can’t have you do it at all, what happens if you get hurt on your last try, then you sue the Delta Center, so forget it We would never sue Oh yeah, right You think we’d sue? Well yeah, probably Come on give us the benefit of the doubt Well, we do it every day and so we’re kind of used to it You do what every day? Well, we skateboard every day and we get hurt Well, not on the Delta Center property That’s true, but, we do skate every day Go do it on the sidewalk Go do it on the highway On the highway? But I think if I did it on the highway I’d have more reason to sue than I would the Delta Center That happens all the time Good bye Can we sue you for go telling us to go skate on the highway? Yeah, whatever Hey sorry to bother you, thank you That’s an interesting point, you know? Because I would never sue the city, for anything People aren’t responsible for themselves, ever I think people’s mother’s sue the city I don’t think anyone sues the city I think as long as we get rid of all the mothers in the world, skateboarding will be okay But you know what? That was the point at the first City Hall meeting, was, you know they’re talking about all these hypothetical lawsuits from people skating, people shooting their boards into people’s ankles And they were like, well, how many have there been up until now? And they’re like, “Well none, yet But I mean that was only the first seventeen years people have been skating here It could happen at any time.” And how many people are trying to sue the city, right now? Oh a lot? Oh, okay, why don’t you ban everything else, like walking I know exactly, right? Like everyone that falls down cause of a crack in the sidewalk and sues the city, but I mean Dang crack Crack kills Ridiculous Crack kills The idea that skateboarders will knock down a little old lady, well I dare anybody to find any little old lady in the United States of America that was ever knocked down by a skateboarder Have you seen anybody get hit by a skateboarder before? Oh, I’ve seen people come close But like I said before, well, they usually harm themself before they harm anybody else but I’ve seen them fall off and hurt themselves Yeah, that happens a lot It comes with the territory I guess Who makes lights that low? It comes down, similar to gang members, really You know? If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s a duck And unfortunately, and it’s not like we as law enforcement try to profile for a catch phrase, you know? You’re right But a lot of the skaters look and act the part of a druggie Or a drug user And as law enforcement we act on that We key on that You know? That’s part of our job, is to identify those individuals that may be problems and if they look and act like it then, you know, we’re gonna see if there’s something else there It’s silly to think that the police are gonna stop profiling, you know? Whether it’s racial or something else, like a guy with dread locks and a pot leaf on his shirt is most likely to get the suspicious eye from a cop than like a guy with a suit and tie and a briefcase that’s full of cocaine, you know what I mean? You never know There was this one time my friend Charlie was getting a ticket from a cop and he’s like, “Why are you doing this?” Like, riding bikes downtown is illegal, too, and a family rode by on their bikes and he’s like, “Why aren’t you catching them? Why aren’t you catching them for riding their bikes? I’m just on a skateboard by myself.” Like, same thing you know? And the cop said, “Well, look at you.” And he said, “What do you mean look at me? Look at you.” Like why are you picking on me and obviously it was cause of the way he looked Your kids are running wild in the streets? You better address it And don’t think addressing it means sending the police out to stop them or coming out and yelling at them You better get back to: Why are they doing this? What does it mean to them? How can I become a part of it and help them and participate in this in a positive way? Whether I agree with the fact that they’re grinding up the bench in front of my store or not, you know? They are still kids that live in my community This is obviously their passion, this is obviously something they’re doing with their time They’re not gonna stop Why do you think skateboarders go to places where they are technically not supposed to? Maybe cause there’s too many people at the skateparks or there’s not a skatepark close enough I mean a lot of people think it’s a really great thing and I do too, I really like the

parks and it’s fun, but No park is better than a bad skatepark because then you can still ride the streets As soon as you have a park, the city has the right to crack down on the streets And people don’t understand that a whole aspect of skateboarding is the creativity of finding places and figuring out what to do with them Well, one thing is, that they know that they’re not supposed to be there Nine times out of ten you pull up and they see you and they start heading the other way They’re skating right next to the sign that says, “No skateboarding allowed” Yeah, so they know that they’re not supposed to be doing that And they think, “These people must really have no respect for authority, or no respect for the law.” When in reality the part they don’t have respect for is the part that says that skateboarding is illegal And I guess the laws the law, you’re still breaking it but, It would be more helpful if people looked at what you’re doing as your own personal expression and your own personal athletic creativity and that maybe you just need somewhere else to do it Do you make a lot of people mad? I make tons of people mad Why? Why do you think they get mad? Skateboarders are graffiti artists, they really are Except for the finished product isn’t somewhat appealing at all to…even a skateboarder It’s a question of value systems and I think that if people would really open their hearts to skateboarders that there would be a neutral ground of concession You know, it’s a pretty small price to pay just replacing some concrete or granite every once in a while, or having it cleaned if you want But I think skateboarders add life to a community if they’re there As long as they’re behaving responsibly There’s been more than two hundred articles written about Love Park in the past two years in the local papers There’s so many And so many of them are people writing in saying, “I feel safe in the park, when skateboarders are there.” They’re taking the skatestoppers off of ledges in certain areas of Vancouver as part of a program to make certain places more safe for a woman to walk through The American mentality doesn’t allow for that sort of thing as easily and it’s funny that it’s happening, you know, miles from our border The only problems that I see within skateboarding is kids feeling like they have a stereotype placed upon them as they begin skateboarding We were all good kids, you know? And then we picked up these skateboards and they started telling us we were bad kids Everywhere they go they’re not supposed to be skateboarding so in order to skateboard you suddenly become a law breaker Kids are gonna be kids Kids have always been kids There’s always a certain amount of rebelliousness, you know? It’s just part of growing up And whether those kids skate or not, I think there’s always gonna be those kids who don’t want to follow the rules Most of the skateboarders today go to school, go to college, maybe back in the sixties and seventies if they skateboarded that meant they dropped out of school and they were gonna do drugs How do you feel skateboarders should be treated? With respect If they give us respect, we’ll give them respect back, that’s what I think Treat others how you want to be treated Exactly I respect what you do and what you’re trying to do but by the same token I’d appreciate the same level of respect for my property, which is the personal property that you’re on Try and show respect for law enforcement, as well as the people in the community No matter what you do, you can be nice, you can be friendly and thankful and even if a cop comes and says, “Hey, you shouldn’t be skating here.” You can say, “I’m sorry officer.” and be nice to him Just part of growing up is realizing that the negative things that come on to you, are always going to be turned into a positive for your life If you want to be happy, you know what I mean? Cause you could be mad about it and be like, “Dude, this sucks, my life, the cops are always on my tail or people are always judging me, yadda yadda yadda, I’ll show them.” Or you can turn it around and make it positive, like, they have no idea, they’lll never know how it feels to skate a pool I think parents just need to know who their kids are, you know? They just need to know their own kids Be able to put trust and faith in their kids and trust and faith that their kids are going to make the right decisions That they’ve given them the right information That they are there to talk about anything I think that people should just have a little bit more respect for everybody in general Now? Now Take Two Just look at me when you talk

Look at you and talk Oh, oh, oh, is the rest going to be useful? Yeah, it’ll be fine Okay, that’s fine, it’s much more fun to look at you than to look at that damn thing It used to be like meathead people would drive by and lean out the window and yell “Skate or Die dude!” and now they ride by and yell “360 Kickflip!” so now they shout tricks at you when they used to shout like, other stuff Although I guess, Skate or Die was a video game before, so really it all comes from video games when people yell at you out the window I’ll skate down the street and hear someone ask me to do a nine hundred, you know? You just saw that on TV, I think people should watch a lot less TV and read a lot more books The basic whole problem is that like, why fourteen year old kids are getting tackled at City Hall is because they’re so much easier to catch than a drug dealer You know what I mean? Like a fourteen year old kid isn’t going to shoot back How are skateboarders in the past different from skaters now? Skateboarders from the past are old now Everyone fights Yeah I never punched anybody in the face without boxing gloves on Yeah you have I never punched you in the face I punched you in the face Yeah you have Campus, to the bottom of campus FIRE ALARM BLARING Fire alarm everybody evacuate the building! Are you serious? Yeah I’m serious I don’t know that kids that do skateboarding are any worse than kids that do snowboarding I’m a skier And frankly, snowboarders are offensive to me but that’s because I’m a skier Just don’t show that to snowboarders cause I don’t want them hitting me up on the hill Alright I have a longboard myself and my kids pull me on the BMX bike on it all the time It’s quite fun Cool What got you into film? Just in high school I took a couple video classes and all I ever made in my video classes is either skateboard films or documentaries about local bands That’s what I’m still doing I uh, when I was growing up I did some skateboarding My mom was always worried that I was gonna get hurt so she paid me some money to stop skateboarding Are you serious? Yeah “If I give you a hundred dollars would you let me throw your skateboard away?” And I was a kid and a hundred dollars was a lot to me so I took it My name is Mike Vallely You might be surprised by that, VALLely not VallEly Skateboarding….I don’t know if that answered your question at all did it? Look to Miki for answers, if you want answers he’ll give you answers I’ll just talk

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