hey guys alright so here thanks for joining me today’s video is for anybody that has thrust master tlcm pedals and wants to get maximum performance they’re certainly not set up for maximum performance out of the box and you may be finding yourself with a bit of a dead zone on the travel i especially wanted to put this video together for anybody that was in the middle of racing and practicing all the time and they don’t have basically the time to stuff around they just want to get back to practice and they want maximum performance out of their pedals so they can get used to them and get back up to speed now i’ve got all the parts laid out here just wanted to quickly go through them because i think it’s important in this video i’m firstly going to show you how to set up the physical load cell everything that i tell you in this video will only be relevant to getting the maximum performance out of these pedals that being said once you do know what is relevant to maximum performance you’ll also know everything else as well mainly the idea is to give you a proper real understanding of how this load cell works with the spring assembly and also with the calibration tool online so we’re going to go ahead set up the physical load cell and then once that’s done then we’re going to go over and set up the calibration tool the settings for anybody at that point that wants to get back to practice you can otherwise if you want to hang around i will do a review on the pedal set and i’ll also give you my recommendations and in the meantime i just want to show you the parts now first of all i just wanted to before we have a look at the parts i wanted to just show you this one here first of all to see whether that there is yeah okay that this is what they call the preload spring and that there is actually the softest spring in the assembly and you will be using this spring this is not the softest spring and you probably won’t be using it it’s the softest spring of its kind um but yeah if you want to set this up for maximum performance you won’t be using this spring just very quickly uh for anybody that’s fancy footing like um hill towing and uh they have themselves a shifter then you’re probably going to want to put that on your brake for obvious reasons so the brake is a little bit more forward because they are flush out of the box for f1 style okay so like i said this spring you probably won’t use it these spaces are actually for this spring and these two springs now as you can see they’ve got some ridges going around on the center there and that is to accommodate for the wider spring so there’s not much play there is a little bit of play but not much so um yeah like i saw me you want to set this up for max performance so you won’t be needing these you won’t be needing these we’ll just be concentrating on these and the reason why is because the red springs yes they are the stiffest i think they’re about 30 pounds i’m not sure but they’re going to give you the maximum control that you need over your load cell so that when you want to just push on it for a little bit of feel these are the springs that are going to do it you know when you’re angling or when you are trail braking if you want to go a quarter braking half braking full braking and then later we’ll talk about whether or not you want maximum braking capacity before the full travel of your brake so we’ll be using these two parts as well that is the boot or the sleeve now these washes are quite important and all the videos that i’ve watched there’s only seemingly one guy that gets it right and that’s barry rollins on sim racing garage everybody else is telling me if they bother to mention these at all they’re telling me to use these to bolt your pedal set to your pedal deck and that is that is just not right these are actually crucial and the reason why i say that is because this here is going to give you nothing more nothing less than a dead zone guys

it’s that soft let’s uh let’s set up the load cell right so the load cell obviously right at the bottom we’ll start with the red spring straight on there and from there we want to go with marked red spacer and that will go seemingly upside down so it fits in there nicely into the spring there we’ll get our washers now you can choose to put less on if you want and i did start with three and ended up putting them all on because that’s how many it takes to stop the load spring from moving you see that that load spring will sit in there and that ridge of that spacer just nicely then it virtually doesn’t close up anymore by the time you get the other spacer on there which we will do now it fits in there nicely so that you can see is just it does actually there is a little bit there you don’t notice it though but i had a full dead zone no matter which way i calibrated it on the calibration tool now i don’t seemingly you need to have fairly stiff springs on that load cell in order to get it work properly and have total adjustability to it i’ll go ahead and put that other spring on the boot now i should mention also suppose that it is a 100 kilo load cell that all fits in there nicely so that their spring or load cells preload spring sorry really just now is there to hold everything in here that virtually doesn’t move you don’t notice it okay now i’ll just take that out do that by pressing down on that thing basically um and we’ll take those washes out put it all back in again and now you see that we’ve got that much and i can show you on the calibration tool i mean that won’t even register on the in-game meter on gran turismo sport now the reason why is because that load cell can’t be calibrated for two different spring settings i mean if it’s going to be calibrated to stiff springs like this it’s not going to notice this and this really does seem to be way too soft to do any kind of calibrating to that load cell at all so that’s the reason why i think understanding is the best thing you’ve got going here okay once once you have that information you know how to basically tune this for any game i would think make sure it all sits down in there nicely don’t need it to be reseeding itself later when we’re driving i’m trying not to miss out any information here so that you have everything all right so that’s set up on the physical load cell that is awesome but don’t run away just yet and get all excited and wanting to go fast because until you calibrate it correctly with the calibration tool uh you’re not going to get the speed that you really want out of this and that will help with the last part of understanding what’s going on here all right so we want the calibration tool and i have it here already on my screen as an app but i’ll just show you quickly i’ve got it typed in tlcm calibration tool make sure you’ve got the right website see it here click on that one and that where is it pedals tlcm pedals calibration software

uh then the software itself calibration software and of course i’ve already downloaded it so i already have it but that’s the one we’ll go ahead and clear that off open that one up now we need to plug in the usb provided cable which um looks like that there guys and we’ll go ahead and plug that into your pedal set at the front and obviously plug the usb into your pc for those of you that are wondering that are on console you calibrate the settings on the pedals on the pc and then you bring it back and plug it back into your console and obviously the pedals have some form of software because the settings are saved on the pedals okay so um that was one thing that i was wondering about all right so i’ll just quickly plug this in okay pedals are plugged now we cannot hang on i’ll just move this over here now we can click on this one and they’ll show up straight away okay now they showed up on my other screen so the main thing that we really want to be looking at here is the brakes obviously now this here and this here are obviously your clutch and your accelerator now you can decide what you want to do there but uh by me showing you what to do with this you’ll know anyway now this here is your dead zone and what i’d suggest for this is the weight of your foot now that there is exactly the weight of my foot i don’t want to change that because it took me quite some time to get it right because what i’ve found is is that there’s you and the weight of your foot while you’re adjusting this damn thing and then there’s you and the weight of your foot when you’re relaxed in your race position so with that there that’s quite important you want to get that right you don’t want to have to be warren about that when you’re racing so that you know you’ve only got to just breathe on the damn thing and it starts to register on the game meter and starts pulling up on you now this slide here i don’t want to move it either because i’ve spent quite some time adjusting that this i guess you could say is adjusted for gt sport using f1 style braking and accelerating with no clutch we drive group ones twos threes and fours obviously no clutch and basically i’ve got it set there so that i’ve only got to go three quarter travel like physical travel on the brake and i’ll show you in a minute in order to get maximum braking capacity and then if i want to push down on it harder i’ve got extra to make sure that i’m getting everything i need and yeah it does seem to pull up very well i will say i should do a video on whether brake load cells actually make you faster or give you better braking um okay so if you’re going to bring this slide here to the right you’re making it less sensitive now as i mentioned earlier about the heel toeing fancy foot action with your shifter you’re probably going to want to bring it further i would imagine on gt sport that i would want to bring that probably to about here so i’ve got to push the brake almost all the way down before it gives me full brake capacity that being said if you bring this slide back this way obviously you’re making it more and more sensitive so the less travel the less sensitivity you’ll have as well as far as your trail breaking and angling and stuff like that like i say this is where i’ve got it here for gt sport but as long as you know that this makes the load cell more sensitive this makes the load cell less sensitive to the right as you can see i’ve got mine about three quarters away so once again if you’re going to the right if you bring this slide right over here you’re making the load cell less sensitive okay so you can see my pedals there i’m only just touching them and it’s registering so i’ve got the weight of my foot on there now i can just touch that so i can just get a little bit you can see how sensitive they are if i just want to feel a little bit so i

can go halfway to half or anywhere exactly two half and these are with the red springs remember go a little bit further and there it is so let’s see exactly how far down i’ve got that to exactly there now i’ll show you the rest of the travel now that’s all the way down so i’m able to get maximum capacity about there and then i can go and really stand on it from there and get every little bit out of it so that pretty much completes that in-car test now so i want to do a little bit of a review would i recommend the tlcm thrust master pedals no and the reason why is because i can’t recommend metal rods axles pins shafts whatever in plastic housing here we’ve got plastic housing raw plastic housing not not even any metal sleeves in them with big chunky aluminum awesome pedals but yeah uh metal on plastic no good um that being said it does have it where it counts okay it does have the 100 kilo load sill i mean you would expect thrustmaster to come up with something as good as probably maybe 80 kilos but yeah so 100 kilos is good but don’t forget with 100 kilo load cell and you know pretty um sturdy springs we’ve got metal shafts in plastic housing and there is a little bit of side to side play with those pedals from brand new okay so they’re not going to last forever is what i’m telling you that being said it is a good setup for gt sport it’s a great set of pedals for the gt or the tgt wheel if you’re playing on gran turismo sport it does have 12 bit for gaming on console and it has 16 bit where uh you’re on pc well they obviously are a better quality product than what thrust master normally bring out i mean it’s injection plastic molding still it should really be a metal housing for the whole entire thing i feel i’m going to recommend csl elite stuff because for the same price as what the actual tgt cost on its own you can get the csl elite with the 30 centimeter wheel um which for me sucks but i mean you might like that but it also has i mean this is at the moment in australia it also has the clutch with the pedal as well and they’re all metal pedals it has some sort of a dampening or spring action on it uh i know that they’ll last longer i know they’re good quality so for the price also and if you feel like you’re missing out if you bought yourself a game or two because obviously the um butt kicker style thing in the front of the tgt uh yeah if you feel like you’re missing out from the tgt by buying the csl elite then you can go out and buy yourself a game a two butt kicker as well which will give you way more power than the tgt one and you’ll still be about 200 bucks better off than what you would be if you went out and bought the tgt and the 480 dollar t lcm pedals and that that’s 489 i’m pretty sure in australia you could you can actually pay more for them so um yeah we pay in australia it’s nearly cost me two thousand dollars for the tgt and the pedals okay so i mean that this is all to be considered um yeah that being said it is still a great setup for gt sport i mean you gotta uh take that into account if you are playing that game alrighty then recommendations yeah i think i’ve pretty much given my recommendations i would go with the fanatec at this point from what i’ve seen uh otherwise i think that i’ve pretty well shown you the main thing i wanted to do is to show you how to set the pedals up properly i wanted a video to be out there with the right kind of information so that you could do it fast i will be back with another video on the butt kicker and more specifically to the point does having a butt kicker on your rig help you to go faster that’s it


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