Howdy, cowboys of the wild wheels, everthing alright? I am Tim Van der Mensbrugghe and I want to infect you with my addiction to inline skating Tonight I’m going on a long journey in the green edge west of Ghent Here you see me rolling over the new cycle path next to the Bourgoyen I say to you in objective honesty: That is great concrete to skate on I could kiss it But preferably not at a speed of roughly fifteen kilometers per hour I am on my way to Mariakerke It’s always funny to hear people who are not from Ghent pronounce it like maa-ree-aa-kir-kuh No, you do say that as mar-yah-kir-kuh Anyway, this aside A friend who lives in Mariakerke likes to be on wheels as well So I don’t skate alone tonight Hola, and look who suddenly seems to appear out of nowhere Pieter Dejonghe is his name Pieter has been skating much longer than I do, but you see that he sometimes feels a bit insecure on his wheels That’s because he’s a devoted father He likes his inline skates, but he does prefer to spend his time with his three children It is different for me I have no problem to lock up my children in the basement all day so I can go rollerblading Maurice and Mara have no complaints about hunger or thirst: I always give them one bucket of fish heads and a bowl of rainwater Therefore I can be a bit more fanatical than Pieter in refining my skills But enough about myself What do you think if I shut my mouth now, so you can listen to the music without my murmuring distracting you? Good idea? Of course that’s a good idea! That bridge is really there to screw inline skaters

It is an antique bridge, it is protected and all And yet I would like to modify it I’m not saying it should be demolished Just a few years ago – already in the 21st century – that things has been renovated They laid a strip of very rough concrete next to the cobblestones It’s so bad I’d rather roll over those cobbles Or try to roll anyway This is the best downhill run I have done until then

I felt I had complete control over my speed, without having to brake I’ve never been skiing, but damn it, at that time it felt like I was on skis chugging some Alp That was a great feeling I think a different feeling predominated inside Pieter’s mind Something like: Oh my God, oh my God, we’re all gonna die! But look, his limbs are still on his body and the skin was not chafed from his chin People too often underestimate themselves Sometimes you just have to hurl yourself Not only figuratively, but also literally Surrender to the moment and you will see what happens This, my friends, is the skate park of the Blaarmeersen they are building right now

It will open very soon The largest skate park in the Benelux will be at just ten minutes skating from my door Then I’m going to have to learn to blade for real and all With grinding and stuff That’s going to be awesome Here I say goodbye to Pieter He returns to his wonderful wife and his three super cool children I also have to go back home, because I suspect my heirs are through their supply of fish heads Salutes, Pieter It was very pleasant to skate with you! Yo! Thank you again for watching

And you had to watch for a long time Thanks also if you want to subscribe, so you do not miss a single video See you later Yo

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