My buddies! Guess what? Today we are going to Niagara Guys, do you know Today I was planning to go to Niagara We will ride from Toronto it would have been around 150kms going there there are 2 groupd I can join the group of Filipino riders and the group of Canadians both groups invited me I was almost ready to ride with the Canadians since the Filipinos are coming from Mississauga but the Canadians will be coming from Downtown Toronto which is closer to my location so that was my plan but when i woke up this morning my legs were hurting, like they were swelling Actually, it’s the back of my knee so I had second thoughts I don’t think I can join them anymore because I might just hold them back but good thing earlier, while I was cleaning my bike, my workmate, Michael, called me He says he is riding with a group who are already in Pickering So, they invited me to meet them somewhere then we will eat at Dabarkads so, hopefully I can catch up with them so we can go to Dabarkads So please join our ride I’ll show you what’s gonna happen to our ride and you will see again how the roads, the houses and what’s gonna happen will they be able to as newbies, catch up with me? or how strong are they? let’s find out later watch out for this This is my usual route because this is the fastest route going to Rouge Park (“roozh”) It’s really great that Michael called me that five of them mostly newbies so they are still not used to long rides three of them though are coming from Downtown Toronto so it’s like they already did 40kms and now they are on their way back so we will meet on their way back So, if you noticed this descent I just passed when I pass this my tip for beginners is to always be reminded that that descents are dangerous when you are not used to it it feels good, you will get overwhelmed but you run the risk of “overshooting” you will veer off the lane you’ll fall or worst case, you will swerve to the opposite lane and you will be hit by the oncoming vehicle they might not be able to hit the brakes or they will not immediately notice you it’s going to be a big accident the weather now is 18 degrees eventhough it’s sunny this is 18 degrees I received alot of comments from our viewers they really like the fact that it’s so clean here I guess it’s because people here there is actually almost no one walking here and if they are outside walking they do not litter when they eat outside, they bring their own bags

for their trash as you can see there aren’t much garbage bins here people here just don’t litter Here, we are entering the main road This road has 4 lanes there’s no traffic because it’s a Sunday and when they see the cyclists they will not drive too close they will keep their distance so that they will not hit you One of the laws here is as much as possible, when you ride on the road don’t stay too close to the sidewalk If you are near the sidewalk and you hit a bump, your tendency is to swerve left and you have a vehicle beside you, and you failed to notice, you will get hit so stay a bit to the middle so the drivers can see you and they will keep their distance so if ever you hit a bump on the road, you will swerve to the right that’s one of the things a cyclist should do when biking here in Canada especially when you are on a busy road don’t stay too close to the edge you can probably do that if and only if you are absolutely sure that there are no bumps on that road The government also does not allow biking on the sidewalks cyclists should stay on the road Only kids are allowed to but you, an adult cyclist, you should be using the road This is Lawrence Avenue This road is nice as well because it is really wide To the left is a community and to the right is also a community Lake Ontario is also on the right The weather is really good today You know what, while I was riding I noticed my legs are really into it i don’t feel the pain anymore maybe if I rode to Niagara I think I would have been ok One think I like about riding there is it’s a big group of riders the group of Canadians there are about 15 to 20 cyclists that’s what Aaron told me They also mentioned on Facebook that this ride to Niagara the average speed would be 25 to 30 so, if you’re speed is less than 25, that ride would be a bit tough for you but if your average speed is 35 to 40, it will be a slow ride for you that was their discussion before you join this group going to Niagara you should be averaging 25 to 30 Here, as you can see there are bike lanes that bus there is a TTC bus Toronto Transit Commission I am entring Rouge Park now there are humps here but I’m really in a hurry so i wanted to overtake the car in front of me because I wanted to know if the guys we are going to meet are already there Let’s go go go let’s rev up

there, we have passed the car now I don’t know what my speed there was but vehicles are not allowed to drive at high speeds here so here, I will stop first so I can find out where they are now if they are up the bridge or under ’cause they haven’t called yet so let’s try to call them it’s really nice here eh? That bridge there I like cycling up that bridge see those? what do you call them? “kayaks” I’m calling our buddies now and there you go they are not here yet, so i moved on good thing, I rode fast I arrived before them so they said, they are still far from here maybe around 5 kms away so I decided to just meet them halfway at least that would also add up to my ride Whenever i pass this bridge I really enjoy it I don’t know, everytime I ride here it’s like, there’s some kind of magic here the natural environment the trees on the other side is the lake even the air that’s why during summer here if you are near this place, the air is different it’s a bit chilly sometimes you will see mist to the left will be misty but to the right, it is clear sunny, then to the left, it’s a bit chilly so so it’s a mix of mist and sun You see now, it’s a weekend it’s really nice to go cycling here now you will see green everywhere, the trees plants then clear skies Nice and you don’t need to worry about oncoming vehicles so I really enjoy this riding on… revving up but always remember, when there are people slow down especially if they don’t see you coming and if there are children I remember one of my cycling buddies telling me be aware of dogs as well you should slow down when you see one sometimes, dogs would just dash off so, it might hit your wheels and get run over so be careful Here we are now We are lucky, we will be able to join our buddies our new buddies they will be coming from Ajax on their way back we will meet them along the way and join their ride i’m riding on the bridge now…look there’s Lake Ontario it’s really big it covers alot of provinces you will see this on my GoPro shots as well this is our opportunity to do a selfie coz the road is flat just pedalling lightly so I will have a longer ride this area here these people walking here i think they are one group it’s like they planned this bonding exercise in this place they came from Rogue Park to walk this trail it’s nice here, you won’t get lost when you pass here it is also your way back so you won’t get lost By the way when you ride here sometimes you will see

squirrels racoons rabbits and what do you call those little ones? chipmunks! chipmunks are so cute they would suddenly cross the trail but in one of the videos I’ve seen he is a Filipino rider a deer jumped in front of him and it hit him imagine that, the deer dashing at high speed the impact would be really hard! even if the video was in slow motion it’s hard to see how the deer suddenly crossed in front of him and the deer wasn’t just running it was jumping so the dear basically jumped from the grassy part to the left over to the opposite grassy part on the right it’s speed and the cyclist’s speed that’s how hard the impact was he was really hit hard hopefully he was able to survive the surgery he had to go through he was in a critical state because of the accident but those situations are really rare here i am approaching the steps steps?? Bridge! this bridge is really nice look it’s a wood bridge with steel railings underneath it is the lake crossing to the other side this is a really good shot if your camera has a wide lens then there’s movement Nice it is not shaking, and it’s really wide but when it is winter warning signs will be put up for you to get off your bike because it could get slippery especially under below freezing temparatures when it’s wet, the water will freeze and turn to block ice so be careful after the bridge not sure if you see the houses to the left they are really nice they are really tall I imagine how nice it would be if you lived there when you wake up in the morning, it would be nice to have coffee there while overlooking the lake if you can see their balconies they are all facing the lake the trail really is nice eh? I really wish there would be something like this back home see.. what else can you ask for however, at night you can’t ride anymore, because there are no steetlights here no street posts no Meralco (electric company in the Philippines) do they still call it Meralco? I don’t know, maybe it’s different now I mean, Meralco is still there but there are other companies now as well so I’m almost there, I should be riding faster but I wanted to ride a bit longer before we meet up There you go We finally were able to meet up but my video was off so i just said they should go in front of me so I can film them three of them are my colleagues at work Berting Michael and Edgar and Berting’s brother the one to our right Franz he’s got a new bike next is RJ their friend this is Berting, with the mint green bike he is Franz’s brother and these guys in the lead now that’s Michael and then Edgar they are my colleagues and they work in Stewarding

we are employees of Four Seasons Hotel Michael’s bike is a nice road bike Bianci and his wheel set is Zipp dope dope.. dope Bro. Edgar in the lead his bike is also new Giant So we finally met I always used to invite them during summer ” let’s go biking, c’mon” they would just say Yes but this time, finally, it pushed through and we just made plans along the way Wanna guess? Godwilling this coming Sunday we are going to Niagara! Niagara Falls boundary of Canada and USA that’s Niagara Falls when you cross to the other side US boundary when you go back Canadian boundary but you are in the middle where would you be? Trivia! Let’s find out next time so we are heading back now they said this place looks familiar Tony also one of the employees of Shangri-la What? Shangri-la? I mean, Four Seasons! I used to work for Shangri-la that’s why but i meant Four Seasons I took Tony here before so he took them here as well in one of their rides that’s why the place looks familiar to them We are going to turn left here we will make a pit stop on top of the bridge and will take pictures so I will show them the lookout that’s the famous lookout at the boundary of Scarborough and Pickering Here, the you will see the train the Go Train will cross here this train goes straight to Niagara going west railroad crossing overtake me there goes Edgar Giant Berting Michael Franz

RJ We are close to turning right so i’m going to catch up and pass Bro. Edgar Bro. Edgar usually leads the group because he jogs often, he said so his endurance is high he even has a heavy backpack there I was surprised when he offered me Adobo flavored peanuts My new buddies seem to be exhausted already they are still not used to long rides and as I always say I also learned that lesson it is really important when you are cycling to bring enough food especially when you know you easily get hungry you are biking, you are exerting and using up your energy you really need food so that the depleted energy will be replenished I also told them don’t wait until you get hungry because, there is what they call Bonking your sugar and glucose were depleted you have no more power to pedal you will suddenly get nauseous and pass out so you really need to bring food Franz, let’s go to Tim Hortons Always remember when you go cycling, the possibility of bonking don’t wait til you get famished even if you eat now, it’s too late you will vomit and get dizzy all the glucose in your body has been depleted you won’t be able to pedal so when you ride, don’t wait until you get hungry say, you already rode for an hour naturally your power will be gone you should eat then like now, we need water you think you are ok now but we still have 8 kms to go and there will be elevations Franz: “I need water..” yeah, you need that now so from this corner here there’s a Tim Hortons there let’s go there I really enjoyed it did you struggle during your ride? the elevations, brother we need alot of carbs carb-loading, carb-loading we really need that We are nearing Bethune Drive I am telling them to the right we will approach a rise it’s short but, it’s a 15% grade I remember that’s what shows as the % grade for this elevation 15% so watch how they are going to tackle this so I fell behind so we’ll see how they do it how they will pedal up Bethune Drive So, Franz here got off his bike already so we are catching up with Michael he is standing up on his bike now I did the same I wanted to catch up with the first two as well so I can see more closely how they tackle this struggle so we passed Michael now here we have Berting if you fail to change gears early here you won’t make it

these two in front now are really strong Edgar and RJ To think, RJ’s bike is a classic steel one of those vintage bikes this elevation here, if you are already tired this is really quit a struggle we met some seniors here they passed us but I chased them when i caught up with them, one of them said the one in blue Are you an Iron Man? do you compete in Iron Man? I said: “No, i can only wish..” then i realized, the jersey i was wearing says, “IronMind” he probably read it at the back as well so he thought i was a Triathlonist I said, No, i’m just a fan while i was chasing them but they were actually slowing down as well and my buddies caught up with them as well i assume they got tired as well because this is a long rise around almost 1 kilometer or 700meters you can see it’s even higher up there so from 5% it’s going to rise to 8% maybe around 300 meters more to go before we reach the top so here we were already talking i was asking them how many kilometers they’ve ridden so far look at Edgar revving up Oh and Berting not too far behind catching up oh and RJ i was yelling, “hey hey” straight ahead! let’s go here this is downhill now we’re almost there now we are back on the trail but no longer at waterfront this is the suburbs now it is also nice here you are not on the road you will not worry about road accidents from cars, trucks, or buses it’s safe for cyclists there are still alot of people walking or jogging here they say they are going to do better on Sunday they will wear jerseys this time because this ride was unexpected do you see how Michael is pedalling now? it’s the cycling of a hungry person What? but we just ate Edgar is breaking away who is closing in on him? Is that Berting? After 2 kilometers we are going to exit through McCowan we are going to cross the street we will then go to Brimley Brimley has the bike lanes Finally, our buddies were so relieved

It’s eating time! we ate here at the park this park is behind the restaurant the Restaurant is called “Dabarkads” It’s a Filipino restaurant after eating we are close to going our separate ways just 2 kilometers remaining we were at Lawrence and bound to Eglinton but this is Brimley we are passing through now there are 2 young men who sped in front of us i tailed them this cyclist in yellow noticed that his shoe string untied so i told him to slow down and stop to tie it back up as it might get tangled to his bike he might fall so one good advise is if you are wearing rubber shoes with strings make 2 knots to ensure it’s tight it might get entangled with the chains or plate you will fall for sure Let’s wave bye bye now May God keep us safe my friends shoutout! shoutout! Shoutout to my cycling buddies! Share the love shoutout to my bandmates in the Philippines

to my housemates i’m coming home ok then, ride on.. keep safe Godwilling on Sunday sure, sure take care so this is where we part ways they are going west..me eastbound around 3 kilometers before i reach home So that was our ride today my friends with our new cycling buddies really enjoyed this ride let me just say 3 of them have new bikes and i noticed, even if they are just newbies, they didn’t complain even during the elevations even when they got so hungry you can really see their perseverance they are really determined to become cyclists imagine that they have only been cyclists for less than a month maybe not daily they agreed to go to Niagara So this will be a first for all of us So watch out for that one So for those who have not subscribed yet Please subscribe so that you will see it and dont’f forget to hit the Bell Button for my newly uploaded videos That’s all! Peace!

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