Hello and welcome back to see my last video about: Cycling along the river “Vliet’ from Delft to Rijswijk-Voorburg and Leidschendam/Vlietland. Unfortunately my camera felt down in the Water, so the last 20 minutes i have make the movie with my normal Smartphone 5 MP This is also Leidschendam, at the side of Costumer Harbor of city centre. Here you see an Ships anchor that is made by iron and ships timber wood Where you walk in Leidschendam, you will see always this sign . This let you now, that you are walking to an Historical direction of Leidschendam. Now we are going to the direction of the Windmill If you have enough money, then you can live like an King. This is also near the city centre. Nice houses and owners can place theire ships front of theire house, nearly 1 minutes from the river Vliet. And pure nature and lots of big fish and Waterbirds You see? 1 minutes from the Vliet The Vliet river This the Sawmill. It’s build on 1794 and was using for timber saw, driving by Wind and Water energie. Later by Steam-machine Its little bit cloudy Whether thats the way you see sometimes dark shadows, but it’s very warm Whether warm This the Dry-barn. In this barn was keeping the timbers for to dry You see here timbers in the lying on water. This for the show and for Tourist to demonstration how it was on 1794

This timber crane as on 1794. The crane can be carrying in one time 2500 kg. Now Anno 2020 they using an fork-lift truck Picture how it was on 1794 and how they using the crane. Pure by human-power Information about the dry barn Steaming machine informations (Dutch). When there are no Wind, then they can earn no money. So they using then the Steaming machine. This one is build in 1897 Draw of the Steam machine

In this barn was giving education about the sawmill to students. This was also the house of the Teacher This an handpomp crane. When some place, like here, the water is high, or there where heavy rain, then you can pomp the water from one part to other (lower) part Ships are coming out from the Lock in/out and up channel

Here you sit and drink an cup of coffee or Tea and watch relaxt to all kind of people’s tourist and ships pass trough from the Lock This County building is build in 1648 and was using by Dutch County members as workplace 1885. Now anno 2020 is using as an restaurant This Old Dutch writing with dialect Build anno 1896

County Council Office, also from the time of somewhere 1648 till 1885 Nice County very fast Ship Direction to Vlietland

Living Leidschendam River cargo Ship Information about free walking. This is also Wild nature where bird of passage feeding and breading Stork-nest 2 m high Swan statue Restaurant Waterfront

This Vlietland River. You can here ly on the beach, sailing, swimming and more

I hop you have like my cycling trip from Delft to Leidschendam/Vlietland. If you like my movies, please write an nice reaction and Thumb Up. See you next time

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