Hello and welcome back to see mine new videos. This part 1, Cycling from The Hague to Hoek van Holland (Beach) to Scheveningen. In the Netherlands there is an realy Heat Wave going on, and for my is the time for making an nice long Cycling trip This Erasmusweg and the new Cycling Road. Erasmusweg is more than 4,5 km long You will see differends and quality between cycling roads in The Hague and other towns and city’s. In The Hague there are nice asfalted roads, while in other city’s using old and (broken) paving stone’s Erasmusweg Erasmusplein Erasmusweg On this long road you can see sometimes nice and Educative Historical thiks, like this Waterpomp Station This an view to the area town hall Escamp and Shopping Center Leyweg Erasmusweg Picture of memory to the past, when the Winters was cold enough for ice skating on the rivers. The photo shows how it was on the Years of 1960/70’s Erasmusweg Erasmusweg Erasmusweg Poeldijkseweg direction to Poeldijk, Mosnter, Hoek van Holland. Now you see differences of cycling roads. ( very bad for using an cameron on the bike.) Poeldijkseweg

Poeldijkseweg Poeldijkseweg Poeldijkseweg Poeldijk, an small (floraculture) town in Westland. Westland is famous of his floraculture and glass hothouses Unfortunately there is not so much to see in this small and tine town An history information about the town Church Poeldijk The Church is build on Year of 1252 Poeldijkseweg direction to town Monster

Poeldijkseweg Town Monster, one of the big floraculture town in area Westland. Als here is not so much to see, and the vew thins that intresting is for the Tourist are clossed because of the Covvid-19

Shopping Street Monster Very old and historical town Church, but also closed of Covid-19

Also closed of Covid-19 this 200 Years old Wind Mill Monsterseweg Emmastraat direction to ‘s – Gravenzande / Hoek van Hoelland


Nice houses and gardens Cycling between big paving glass houses Hoek van Holland Hoek van Holland

Hoek van Holland Boulevard

Thanks for watching and see my next video Part 2

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