Assalamualaikum today is thursday 23 june saturday its race kit collection day im at Naza Petaling Jaya let see this is the first time for rally race format let see what is race kit they said this is what they said Rally Kit let see what do we have we have GIVI bag here race jersey bike sticker number event tshirt Rimba Raid mat daling GIVI Explorer sticker the last thing is keychain today is thursday…tomorrow is registration houston we have a problem one of the regulation is we have to use all the tyre need DOT approval mine is a rent bike just pick it up last night the tyre have not DOT aproval so drama has begun i must change it first the other bike also have brake problem i will try to settle all the problem today just get out from BIKEWORLD Klang

buying the riding pant buy the pant and get lucky draw they just arrived you guys go first i can only do 60kmh its ok….go first Malaysian Cubprix Legend scrutineering always a problem fro Braaap team we have a technical problem repair the bike and come again timmy turn Nox described the situation

he can never win right? if fail scrutineering can join the race but cannot win we thought MSBK only we got into problem we alway do road racing all the lights has been removed RImba Raid is vice versa we need all the light, horn, brake light say something no problem at all this is bike for cateogry A many riders from Indonesia thailand, vietnam its sound like a dead racoon i thing checking the tyre for DOT approval this is versys 250 mr razif sangit number 1 photog for MSBK whats up bro? tell me a bit fail the inspection no brake light this is a road racing bike of course it has no brake light some work have to be done in jungle we need light or else someone from behind could ran into i use some sort of steel from kawasaki to KTM hungry? of course dude its 11 pm

jijie said call time is 12am by hook or by crook we need to sleep now we try to use a cable tie incase its vibrate it doesnt not fall what time to be done? done already…now just to double check now 11.36pm we are ahead of the time go pro camera mount OK phone mount (for GPS) the bolt is missing…lucky we have cable tie 30minute to sleep this is what its look like DIY urgent work done do try to do yourself…its might blew the fuse half scary story room key is missing before we go to dinner its here impossible this is mystery we are looking all over the room for the key 3 of us look for the key here suddenly it there its 6.30am i never smell it before ok i will share the video this is transport for bags next in mat daling all the stuff is there if in rally we call it BIVOUAC its like a pit stop next pit stop all here will be in Mat Daling 150km away all this will go through tarmac while we will use a track that has been abandon for 4 or 5 years imagine all those big bikes gs 1200 its a 400ft high hill for 2km long we will see someone will fall off 15 minutes before flag-off where is timmy? already at front now is 25km from the resort

here is the starting point we have around 106 or 108 bikes here what the hell is he thinking?….he is Braaap principal he the only one with no tshirt its like am i really gone to do this? i never do this before its like first time i racing (along time ago) i got butterfly in my stomach 97kmh offroad i think its fast enough for me Cossine manage to catch up broken bike it is flat ??? how? no wonder i felt ‘kuk kuk kuk’ (bump) oh my the to fill the sealent try it on…i have to make a move

dirt racing: always wipes your camera overall champion overtake and dust me out in just 2 corners i just fall i hit the rock i think and also the loose rock not a major damage radiator cover 5minute rest take a drink…im shaking like hell its 62km another 50km more to finish its not a hard as i thing it is….kinda OK for me really steep hill…i couldnt even blip the throttle just make sure its the correct way checking the GPS…its have 2 track look the same but left one have somekind of pipeline both look similar have to put it in the bag…no navigation help from GPS start now

felt like im lost having a technical issue with the camera so i cant record the last 500m from finishing line 153km (odometer) this is the hardest part of all the sand bank wheel are spining digging the sand almost all the bike stuck i think this is the toughest part congratulation finishing this is the point mestiBRAAAPlagi it just 2 of us 3 more teamates is not around 2 times fall…and 30minutes lost timmy no where around jijie the bike break down i allready afraid my bike cant get through i dont know what is he think…bringing the DUKE i bit painfull…..jus a lil bit this is the another one

this is the campsites about 5 km from finishing line whats up??? take a look i came out with what gs? from the place we stop it cant be ride 3 pm i ride the GS just follow the GPS….till the sand bank owner of the bike fall? injured his hand? so you took the bike this is crazy…riding someone else bike i fall into the MUD where (the principal) 1 hour later he lost the way the bike has came out (by truck) its just 30km

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