wait branson branson c’mon lets go i won’t fall one time. go, i wont fall one time you sure? okay go branson! yeah branson! okay kinda turn good job branson yeah buddy kay turn to the right a little hey slow down, slow it down slow down, slow down slow down fat horse fat horse kay come out one branson yeah, hey, go uphill, uphill careful your doing good buddy kay hey hey turn turn, fat horse fat horse wait branson branson! oh shoot oh dang im booking it whoooo branson! gosh branson, come on come on buddy careful, horse horse lean forward forward no, because there’s humps and jumps branson

branson slow down shoot sorry about that jess look at branson, he needs to slow down i hate it when my skis get stuck yeah, i m not doing those watch out yeah

going on that side one lemme try to go first im scared though im not good like this uh you know the orange huh im using it right now you can make this slow down, slow down slow down! i did it! yes i did okay ready ready? dont go on the black ones take your time okay lets go that was so cool! thats okay did you do one? brooklyn you dont have to go fast to go on there just go on the snow ramps dont go on the black ones

ill go off this one i think okay stay behind me go you go you got it its easy c’mon brooklyn shoot slow it down slow down brooklyn ready buddy? okay lets go get infront of me slow down branson mom, hey dad! lets go branson branson you okay? you okay buddy what happened? did you know that you didn’t have it kay lets get out, get out of the way your okay your okay buddy, just watch out branson get off the skis get off the skis you got it buddy you okay? what happened? i turned did you turn? no i.. i.. i was finished turning and it slipped down it slipped? yeah, your okay hey just go on the sides okay? just go on the side take your time buddy

it it on? hey okay Garett. its on may the force be with me ill meet you guys down at the bottom but lets get them going pretty quick there will be food in the car but it’ll still be a little while thank you sir see ya, be good okay, see ya dad gonna go down the sweet revenge came with pracilla earlier, but im gonna go down a few other steep spots this time im probably gonna go a little bit well thats a boo boo there alright Garret youll get some good footage of me biffin it whoo hoo sweet revenge got some revenge on me im gonna get thats where i came from, look how steep and deep that was, thats right caught my edge alright here we go porcupine reverse, lets try this one lets see what porcupine reverse does for us yeah the winds a blowin porcupine reverse here we go easier way down when im uh we dont want the easy way we want some chalange easy gondola pants rock

is it still open? okay okay great now thats good couple last runs ooo thats quite a ride now im going up becker here give these guys a little show got a little while to go good getting some footage there, now im goin up becker ama is it flashing red? is this flashing red? okay okay lets go yeah you get on the front ready? okay your gonna hold it okay? got it ava did you watch frozen before? yeah! i have three times Look! really? yeah is this fun? woah whoo is that fun ava nah uh thats why its nice to be rich hve you done this a lot when you were younger? not a lot i did more skiing wanna machine? isnt that awesome over there? go slow because this metal thing is holding it and i dont know if it might rip or not okay you guys ready? yeah! go go slow branson wants a ride did you get on?

no we can’t how bout if you hang onto jessie back there get in your toboggan and we’ll take you up three way! can you hang onto his rope? yeah hang onto his rope and then we’ll pull yup its going now okay garret’s first time have to give em the bare amount of gas to get it moving more then that guy is we’ll vere to the right not to much, good keep it going more gas should be good were right in the middle of the track sometimes there’s snow drifts that are just hollow and your going over them and you just sink see the people coming up okay a little more gas anytime you see brush you wanna stay a little away from it because there could be some rocks right below it little pieces arn’t bad for it, just the big debree Garret Garret where do i go? first of all you go straight down pick up branson lets go all the way down branson! you wanna go on a snow mobile ride? you wanna with a toboggan or a okay why dont you get off garret here lets get a picture over his shoes and stuff C’mon Garret hold on buddy! alright you ready? yeah you gotta hold on to his waist

when we start ripping you can hold onto my waist its not a big deal is your thing running? no were gonna go on a few big ones when i lean just lean with me. okay yall didnt see him over here right? alright you gonna hold on? yeah did you see him up here?

okay i went snow boarding i already tried to, this is my second run imma try again

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