from my isolation cave in Kent welcome to the GCF welcome to the gcn show coming up we reveal the brand-new GCN kit from our brand new clothing partner and I’m gonna give the viewers a very quick clue on this one so they used to make the kit for a certain team that I used to race very very excited about this I what have we done okay well we’re also going out it’s the very lucky winners of the sell Italia flight boost saddles giveaway and we’ve got brand new giveaway for you as well courtesy of topic yeah and we have an exclusive have you ever wondered what a trek Madonn in lockdown sounds like more on that coming up this week in the world of cycling we learnt that veteran Pro dressed Evelyn’s of the quranic’ quickstep is finally off his stabilizers I also you love that clip although remember kids always wear your helmet even that when riding on a treadmill and now we also learned this week that endurance cyclists an ex-pro roadie Molly Weaver is a total badass and possibly a little bit bonkers okay which is definitely a total badass she set off for 130 kilometers the weekend around her mum and dad’s back garden it all to raise money but women’s day yeah here she is setting off for the first of those 1,300 lat and what cracking timing she tackled it on the first day of rain that we’ve had here the UK for like three weeks yeah I tell you what I think I mum and dad are going to be very proud but also very annoyed at how their lawns going to look at the end of 1300 laps we also learned thanks to science just which the hardest Grand Tour is to win that’s right this came from Dutch scientists turned van herb who studied all three in terms of their intensity their workload and their performance characteristics and his conclusion was that they are all exactly the same yeah I was really surprised at that you know I like most people I’d assume that the Tour de France was the hardest one to win so yeah interesting stuff which did you find harder to win Dan I knew you were going to ask that well I finished higher at the Giro than the tour to take from that what you will the Giro is easier I guess in kind of anyway back here at GC and HQ that’s a very exciting news bubbling up for quite some time now that we haven’t been able to reveal to you but we do now feel that the time is right well it’s almost right anyway indeed it is Sarah as we said the top of the show we have a new clothing partner we’re super excited that we will now be riding in Delhi it absolutely brilliant stuff are you ready for the big reveal sigh I am they absolutely I can’t wait I thought you would be because you haven’t got any you have you no no thank you Robin 18 down I do not have any can we just crack on with it please oh yeah I have got some so are you ready for the big reveal yes yes I am hurry up alright sigh calm down just do my bets catwalk walk on concrete steps in clip-on shoes okay here we go or do you reckon so this is designed that we have been working on for a long time with Castelli one of the oldest cycling clothing brands in the world they started in 1876 in Milan now this is the fourth gisun kit designed that we’ve had since we started in 2013 and in my opinion it is the best yet I’m gonna start up here with the top this is the era race 6.0 Jersey and in combination with the era race 4.0 bib Shores they are designed to be the fastest jersey and shorts combination that you can possibly get they’ve got some cleverly placed seams here to help trip the air now it’s not just the jersey and the bib shirt I’ve cleverly hidden a gabber rain jacket in the hedge death this has got decent logo front and back the idea first came from my teammate Gabriel rash ten years ago but this is the fourth particular design of the gabber rain jacket and finally as you can see I’m also sporting the Nano flex arm and leg warmers few reasons for this firstly it’s a little bit fresh today secondly they help to cover up my pasty white arms and legs and thirdly it’s something else that size doesn’t quite have yet it’s making weight site I know you’re going to love the new design here but what I really want to ask you is what do you think of the way I personally look in this kit I do nice even you’re looking good in that Dan that’s great now there are actually

gonna be some professional photos to show you in a sec I’m assuming that was outta focus down and who usual start a minute oh there we go look and actually someone’s even photoshopped out you’ll be a belly which is brilliant oh no they honestly happen I actually held a little belly in for the entirety of that photo shoot quite the co-worker actually I can tell you yeah in all seriousness though we are absolutely delighted and very excited to be partnering up with Castelli now they were the manufacturer who supplied Civello and also Garmin Civello and I’ve got to tell you that other pro riders were very jealous at a time we were the first pro team to have air than rain jackets and in fact many of those other pro riders wrote Castelli requesting unbranded rain jackets for them to use in their own races this feels like the tip of the iceberg in terms of New Zealand testing stories doesn’t it now speaking of jealous I am of course very jealous that denim has the new kit and I don’t but there is a good reason for that not just that damn looked better in it than I do but also the fact that Castelli like many many brands particularly those based in Italy have been hit with closures of factories and so forth due to covert 19 but production is resuming and so I hope very much that I can get my hands on some very soon you will do indeed side now the good news is that just before lockdown they did manage to get all eBridge wood sub kit so he’s done an unboxing video and you’ll be able to find that over on GC and tech tomorrow sorry sorry Dan so you’ve got a set of kit Holly’s got a set of kit as well and and Hanks got a little bit as well what I’m sorry maybe you can enter the giveaway after the actually no you’re not allowed to enter the giveaway what you could do though sigh is preorder some because the pre-orders are open over on the gcn online shop that is where you gonna find a load of photos of me holding my stomach in and that is where you can place your order for the new kit all right I will head over there just rest assured viewers that those photos of dan will be replaced with pictures of Bernie ISIL wearing the new clothing as soon as we can get him some as well yeah I’m sure they will be right we would love to know your thoughts on the brand new g-sync it we love it of course we had our hand in the design of the new kit I love the look and the feel of it and so well you just love the look of it at the moment thank you yeah we’ve got a poll open over on the jisun app right now you decide I hate to the poll where’s a link to that on your screen right now just just remember that you’re voting on the clothing and not down or Ollie we don’t want to skew the results suppress them do what you really anyway sure we check in with Molly Weaver see how she’s getting onto she’s looking pretty good still she a little well at least a lot better than that lawn is looking now yes yes she’s she’s looking very strong indeed nice work what’s that 400 laps in yeah go Molly it is now time for your weekly GC and inspiration this is where we choose three of our favorite photos or videos that you have submitted to the GC and app over the past week and just as a quick reminder given the current situation in the world we are now accepting archive photo so maybe from your last trip abroad that’s right now prize number three in third place this week is the sit back and relax bundle which is right up your street isn’t it damn yes I could do with that I actually haven’t got one yet yeah thanks anyway the winner is CERN Basha who rise from sea to sky 3,000 meters on the mighty Haleakala volcano in Hawaii that is a belter isn’t it it’s an absolutely cracking photo if AK we’ve got three very good photos this week we’ll move quickly onto second prize it’s making me want to tilt my laptop that photo I know what you mean I’ve already moved on to the next one sorry no I I’m still still still stuck looking at the second prize this week is your garden workout bundle available in men’s and women’s and that winner is Stephen mr. Ross who is self isolating in the cane goons with spring on its way so this fagioli is one from the archive check that out that is amazing isn’t it what an absolute crappy photo Danny I’m amazing sigh I’ll get you up to what you’re gonna get up to in a minute it looks amazing but that looks to me like a place that could be incredibly windy at times it’s quite open there isn’t it and you don’t know from the photo it is indeed yeah well I think that’s why it’s so good isn’t it because you just know that on 350 days a year it’s absolutely miserable up that but I was gonna say it reminds me of my north coast 500 trip last year which was run off in similarly amazing conditions it was just absolutely we’re very lucky for that one morning all right first prize this week is the indoor training bundle again options again in both men’s and women’s and the winner is lb ro a throwback to a beautiful early

morning ride with a cracking sunrise in Ambra these moments are what I miss most during lockdown restrictions that is absolute belter can I just say I have checked with without photoshopping just to see whether or not it was photoshopped he said hard to tell from a small image but he thinks it’s alright and so that’s testament to how good the sunrise is that it looks like it’s completely fake well I’m sure we’ll get some comment saying that it is fake but I want to believe that that is completely real because it’s an absolutely stunning photo and yes we have once again succumb to a sunrise or a sunset but how beautiful is that well yeah can I tell you how weird that photo makes me feel that about it it almost makes me contemplate triathlon because I actually quite fancy every swim know I went out for a 5k run this morning I imagined closer as well Oh anyway as ever I would like to tell you that if you have won a prize just be patient with us because it is a bit harder to get those prizes off to you at the moment don’t forget to get involved though ready for next week’s teasing show upload your photos and videos to the jisun app if you haven’t already downloaded it what are you waiting for it’s free and over in your local app store well that’s it and there are so many amazing inspirational photos to flick through you don’t just have to take our word for the top three each week dear it’s no time for cycling shorts talking shorts now and I think we should probably start with an update from Molly Weaver to see how she’s getting on yeah well she’s she’s still going she is yeah brilliant only 480 laps to go as well right now here is the missing piece of research that we saw on the cycling science Twitter feed who are the most dangerous types of road users which seems like a very obvious question to us doesn’t it but apparently not much research has been done this particular subject until now that is we know who are the most at risk but statistically who is it that causes it well damn interestingly buses and lorries are statistically the worst but motorbikes are really really bad as well and another interesting point is that vans aren’t quite as bad as cars and unsurprisingly perhaps bikes come out right the bottom it’s very interesting isn’t it and I really hope that this piece of research is used in policy making in the future because it does seem like a an ideal way to make your transport planning really doesn’t it yeah now talking of research we are actually conducting our own research here at GT at the moment specifically about bike riding during the coronavirus lockdown so we’ve got a bit of time and your willy you can head to the link in the description below and help us out with that yes please do all right so we catch up with some cycling coronavirus heroes yes let’s do it yep so a bicycle charisma and UBM have been out throughout the whole of the outbreak in Italy delivering essentials around the city of mine and then biking for good in Glasgow have also been doing some cracking stuff they have been using a cargo box to deliver food and medicine to vulnerable people up there all over the Glasgow City we should also probably give a shout outs to Tour de France when a Garant Thomas who spent 36 hours in three days on his indoor trainer in his garage mimicking the shift patterns of health care workers here in the UK and raising money and awareness for them he’s quickly closing in on 400 thousand pounds raised I think as well as we record this amazing I’m gonna move on to a little bit of tech news now and over in Italy cell Italia have recently launched the latest models of their flight saddles yeah can you imagine in that the original is 30 years old now I think I first remember it 27 years ago I’ve been trying to think pretty sure I bought my first one 24 years ago and I’m pleased to say actually that this new version has loads of the kind of design cues of the original still present in it I think that’s great I also bought a couple around 25 years ago had the flight titanium and then the flight detainee ‘im trans outweighs liqueur no way yeah didn’t you mate yeah something like that anyway the new models are called the flight boost so they are a bit shorter front to back they’re available in two widths and there’s also a cutaway down the middle of the saddle that’s right now you’ll be pleased to hear that there is still a titanium railed version on offer but the lightest is the kit Carboni oflow which comes in at hundred and seventy grams which is pretty nice if you want a bit more information on them you can watch the unboxing video that Dan filmed is over on the tech channel now right speaking of that unboxing we can now reveal the five lucky winners of the flight boost saddles so in no particular order drumroll please I don’t got my only to

drum on pretty good you used the the thigh by the sounds of my knees yeah yeah right in no particular order Patrick Hudson over in Canada are met to Zul in Turkey another winner from Turkey in fact a minute McCarty from Germany Michael Thurmond and finally from New Zealand martin wheeler and you actually sit there for a minute yeah congratulations to all of you and we will be in touch and also we will get your new saddles in the post to you although that’s again usual caveat supply at the moment given that well what’s going on have a little patience yeah right at the beginning of show we also mentioned there’s a brand new giveaway this week on the show courtesy of our partners topic sigh is not only jealous of the fact that I’ve got my new Castelli kit here who’s also jealous that I got to get outside to film a piece of the day’s show so here he is outside with all the details on the new giveaway that’s right I’ve got a scent 3 track bumps and you’re gonna have to wrestle them out of my arms you know I haven’t got any yet you will notice that one of these pumps is actually already missing its packaging and that’s because I might have borrowed it to try and win that GCN presents an inner tube changing challenge this is the – peek Joe Blow sport – stage the reason I chose it is because it’s got a wider down – ball here so it’s got a higher volume of output but here’s a clever there you can actually swap between super high volume and lower pressures so if like mountain bike tires gravel tires and then you flip that lever and then you get to the higher pressures needed from road tires so it’s absolutely perfect for what I needed unfortunately I just didn’t actually change the tire quick enough anyway enough about that now we also have these two pumps to give away as well super super bells and whistles this is the Joe Blow Pro digital as you can see it’s got a digital gauge on there accurate it’s a plus or minus 1 psi and it will inflate your tires should you wish to 200 psi so perfect for track riders out there looking to whack as much pressure as possible into your tubulars then we’ve also got this one as well which is the sports version so it will only inflate your tires to 160 psi which seems like more than plenty and both of them have the digital gauge on them as well oh by the way that is still up for grabs I’ll there I’ll let you have a brand new one ok hey if you want to enter the competition and I suggest that you probably will then click on the link in the description beneath the video hack /watch of the week right now I don’t forget to get involved ready for next week’s show firstly you can vote on the hacks and bages that we’ve got over on the gcn app but if you’ve got any of your own at home you could upload them to the jisun app as well for future weeks right this week we’re going to start off with andy hens submission which is a bike hanger he wanted a clean way to hang his bike on the wall while storing the essentials for it built this out of some scrap walnuts I’d tell you why Dan I don’t possess scrap walnut that sounds but sounds like you do a lot I Andy or you’re just the car bling type of person but I don’t even possess Warner to the best of my knowledge no unfortunately at my previous car had a walnut – really a Ford Focus my thoughts motors there yeah walnut anyway or my parent had a walnut – in our austin allegro vandamm claw which had which on the back seats had like aeroplane style pulled down shells for your food and drink that’s amazing how many was combative you have we have got off-track slightly here so i sat hacker a bunch of you well can i can i be picky about this not enough room for my cycling essentials so admittedly it’s custom-made for Andy so I guess it’s probably a hack but but I need something at least twelve times the size of that what what you’re talking about well I as envious cycling essentials like there’s only room for a pair of shoes like that’s long away of course he’s gonna have a wardrobe risk it okay I mean that is being very picky I’m gonna say that’s a hack alright gone then if there’s always I’m allowed a wardrobe as well yeah that’s a hack okay right well good job you change your mind sigh because you are with the majority now 92% going for hack no okay next up we got this one from Mickey hmm and you pronounce that mention it Mitch Winnett yeah that’ll do yeah Mitch W net anyway he has put a bell on a road bike in a very novel place this looks like the inside of the drops which is fairly inconspicuous handily placed but I don’t know it’s gonna catch on your

thumbs a little bit would you say I could do yeah I mean it’s probably a little bit neat and having it on the top of your handlebars I guess a little bit more accessible if you are riding on the drops or indeed on the hoods so since they do have to ride with a belt over in Poland I’m gonna I’m gonna go to hack I’m gay but I’m not oh yeah yeah I’m not hey Nate well wrong choice i YT 7% went with bud it was quite close 53% went with hack I think I know where this neck one’s gonna end up mr. Ned get off found this in the Amsterdam a folding bike with half a folding bike attached to it kept together by two bars no welding at all just some bolts and some nuts and a lot of rust by the look of it I think it’s genius do you know what puzzles me if we see a lot of amazing looking contraptions on hacking podge we never see anyone riding them these things never move they’re always just lying around locked up do you think that’s because they they’re literally just like trolling a lot of them probably been discarded this is various bike parks around the world have a name yeah someone will actually ridden that hundred meters from their garage just down the road and God saw that that was terrible I can’t budge they get home I stuck a sidecar transportation but this one isn’t it but I’m still gonna go Bob yeah I’m massively going watched mean that’s the Stuart why would you put it there I say what is amazing sighs that 11 percent of people thought that was a hack bet anyway 89 cent went with budge moving on this came in from Nickelodeon turn a front light into a rear light Julia slapstick from the bread packaging and cover the life why bring this that I mean that’s inspired isn’t it I mean that is that if you need a real light cuz when you got a front one genius well I I have misplaced my rear light so I do any other frontal at the moment so I might use this myself there you go I suppose the only problem is if the light gets really hard which some of them tend to do then you might end up not be able to turn it back into a front light because your your red plastics just melt it into a toxic goop all I know it could be quite dangerous so I’m gonna go Bob but I still use a hat sorry okay well 31% weight of hak-do 69 went with Bob yeah okay right next up we got this one from Mark II mu dot shaft anyway he created some fantastic bike jewelry spare time to make presents scrap bike chains make a cycling friend a great Prezi there’s a very clean scrap Jane it’s going to say exactly the same thing yeah cleaning products are you using market boo yeah and also what are they what have you made the eyes from I can’t quite see on here no neither can I see yeah anyway for me it looks brilliant it’s a hack for me it’s not do you think it’s just like a really kind of grungy necklace could well be I can’t seem to zoom in at the moment my computer but I’ll have a look later on amazingly 25% of people thought that was a budge how can that be her budget looks fantastic doesn’t it well it’s got this one that came in from Alex ta de who many of you all know was the first-ever tour de france yellow jersey wearer from north america and he has submitted this hacker budge this is indoor trainer platform basically he took a pair of longboard trucks some plywood along with a lot of Canadian can-do spirit out of the counterweight to the kick of flywheel kept my slippery plastic under the client for an impressive or immersive should I say experience Wow Gena he is quite the handyman as well as quite the cyclist he is in it yeah I’m a massive fan of Alex Tina and more so than ever now that’s genius I was also quite press down that you read out longboard trucks like you knew what they were fair play no yes well I can read words psyche okay yeah what would we got last oh no we better vote that hacker badges hat from me a hundred percent hack yeah amazing okay well whoa it’s quite close actually only 52% went for hack and 48 the budge what all right no oh well no you know I think that was great Alex fantastic right then is that at the end he’s got one more we’ve got my work bumper Edition right this is from Mickey Comey oh wow we DIY self-isolation direct-drive rollers move over Connor done with your rubbish wooden rollers this is how you do it look at that bit of kit unbelievable that that is quite the contraption there isn’t it so they didn’t have any cycle trainers all over the country so he built his own I’d stripped down a very old and not very working secret who belongs his granddad at that new and old drivetrain components now the job is done Wow down here you can see in full action as well well that’s definitely a hat from me I tell you what imagine if you can turn that into a smart trainer oh yeah that’s your challenge now you can never let people just sit back and admire what they’ve

done so I can you look at Spartan to do something extra well you know like I think this is the spirit of human progress isn’t it like you know where we’ve never have got to the moon down if we just sat down and thought oh brilliant we’ve lit a fire now that’s great we’ve made it no yeah so yes homemade smart train is pleased next next up fair point so you say hacker budge is he a boss because he hasn’t made it smart oh yeah it’s a hack I want to encourage good work where it’s another it’s number 69 31 division 69 going for hack and 31% for pods what do you think also I went back as well yeah definitely a hack from me we gave some amazing submissions I think as I’ve said before a lot of you have got a lot more time in your hands at the moment and make your hacks and budget so thank you to all that upload into the G sit out we’ve got a bumper addition for you again this time next week it’s time now for caption competition that part of show where you get a chance to get your hands on a GCN elite water bottle down I have a red one no no I’ve got a black one what am I saying red red top I’ve got a red one and last week I was told that it was held up out of focus or perhaps even out of frame so I’ve made sure I’ve held it up to the camera properly today good good stuff thank you stuff all right well anyway let’s crack on with the results of last week’s sherry the winner of that elite water bottle is fifo SP who captured that picture of Cancellara with thank God they didn’t Cancellara that additional pie Roubaix genius very well done a FIFO get in touch on Facebook with your address and we’ll get an elite water bottle sent out to you as soon as possible again we have gone back through the archives to pick a photo for this week’s caption competition and I’ve gone back to the 2017 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road race featuring our very own Connor done here is your photo to get stuck into I adore get you started are you sure you get a 30% benefit from drafting that’s funny thinking that Connor basically just did just wrote on the front yeah know what you might have already been doing it turn right genius no see Jesus right yeah if you think you can beat dad’s caption and actually that was a good one Dan I’m not just being nice cuz you’re a long way away but you know that was quite a solid effort got over the whole kit thing now then yeah no I hadn’t well I didn’t mean I had I’ve forgotten and now you just reopen that wound we have been scouring through the comments underneath the previous week’s worth of videos but before we get onto our favorites we’re gonna check back in with Molly Weaver fair play Molly just hammering those laps in so the lot of laps isn’t it 1,300 when you really start thinking about it yeah you can tell from the grass that she’s done a lot of laps that that’s a genuine effort isn’t it yeah I should be recovered by this time next year you thought right the first comment we picked out came under the Hincapie tino Hincapie video i should specify oh it came out the weekend here on GC it came in from shutter lovely video don’t know what kind of interpretation he had between them but it’s great to see two bike fans talking two languages and still understanding each other and seemingly enjoying each other’s company great video yeah thanks I tell you what it was amazingly aired to meet Tino um but I will have to let you in on something and that is that when when we sent the video for proper translation mate Harry that was doing it couldn’t stop laughing at the amount of times I completely actually got misunderstood what Tino was saying so so although an amazing time apparently a lot of the time I just took the conversation off a complete tangent with my terrible Spanish at least you tried sigh well exactly yes I did try right under where are they now even Brewer said this guy Conor could develop into a real slapstick comedy artist with his lengthy limbs and dry under stated in a rating humor keep it up brackets Ministry of Silly cycling sorry yeah there is a there is something Python ask about Connor isn’t there a he could well with the confident competition if you get Volken me yeah he also actually was the voice behind how to climb like nairo quintana Luca Bernardo wrote in though to say how to climb like Quintana looking for tees when you’re in your twenties which obviously so I was thinking about this it cuts me out because I look in my twenties when I’m almost in my forties you took the words out of my mouth and I was gonna say how to climb that Daniel Lloyd has exactly the same products under $10 G Roth suited their said most hair brushes are under ten pounds just a thought Holly yeah what’s a bit messy wasn’t is hair doing that video kind of loosely yeah isolation probably wearing tracksuit trousers as well I’ve made an effort you ever might be haven’t remarked so compared to last week where I had a cap on I’ve I’ve been at the blow-dryer and hair gel again this week that is true mating you are looking fly

cheer think yeah and finally in the comments it is David bond dollar underneath last week’s GSN show just bought a pair of white cycling shorts at a massive discount for use exclusively on the indoor trainer no one has to look at them so why not save a few bucks got it going can’t fault that logic David but a warning there will be a day when you’ve run out of normal psychics yours and you want to ride outside and you just think stuff it how bad could it be riding in white bibs yours and and you will go outside wearing them I promise it will happen and somebody will take a photo and it could be the beginning of cycling shorts for the next seven years oh my word right on the channel this next week starting with Wednesday we are going to show you how to sprint like Caleb Ewan out on Thursday we have got the top-10 most iconic haircuts in the world of cycling I wonder where I’m going to fit in the top ten with that one so what’s quite genuine laughs oh boy yeah and then on Friday we are going to check back in with you side to find out how the isolation challenge is going oh yeah I join it I’m very much enjoying I see all right on Saturday we are gonna take a little look back at the story of GCN basically a bit of a retrospective having hit that little milestone of two million subscribers we we got a bit nostalgic didn’t we Dan we did yeah there’s a lot to look back on actually over seven years isn’t it there were seven years worth of stuff to look back on yeah and then not on Sunday Jeremy answers that question that we’ve all been wondering what happens if you do an FTP test every day for a week which admittedly many of you may not have wondered but generally I’m have always wondered about that site still nevertheless even though I’ve never pondered that in my life before I’m genuinely quite interested to see what does happen if well yeah TP test every day for seven days well that’s it like generally what would happen so anyway there we go that’s on Sunday right unfortunately we’re getting towards the end of the gcn show now but we still have time for extreme corner and it seems fitting given that Molly Weaver is still out there that we should perhaps check in and watch her cross the line so we give a round of applause yeah gone yeah seriously seriously impressive stuff 1,300 laps even if something’s half that length is going to be incredibly hard to do isn’t it but 130 kilometers in your mum and dad’s back garden is mightily impressive stuff and in doing so at last check she had raised over twelve thousand pounds for women’s day I’m sure she would love more donations than that so you can get to their page in the description just down below this video yeah that I mean that that really is remarkable achievement isn’t it genius yeah shame she didn’t have a massive crowd out for the for the end but then I suppose that would kind of spoils a whole social isolation thing wouldn’t it yeah yeah a little bit a little bit like all the brits applauding on westminster bridge very close to each other the other day right then Dan I shall bid you farewell and I shall bid you the viewers about well as well yeah hope you enjoyed the show if you have give it a like just down below

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