Ready! So today is the big day The start of my long-awaited bicycle tour It has been a dream for a long time But, I could hardly sleep tonight I have got mixed feelings, both really exited but also a bit nervous I think it’s going to be quite an emotional departure this morning In March 2020, I went on the journey of my dreams My plan was to cycle from my hometown in the Netherlands to the tip of Denmark, take the ferry to Iceland, and cycle the ring road Than I would return to Denmark and cycle all the way to the North Cape through Sweden and Norway But that plan did not work out quite as expected So that was quite an emotional morning Leaving my family behind me I had some stomach aches in the first few kilometres, really strange feeling But, yeah, after 20 kilomtres it’s just You’re just cycling and it feels It felt normal and it feels normal already Ah, For a minute I thought I was in Groningen already, but it’s Groeningen So no boat for me The boat leaves right there, but due to the high water I can’t get to it and the boat can’t get to here So I will go to Emerich now I’m cycling through the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park now It’s a really nice ridge on a hill A few kilometres left and then there will be a special wildcamping ground, a legal wildcamping ground close to Nijverdal And that’s where I will be camping tonight Good old-fashioned Dutch weather

Raining again I have had rain the last two nights as well So my tent, all my stuff, still completely wet I hope I will see the sun today, so I can dry it out a little How the weather can change, beautiful weather to dry my tent and the other stuff One of the things I like most about bicycle touring is the freedom And being here at Kamp Westerbork makes me realise how valuable freedom is and how fragile it can be I just had a wonderful stay here last night in Peize First night sleeping with a Warmshower host Johan and Saskia were really super friendly hosts I’m leaving very happy now So you would not immediately tell, but by crossing this small bridge I’m crossing the border from the Netherlands to Germany I’m now near the town of Bad Nieuweschans An easy border crossing It remains to be seen how easy we can cross the border towards Denmark because due to the Coronavirus they have closed all borders for foreign citizens I’m going to camp right here I’m on a camping But there is a large building over here There is also a restaurant but it’s completely deserted, there is nobody I don’t know where to pay, so I will just pitch my tent here and we will see The views are much of the same here Vast open meadows and grasslands where the wind has free play The only change in landscape comes from the tree nurseries Other than that, the landscape is rather boring

Once I get to the Weser river, however, I can already see the city of Bremen in the distance The centre of Bremen is deserted Empty streets, closed shops and restaurants The following morning I leave Bremen, cycling through its quiet suburbs So it’s a beautiful day today again Finally almost no wind This morning I cycled with my Warmshower host to her work which was really nice, along the Weser river Today I’m going to Lüneburg, the Lüneburger heide Hopefully see some nice nature, forests and heathlands there Looks like I’m going to have to backtrack because the road is flooded here There is no, I won’t be able to pass it I have to find another way This is a really, really nice area This is the Lüneburger Heide I took a detour to get here, but it’s really worth it I have been here for about half an hour now and I have seen nobody And if there is nobody before sunset I think I’ll just camp right here On this nice grass spot That would be an amazing spot This morning in the Lüneburger Heide hills

the weather was quite foggy and cloudy and chilly But now the temperature is getting better The clouds are disappearing And I just passed some hilly sections, quite some climbing The villages are also getting a lot nicer here And it’s now a few more kilometres to Hamburg, where I will meet somebody who will guide me through the city for a short while So, curious to see Finding my way through the suburbs of Hamburg is not always easy There are only a few options to cross rivers and main roads by bike This bridge is not made for heavy touring bikes But still I manage to find my way to Hamburg Hafencity, with its characteristical architecture Huge disappointment yesterday evening The ferry to Iceland is not taking any passengers for the next month So I have to cancel my trip to Iceland Really, really big disappointment So I spent last night trying to figure out some other plans, and I figured that the best option would be to cross the border to Sweden as fast as possible So I booked a ferry for tomorrow morning from Travemünde, Germany, to Trelleborg, Sweden And then we will see from there So I made it to the sea Really nice Please hit the like button and subscribe to my channel

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