I think every interview I’ve done so far about Brian the one thing I always talk about and this is with everybody with Rick Mike Sam Phelps from bond Ahava that was like I mean that big shaved head it was just like it was big tan yeah you know he had his flannel and just like burly like a monster human being that was just like the most manliest figure I’ve ever seen first of all he looks like a crazy axe murderer when he’s coming up did he he’s all it does that move and you’re just like okay so Hubbert just got super intimidated shrunk about three inches and then he just front blunted the out of it and like what 90s at 98 97 and he big head he looks so badass I was like who is this dude like as a skateboarder like what I liked it was like his aggression his style determination and it’s he had it all whatever it was he was skating for I saw it and I totally fed off that whole thing explosive power you see Brian Anderson do a tre flip it’s like this big explosion stump super powerful I don’t think I need to talk about how gnarly Brian is because everyone knows how gnarly Brian is he’s just easy on the eyes he’s relaxed casual he doesn’t ever stress it out in its past that’s why I gave him skater of the year is this dude right here is obviously skate rat cool you don’t give a he skates grinds big rails get a sweet kickflip yeah Dido Brian was just born with awesomeness and that awesomeness is just as different than any other skater I think it’s what Brian is and who he is over the years I’ve been on a lot of tours with a lot of different guys and I knew from the first tour that I went on with Brian that there was something different about him we got close really really fast we talked about things that I didn’t talk about with other guys he just we connected on a personal level in a different way and I had with anybody else when we would go on tour sometimes he would do something away from the crew like he just broke out and you know we figure okay this likes his own personal space it was kind of unusual for dudes on a trip to really want to like be on their own he would you know sometimes break out while everybody was eating together kind of wanting to be away from the crew from time to time I guess I didn’t understand what that was at first you know and but in hindsight I can see why he was different he was way different I love this building I love the old railings in the floor but yes this is my apartment here at Queens and I just moved in here in June so still gonna decorate the walls a little bit I got this at Walgreens I should have bought 10 of them to the Lady Gaga toothbrush I can’t believe I didn’t send one of my Carol you know what and he’s still wearing it he probably has had it on since March to be honest my name is Ryan Anderson I’m a professional skateboarder and we are here to talk about the fact that I’m gay so basically like so Brian’s basically

your favorite skater yeah I find out he’s gay it made me like only more I was like all amazing it makes them that much cooler so when did you first realize that you were gay honestly I’m thinking it was around like three or four years old from seeing men’s facial hair something triggered in my head and I guess you know not understanding everything in the world at that young age but there was something that told me well that’s right I like that you know and later on on a funny note when I was watching Popeye cartoon I just thought Bluto was so perfect that flannel shirt and that beard I was all about Pluto when I was really young I was just like I like that character so which is funny it’s funny because that’s what I like now as an adult you know ya skaters are definitely not as his type so nose types is all you see haters out there don’t even trip I’m not attracted to skateboarders at all so I always felt more comfortable because I was never looking at them in that way you know as the last person of interest I would have as a skateboarder it’s like yeah definitely don’t have the look yeah I think I was more looking at the cops that would kick us out of spa so I’d be like we’re getting kicked out yeah I get to check somebody out give me a smile the rest of the day everybody hated getting kicked out I was be like cool mm-hmm and check this out no hearing you know all the time made me think at a young age that that was really dangerous to talk about it you know what made you because you came out to Phelps a lot of people would call him a pain in the ass and in an asshole part of me thought like man he might just stand up kick his barstool and walk away from me I always got along with him and I find him really interesting and there’s a really good person in there so I figured he’d be cool with it so Brian and I have always had a connection and he’s always like I’m gay I was like gay like what who cares you know what does that matter your sexual crisis who cares it’s about skateboarding we’re skaters you skate I skate we skate great who cares the big gay who gives a the one thing that they love and respect the most is a really good skateboarder that trumps everything you know that just was like so what do you what are you gonna I mean he’s a great skateboarder and they loved him and respected him you know I guess that’s what I mean like there wasn’t a better person to open everybody’s eyes I figured out how to balance it to where nobody questioned it and I was a big tough skateboarder of course they’re not gonna question that nobody just nobody thought anything I don’t think I ever thought he was gay because he was always a Family Guy tons of sisters very like I just always thought like you know he just really wants to find the right and right yeah that’s not what I thought because I come from a really big family 11 sisters and two brothers I thought I want to have kids this is what you do in life maybe this is gonna be something that I will no longer feel as I get older you know I will no longer have this attraction towards a man and and I will find a woman and have children yeah I dated a girl in high school and we went all the way so I am not what they call a gold star I have had sex with a woman yes I checked that out and I knew it wasn’t totally what I liked you know I had a conversation with another gay man who had kids and he you know said to me he said you know what do you think about at night when the day is over in your alone do you think about a man or do you think about a woman I said I think about a man and he said well then you should not be with a woman I was putting together the skater of the year party brian was being honored so we

started to get close you know he was just so respectful and just really impressed me in that way and I think you know I’d been working in a male-dominated industry he was a breath of fresh air we’re at a bar in San Francisco I think I said so no I know I was like Brian you have really big guns and he’s like I have to tell you something and and he goes I’m gay and I was like Brian I thought he was lying to me I thought I was lying when he told me I was like hey you know like I’m here for you and if you want to start telling people he started telling people who was the first person that you that you came out to the first person I came out to in my life was my friend Peter Leonard so I told my roommates I’m gonna go to Santa Rosa for the day and visit my sister you know and I went and met this guy downtown at his hotel and I saw my friend Peter who was visiting town from New York he was staying at my apartment and I said hey what’s up and I think I was like this is my cousin mark kind of took the guy mark aside I said hey have to talk to Peter real quick and I walked over to Peter and I was like yo dude you did not see me today I’m gonna catch up with you later around the house all right just like you didn’t see me all right and he’s like yeah sure absolutely all right Brian I was like yeah and I was already so shook because I never told anyone in my life like immediately had the frog in my throat whatever you call it and so I probably had a couple beers or something went back to the house and I was like yo Pete let’s take a walk I was just like I can’t believe I’m telling you this man you know like I’m gay and it was so crazy to even say that word and say that statement you know what I mean I thought for sure Edie would have been the first one to know because like he was saying about Ed as he was very open he’s very like not homophobic he’s always taking photos he’s very artistic so it’s strange to me that it wasn’t Edie that was the first person you came out to my first pro spotlight in trans was in 1990 and I’ve made a specific point to talk about homophobia in skateboarding because even before that I had a subscription of the Advocate magazine I would like read the gay magazine and he’s he’s sitting there thinking I don’t want to be this guy I’m not a poster boy I don’t want my life to be defined by my by my sexual preference which is totally valid if I tell him he’s gonna love it he’s gonna be like I want to shoot photos and he should tell everybody and let’s do this and make a zine you know I was probably a little scared to tell that because of those things because I knew he’d love it he’s not wrong and that I would have said hey do this hey this is awesome but at the same time I wouldn’t have made him do it I would have been like that’s it it’s happening like regardless of what you say like if he said I want to keep this secret then it would be it would be kept secret you know because I would respect those decisions and over the years like during that early time when people were when the rumor was flying around I mean that’s I was the first person people called like Ed would know hey is Brian gay and I was just like all I don’t know yeah one if I found out I would have said this is awesome this is like as big as turning elissa pro is the first girl street skater like toy machines got the first gay skater who’s legit that was my that would be my point that was my point to him after the fact I remember talking to him going like you know you could really affect some serious change what a perfect person to represent the homosexual community in skateboarding Brian Anderson like why what a great role model all the gay skaters that have been out there have been marginal dudes you know Big Brother gave like Jared berry the cover because he was gay but it was kind of a novelty thing Jerry Berry’s not a guy who is on people’s radar he didn’t just win the World Championship you know ba is like someone who a lot of people that’s their favorite skater this guy won the World Championship this guy’s legit Pro a huge Pro if he were to come out and say I’m gay it would be I’m gay deal with it all the kids who are sitting there at home thinking like wait my favorite skaters gay would be forced to decide what does that matter he actually just pulled me aside man and straight-up just told me he’s like hey I just want you to know that uh that I’m gay I was kind of in shock cuz I was like no way really like because I never would think of him like that I thought it was just something like didn’t manly dude like whatever they I don’t know whatever but I was just like oh really maybe ask some questions I’m like pull on like what like did you just start being gay or like what what you’re gay and then he’s just broken down like he’s just as gay whatever and it is what it was we need something it was gay didn’t change anything I was like cool man you know more for me yeah I mean the

world is homophobic so to think that a that skateboarding isn’t I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know how that goes there’s a lot of homophobia and skateboarding there’s a lot of homophobia in everything it’s not just skateboarding you know it’s the world back when you were working in skateboarding if you woulda came out then you think he would have like left skateboarding if Brian came out who knows what would have happened would have been career-ending he thought so no people asked why are you doing this now and earlier it would have been a lot more beneficial it was like because I was pretty freaked out you know what I mean I was really scared and people would have perceived it a lot differently I think had I said this 15 years ago I feel like the whole industry knew and everybody loved Brian so much that it really didn’t get out how amazing is that well yeah I was really fortunate to have that kind of response and I think I might not have had that response had I done it earlier and I started to get more guts you know as I achieved these awards getting skater of the year winning the you know World Championship in Germany all these things you know I had all these achievements that nobody could ever take away from me when I saw you skating in Germany like before I knew who you were when I saw you there I think I had just decided to get back into skating again that was the first contest in you you were like you were the best like you were in hands-down the best skater that that contest so did you win that was that yeah Muenster and he’s had a regular job he knows what it’s like to really suck dick out there in the real world while you country club pussies you think about that first of all before I became a pro skateboarder I worked almost 70 hours a week often as a line cook right so I was gonna go to culinary school and I just basically thought what was gonna happen with my life is I would grow older find a career piece out and go live in the middle of nowhere and maybe start trying to meet a guy and I would never tell my family I would never tell anyone and I would just live in the middle of nowhere Brian always said that when he was done with his professional career was when he was gonna come out was there ever moments where you felt you were gonna be outed by somebody like close to you or just in you know what I mean like oh my god that person might know were you ever in like like one of those situations like that what you felt like oh my god he’s gonna tell I would go to the Eagle and I would just want to drink beer the Eagle is sort of a leather bar I would just want to go have some beers and be around other gay people and like be around my people you know I’m saying and I remember seeing this dude who was on the younger side of like early 20s and he’s like yo ba I think I just like grabbed him a little bit and I was like if you didn’t say anything dude like I will find you like seriously man like I’m just chilling out here like just doing my thing like he was just some kid like yeah and he’s like you’re into this scene too like yeah man but like I didn’t want to keep talking to him because I wasn’t ready yet you know so he was like dude I’m not gonna say anything man like and again I didn’t like threatened him like I’ll kill you but I was just like dude do not like I was like so yeah I remember that and I was really freaked out and I was like man I can’t I can’t go out you know I can’t I have to be really careful you know I used skateboarding to not think about that because I knew I couldn’t do that you know I knew I couldn’t like try to go meet some dude or something you know what I mean I was terrified of somebody seeing me doing I kind of consider myself a skateboarder first and gay second you know what I mean it’s like I’m a skater like that’s all I know I just totally all I thought was I was just never ever say anything ever and until I was done skating I think that I had a lot of really sad moments on tours you know and just sleeping on the floor in a hotel room and listening the sad music and drinking a 12-pack brand drinks a lot or drink a lot you know when I watched him I wouldn’t watch him drown his shame in booze you know I just wanted him to be happy you know and here comes I think a lot of that pent-up

aggression and shame guess I have a little shame that drove me to skate and try you know really crazy stuff and just kind of not care not because I wanted to get hurt or diet but I was just like I was just I think a part of me was so irritated and angry from holding that in so it made me more of an animal on my skateboard you know he he just he wanted to skate so now he’s ready and when I got the text message I was like yes so cool you know so cool for him to be able to you know live his life luckily I bumped into my friend Pete when I wasn’t out to anybody and it just was like I was like screw this man like I had to start doing this and I think I got a lot of good advice from the guy I was seeing at the time you know he wasn’t pushing me to like come out to my friends or family but he was saying thing a lot of gay lesbian people say to each other you’d be surprised you know everybody’s not gonna react in the negative way you might think you came out to that was like I’m not cool with this neither was family or friend or yeah not that I recall but I will tell you about coming out to my mother my dad had already passed I never came out to my father so I remember I was in the kitchen with my mother and she was cooking some in the stove and I had my back to her and I was at the kitchen table and I said hey mom you know I’ve been going to Europe a lot and visiting my sister but I’ve been seeing other people there too I’m actually seeing somebody mom it’s a guy and I’m gay she just said I just need to process this you know but she was sweet and I just kind of gave her some space that day maybe I left and went skateboarding or whatever you know what she ended up saying um I think she just said well I just want you to be happy she said you know I just I’m glad that you can tell me that and you don’t have to suffer and keep that in anymore do you feel that this is kind of the final step of coming out what are you doing it more publicly yeah absolutely because um I never thought that you know I would sit here and talk about being gay on camera but I wanted to a lot of the reason for this too I think of how I felt when I was younger and you know totally scared a lot of these kids that don’t have hope you know are really scared to death to hear what I went through and to know how everything got better for me and I got or a lot happier and felt more free and didn’t have all the shame buried inside my body you become a happier person and so did to convey that message was really important to me it’s gonna be cool that you could finally not have to have like that weird I can’t tell anybody I’m gay that must have been so heavy and and up like I could only imagine his life now just being able to skate you know be with this boyfriend and be in a place that he likes and it’s pretty sick like he’s gonna be that like if he’s rad now and he’s good to be around and then he doesn’t have that on him anymore it’s like he’s it gonna be even better well I think that in that moment when Brian probably came out say to Phelps and dudes like in a setup it was probably like you know it probably changed a lot of their reactions going like damn dude like you know to be because like we already love this we’ve already didn’t so do you not I mean it’s like if you did have any pre-existing thoughts or like you know bigotry or whatever you want to like you know say are like judgment it’s like you know you can’t you can’t the door you can’t deny it now you know the aim because you’re already in love with this dude he is our superhero you know what I mean and it’s like you can’t take that cape off once you like you know put that on them I mean I’ll be like about to go out or some and I’ll be like I feel like yo Brian you know my lookin fly you know I’m saying I mean he tell me and I trust about okay cool Brian noise comes up behind me in mm-hmm and fixes my posture cuz I would always sit like this and then I would feel two hands on my back

the Terminator sold Texas he is single-handedly responsible for my love my backside Smith grinds hey a camera I liked is that a Carl Zeiss lens you’re wearing no but then when I did find out you were gay then I wanted to know what style of guy he likes Brian’s gay shut the up really no I’m just kidding have you ever never one that was too big were you like I’m not with that thing so you’re like yeah it’s big in so many ways other than Brian just being free it’s just like it’s bigger to like our industry our community and there’s just so many like rad things about it it was this whole this whole thing about Brian there’s good cops there’s good fireman there’s gay doctors who cares dude get with it this is his coming out board I mean it’s not that is that it’s not like a flying or anything but it’s rainbows cop car with bullet holes Benjamins it’s all about the scrillz with one machine neck hell it’s high mark that

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