Welcome to Cortina! Passing through the centre alone made an impression, but rather a negative than a positive one, especially that there is no snow and spring is everywhere When we were leaving Alta Badia it was minus 11 degrees, while here is around zero As you can see there isn’t much snow Cortina itself doesn’t impress, James Bond’s times are long gone so are any spectacular developments Well, there are a few places on the Dolomite’s map which were once famous and were teeming with life, however today it doesn’t look great Other regions have overtaken them and took the lead when it comes to our skiing choices It’s quiet here and there aren’t any signs of the approaching World Cup that is going to take place here on the famous Tofana, which is on my right side The World Cup’s run can be seen in the distance now where ladies compete in super-G and slalom We are heading the opposite way, to a ski resort in Cortina, to see how it looks like and, at this stage, to search for snow From the Cortina centre, I took an old gondola lift, that probably remembers times of the old one at Kasprowy, and went up to Faloria massif We will ski here today Unfortunately, the best slopes on the Tofana’s side, which are on the other side, are closed due to the World Cup and women’s training sessions while here, at Faloria, there are a few really interesting slopes, which I think will be interesting for you Looking at the map, as you see, there are only black and red runs From what I found out, there is a new slope and a chairlift, which is beside the black run, that is one of the steepest here in Cortina So we will see how it goes Its gradient is over 50 percent so it should be interesting Faloria, a place that you arrive at, is a viewing point of Cortina As you will see in the video, the whole valley can be viewed from here, so does Cortina town and Tofana massif Also, Lagazuoi, Cinque Torri and Sella massif. Which is the one that you circle around as part of Sella Ronda In Cortina, there are 120 km of runs in total, which are spread through the 4 resorts To move between them, you have to use either a skibus or drive Cortina is included in the Dolomiti Superski Pass If we arrive here, we can go to the nearby places. From here it’s close to Drei Zinnen, from Alta Badia it’s 30 km here, which is less than an hour drive It’s quite a winding road, the one I was driving on earlier What else? We will see I will get to know the slopes and the place, find out where to have good food and let you know my impression One more interesting piece of information Here, at 2,362 m was a start point of the Olympics games that took place in 1956 if I remember well Old times. Of course, Cortina remembers James Bond, where Roger Moore was going crazy on the slopes of Tofana I encourage James Bond fans to watch the movies on DVD or other platforms while we take off to the slopes Faloria region,

has practically only got the black runs From what I’ve found out, those are all the black runs in the Cortina d’Ampezzo region We are going to 2,365 m, and as a warm-up, we will take the only red run here Later, we will go, one by one, to the next runs We will be heading down to check the slopes Look at the views behind me, Tofana is on my right side I’m at the top of Faloria, the view is overwhelming I won’t be talking too much, just look for yourselves at the views What’s interesting, on my right side, there is an Olympic slope on which giant slalom took place in 1958, if I remember right. I hope I haven’t used the wrong date What’s more, look how high up the competition took place and how hard it was to get up here. Despite this, the competition went ahead Nowadays, it would be unheard of Currently, the slope must be media-friendly, with a big run and spaces for the audience and TV especially Stunning views! The first red run checked. It was fantastic It’s hard to concentrate, as you don’t know whether to look at the slope, which is well prepared and the conditions are ideal, it isn’t too hard or soft, or to admire the views Meanwhile, I’ve heard an interesting thing, those who live in Cortina, whose grandparents and previous generations come from here, are called a and their roots come from here While those who arrived and live here are called cortinesi If you are here, and someone tells you that the other person is Cortinesi, than that means they have arrived here. While am are those who live here for generations I’m heading to the Olympic run now, to check the slope where the giant took place in 1958 Here is my first impression, after skiing

on the two slopes so far The runs are great I must say As you can see, the time between the 6th of January and the winter break is perfect for visiting the Dolomites It’s good that there are four of us here as at least there will be someone skiing in the video The slopes are completely empty However, apart from the slopes, which are perfectly prepared and the conditions, which are ideal, the views are to die for I’ve seen and visited many places in the Dolomites but this one is one of the best places when it comes to views Well, now we have to take an old chairlift towards the Cristallo Massif because the last section of this wonderful run isn’t snowed. There is no artificial snow-making system here As you see, things like that happen in Italy too Even though it’s mid-January, there is too little of natural snow to ski on so we are using the lift to pass this part After that, we are going to the opposite slope It’s quite a large mountain, we’ll see what the run is like A part of it is visible now It’s actually has a green background as there is no snow! I’m at the foot of Cristallo Massif, the mountain is over 3,300 m high It’s pretty high What else can I say? Beautiful views, amazing weather, boredom 🙂 Wow, have a look at that slope! I need to find out what is it I know what’s going on, the ski lift had been closed 3 years ago due to a high avalanche risk There was a lot of accidents here However, ski touring enthusiasts grew fond of it and go up there to ski. It’s impressive on this side. Apparently, you can ski on the other side too If anyone plans to come over and has ski touring gear, then they can climb up there and descent The snow cover at this side of the Alps is medium so it could be interesting today Ok, let’s go down Since the part of Cortina, by Tofana,

had been closed due to the championships, I’ve moved to the region, that also belongs to Cortina, called Cinque Torri Lagazuoi There aren’t many slopes here but the views are incredible If you look around and behind me, you will see how amazing this place is It’s worth visiting even just for a short while You can get here on skis from Alta Badia or any other resort that is located nearby Sella Ronda Even if you were in Val di Fassa or Vigo di Fassa, mind you would have to ski fast, with no time to linger, you would manage to get here on skis You can have a pleasant time here and admire the amazing views If you are around, then I highly recommend it to you One more thing, when it comes to staying in Cortina, you can take a ski-bus from Cortina which will take you to the chairlift, that is behind me It’s easy to get here from either side Dolomiti Superski Pass works here too If someone would like to use the ski lifts in Cortina only, or in the area, then, of course, you can buy it too Since I won’t be coming back to Cortina, a few words of summary on the ski areas, It works in a way that from the place itself we can go up to two opposite mountains. One is Tofana and on the other one, I skied today When it comes to Tofana, it’s a shame I couldn’t get up there I really hoped for it as it’s the most famous skiing place in Cortina But what can you do? It gives me an excuse to come back again When it comes to the skiing conditions, they were perfect Of course, mainly there is artificial snow As you have seen, in the area itself, there is spring mood, despite all the Christmas decorations being in the shops’ display windows and outside the hotels, it was a spring day today The temperature, even here, was plus 3 C degrees when I had checked it at the bottom lift station Coming back to Cortina, there are two regions Of course, more is being invested in and better slopes are on the Tofana’s side where the World Cup takes place It’s assumed that this is the best slope in the region Since Cortina is to hold the World Championships in 2021 I’ve found out that the money will be invested into new lifts and infrastructure Especially, that Cortina is trying to organise the Winter Olympics together with Torino Strange combination, but that’s what they want to do I guess the alpine skiing will take place here while in Torino there will be figure skating, hockey and other disciplines Here, the lifts are more modern On the other side, well… it’s a bit dusty, everything is outdated, and needs to be changed When it comes to the slopes, they are brilliant As you may have seen, the majority of runs are black,

hence the region is for demanding skiers, who like the speed and a greater slope gradient That’s all on the ski areas I just want to remind you that Dolomiti Superski ski pass is valid here and what captivated me in Cortina itself and in the ski areas are the views. They are absolutely overwhelming This part of the Dolomites is astonishing That’s all when it comes to Cortina d’ampezzo I’m going to the peak of the Cinque Torri region for lunch I’m curious what can I have there From what I remember, as I was here before, there are beautiful views from it towards Marmolada and towards the east side of the Dolomites My lunch has been planned in the Averau shelter 2,413 m a.s.l which is more or less as our Rysy. Slightly lower than them The name of the shelter comes from the peak’s name, which is just beside it I don’t know what’s the height of it but I guess it’s near to 3,000 My skiing journey through Cortina is coming to an end I had quite a long lunch and what next? Exactly! The best part is at the end Well, in this beautiful surrounding, with a view at Cinque Torri I will have a chance to have a barrel, and we are not talking about a wine barrel but about a bath A bath in a wooden barrel at an altitude of over 2,000 m with a beautiful view of the Dolomites Hopefully, I will manage to show you this You must be surprised by my outfit but it’s due to today’s attraction In this amazing surrounding I’m going to have a bath! Why not! Listen! I don’t know why I’m doing this but if it has to be done, it will be done! I’m at work after all

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