We are now going to pick up our GK5 today! Together with our WK Motorsport Short Shifter Lets GO!!! First, take out the panel in front of the hand brake Remove the screw at the front Pull out a little bit of the panel Use the trim tools or hand to take it off You can see the locations of the lock Unplug the two connectors By pushing Remove the two screws Pull out the rear part first, and then the whole console The locks location The next step is the rear console Remove the screw There are two plastic clips on both sides of the console Remove it by fingers or trim tools (anticlockwise) Lets check the clip and then remove the other side And now, we are going to remove the stock knob Pull down the silver cup Anticlockwise the knob to remove We have removed all the locking parts Pull up the whole centre console The clip is out We can see the whole stock shifter Keep on remove There are two clips connected with the shifter, forget it first The front left bolt is blocked by the cable, so it is better to remove the cable first Notice that there is a small pin holding the left cable, take it out(keep it carefully)

And take out the spacers as well Remove the cable Lets start to remove the bushings on the cable, You can see that there is a safety lock Push the safety lock to the back and anticlockwise the cable at the same time If you dont unlock the safety lock, it will break U can unplug after anticlockwise for 90 degrees Do the same for the second one It is the same with the right cable Both cables are removed Use the M10 socket to remove the bolts fixed on the shifter There are four bolts Spread the metal clips and the end link will slide off the shifter cup Now we can remove the clips holding on the shifter Do it softly to make sure the clips will not break Do the same for the other one Please note that the white cup clip will be used in the new shifter. So, we have to take it out It is a ball joint design We suggest to use a pliers for help(do not place it on the clip directly) Say GOODBYE to the stock shifter Lets open the WK Motorsport Short Shifter A beautiful plastic box for the packing Very Nice!!!! There is a installation manual(In Chinese), a small adjustable bar ^(*^(&^(^%*&&^(loop loop loop) The location of the small adjustable bar Before we install the shifter, take out the knob first Take out the cable fibre sheet And take out the silver cup as well It is used to hold the stock shift boot Install the ball clip on the shifter

Fix it by any method Start to place the WK shifter Remember to install the right cable first and put it inside the shifter Locate the holes for the bolts At the same time, rotate the cable bushing to find the correct position to install Place it back to the clip We suggest to install the right front bolt first No need to tight it And then the left front bolt Place the two rear bolts We suggest to tight the rear two bolts first Rotate the left cable bushing to correct position Push it down and rotate in clockwise Reinstall the cable Place the spacer Reinstall the pin %^&%(&%*&^*&^*%*((^&(*&*(^*(%*(&^( There are two safety pins on two sides of the ball joint Take it out before install (Do not throw it) Lets start to install the bar There is only one side can be adjusted WK Shifter is self-centering Put the nonadjustable side to the lower ball joint

There is a level difference of the bar an the upper ball joint If we do not adjust the length of the bar to install The shifting will be biased and wrong shifting Take it out and adjust to correct level Ok, you can see they are the same level now Then you can plug it in easily and tight the nut Reinstall the two safety pins There are two holes to place the clips which are holding the cables We have finished the installation of the shifter

If you would like to use back the shift boot, Remove the stock silver cup by the WK one Fix it to the right position Finished If you dont want to use the boot, just remove the screws under the console Place the centre console back Reinstall all the small parts and knob Perfect match with the WK Motorsport Short Shifter. Without any damages to stock parts Please Enjoy!!!

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