Unknown Speaker 0:04 All right, who’s ready for The Dirt Life Show? Unknown Speaker 0:09 Welcome, welcome. Welcome, everyone to Episode 49 of The Dirt Life Show. Thank you very much for joining us tonight. We really appreciate everybody as always, thank you. Thank you so much. You guys are our lifeblood. So we can’t thank you guys enough for just joining us and commenting in man with all the stuff we’ve seen on social media lately has been super, super cool. So like I said, Episode 49 of Dirt Life Show tonight when Unknown Speaker 0:35 we did 19 I Unknown Speaker 0:37 know right? My, my favorite number Unknown Speaker 0:38 Yes. So Unknown Speaker 0:40 yeah, I’m Georgia handle my buddy Casey pack in the studio. What’s up fellas and ladies? Yeah, and ladies. I got corrected this past week and made sure that I include the ladies and whatever I say. So want to make sure that we shout now to the ladies for sure. Yeah, so we’re stoked for tonight’s show, man. There’s a lot to talk about. There’s all kinds of Racing just got started back up again. stuff going on in the Midwest out east out west here, California. Dirt Life Show had an awesome week. Last week we spent some time in Southern California. Casey had a pretty awesome week He learned some new tricks as well. And yeah, so we are stoked because we get to talk to one of our partners tonight, and a good friend of ours now we’ve known him for about a year His name is Travis Ballinger, he’s gonna be our featured guest tonight. And Travis has a pretty long list of accomplishments, man, he they operate Zoolander racing products in I think it’s called nibley, Utah, and so you pronounce it But anyways, Zoolander racing products is a really, really good company We have one of their products right here It’s I think it’s a cam engine case cover transmission covers on because it’s got the housing for the drive line right there. But anyways, he has done some cool stuff man he started with snowmobiles and work his way doing side by side stuff now and I can’t wait to talk to him because he’s got so much to talk about Unknown Speaker 2:05 I’m interested to see how it starts. And then it just, you don’t even try. Well, I mean, he tries but all of a sudden all these other brand things branch off. I’m interested. Yeah All that and Unknown Speaker 2:15 how it starts building. Yeah, yeah. Like those those parts of building businesses or even building like a racing program are super interesting Yeah, I love that stuff. So and one of the coolest accolades that he has now is he won the mint 400 in the unlimited UTV class just a few months ago here. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. So yeah, let’s thank all our sponsors before we get too far into the show. I want to thank obviously soldier racing products for being on board since day one. Like I said, they have awesome awesome products. So while we’re talking to Travis tonight, if you guys want to go and check out some of the products that they make, go to soldier racing products calm and if you feel like buying some use the code dirt life, and you can save a whole bunch of money so and thank you The guys at KMC wheels. I was able to spend Time with a whole bunch of forged KMC wheels and Ryan Edwards also showed up Unknown Speaker 3:06 nice Unknown Speaker 3:08 to a to the Honda show this last week, man sweet. So two things I got from that first of all was the dedication he has the off road industry is like mind blowing. So it was really awesome to see that they have some super cool projects in the works. Some of those forged wheels that we saw, we have a wheel here in the studio over here behind your left shoulder Casey it’s called the KMC grenade wheel. I think that’s a small pattern, but it’s a super solid wheel. But that’s a What is it called the process called cast. The forged ones are super light, and just crazy good looking I mean, like they look like pieces of art Like what does laundry guys do, man. They’re

just machines so perfectly. So it was awesome to see some of those products like in action for the actual Honda race team Unknown Speaker 3:56 So I’ll bet he’s pumped to be part of it Unknown Speaker 3:59 Oh man, well apart for you together for years, so it’s like it’s super cool to see that that relationship and also just to see the progress and how they like advance all that stuff So we talked a little bit about what The Dirt Life Show was doing over there at Honda just a little bit. But thank you very much to the guys that shock therapy as well. We have, we’re gonna announce some contest winners today. So at the last Live podcast we did with Matt Burke and Justin Smith over at shock therapy was what a week and a half ago, and Justin called out and said, We need a new nickname for Matt. His nickname was dynojet Matt from working at diamonds. Yes. So Unknown Speaker 4:37 he needs a new name Unknown Speaker 4:38 Yeah, cuz he works. Navy now. And so we have we have some winners now. So yeah, it’s pretty cool. So it’ll be cool to to award those guys We got a whole bunch of people were commenting on social media trying to give them names and we boiled it down to three and we ended up picking one but we got a surprise though So what’s up guys? Yeah, hi, guys. Brian Clark, Brian Hawkins and also Alfonso jumping on So thank you very much to Alfonso too because he was a crucial piece of the Honda stuff that we did he was helping me with doing some of the filming and stuff so he learned a lot and I also gained too so again so Unknown Speaker 5:18 he got to see him in person I bet he’s super pumped to Unknown Speaker 5:21 eat well, both of us can see it seeing that type of racing organization functioning and doing well and coming up through the ranks it just I left there going, this industry is going to grow so much bigger than it already has, because of operations like this. And Honda’s not the only one doing that you know, press obviously does it Yamaha does it so it’s so cool to see that type of progression in the side by side off road industry. I feel like Honda stepping in late now has to do it. It just how you to expect Tom to do it Unknown Speaker 5:55 to do it. You know what I mean? Yeah, they really almost it’s almost not a surprise just because of Growing up, you know, knowing about Honda motorcycles and stuff, Unknown Speaker 6:03 but we never we never lived the operation No, I agree racing dirt bikes, right greed And I got to feel a little bit of that passion Best at least sight. Oh yeah. So it was super, super cool, man. So thank you very much to Jeff Proctor Adam Gunn, Evan Weller, and all the guys up there, man. And like I said, Ryan and KMC wheels for having us up there was cool. So we’ll talk about that. But yeah, thank you to the guys that rugged radios for always helping out you can use the code dirt life at rugged radios, calm and save some money on the communication devices. One of the things that I was going to tell you is that with those communication devices You surprised me the other day when you said you picked up a we’ll call it a dual sport or a off road bike Unknown Speaker 6:45 Yeah, look out that’s pretty cool. Or 50 x it’s it’s an old Betsy, but it’ll get her done Unknown Speaker 6:51 It’s not one of those. Uh, what’s that was that dude’s name that he was so strong. Yeah Right Xander Unknown Speaker 6:57 So back in the day that I guess that kind of would have been what it was but then they then that was a 600 it was Unknown Speaker 7:04 exactly Unknown Speaker 7:05 super long ago, but from what I understand then that that or around that point when the the new generation of four strokes were were great or whatever, that’s when they did decided, Okay, let’s build the enduro version of the, you know, motocross Supercross bike Unknown Speaker 7:24 Yeah, so it how like, Is it pretty heavy or is it is light still pretty heavy, but it’s been Unknown Speaker 7:28 a long time since I’ve had one Unknown Speaker 7:31 So why even the 450 l that I had was 280 290 pounds like yeah, it’s electric start frickin not as easy as your life Unknown Speaker 7:38 No, definitely not. When I’m moving around I’m like, dang, maybe I’m just old, which is true. So that’s what I thought Unknown Speaker 7:46 I was thinking like, when I when I first got it, I was thinking like, holy crap, this thing is heavy. Like Am I just like super weak? And I was like, well, I might go get one of the kicker stands Unknown Speaker 7:54 Yeah, totally understand. Well, remember when we used to grab it and do that little hip swing over? You know, it’s not Big deal I got like 1617 Unknown Speaker 8:01 years old and Unknown Speaker 8:03 I just scooted around the garage. It was like whoa, but not like Unknown Speaker 8:08 the good thing that I can say about that though is that sometimes having that weight when you’re out on the trails and stuff moving it around like allow you like once you get used to it, it allows you to flex a little bit more and like move around. It’s pretty right Unknown Speaker 8:18 it’s probably wants to keep going would be my guess. Yeah Unknown Speaker 8:21 And like move over rocks and yeah, like instead of getting pushed by rock right Unknown Speaker 8:25 and push through the rock, right? That makes sense. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 8:27 it was pretty cool though. So I can’t wait to see you riding that thing. And that’s gonna be pretty sweet Unknown Speaker 8:32 Yeah, I’m excited. They’ve had I mean a lot of people yourself Jeremy Joe, I mean, we all grew up riding and Jeremy’s been all over me for a couple years now. Hey, man, I got all these bikes in my garage come right with Unknown Speaker 8:42 you remember buddy Coleman Manchester course? Unknown Speaker 8:44 Yeah, so. So Jeremy and Coleman are like Alright,

let’s go. Let’s go check out the trail. So, so thanks to you hitting up Josh and Josh Schroeder’s friend of the shore Thor, he hooked me up with some pants and jersey gloves. Appreciate that. And Jeremy how maybe find some boots and and a helmet so I’m pretty close. Yeah, I’m not gonna rush it, but I’m pretty close So that’s Unknown Speaker 9:06 gonna be cool. And then you came up with a good idea that we should probably let’s keep it a secret but we’ll show our audience when you get your jersey finished what it’s going to look at that video and show everybody be awesome. I think it’d be pretty cool. So I’m pretty stoked on that. And to be honest after you sent me that picture, it was a week ago or something, but uh, you sent me that picture I’m like, shit, Unknown Speaker 9:26 like three. It’s going so fast. Well, whatever Yeah, but anyways, yeah, Unknown Speaker 9:30 I know, Time Is Flying by I was like, shit, man. Now I gotta get another beer by pretty Unknown Speaker 9:35 it’s pretty much exactly what Courtney said my wife Courtney. I love her. I warned her that I was going to say you’re going to be the catalyst Well first, okay. So, you know, had people around the family that were, you know, consoling and helping us through this tough time with with pops and all that and you know, thank you to everybody. In fact, Ramon stopped me at Qt he pulled out of his vehicle and kind of cut me off and came to me To give you a man thanks, man that was that made my day it literally did and what a good guy Unknown Speaker 10:07 That’s super cool. That was a little sidebar Sorry. So even more of a sidebar Did you get the mango it? Unknown Speaker 10:13 I always get it back. Well that’s not true Sometimes I get the passion Unknown Speaker 10:18 so unsweet the passion one is good too. But I was super pissed off in California all last week. I couldn’t have they don’t have those Not far enough yet Unknown Speaker 10:25 So anyways, yeah, we told her, Jeremy and I were hanging out and I was like, Hey, babe, I think Jeremy and I are gonna go check out that bike. I showed her right. She’s like, Yeah, whatever. And she looks at Jeremy. She’s like, are you gonna? Oh, here we go. Right Are you gonna be the one that takes him to the wherever when he was himself up? And he’s like, yeah Unknown Speaker 10:45 So anyways, that next day or two days later, I’m driving home and I just call her I’m like, Hey, babe. I’m coming home early, real quick I’m dropping off the bike and she goes Oh, ish. Anyways, I’m in a different state. In my life, I just do some trail riding and keep it slow. So Unknown Speaker 11:04 it is kind of different though. Like a lot of people may or may not understand. We used to be like really into it right like balls to the wall all the time at motocross track and stuff. But it’s totally different when you go out on the trails and you just have fun Unknown Speaker 11:16 Yeah, like I said, I think if you can keep your mindset Don’t get me wrong. I mean, things happen, but as long as you go Unknown Speaker 11:23 for it, but since we’re Yeah, we’re the old farts now the competitive spirits a lot less Right. Exactly. And thank you very much to the guys of solder weld as well. Right here We’re gonna put Yeah, we’re gonna have to put off rotor shirt in your vest. No kidding So offroad guys wear vest, tools and stuff nice. You could use the code dirt life at solder weld calm and buy yourself your own off road repair kit. We just gave away some prizes to those guys. We actually showed the off road repair kit to the guys at Honda and to a few other companies when we were in California last week. And it’s pretty amazing the reception that everybody Get like it’s like, oh my god, like why didn’t we have this already so cool So it’s pretty neat. And I’m glad that The Dirt Life Show is starting to have a platform where we can offer you know, to share that kind of stuff because not only does it help solder Well, they help every single other person. So for sure, it’s pretty cool. Oh, and yeah, Billy Slade just chimed in as well So Billy’s gonna call in and a little bit talk a little bit of industry stuff with us so that’s going to be pretty cool cool. Before he calls in how many minutes we got left so it’s 615 are we only got two minutes so we can try to fit in some of the Honda stuff when we when we have these conversations, but man I had a good time last week. It was really cool. Got to do some road biking, hanging out by the beach got to see a bunch of friends got to have a billion meetings like it was just really neat. Like awesome. I love when when you can have weeks that you feel like they were progressive because it makes you feel like you like accomplish something right? So it really made me feel good to be able to do that. Especially in these trying times when people are just call it static I guess right, right for me to have the opportunity to take the dirt life out there and have all these progressive meetings was so so cool Unknown Speaker 13:06 How about the cycling tan? Oh, Unknown Speaker 13:11 I don’t know if you see it on camera yet It’s looking pretty good Unknown Speaker 13:16 So we got the man Tam, Unknown Speaker 13:18 tam mondex. Dan, man, I know the feeling So Unknown Speaker 13:24 it was pretty good. I got burned a little bit. I think California you might need a little bit higher SPF sunblock Unknown Speaker 13:28 to maybe self protect yourself. Like maybe the water helps that the right lecture. Yeah Unknown Speaker 13:33 So, but I had a fantastic time. It was it was super cool out there. And obviously, like I said, having all the business stuff happening as well. It makes it really makes you feel like rewarded. Like because, well, I think

I’m working hard, right? Like I know, I know I’m working hard on the show and trying to get it out there and build it as big as possible for everybody. But then to see people actually noticing it and to see Like, wow, George, you’re doing a good job or whatever they’re saying, you know, like, it really makes you feel good. Yeah, that’s cool. For sure. Well, it helps because it also makes you want to work harder and grow the show more. You know what I mean? I do so, and talking about growth and stuff side by side industry has been growing like, wildfire, man, there’s all kinds of different new and exciting things happening Billy Slade’s on the phone too. What’s up, Billy? How are we doing guys? doing wonderful, man. How are you? Unknown Speaker 14:30 Good. Casey. I’m sorry. Did your Did your father passed away? He did. Yes Unknown Speaker 14:36 He did. I’m sorry to hear that. Man. My condolences I appreciate that Unknown Speaker 14:40 Yeah, he was awesome dude. And you know, we were talking about it on the show, like, was it two weeks ago? How he taught us to ride bicycles backwards, like sitting on the handlebars, trying to pedal backwards belay. It was pretty cool. So many things. Yep Unknown Speaker 14:55 Yeah, those are the things that you’ll never forget Unknown Speaker 14:58 I know. Right? Absolutely. They were pretty awesome. And then so Casey got himself. Is it called enduro bike or for sport like for vo dx? I think it’s just called a but what’s the general? Unknown Speaker 15:10 Yeah, what’s the genre? I think it’s an enduro Unknown Speaker 15:12 Okay, I think or like a trike or something Maybe because I know the 450 l they call it dualsport because it’s Raven and dirt Unknown Speaker 15:21 Right? But I think it’s cross country. Okay, I think Unknown Speaker 15:25 Well, anyway, I’m Billy Unknown Speaker 15:27 Casey got one of those dirt bikes, so I can’t wait to go rip Unknown Speaker 15:30 Oh, there you go. That’ll that’ll get you in trouble on and off the road. That’s Unknown Speaker 15:35 exactly what I forgot to say I was going to tie it in. But rugged radios actually offers stuff that you can wear on the Moto, like a moto kit that you can communicate with them side by side. Oh, sweet. Yeah. So I was thinking about instead of getting one of the motorcycles centric systems or whatever, right to just start doing that next time. That’d be cool Cuz if we go in the day, Unknown Speaker 15:55 yeah, now they have. Yeah, and they have to push the talks on the handlebars and everything now so it may It’s super easy if you want to just strap one of those kits on and then you can just run around with everybody and still have a conversation. Well that is cool Unknown Speaker 16:07 on the handlebars for the Unknown Speaker 16:09 Yeah, they have Unknown Speaker 16:10 yeah they have a yeah a push to talk similar to like in the UTV but they they have a kit now that plugs into your radio so that way you don’t have to take your hand off of the handlebars to actually hit your purse to talk it’s just right there on your handlebars That’s sweet until you Unknown Speaker 16:25 get your drunk buddy at in the middle of the night switches it out for like a boost button Yeah there’s so Unknown Speaker 16:32 many things you can add on now to like it gets so busy I’ve been you know seven out of it for so long just to start button now Holy moly, a map switch button Unknown Speaker 16:41 right all kinds of shit. So it’s pretty cool Well speaking of motorcycles are Unknown Speaker 16:46 definitely getting very intense with their handlebar controls and my but a friend of mine just bought a new r1 and it’s a with the traction control and the wheelie control and he’s an old school writer that you know, just you know, started in 20304 are ones and he’s like, Man, this thing is just like way too smart. And it’s like I go to do something and the bike doesn’t want to do that. So it’s very, you know, for the newer generation, they’ll be used to it but for the guys that have been writing for a long time it takes it’s hard to get used to all the technology that’s packed into them now, Unknown Speaker 17:15 does it have a banana and turtle? Unknown Speaker 17:18 like Mario Kart Unknown Speaker 17:22 was actually speaking about that that kind that’s kind of a good transition into our next topic. Like I know that the because I’m super into like, well sports cars and stuff, but the new Corvette car, even like the Highline ones have so many restrictions like with the computers and stuff, you can’t even peel out like, right if you turn off the traction control, it doesn’t let you do it. So I was thinking about the same things like for side by side side by sides are not necessarily you can’t peel out but that they have so much computer stuff now like the ride command system and the Polaris like, what’s the other stuff that you got in the Polaris Billy like, you have some Like the GPS stuff, and the trail trail mapping and all that Unknown Speaker 18:04 Yeah. And that’s all built into the ride command, which is super awesome, because it’s basically all those features packed into one head unit, and it kind of works seamlessly with the car Yeah, I mean, you get a full GPS system, and I wouldn’t realistically, I wouldn’t compare it to like Iran or anything like that. It definitely is for the weekend warrior. And I doubt the racers are actually using it because I don’t think you could really go into details and you know, plot, certain warning signs, things like that. But yeah, I mean, the fact that you know, you can pipe audio through it, so you Bluetooth from your phone into that, and then you can extract the audio into a stereo system. You can extract the audio and push it into a rugged radio system for your headsets. So there’s

Unknown Speaker 18:49 there’s all the buttons that obviously you can control the suspension and stuff like the shock therapy IQs and obviously Polaris has those types of things already integrated in their vehicles, but One of the guys I got a message this week from a text message this week from somebody saying how do I get the Polaris ride command system my wife z. Like that’s how hardcore they like to play a system Unknown Speaker 19:11 called shock therapy. Right? And I’m and I’m sure I’m probably you would need the wiring diagram to actually pull the certain features that you need make sense and adding a GPS antenna. I don’t think it’s impossible to do. I think it’s going to take somebody dedicated to do it, but well, not a bad idea Unknown Speaker 19:28 Yeah, yeah. Well, first of all, I think it’s a fantastic system. So you know, kudos, suppliers for doing that but my politically correct answer was to buy a CD seven DASH kit for your Yamaha waxie because it’s plug and play Unknown Speaker 19:42 There you go. Yeah. Yep. That’s that’s also true. Yeah, you know, but there’s also probably a lot of features that you know, that they’ve probably seen on that ride command that probably is not offered in Lawrence, you know, so probably, you know, like the extracting and input of audio and other small features that the weekend warriors wants and loves to have. Exactly Unknown Speaker 20:02 So some of the stuff that we’re talking about, like the development of the side by side industry has been pretty crazy because there’s been like rumor mills and all kinds of stuff happening in the past, I don’t know, two months, six months, whatever we want to call it, but, you know, like new vehicles being launched And that’s a frickin good sign. Right? Unknown Speaker 20:23 Well, yeah, I think you want a 20 and 2021 is going to be very interesting for the side by side market. And I think it’s gonna take a turn, that everybody kind of thinks it’s going but I don’t think anybody’s really prepared to see what’s, what’s gonna be out there and what’s gonna come available Unknown Speaker 20:40 So I had some conversations, I have to say that there are private conversations about the repercussions when things like this happening and the positivity and every single aspect of the way the business works when when new vehicles launch and stuff, but it’s awesome for the market because it brings a new platform right or it brings a new you know, Unknown Speaker 21:01 Vehicle out right competition in the marketplace Unknown Speaker 21:03 but it shits on everybody else Unknown Speaker 21:05 Yeah, no it does but but at the same time, it’s like that whole you know when you’re glad you did it. Yeah. When you put your hand on the bat and the next guy does it, it’s like, you know what I mean? Unknown Speaker 21:14 Yeah, but you know, it’s it’s pretty bad for the person that just bought there. Yes, Unknown Speaker 21:18 well, Unknown Speaker 21:20 actually, they’re not that it’s bad for Billy but Billy is in a good position where we can talk about this like he just got done building his car was it eight months or a year ago Billy and your car is fairly new, but you’re gonna probably Oh Unknown Speaker 21:32 no, I actually. Yeah, I actually built that car. I bought that card December 30 to get some players rebates that were going on see and then started to build and February so technically that cars four months old, but yes, that is the one downfall to these cars is that they are ever changing so fast. a two year old car is worth 50% of whatever you paid for it and plus the parts that you put into it. So yes, this this community is evolving so fast that you know unless you’re planning on keeping the car for 10 years and you don’t want the newest then it’s pretty much you know that is that is like you said that is the one hardest part you know for people that paid full retail for a car and put every last dime they had into it thinking it was going to last and I think Unknown Speaker 22:17 it’s good time to do because good point because of all of the stuff that’s being able to leave the showroom floors right now if a new vehicle does come out and it has all these new things like what we can talk about a little bit but Unknown Speaker 22:29 that’s going to sell like freakin hotcakes Yeah, it’s expensive, Unknown Speaker 22:32 right? And maybe brick and mortar gets to take a breath right because they’re like, I got rid of all my inventory in this frenzy Unknown Speaker 22:39 instead of having it all Yeah, Unknown Speaker 22:40 instead of Hey, I got you know, 2016 sitting here for half price or whatever Unknown Speaker 22:46 That’s a really good Unknown Speaker 22:46 Yeah. And I I actually have a friend that just bought a dealership and, you know, under Basically under his contract, he has to sell a certain amount of units and has to grow a certain amount. Well, because of every To hit, he has the sales but he doesn’t have the vehicles at this point because of everything that’s going on. So now he’s kind of like, well, I don’t know where I’m at with this because I signed a contract stating I would sell X amount of units. And yes, I do have the people that want to buy them, but I can’t get any units and I don’t think any dealers are really dealer trading any units for anything because most dealers don’t even have units Unknown Speaker 23:21 Yeah. So that’s gonna be good when they get these new. Yes. And so what’s the what’s the rumor mill like lately, Billy? Unknown Speaker 23:29 Oh, I mean, I hear a lot of things, you know, coming out on the on the Polaris I don’t know, I mean, I don’t think anybody has any hard evidence, but there’s definitely, you know, a lot of talk and then, you know, Robbie’s car supposed to come out which you know, I mean, it’s, that’s, I think, like I said,

it’s going to be an interesting year between those two cars and to see you know, kind of, you know, Ken Ham has already shown their cards with their, you know, their 2021 models, so Now it’s kind of up to Polaris and the Robby Gordon car to kind of see where things go and Unknown Speaker 24:06 yeah the stuff that Robbie Gordon is doing looks fantastic on paper I just really hope that he’s able to execute on his on his wishes is it Unknown Speaker 24:16 right and I think that’s the hardest thing is you know he you know he’s selling a lot you know based on you know, a piece of paper and drawings and you know not to knock him or anything but it’s really hard You know, I know he has a lot of people switching over and you know basically holding on and you know to pay 1500 dollars almost a year ago now and still be waiting on a car I I personally couldn’t do that. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 24:37 yeah the money thing is different but the the car if it’s done it’s gonna be fucking awesome Unknown Speaker 24:43 So if anybody that doesn’t know myself included is it aimed at the high end market or just another Unknown Speaker 24:50 he has different levels okay vehicle like, there’s one with like a closed capsule or a closed cab and then there’s like, one that looks like a truck, but all of them have I guess traits from the racing stuff. Okay, so where they mount like the tie rods and where they put the steering rack and like where they put the suspension geometry points in gotcha. So he has all of that stuff in a much more in a much better location than somebody that would just be a general OEM Unknown Speaker 25:16 Yeah, gotcha. Okay. But Unknown Speaker 25:18 yeah, and there’s a lot of things about his car that are race inspired like a arms can be left or right uppers and lower sailing heart can be left and right. And he has basically, from what I’ve heard is a 225 horsepower motor And I’ve heard that it’s based off of the Z one platform, the Artic cat snowmobile motor that he somehow either bought into or bought patents or whatever, to basically build that tweak it and put it into so they won’t be using a Yamaha Motor anymore. They’ll be using a z one, altered motor and not it’ll be 225 And then with another key that you can buy, it’ll be a 300 horsepower car. Dang, Unknown Speaker 25:57 it’s pretty cool. Sounds cool. Yeah. Like, yeah, but you just kind of cross your fingers and hope that he gets it done because that’s one of the things that we’re talking about, like elevating the industry. Yeah, sure. So but, you know, no matter what happens OEMs, especially the Japanese will never ever use him as a baseline platform to manufacturer anything, they will always do their right thing. And take little pieces and chunks of a vehicle design maybe and try to see if they can, you know, achieve certain things that they want to but they’ll never ever use him as a baseline. Right Unknown Speaker 26:32 Right. And I’m super excited for Honda when they finally come out with a desert car cuz I know right now the car that they’ve developed is more been, I would say to compete with I would say like the Polaris xp 1000 chassis, kind of you know, like that. I think they said it’s something like 80% of the vehicles that are sold are sold as like 64 inch wide cars. The other 20% is the southwest region of the United States that we all want bigger over Lighter more power bigger cars Unknown Speaker 27:02 Yeah, I think percentage numbers is less for the Unknown Speaker 27:05 Yeah, guys like us. And that one’s kind of hard to start times when you’re sitting in this crowd, right? Like you want Unknown Speaker 27:12 everybody that goes to the dude’s thing so yeah, cool guys, right? Yeah, that’s Unknown Speaker 27:15 what everybody wants. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 27:17 yeah, not even close. Yeah, so I heard again, some private conversations, but those numbers are a lot less but it’s, uh, it’s pretty cool to to know that it’s growing that hard that somebody like Robby Gordon can go out and make a vehicle just for that. We’ll call it 15 or 20% Unknown Speaker 27:35 Right and you know, it’s he’s gonna do everything he can it’s his namesake, right? He’s not gonna so you could like you said it would suck to put that earnest money down or whatever for how long it’s been but I think he almost have to know that it’s going to come through because it is his namesake. That’s, that’d be my feel Unknown Speaker 27:52 Yeah, he’s gonna do a good job no matter what I just hope he makes it on his goals. Right Unknown Speaker 27:56 So right. So Unknown Speaker 27:59 one of the things I wanted to talk about Billy is, like you said, there’s no hard evidence We haven’t heard anything from any sources of our own. But we’ve seen a lot of rumor Mills on online social media and all that stuff that the big manufacturer Polaris is coming out with a four cylinder and it has a dual clutch transmission. Interesting Unknown Speaker 28:19 Yeah, yep, that’s that’s what I’ve heard too So it’s supposed to be modeled after the slingshot motor that they just developed. So the older slingshots had an Ecotec motor. I think it’s a GM motor, and now they’ve developed their own four cylinder engine. But based on the CCS, I don’t know, if they’re going to basically, you know, bring it down on cc to get it still within that 1000 cc class. I think those are all the things and then I know weight restrictions have something to do with it too, because

at that point, then you have to start doing crash testing based on weight. So it’ll be interesting to see what they come out with or clarus has always known I mean, they’re kind of the originator in the sport. Side by side just to make a new class and say this is just a whole new vehicle. I mean, it’s kind of the same thing when they went from the 800, to the 900 to the 1000 Unknown Speaker 29:08 Yeah, exactly. And we all have our favorite manufacturers, and everybody likes their brands and stuff like that, but you got to appreciate no matter who it is, whether it’s the big dogs or the little dogs to come out with new innovations like that, you know, like, Robby Gordon is, is doing what we think he’s doing It’s fantastic that he’s doing it right. But the level that he’s competing on is nowhere near what we just mentioned that we saw on social media with what potentially Polaris was coming out with, right? So if they right that’s like a complete market game change Yeah, changes the landscape, right? Absolutely where his is just kind of a it’s a niche, and it’s still awesome, but yeah, Unknown Speaker 29:44 yeah, I’m with you Unknown Speaker 29:46 Yeah, and I’ve also heard it’s gonna be wider than a 72 car from Polaris. So, Unknown Speaker 29:51 man, we’re gonna have to figure out how to get that maybe they’re gonna sell a kit that you can put it in the toy hauler. Yeah, the trailer Unknown Speaker 29:56 Yeah, it comes with the trailer Unknown Speaker 29:58 Exactly. Yeah, whatever Unknown Speaker 29:59 Yeah. Yeah players Yeah Unknown Speaker 30:02 Yeah, I think most of the toy haulers right now if you look at them as they will fit a Turbo S which is 72. Most of them are about 76 inches wide. But that’s also going to leave you let’s say the car does come out to be 7476 inches wide, you won’t be able to put your sand wheels and tires on your car to put it in your trailer. So that’ll be something that people and that’s even if you have 76 inches to give and that’s going to be wall to wall Unknown Speaker 30:28 Yeah, we always just like we crank the car or the suspension together so that you can fit it in there. Don’t let the kids park it Yeah, exactly. So we just put tight ratchet straps between the arms or something moves your wheels closer, but I also heard this Unknown Speaker 30:42 new cars also a lot taller too. So I mean, I don’t know you know, and you’re worrying about height restrictions Unknown Speaker 30:49 Maybe it’s where I’ve been wanting to go monster truck style. Yeah, right Unknown Speaker 30:53 There you go. Yep Unknown Speaker 30:55 So we got Myles cheeks gonna be calling in in a little bit, dude. He’s a he’s a player This guy and he just like, I don’t want to say clean house, but he won pretty much everything except for the last final. This weekend. He won all the qualifying. He won. He won. He went practice he went really nice. So he did he did really good. I bet you if he can get a four cylinder he’s pumped to Unknown Speaker 31:18 Oh, yeah, yeah, I’m sure there’s gonna be like, that’s what I was saying once again, 2020. And 2021 is going to be a very interesting year. And I mean, you think about it in 2008 When Polaris released the razor, people were like, blown away. They’re like, what is this? And I mean, it’s been literally the evolution ever since so I can’t even imagine another five years from now you’ll look at what out whatever is about to come out and be like, remember when that was the coolest thing? Yeah, it won’t be Unknown Speaker 31:42 exactly. I actually got to reminisce. I got to go on a road bike ride with Craig Scanlon This last Friday here. And actually, I spent time with Jesse Nelson in the morning, putting on his shock therapy shock spring kit Unknown Speaker 31:56 And then I watched I watched that Unknown Speaker 31:58 Yeah, so that was kind of cool and Then we went road biking a little later, Craig and I went from somewhere like, I think in Yorba Linda down towards the beach towards Newport But it was cool to reminisce because he was talking to me about some of the stuff that, you know, obviously, I saw from the outside of the advent of the razor and things like that as raised 300. And how he put together some of the campaigns for it and advertising and stuff. And to get his insight on it was super fun to hear about all that stuff, man It was like, going through an older magazine, just being like, wow, that’s what you guys did to make this all happen. So cool Unknown Speaker 32:37 Right? So you got kind of like that inside look at you know, kind of where this all started and how it has evolved in into something like this. And I don’t think anybody out there would have ever guessed that the side by side market would have been here where we’re at right now just dominating so many markets Unknown Speaker 32:52 100% I mean, there’s a billion people that were helpful in that but me just hearing his side of the story to like and understanding The things that he did along with like Joey D from UTV underground and stuff, it was really cool because then you get a real insight as to how influential and how important those people were. Mm Unknown Speaker 33:11 hm. Right. Yep. Yeah, they were the technically the forefathers that, you know, kind of stepped out of the box and put their foot forward first, to make something that we have today You gotta Unknown Speaker 33:22 take it, like give them some serious kudos because they didn’t know anything like they were shooting in the dark Unknown Speaker 33:29 It’s pretty cool. Pretty excited. Yeah Unknown Speaker 33:30 And it could have been a huge flop and they could have not taken off like so many other things that are out there Unknown Speaker 33:35 Yeah, but it really did good. All right, man Hey, we gotta let you go. Because miles is calling in but I appreciate it, dude. Thanks for calling and having some fun with us Unknown Speaker 33:44 All right, absolutely. Yeah, you guys have a good evening and we’ll talk to you soon

Unknown Speaker 33:47 Thanks, Tommy. Thanks for the condolence Appreciate it Unknown Speaker 33:50 Alright. Later later, Unknown Speaker 33:52 Brian Clark says stacker trailers for players Unknown Speaker 33:58 because they’re gonna be so tall Gosh. It looks like miles are calling in already so miles What’s up dude? Unknown Speaker 34:04 What’s going on guys? Unknown Speaker 34:06 All same old stuff man geladas is what’s going on? Oh yeah, so yeah chef miles cheek here so the audience members that don’t know Myles was on episode two I think of The Dirt Life Show almost a year ago man. And during that episode not we found out not only just does he haul in a racecar, but he wanted to be a chef. I don’t know if he still has that same dream but Unknown Speaker 34:30 it’s gotta be more of a home cook now. But um, yeah, like, I just love to cook to you but just made some ground beef tacos tonight for me my dad but Oh, yeah, hopefully. Then a little bit later. You know, Chad was declared right? Yeah. He koston yellowtail yesterday, so we’re gonna go over there and make some sushi. Oh, fondue and all that. Hard Unknown Speaker 34:55 Speaking of cooking. Oh, yeah Unknown Speaker 34:56 cooking up some wins. All right Unknown Speaker 34:59 Thanks. Exactly, yeah, so we were talking a little bit about it earlier on the show miles it’s kind of cool to have the dirt life was busy this past week in Southern California It was neat to see that Racing’s getting started on the in the Midwest out on the west coast and obviously you participated in the Lucas off road professional series this weekend How was it man? Unknown Speaker 35:22 It was awesome. I’m so pumped that we could finally get out there and race again even if fans can be there but they still got to watch on the live stream so it’s a little bit different. Not seeing everyone up there in the crowd get to hear him after the race when you’re on the podium but just super blessed that Lucas is putting on the races right now even with all this stuff going on. So was the result all the races still opportunity to go and race? Unknown Speaker 35:48 Yeah, it’s super cool. Was it like way different in the pits or like in staging and stuff like did you guys have to like, Unknown Speaker 35:56 what was the difference? It just, Unknown Speaker 35:58 it was just like you It was like a practice not like practice like the Friday before the race, you know, like where you’re running the three practice sessions. It was just kind of like that like all day Saturday and Sunday to Unknown Speaker 36:10 write on. didn’t make it less feel less pressure or more pressure. Because Unknown Speaker 36:18 a little bit less I’d say, was there still a car? Unknown Speaker 36:23 Oh yeah, there was still 15 to 16 cars in my classes a ton of pro to use out there kind of prelight looked like there’s a few more turbo cars out there this year to you in the 170 class. That’s getting pretty big also, Unknown Speaker 36:36 dude, I love that the 170 is the little kids Oh, that’s okay. Yeah, so that’s like my favorite class to watch. Is it Yeah, cuz they just go they all know hold. Yeah, full metal. That’s a light switch. Yeah. So funny Unknown Speaker 36:49 Well, I know kids are getting good to the racing. Racing is getting pretty fun to watch for them Unknown Speaker 36:54 So we got to call our buddy, Brian forester to see how his kids cuz Tatum went out there and they had some fun So nice. Well, let’s talk a little bit about the racing dude. So before we talk about your racing, how it was all the other racing because I know like, whenever I’m at the races, I always have to go watch the pro two or last year I watched the pro for class. So did you get to watch any of those races? Unknown Speaker 37:16 Yeah, it was kind of nice since we went a little bit later in the day, and prolight was the opening race of the day. Right after opening ceremony, so it’s not too often I get to watch that class. That’s always been my favorite class to watch Unknown Speaker 37:29 Yeah, really drivers class too Unknown Speaker 37:32 Oh, yeah. Saturday was a real good race. Poverty got out to the lead. I would say just before the caution, got out in the front in a mason crater. He was actually leading the race for a long time for the cost museum and really well. Dang, that’s cool. Yeah, he’s doing good in brocket Brock was up there. Neymar was up there. Then, uh, Ronnie Anderson, made his way up there to the second spot right there towards the end of the race. Dang, remember who got third Was Ronnie pushing through the pack? Because that sounds like it was probably a pretty hard fight then because that tracks not that easy to pass on either. Yeah, that’s a pretty tight track. I can’t remember Ronnie starting position. I think it was around the fifth or sixth spot. But uh, yeah, he worked hard for it and got it done Unknown Speaker 38:16 Dang, that’s pretty cool, man. And then those, those prolights case are so hard. It’s like spec racing like so it’s really hard to be able to pass and stuff so you make a mistake, then you’re getting around but if you don’t, it’s really hard to pass Unknown Speaker 38:28 A bet makes for some good racing, but frustrating Oh, but Unknown Speaker 38:31 yeah, you got to do that whole like Jeremy McGrath and just pressure him the whole time until he makes a mistake, man you just drive by? Yeah, Unknown Speaker 38:39 exactly. You just got to crack them because they’re all running the same motors now. Oh, is that class stuff? Unknown Speaker 38:44 So the only thing that you can do is just torque converter and like some other stuff just to whatever your preferences tuning kinda

Unknown Speaker 38:50 Yeah, exactly. torque converter trans. You can still use it. You want for that? Unknown Speaker 38:54 Yeah, that’s cool. What is there any other good racing? Was there a good pro to count? Unknown Speaker 39:01 Yeah, the procedures looked pretty good. It was hard for me to get up there because they were the race right after me. So you had Hall last night and it looks like Garrett Brooks had a pretty solid weekend. you sweat both days. So Unknown Speaker 39:13 Dang, dude, that’s pretty cool. And did he drive that Unknown Speaker 39:16 title? Did he drive that? Well, is that? Unknown Speaker 39:20 Not yet? No one’s not ready. I think I think his plan is in Missouri. Dad, not 100% sure on that Unknown Speaker 39:28 So he brought out his old girl and still whacks everybody, huh? Oh, yeah. Dude, that’s crazy He’s a good driver, man. Yeah, Jeremiah, would you like would you like to try one of those trucks or not really? Unknown Speaker 39:43 Oh, that’s my dream. What do you what kind of Yeah, I wanna Unknown Speaker 39:47 I want to do a pro to Crandon Unknown Speaker 39:50 Dang, that’d be sick Unknown Speaker 39:52 That would be I want to get out there and try to do the get out there and do the cup race with all those guys one day Unknown Speaker 39:57 Dude, that would be super fun. Well, hopefully one of

the These days happen I mean you’re driving like a boss now you did super good this weekend Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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