Hello and Welcome to 1000PS TV. From the top of the Stelvio we greet you to our big comparison of 5 touring enduros in the alps. You have to watch it, stay tuned! We started today at the Highibike Testcenter in Ischgl, Paznaun Valley There we rented these 5 heavenly motorcycles. In heavenly weather we also started and in even more heavenly weather we climbed the Passo di Stelvio I rode the BMW R 1200 GS, the classic on the Stelvio. Flat twin, 125 hp 80% of the people riding up here sit on a GS Fellow K.oT, what did you bring up here? K(.oT): A heavenly triple of course, a Triumph XRX 1200 Explorer, which I guess is available in 8 different variants We have a “low” variant this time. That’s why I sink down under our tall Vauli, which will now present us his italian beauty V(auli): My bella is an Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rallye, the top version. “Only” 125 hp, but coming from a astonishing twin engine with a great sound. Next to me another 2 cylinder. Not Klausi, but what’s next to him What is it? K(lausi): An upper austrian, a KTM 1190 Adventure. V2 with 150 hp, very sporty bike And perfect for this mountain road N: And here we have the intelligent twin of NastyNils. From the left end Ducati Multistrada, MTS 1200 Enduro. Basically the adventurous version, despite… or because of the 160 hp How did the 5 bikes fare? We complete our tour now, over the Fuorn pass and the Reschen pass back to Paznaun to the Highbike Testcenter, where we will present you with our merciless test conclusion Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’re back from a really outstanding tour today. Magnificent sunshine today, here in beautiful Tyrol We took the classics here in the area. The Stelvio but also the Fuorn pass, perfect asphalt, perfect switchbacks But we also rode many secret small routes. Franz from the “Hotel Die Post” in Galtuer uploaded it onto our satnav And so we could ride, test and enjoy our 5 touring enduros on most different terrain Now we don’t want to keep you on the rack What are our personal conclusion winners? I’ll hand the mic to our fastest man – I’m afraid to say – Klaus Kramer Multiple times national champion on the race track but also a great epicure on country roads Klaus Kramer, your three winners here in the alps, on the hairpin corners. Which did you like the most? K: Good. I’ll start with 3rd place. My third place is the Ducati Multistrada Enduro Mostly because of the engine. It’s higher range is very nippy and that conveys a very dynamic ride What I don’t like is riding position. That’s where I get to 2nd place, because it’s exactly what I like on the KTM 1190 Adventure a lot. She is very sporty oriented. Very high saddle That is a problem for shorter folks like me when you have to turn or reverse the bike But when you sit on and ride it’s an excellent position, which gives you the feeling you directly sit on the engine and control the bike, not vice versa And my unanimous winner is the GS. Well, it’s an old hat you might think But somehow everything is perfect. The engine super smooth, the torque range, upper range very crisp, riding position, handling… Thus, to me there is a clear winner and that’s the BMW GS N: I pass it over straight away. Facts-Vauli, is your taste different to the racer Klausi?

V: I have to say beforehand, after we have switched all bikes through, or after I had all bikes, I came to the conclusion there isn’t really a bike that is worse than the other – much worse One can do this better, the other that. But really we had 5 bikes with us that don’t take the fight out of each other. All are really good And if you choose them, you made no mistake Well, if I – we first talked about who likes which the most, I forgot – I really liked, I must admit, 3rd place is Caponord. Because the sound and engine, the V2 is really smoothly responding It’s fun and nice. It only has 125 hp, compared to the 160 hp MTS you feel that it lacks a bit power. But it’s still a very comfy and pleasant ride You sit in a cosy saddle, got the handlebar low in front of you. It’s just a relaxing ride The suspension, you need to know, it’s electronically adjusting, you can’t adjust to soft or hard The suspension does it on it’s own. But it might feel a bit to soft while riding more sporty I’d tune it a bit harder if I could But it still works excellent, is fun and certainly accomplished 3rd place 2nd place I award the KTM because it’s such a joyride with it’s 150 hp She just tears. Uhm, the TCS… In my opinion KTM built something great there Either they didn’t know better, but it still grants a little wheelspin. But then it’s regulates just as you want it. You definately won’t be eating tarmac with the KTM 1190 Adventure But the TCS still allows a little fun, a slight slide, but it stay controllable And what’s more, she is the lightweight between the 5, with 212 kg ready to go The others aren’t and you feel it a bit. Klausi already mentioned it, the riding position is like a cross bike, you sit very high But my first place is the Multistrada Because 160 hp, 136 Nm, a V2, typical Ducati. Now with the DVT system, “Ducati Variable Timing”, adjustable timing for the valves. Functions very well now The predecessor in low range was harsh and had bad throttle response Not anymore, it revs nicely, Klausi also sad it, and you feel the monstrous power, she tears your arms The riding position I have to say, was a little to deep on the MTS. I had an uncomfy knee angle I guess there is a lower saddle mounted because it’s the 1200 MTS Enduro, which is taller from the start Huge fuel tank, over or exactly 30 ltr. You can go very far with it. Nice rims Well, the Multi is my favorite and now – my special requests – the GS I want to mention The Queen of Alps despite everything. Braking into switchbacks, corner it, throttle up I don’t think anything else is faster in switchbacks. Thus, an excellent bike but I always have to say it’s a little sterile and too perfect These were my 3, dear K.oT, you’re 3? K: The entire day I couldn’t understand the happy mood of my colleagues as 3 very important men passed away Thus I devote my 3 favourites to these 3 folks. Initially the Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 XRX, which is the middle outfit of the road version I devote it to “Schimanski” Goetz George (german actor) Because the Triumph somehow has 2 souls in it. It can become very rough, twitchy in high range You have to revit much more than the others. It get’s loud then Maybe a bit stressy after a while. BUT! This outfit has another feature, it’s the “Low”, meaning lower saddle, even lowered chassis

The only problem when you really attack is the foot pegs scratch quite soon. I really whet them well But it’s so easy to handle, in the parking lot, pushing around – we often halted in switchbacks and there isn’t much space You have to be able to manouver it and this sadly is a heavy bike. Maybe it’s only letdown But with this low saddle you have such a good footing, much better than stilting around That would be dangerous sometimes here. This means to me a real benefit in the Alps, I loved it The windscreen is electronically adjustable. Some amenitites, heated grips and the Triumph semi active suspension which smooths out the road nicely Then there is even a cruise control and some other stuff. Again, way too much But I really was surprised from this little change in the geometry The second motorcycle, the 1190 Adventure I devote to Manfred Deix, our country man and great caricarturist Still a world traveler. To me its biggest rival here is the Aprilia Caponord, they are very similar But with the Caponord it troubled me that the brake was weakest amongst all And that it doesn’t deliver the transparency and handling of it’s aggregate like the KTM does They manage so well, just as Vauli said. Acceleration out of corners, with the TCS, these small slides watchers won’t notice, but yourself will be very proud of them The KTM’s ride qualitiy is crazy. And it’s ride feel, the experience that KTM bikes grant Always a pinch of supermotot, a big one actually, I don’t even mind the smaller handlebar compared to Aprilia or GS And of course, the juggernaut, which is quite agile and actually a sporty bike I devote to Bud Spencer He once also was a professional swimmer, a handsome man before he became a little “big” and acted congenial with Terence Hill in some westerns The GS, well, hopefully she lives forever unlike Bud Spencer The boxer engine scares off a lot. You have to like it, as with the 3 cylinder of Triumph. If not, the case is lost Be it as good as it is, fitted as much as possible – we have the ESA mounted, the outfit a bit superior Stock is much lesser outiftted, but we never get it stock But we know most customers have the money and add some options Due to that many ask if we could test it stock But that’s a little unrealistic, few buy it stock. We also don’t It’s built in a way that you sit on it and think this belongs here It’s awesome. It’s like Rainhard Fendrich says: “Here I belong – I am from Austria!” Unbelievable, it is THE alps-bike! The second might be the R 1200 R as Nils thinks And I shall pass over the mic to him soon. But for me it has to be the GS, it offers the Adventure touch and enduro flair additional N: I hope you had some handkerchiefs ready for this moving funeral speech Basically, I have to say, I just received inquiry for becoming test rider for 1000PS A dreamjob we have Well, strangely enough you can do exactly what we do here The annual works outing in Ischgl is more fun than work Just as we do, you can do with your clique. Come to Ischgl by car, bus, plane or train In the winter party metropolis, which becomes a sports center in summer Behind us 50 bikes with sensational conditions for rental You can wish for and test nearly anything. Awesome! But you have to hurry, due to our vids it’s quite famous now, meaning the level of bookings is huge You have to book quite early. Just search for Highbike Testcenter Paznaun and choose your bike of heart What are my top 3? Well I came here and thought the GS ca..will win again

But I have to say the rivals come closer. They try to get it as good as the GS and position themselves interestingly. First time this year the Caponord in my top 3 Consequently they improved the bike to gain affection. It’s not the bikes fault, you won’t see it more often on the road, it’s the structure of distribution It’s the HQs fault, they nurture their scooters more. But this is a fantastic bike The electronic package inherits a lot supersports still. Electric suspension, TCS, ABS is on a top level What I really liked on long distance was the saddle comfort. It’s a touring enduro with a lot of a sports tourer You sit very cosy in it, not as high as on the others. I enjoyed the winding roads I like the Rallye much better than the base model, it also rides a lot better It has a different front wheel. This is a clear recommendation from me if you have to choose between the 2 A great touring bike. I never asked myself while riding: “Is it to weak? Is it ok?” 125 hp… is that right, Facts-Vauli? Spot on. A terrific bike that might not be specialized enough. She isn’t the prime example in any category like power, weight, off-roading. maybe a little disadvantage But it’s a tremendous allrounder. Which has a great cost-benefit ratio Just look at the 1000PS market app, it’s a real surprise how cheap you get it fully outfitted Second place, KTM Adventure On the entire tour she is a bit too much in the matter of power and agility She is way too powerful. Then again, if you have a little duel with some german folks, you have to overtake quickly Then it’s staggering. A real supersports with comfort But she is also the most nervous here. You have to acknowledge that Very radical. With lugage and two persons the stability is more critical than with the others It’s always a topic with this radical-agile concept Suspension quality ok for me, brakes astounding. Gearing is crisp-sporty, causing me some problems to find neutral, but then again shifting is short and quick The entire look-and-feel in the cockpit and front chassis is very sporty Sporty handlebar. It’s the jock here, but with the needed comfort And to me, year after year, even though it’s closer than before, the R 1200 GS To me the best bike ever, also in the here in the Alps. Very close compared to R 1200 R Depending on which I sit, I always think this one is better or that one The rivals kept getting closer, then BMW took up a step. With the Shift Assistant PRO It’s something that makes you want to stay on this bike. It works perfectly Up and down shifting without clutch I did a strategically great manouver. On the foot of the Stelvio, I got the GS in the bike exchange In brackets, Klause the beginner gave it to me, the best bike for switchbacks The shift assistant works perfectly there, gear down before the corner into 1st It stays stable, you corner it, you assault after the corner. Cornering and accelerating is sensational And it became even better with the Shift Assistant PRO That’s the big difference to the rivals, they have to step up The difference in handling and maybe the secret of the GS in switchback entries is the telelever in the front In combination with the boxer you either love it or hate it Telelever in front means, the brakeforce is uncoupled, the fork doesn’t dive Newcomers who haven’t ridden a GS before say they don’t feel the front wheel Routiniers know, everything is good, the entire range of spring is there for uneveness of the road. Therefore the GS is king of corner entries on bad roads Unbeatable on the Stelvio, up and down, sensational. Just head into corners and assault the exit

Limitless torque, the aficionado bike Only – how shall I put it – downer, on the Stelvio we saw it: 80% GS riders The fewest of them can actually ride. You have to be above such things. The model colleagues sadly reflect badly on the bike. She doesn’t deserve that, it’s a splendid bike that is ridden by supercool guys. Not us, other cool guys And athletic guys, not you, but other athletic guys! But I think we already talked too long I hope we delivered you a great overview of the 5 models Your opinion about the 5 models is interesting as well, or maybe you can tell us what we forgot Of course immediately you will ask where is the new Africa Twin and this and that We only were 5, so we could take only 5 bikes But we have to mention one more. Camera child Captain Kuk He stand behind the camera and sweats like a donkey and thinks: When are these dickheads done talking?! Sweats runs down V: We need to explain why we can sweat here. Because we are already back It’s tradition, when we come to the Highbike Testcenter and do our “forced march”, which was today, we come back at 9 or 9.30 in the evening. Because we got lost and went somewhere that wasn’t intended Didn’t happen today. Thank you Nils N: No, no problem V: I have to say, thank you to the navigation K: Wait a sec. 3rd place? N: Captain Kuk says his 3rd place Ducati. 2nd place camera child? BMW, 2nd place. 1st place? Aprilia 1st place. An aficionado Captain Kuk made his license just 3 years ago with 1000PS. We plunged him into darkness, we immediately took him on big tours. Never waited for him, thus he had to be quick. He had to learn quickly Else he would’ve died in the forrest, we always had navigation He survived, never crashed, and I believe nobody ever learned riding so fast like he did The fear of never finding home was just too big. He just stayed on us He once dropped a bike in front of the office, very embarassing Our camera operator, applaude for him and four you, our fans That you stayed tuned for so long, thumb up please, thank you!

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