What’s going on everyone are you ready to see what may be one of the most significant releases in RC for 2019 let’s take a look at the Element RC Enduro so I’m sure some of you are thinking um Greg who is Element RC well it is a new brand to the RC industry but it’s by a company that has been here forever in the RC industry and has a ton of titles and that company is Associated Electrics an Element RC is a brand under Associated Electrics and I’m really excited that I get to show you guys this new vehicle and you know we are going to go over in great detail here I’m actually going to have a time key down in the description below for those of you that want to jump ahead and see it in action and you know for those of you that want to see all the details just keep on watching there’s a lot of stuff you don’t want to miss it’s got Associated written all over it but just in a brand that is going to be really easy for anyone to use and of course I think do really well out in the scale community so normally we go and unbox the vehicles here you know and I pull out everything out but you know this truck right here we’re gonna have to dive right in so you could see some of the features now don’t discount the unboxing there is something about the box that you absolutely have to see I promise it will be totally worth it but it’s gonna come later in the video all right so now let’s talk about the truck and let’s start off with the outside I’m gonna break things down a little bit different than normal because this is a special release I wanted to be very cool for you guys to learn all about this new brand and let’s start off with talking about the exterior you know it’s got this very cool Sendero body on it that is the name of the body and it is kind of a generic body here there’s no licensing on it but it does have some pretty good details it’s a actually a two-piece body bed is a separate section than the front section here and you know it’s got this cool kind of grey paint job actually if I was to buy a new SUV it would actually be in this color I love this color you know there’s kind of primary gray type of color on it but you know it’s got some pretty cool basic decal for the lights but let’s talk about the front grille on here because it does have some detail you know scale guys they want some detail and that is located up front with this separately molded grille so right behind the grille is a decal so you can kind of see your radiator behind it and these are two lenses for headlights and there are LED lights behind it it’s actually got a bucket behind the body to mount the light so it’s nice and secure so for those in the scale community you know that really want the LED lights this comes with it from the factory which is pretty cool and what’s also very cool I’m gonna get into a little bit later the plugs that they use for the LEDs are a more universal plug and not some wacky weird like airplane connector on there so I’ll show you that in a little bit but let’s move on to some other body details here we’ve got some windshield wipers molded windshield wipers on the front you know clear windows it’s a must nowadays I know I had a couple of reviews where I let it slide but I’m leaning back towards having clear windows and yes we’ve got it here so you go put your interior in the of your choice we do have some mirrors on the side they are folding so they got a little screw in here so if you do go rub up against something it will just collapse the mirror over and hopefully not break off and again on the backside here that is a separate molded bed we got some nice fender flares on here some basic decal stuff again for taillight we do have decals it probably would have a nice element if you add some more LEDs in the back but you know it is what it is but the decals they do look okay and we have the element brand logo in the back there you know I’m guessing this is kind of like a Ford maybe f100 please in the comments let me know what you think it is but I think that’s where they got the inspiration from here just based on some of the lines on this overall a pretty cool looking body and again no interior in there but you’ll probably go fit one in yourself right now let’s move on to some other details on the exterior we’ve got these pretty big shelf like front and rear bumpers on here we’ve got hooks for d-rings it doesn’t have D rings but there are hooks for it and it does have a plastic fairlead here with two light buckets on either side so I guess you’d go put some LEDs in there later on but this is actually a removable piece and I actually saw in some of the paperwork that they have an aluminum version of this in different color anodizing so there are already option for this brand-new truck in the back just kind of a plain version of the bumper it’s got the little element logo right there in the center but you can go and add some key rings later on on the side we’ve got these sliders kind of high up so they’re not gonna get caught on anything but yet they’ll still protect the side of the body and hopefully slide over slide and glide over some rocks and stuff like that but

overall pretty cool looking pickup truck and you go and detail it more if you want to later on down the road all right let’s pop the top off and we can start to talk about some of the other details that are inside this thing as I mentioned it’s from associated so it’s got a lot of brace inspiration in there they’re always thinking about you know tuning their vehicles and stuff like that and so you’re gonna see a lot of that in this kit here now you know what why you have the body off I should probably just talk about the tire as well I’m at it these are general grabber tires and they’ve got a pretty nice soft compound feel to it pretty soft foam inside as well it’s I don’t think it’s a memory foam it comes back pretty quick but this rim here is actually a bead lock wheel so it’s you know two pieces on the outside it’s got the center ring and actually the center hub is what secures it together it doesn’t have screws on the outside of the wheel the the wheel actually clamps together in the center at the hub and what’s very cool as I’ve written through the instructions again in the paperwork that came with this they’re actually going to offer a brass hub to put in center so you can go and put some weight down there without maybe adding stick-on weights or anything like that so it’s already got those options are already coming in here that’s very cool it’s got six screws in the center that secure that hub together and I did take one apart it does hold everything together really nicely then we’ve got these Center caps that go over the three millimeter locking nut they are method wheels so again we got another license product here we got method wheels we had general tires element it seems like they’re doing it right right out of the box you know we didn’t get a license body but we do have license products on there so I think that is pretty cool alright now let’s get into the truck itself and I want to talk about the chassis parts usually I kind of work my way back but let’s talk about the chassis and I’m gonna break each section out to talk about it because there’s so much detail right now the chassis is a stamped steel frame and it is a high clearance frame so you know those of you that are looking for aftermarket chezy’s probably just want to stick with this one this one probably has the clearance that you’re going to need it is adjustable there are additional holes in the rear of the vehicle a friend it does have a standard style bumper mount so you go and use aftermarket bumpers if you want to same with the rear it’s kind of got a drop down style of bumper mount to it but again if you do want to go and customize your vehicle which is what scale is all about you have the option to do so moving a little bit farther back here there is a chassis mounted servo and it’s kind of just a simple plate that goes in the center but it’s also a very important plate because it also allows you to put a winch servo in there I think that was pretty cool when I was looking it over but here’s your steering servo here and here is your opening for the winch servo and again that fairlead is right up front so you can run your winch line right out the front of the truck all right now a little bit farther back from that front steering mount is the battery mount and here it is right up front where most of us want it and if you notice this is a short stubby little battery box sets because it takes shorty style lipo batteries kind of like in the 110 scale racing world and it secures the battery down with two velcro straps like like many trucks do above element RC went ahead and they gave you a standard sized battery box in the kit so you go and swap this out if you have standard batteries already and want to use it in this truck you don’t need to have shorties you know you can just swap that out but this shorty option is a great option it gets that weight up front you know it doesn’t add too much weight and from what I hear you know you could get a pretty long runtime out of a shorty pack and ridi is a brand of associated as well they handle all the electronics and stuff like that and they have a wide array of batteries that will fit in here even a shorty 3’s lipo pack I’m going to be running it on a 2s lipo pack from reading a reward pack but that option is out there and now let me just wrap up with the you know it’s got a just a simple rear brace for the rear of the frame we’ve got simple shock hoops here there is adjustments on the shot coops I’m getting a little into suspension but you know just to let you know there are two mounting positions for the shocks and then adjustable body mounts and it’s kind of a standard style body mount and will probably line up with a number of bodies that were out there don’t quote me on that one but it kind of has that look to it now to finish off the chassis when I just talked about these floor pans here kind of a very short floor pan both you know on each side one side of course is for the speed roller talk about that a little bit and then we have the receiver box and that can actually be placed on either side there’s holes for it and it’s the sliders mount with just two screws on each side so pretty simple stuff actually now the only miss that I spot here is no fender wells now I kind of said yeah if you’re a regular viewer you know this that all scale trucks should have fender wells they’re not here but I’m sure you know what maybe night customs or something we’ll probably come out with it really quickly so I’m sure that option will be available and who knows maybe the element RC will have it I kind of wish they were on here though it does look like there’s mounting points to do that so who knows we might see that as an option all right now with the chassis stuff out of the way why don’t we move on to the suspension because there’s a

lot to talk about here and I’ll start off with the front let’s talk about the shocks now do these shocks look familiar I’m sure that they do if you have been in an RC for a while these are basically team associated truck shocks tried-and-true and proven race worthy shocks they are now on this enduro truck this is a very cool shock they feel great anodizing to the aluminum body we have an aluminum spring perch on there it’s threaded so it’s easy to adjust you know large shock shafts and it looks like a really heavy-duty composite cap it’s got a really wide top to it so you know these are a really nice looking shock again they’ve been proven for ever and the spring rates are adjustable I saw that on the list of option parts as well kind of looks like we’ve got a maybe a silver or white spring on here and they’re a bunch of other variations that you can put on this to tune your suspension on here so that’s very cool all the pulled shocks and I know they felt really smooth when I was messing around with it before I mean this thing must just do awesome out there on the trail let’s move on to the suspension links there are a five millimeter thick metal plated rod they look super awesome and on the ends they’ve got the team associated great links to them so they should be really really durable which is key you’re not gonna have that flex and and maybe those links kind of springing off on you if you’re caught up on the rocks and stuff and causing some erratic handling you know when it lets go basically you know nice and solid and it should be predictable the only thing is that I notice is that they use plastic ball studs in there I think I would have liked it a seam metal I know they have an option part for that as well so that is available out there but we have the three linked up front with the panhard bar and then the four linked in the rear and just kind of looking at the geometry and feeling this truck I think they got it right you know knowing Team Associated they did their homework for excellent handling and this thing just feels right I mean it’s looking at the way it articulates and everything the mounting points on here they are removable from the axle there aren’t any additional holes in the center but I actually do want to talk about the skid while I’m here it’s a nice small flat plate kind of have a little rounded edge in the front of course angled on the side so there shouldn’t be any hang-ups here in the center way and it should just slide right over everything the way it feels really nice and smooth there alright I also need to talk you about the steering link setup on this so that from the servo arm we’ve got a solid metal link down to that metal plate on the steering knuckle and then instead of a link attaching the two knuckles in the front of the axle element RC went with a bt a set up behind the axle setup for the rear drag link so we’ve got a metal drag link there and it is actually press bed so it goes around the axle so when you’re steering it doesn’t interfere with the axle but it gets that drag link out of the way so you have a better approach angle in the front when you’re you know having to clear obstacles that may be in the center of the truck you won’t have that bar hitting anymore all right now with the suspension out of the way now we could get to the drivetrain and there is a lot for me to talk about in the drivetrain so we’ve got solid axles front rear obviously since it’s a scale truck but let me start off with the front because you know it’s a bit different from the rear obviously we’ve got the caster blocks on each side they are a separate piece I know a lot of people like that so you could go and can’t them back if you want to and then that goes out to a plastic steering knuckle however it’s not a full composite plastic steering knuckle element RC went over the top here and they have a metal steering arm on top much more durable than any plastic arm sticking out there but inside the axle we have a metal spool and we have helical cut what’s nice about the he’ll who cut gear is there’s more surface area more durable and that’s what associated is going for they’ve got nice thick drive shafts front and rear on this again for better durability and you know she they kind of have been watching the market they’ve been looking to see what you guys want in a vehicle and they put it in here so yes it does have universals in the front sealed ball bearings throughout the entire driveline so there is no skimping around in the drivetrain it is built to you know hold up to whatever you’re gonna throw at it now here’s another interesting thought you know the pumpkin size is pretty small in comparison to some of the others that are out there but you may notice it’s kind of why that’s because element made it possible to flip the spool over so some motors you know they don’t allow you to run it in reverse direction or your speed controller setup so you know it may you know run faster in Reverse than a dozen forward and well now you can go and flip the drivetrain around so if you have that issue with your particular electronics you know you could go and correct it and have you know faster forward than you do in Reverse so that was pretty cool that they gave you that option to flip the school over in the center alright now that I’ve talked about the basically everything of the front axle oh it’s got a really nice trust set up in the front going over the top and the front cover is what comes off to access everything and the rear axle setup is much similar to the front but instead of having universals in the rear we’ve just got solid shafts that go out to the back there are five millimeters at the end

again really made to be durable and then at the end of those axle shafts are twelve millimeter standard wheel hexes they are composite but I did see that element RC will be offering a aluminum option or a an alloy option instead so that’s a you know something to maybe check out later on down the road when you’re looking to upgrade on this but again I really like the adjustability of this drivetrain now that I’ve talked about that let me move on to the center drive shafts here we’ve got Universal drive shafts that go up to the transmission they have metal universals on the ends the slider portion in the front and the back is is a plastic composite slider a right in the center is an extruded aluminum tube and it’s keyed to go along with the the plastic drive shafts you’ll have a little bit of give and you want a little bit of give in your drive shafts if you don’t want to break anything here in the plastic but where it really counts here in the center section is an extruded aluminum piece and that that holds true for the front rear I like that set up pretty trick there and now we could get to the center transmission this is the Stealth X transmission I think it’s so cool that Associated brought back that name in through element RC and this is a pretty neat transmission setup you have a lot of adjustability here including overdrive and it is set up right out of the box with overdrive to the front now to you associated also offers a separate gear set there’s a gear set that comes with the truck that I’ll show you in just a bit the right now the front end comes over driven by about 6% it’s a little another five points something so what overdrive does is actually spins the front wheels a little bit quicker than the rear wheels so that will help pull you up and over obstacles and rocks and stuff like that you know again kind of kind of that race thinking right out of the box that’s influenced by a teen associated side you know looking for that performance advantage they included that right out of the box and what’s really nice about overdriving the front is that when you’re descending an obstacle or something like that the rear is spinning slower so it’s kind of dragging the rear down the hill so there’s a bit more control there now this transmission seven it’s actually pretty wide and that’s because there’s two lower gears to idler gears and then one top shaft gear and so that is how you go and adjust your overdrive and as I mentioned earlier there’s there’s another set in there you can go and swap it out so you go and overdrive the front end by I think it was about 11% so you know you get even more wheel speed out of front of it to help you pull up and over so again tuning and adjustability you could go and do a number of different adjustments actually so the width the way the transmission is set up you know you can see the motor is over here you can actually take this transmission out spin it around put it back in it does require an optional Top shaft but the option is there the tuning options are there now that Top shaft does go out to a basically a solid mounted spur gear we’ve got two what looks like slipper plates hexagon slipper plates that are keyed into the spur gear and I assume that if you did want to go and put in a slipper clutch you would be able to do so don’t quote me on that but it kind of has that look that you just stick an associated slipper in there but it is an aluminum motor plate which is something I do like over plastic motor plates that are out there on other vehicles it offers a solid mount for the motor and you know it helps dissipate it a little bit of heat there is a gear cover on there so you’re not gonna get any you know rocks or debris and those gears and really neat transmission set up over all the top gear on the top chef’ is metal the idler gears are metal the lower gears are plastic however you know if you do want they offer a number of machine gears for this again option parts were going to be available right out of the gate with this thing alright and now I guess we could talk about the electronics in here and let’s start off with the steering servo up front pioneer and 18 ounces of torque in this one guys usually we see like one hundred and twenty five hundred forty-five we’ve got a higher and eighty in this so we’ve got more torque than I think any other stock scaler out there and I could be wrong on that but you know 180 ounces is a lot out of this there’s a metal gear servo of course there is a plastic servo arm on here but I’ve seen those under the Reedy line you can get aluminum servo horn for this and so beyond the reduced servo we do have a Reedy SC 400 XP controller and this kind of looks like a speaker’s roller we’ve seen out there around the market before but I heard there was some revisions made to this so there is a bit more of an aggressive braking profile to it it is adjustable but you know it comes fitted with a t plug and as I mentioned earlier on it has these kind of standard servo plug style leads off of it to power the LED so you know when you go and get aftermarket LED lights like proline lights these will plug right in to those proline lights without any problems unlike some other speed controllers out there that have these little white connectors on there and kind of you know proprietary to that speed controller that brand but this is much more Universal it does have bolt plugs going over to the motor so you could go and swap out motors nice and easily Reedy already offers a different crawler motor for this but speaking about the motor that comes in this it’s actually pretty pretty unique a bit better than I think some other stock crawler motors are this is a 16 turn 5 slot brush motor so it’s going to

give you that speed that you need that wheel speed but it’s also going to give you that smooth torque that you’re looking for as well so that’s pretty cool that this is in this truck then over here in the receiver box is the XP receiver it is a four channel receiver so that allows you to go and plug in your accessories if you want again if you want to go and get a winch servo for this you can do this because I got to show you the radio in a minute but the receiver box isn’t what a resistance receiver box it’s got the rubber seal around it a rubber ring around the the wires coming out of the box here I wouldn’t say it’s completely waterproof you know water might be able to get in here through the wires but you know if you’re into the scale type scene you could probably figure out a way to make sure water doesn’t get in there but it’s really nice it’s a large receiver box so it’s gonna it’s gonna house all those different accessories maybe some light modules or if you have a winch module or something like that you could probably fit it all into this box alright I think that wraps up the features of the truck now why don’t we go look in the box I’ll show you all the accessories that comes with and that special feature alright so here’s the rest of the gear that comes with the Element RC Enduro and when I start showing you this stuff here this is basically you know kind of some additional parts that you may need with it here is that battery tray that I talked to you guys about before and then we have a rear extended body mount you know for those SUV bodies and then a bunch of little parts let me dump this out here so here are the optional gears for the overdrive so you can go and install those right out of the box and start tuning the transmission to the way you want the truck to drive and then there’s some extra servo horns you know if you have an aftermarket servo going in there a couple additional composite ball studs for the suspension and then a random Phillips head screw don’t know what that one’s for but it’s included maybe it’s for the servo or something alright now the new radio system that comes with the truck and this is the XP 130 there’s an instruction manual in here to help you figure out all the details of the transmitter but this is a three channel transmitter pretty nice looking transmitter you know it’s got this foam grip on the wheel love that and the chrome wheel has a faux disc brake behind it pretty neat pretty comfortable radio system for doublea’s go in the bottom we have all your usual trim features up here if the throttle trim steering trim dual rate for throttle and steering with servo reverses then channel 3 go and adjust the EPA of channel 3 and the channel 3 switch is right here at the end so you go and flip this it is a three position switch it feels like and you can go access that while you’re driving you just kind of hold your finger over the wheel and just flip it as you need it but that allows you to go in put a winch servo in there if you want to and control it with the third channel very cool feature on there I like this radio hope I get to use it a lot more and then we also have the instruction manual and some other literature that you would expect the vehicle to come with so the here here’s some of those option parts already optional Springs optional wheels harden that I shocks and then this looks like your Quick Start Guide we’ve got the speed controller instructions the instruction manual for the truck which is really well laid out and it’s all you know step by step building so who knows maybe it’ll have a kit I don’t know for sure don’t quote me on that but the way the instruction mail is laid out wouldn’t surprise me and finally we’ve got a decal sheet so you go customize the look of your truck with all sorts of stuff even down to for sale signs and an SPG logo that’s pretty cool right there and now onto the box and you’re probably like really you’re gonna show me the box Greg yes I have to show you the box because have you been looking at it while I’ve been talking kind of notice that this is like a brick pattern here well actually the inside of the box is like a garage diorama so you could go and basically set up your own garage by using the box so give me one minute I’m gonna unfold this thing to show you how cool this is and there you have it the shipping box turned inside out it’s now a garage diorama for your scale Crawler how cool is that that’s pretty awesome I took a couple pictures of it already and it works really well with Instagram and if you get the right angle you could even do some rectangular Facebook posts as well so it’s gonna be awesome for social media and showing off your new element RC enduro alright I think it’s about time that we head out find some rocks and see how the enduro performs I’m back for my first journey with the Element RC Enduro and I have a lot to

talk to you about but first let me tell you where I took the truck now that was

in Kent Connecticut on the Housatonic River by the Appalachian Trail and it’s just a beautiful spot to go crawling and you know just enjoy nature and you know of course there’s a lot of challenging stuff for the truck there to go over now this truck was just incredible from the moment I put it down and the first thing that I recognized over anything was it’s very quiet now a lot of trail trucks that I’ve driven they’ve got a lot of gear wined to them and even some grind here in there but this thing was more associated race quality the acceleration on this is super smooth it has a lot of torque to just pull this truck up and over the feeling of the truck is like a lightweight truck you know it does have that smaller battery pack in there but there’s not a lot going on in this truck and I imagine you know if you go and scale it out I’ll get a bit heavier but we’re right off the bat it’s got a more performance feel to it it really just articulates over everything that you go over there’s not a lot of wheel lift I mean yes it does happen here and there depending on the height of the object you’re going over but I’ll just a lot of the natural terrain that was there the low terrain you know the truck was just working the axle was twisting and the truck was testing the chassis was staying level the tires were hitting the body here in there I mean it is a kind of a larger sidewall tire and the truck has a little bit of droop to it but the result is excellent handling it’s it’s not like it’s getting hung up when it’s hitting the body or anything like that you know you just get the little clicking here in there but back to the power yeah that’s this motor that’s in here for a stock motor out of the box I really like the power of it you know top speed wise it’s it’s kind of like everything else out there where it’s just faster than a walking pace it’s got the torque it’s got the smooth feel to it which is what I really like as far as the speed controller and the braking was concerned I left it with the stock setup I tried to 100% set up really quick of a hundred percent brake that was a bit too much to me so I went back to the stock setup of the speed controller and I liked the braking that that provided it had some pretty smooth sense the depending on the but overall I really liked how the motor and speed controller combination worked you know out there where I was testing it on to let me talk about the steering necks on this the steering and I don’t think I mentioned this before is true 45 degrees steering on on the truck and I could really tell that out there when I was navigating through the different rock formations and stuff and I mean I just recalled multiple times where I’d go and crest the top of a rock and was able to just cut the truck and turn right back around and come back down you know within a fairly tight radius so I really like the steering on this you know I think that high torque servo in there is really doing its job it’s a great servo right out of the box and certainly just impressive for a ready to run you know no no clicking from the steering or anything like that it works really really well just you know pulling this truck through some of the rocks and stuff and I was able to reset the position by by cranking this the steering a bit you know when going through different types of terrain and stuff like that so these they got the steering down on this now onto the suspension as I mentioned you know this thing just kind of floated overall a lot of that rough terrain everything from the steering to the power it was just working well together and I felt there was a lot more control with this truck I was able to do some stuff with this truck that I really wouldn’t have pushed other trucks to do and I’m actually gonna overlay a certain video clip right now where I was just going up and above where I would normally push a truck there was this V gap basically that I thought I could you know put this truck through and you’ll see that it was it was up in the air and the control was actually pretty smooth it was pretty predictable I mean any guy completely through the obstacle but you could see the the position of this truck and how far you’re able to push it I mean that was just really impressive to me I had to show you guys that it just has this really great feel to it I mean up and over pretty much anything that I had in my way yes I did roll it a number of times you know really pushing it above and beyond climbing some steep rock even wet rock you know it held its own pretty well the traction on this was actually pretty good I’ve talked to a couple of

the other guys that you know have early samples of these and you know if the tires get pretty dirty there is some wheel slip there but where I was you know it was a lot of wet ground and so the tires are pretty clean most of time and so grip was pretty good with the stock tires I heard that when they break in a bit more than the traction is even better with them but I was happy with how they were working where I was driving and I could certainly see maybe adding a little bit of wheel weight in the front of this will help out even more it’s not completely necessary again out of the box this thing just handles amazingly but I could see those guys that just jump in and want to build this up to be you know maybe a cool calm crawler or something like that are really going to be happy with how the truck performed on to durability there’s really nothing to report I did have a couple of rough rollovers off of some of the higher rocks there I did go through some water nothing stopped you know there’s there’s certainly some scratches and stuff on the body which is no big deal it didn’t seem to hang up on any other rocks as far as you know in the center skid area but there is one issue I do just want to point out to you guys it’s not you know it’s not a durability issue but it’s the bumpers the the bumpers are pretty big and they hang kind of low in the front and I did hang up an awful lot on these bumpers and I kind of noticed that I could probably go and push the front bumper back a bit drill some new holes and that will help me set the the bumper a little bit farther back for a better approach angle but that’s really don’t the only issue I could find with the truck and that’s pretty easily remedied maybe with some aftermarket bumpers or something like that I’m sure scalar fab will probably have something they’re a good company to check out but you know that was really it that was really the only thing that I experienced during the entire time I was driving it I think associated element RC they really just did their homework on this truck and you know came out with a true performer and this is gonna be a great truck for people to get into crawling with and for people to grow into and for builders to just go wild with it now you know let me talk to you guys about Element RC I personally think that this is going to be a company that’s gonna be around I don’t think this is just a one and done type of thing these guys are going into this full throttle I mean we’ve got all the accessories you know lined up or a you know they sent me over some shirts and hats and stuff like that banners it’s a pork year for it from the Reedy line from the team associated line the factory team tools hit mats and everything like that I’ve got a stack of decal so you know when a manufacturer does all that right out of the gate that says something to me like you know we are serious about this we we are a e we are gonna make this happen and we are building trucks that people really want and and I certainly see that here with the element enduro so this is something truly special here guys definitely take a look at the Element RC Enduro if you are looking for your next big cool project if you’re looking to get into RC because this truck has so many of the features that so many people want hope you guys really enjoyed this review I put a lot of time and effort into it to make sure you guys got all the information now I want to know what you think you guys like this truck do you want to see more from Element RC throw in the comments section below and make this video the spot where everybody can know everything about the Element RC Enduro!

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