hey guys so in the spirit of social distancing with everything that’s happening right now with the coronavirus I just thought I would share a trip that I did with some friends of mine recently in an area that’s north of the Joshua Tree National Park it’s called the Dale mining district it’s about as remote as you can possibly be here in Southern California and it’s a an area with a bunch of abandoned mines and these old roads that just kind of weave their way through the terrain and they’re not maintained or anything they’re very very remote and they’re actually really hard to find you kind of have to ride for a while and you pick up the road for a bit and then the road disappears on you and you just keep going and eventually you find it again we wound up on an area that was just north of the Joshua Tree National Park kind of looking down into the park there and it was just this amazing view where you couldn’t see a single sign of civilization in any direction for as far as the eye could see I didn’t realize I was committing us to a thing nobody wanted to do Jon it’s amazing. Common I went right up on this thing this is one of those hills you can’t look at it you can’t think about it you just have to do it I saw Jon up I was like fuck it just straight around the curvy right up yeah all most. this is too much for me. you got like three feet of air that time shuuu buddy. Where’s Dennis? He’s up there. I thought you were Dennis for a second but I was wrong This is shitty terrain man. This is bitchen. Gleeful wonder. hey if you hate traction this is amazing Its paradise Im coming boys! Man what a scramble. It’s great I love this. It’s like riding on ball bearings

yeah I’m so glad we have the breeze. yeah thats saving us Is that where we came down? Or was it further up? We went the wrong way in the wash I think we went this way up out of the wash and not that way. We need to go this way. Ya We found it. just up the wash more. Phewie. These things sure fuckin float over the rocks and shit. Dude its just so nimble and like the way it tackles terrain I don’t think Dennis even sees us. Thats so cool Dennis we’re over here You want to trade for a little while dad? Huh? you want to trade for a little while? I don’t know if you can handle this thing. ohhh ok. It’s pretty powerful. Oh is it? Heck ya I’ll trade you I don’t know how your back tire is dealing with this stuff but man this thing is just like marbles Man I can feel it already just leaning on my leg way different beast I don’t miss the four strokes. No? This thing is so fucking heavy This power is just its big like the torque but it feels so lazy compared to the two stroke flicking of the clutch yeah it’s just like that the engine is like behind where your clutch you have to like anticipate clutching it because that thing just goes whoop. immediate you know? yeah buddy. woohoo. dude I was hauling up this thing. the road comes up right over here

the what? the road comes up right over there. man this thing is a pig. it’s not very nice and nimble and friendly huh the road continues on over here. it goes around. its really hard to follow its only like little sections that you can see that looks like a road. yeah looks like an actual like a maintained road. there’s that over there too which is kind of weird how much do we want to commit to this just remember the old guys. yeah I know thats why im saying. We should probably go the easiest route is there a way through there? It looks like you can bring it around here. actually go around this side and you can make it down It looks like there is kind of an S trail you can follow there. its not too bad but you’ll want to go around this way the thing is like I don’t want to make it so far down that if I can’t make it down any further I can’t make it back up Jon we’re well committed to going down at this point I think we you can still make it back up. eeehhhh sure like from here like you can cut through that so we decided to go down something that’s I think means we’re committed

at this point there’s no going back up so I just have to find a way down and something tells me that’s not gonna be too easy cuz it looks like this is just a pretty sheer drop-off here at the very end you can see it down there it looks like it just turns into a rock face so I may have to go back up this little embankment there or little hill there to try to find a way down but first thing I’m gonna look over the edge here and see if I can find or see the way down that doesn’t look too treacherous yeah that’s no bueno at all I’m not going down that Oh decisions if I can make it sort of across this little wash here over to the other side I might be able to make it through over there kind of traverse the hill a little bit I don’t know it’s always looks so different from the eyes of the bike when you’re actually riding wooo buddy. Nice. See Eric? I do see Eric. I feel so bad for him right now. he’s working he took the steepest. hardest possible route. way down. and he can’t go back at this point he’s committed. dude it would take a pulley to take the bike back up. is he talking to the GoPro? or himself. he’s gone crazy you stupid son of a bitch why did I do this Jesus. how tight is your butt hole right now. Its just exhausted. So is this where we’re doing lunch or what? The only difference between this hill and the one we’ve been wanting to climb for years is that this one Commitment is not an issue. You just are. We ya you started at the top instead of the bottom. just turn it upside down its not problem. so did you guys come down that shoulder over there? Jon came down right here. I came down a quarter mile around that way. oh ok oh so you went kind of back over the hill I went backwards a little bit and drop down the wash basically. Yeah thats what we did too I think we went further north than he did. Yeah I didn’t go all that far I went half a ridge or something yeah we just came down right here. yeah dropped in but I came across from the back side. This way wasn’t so bad. I mean there were some steep parts but not like this. there some parts we had to walk trough but otherwise it was all riding. ya but you spend most of your time literally between the point of tipping over the front of the bars every little obstacle I have to like carefully control the speed because if it gets like five inches of momentum it’s like you’re going over the bars yeah like get off and you stand up by the front fork and let the back kind of lean on you Yeah I did have to get off. I don’t like going over the front so. Neither do I. not this kind of stuff

huh? not on this kind of stuff. nooo it’s a long ways to fall. Jesus its so steep yeah you’re going to fall way down there. not up here. exactly. Its 10 feet before you even hit the ground you’re lucky if it doesn’t scrape your face off yeah Dennis do you remember that year we came out here and Eric still had that Toyota and we did an off-road we took the Jeep and Seths truck. We drove up here one time. is that this road? yeah. okay. pretty sure. How ya feeling they’re? fucking exhausted Shit dude. That was wicked yeah look back and look what you came down like. this shit is nasty that’s commitment man. oh that came oh that’s the drainage huh? that white yeah woo that’s pretty nasty so tedious man you gotta hold on the whole way down hold the brake and the clutch and everything everything was so like on the edge dude and then this thing does not cooperate when it comes to traversing at all. Not with that tire. I’m like so this thing does not do what I ask it to do I’ll be like trying to sneak through some tiny little spot in the back end just like washing out like fuck I guess I’m going the shitty way then Give me my bike back. I like that but I own this one. hah right! Good boy. I missed you Sorry about that motorcycle the bikes like I didn’t sign up for this. what? I said, the bikes like I didn’t sign up for this The bike is like I thought you said we were going to take it easy oh my god right here. that is where it is lighter baby Can I share a snickers with you? You’re not yourself when you’re hungry. hah thanks buddy Damn dude. this riding is as hard as the race, we’re just not racing. We’re stopping too much Want a snickers? If you have an extra ya. I forgot to repack after Soboba What do you think is that some sugary decoration or is that mold? Depends on how hungry you are Its got some pretty designs anyway. It smells alright

Man I was splashing all over the place up that section. That rocky. I was trying to pass you and then it was like not behaving. I was like here we go. Jump over here. Jump over there. yup. at one point I gave up and sat on it Thats another thing I Iike about riding on the fire roads. Its nice and easy. The bike doesn’t wear out the chain lasts nice. the tires last. its pretty cool Thats the same thing I like about leaving it in my garage Always with the quick wit Jon. yeah thats funny Jon Yeah I could go for some lunch right now. Uhh Fuck ya. Who’s cooking? Ya I know right Im just buttering up some fucking cracked wheat sourdough with some much meat Oh and I got all that salad too. I got like top remade salads if anybody wants to grab one I brought the makings for roast beef sandwitches. nice. big old hogie rolls. hell ya. the big fluffy kind I’m really looking forward to it. Damnit Jon we’re not there yet. I’m so hungry right now. It’s like all I can think about I thought you we’re getting up to go. You son of a bitch. I’m like well I guess I’ll lay down

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