Decision along boy DeVaughn alone without that blue with that is fine with

that question yet the real question to be asked what have I been face of mine everybody to draw don’t take off the last reveal and are nothing it’ll be found a mirror and it probably is where I found an empty glass the person does it true it’s Evan what’s up super tall I need them man hi hadn’t seen me just acacia Falls there’s nothing inside for me too booze masquerade decision all along if we split up on the loan without that blue with that is fine without question yet the real question to be asked we have I been hiding both face of mine everybody to draw Lana we’re gonna take off the last review and our nothing it’ll be found a mirror and proud of me is where I find and I’m taking the truth all right what’s up everyone Oh J here welcome back to another P Eve live to date is May 17 2019 can you guys believe that we are heading into halfway through 2019 time just flies by when you’re having fun here in the village I want to thank each and every single one of you guys I’m probably gonna start doing this a little bit more shoutouts to the persona / Smash Brothers music but I’m Bob gonna start doing this just a little bit more just kind of give him my thanks to you guys on Fridays man just for like the great week that we had a lot of you guys were watching the content my video from yesterday did really well over 10 10k 10k not even more than two days this is the first time that I’ve ever had like 10k pretty much in one day’s time so that was that was incredible so thank you guys so much for watching yesterday’s video and shout outs to

Rhett enigma thank you so much for the twitch fry for two months down appreciate that the soul of pyro burns within you my man thank you so much for the support so I want to thank each and every single one of you guys within your twitch boys or whether your your YouTube here the elite ninja village fire nation thank you guys so much for the support and let’s keep this thing going I want to go the village more if you’re not subscribed yet make sure you hit that subscribe button but your friends family whatever the case is know about the channel unless just the PE podcast and don’t let your kids know about that don’t watch that but everything else is family-friendly for the most parts so so yeah but in PE podcast is that night so it’s a little bit different but um but alright so thank you guys so much seriously for the support really I really do appreciate that now let’s go and get into some ninja news so basically on the channel like I said we did have that video yesterday already 10k views so thank you guys so much about the switch and how things are gonna change up with the Japanese sales and then we also had today this morning at 6 a.m. we had a nice Super Mario maker video which is doing okay not as good as the video yesterday but I kind of expected that since it was two days after the Super Mario maker to direct but that’s okay if you haven’t checked it out please make sure you check out my Super Mario maker to video I’m just kind of goes over what I’m really excited about and how it’s just incredible you know which I didn’t say that about the first Mario maker but this one just looks absolutely amazing next up is that we are gonna be playing some games after this dream I just don’t know what we’re gonna play so we’ll figure it out we’ll figure it out and then tomorrow we’re definitely gonna be playing some different type of games we might do splatoon – tomorrow I have to be the beginnings you might be splatoon – I mean then we might mix in some Super Smash Brothers then we’ll probably finish off with some Mario Kart or something like that or just might use platoon – and then Mario Kart but we are for sure getting splatoon – tomorrow so keep that in mind tomorrow splatoon – I’ve got an update because I haven’t played that game in so long but anyway we’re gonna we’re gonna do split soon – tomorrow we’re gonna do splatoon – and probably gonna do smash in splatoon too so yeah all right so I think that pretty much wraps it up for for ninja news if you want me to say hi to you in the chat feel free to say hi and I’ll be more than happy to say hi back to you oh you work tomorrow okay that’s um that’s very unfortunate I’m not sure if you’re working today I mean we are gonna play something today I’m not really sure but we are gonna play probably gonna play something maybe some Mario Kart after this stream all right so let’s see you who’s here in the chat say hi and I’ll say hi back um ex-knight what’s up party man The Bodyguard is here Stacy’s here what’s up Stacy I think that’s dragon lady gaming g5 what’s good g5 by the minute vitae minimum deep what’s up I wound up penguin how you doing today let’s see your jump ah Jocelyne him to jump mom’s here okay J 2099 what’s up focus on me yo Marcus yeah sweat fest is tomorrow I don’t know what I’m choosing I’ll figure it out tomorrow what’s up Captain Planet how you doing today my man he just says vitamin D Diego bellman what’s up man Tim W what’s up says hi four times let’s see you we’re not playing for I’m done with for tonight I’m not playing that game again focus on me what’s up Dawson 31 what’s up Dawson yo the DK mane it’s so it’s so refreshing to play against a DK mane and get grabbed as many times like I got grabbed and I got zo dead so how’s this absolutely I was absolutely refreshing to get bodied on that first off like that Thank You Dawson I appreciate that blanket six what’s up man oh snap yo Greg e waggy what’s up let’s go start out the stream during the introductions what’s let’s go Greggy waggy that’s the elite ninja here in the village so thank you so much Greggy waggy appreciate the donation ten dollars that makes you the top stream ninja first donation of the stream so you guys give some love to Greggy waggy and he says I’m loving what you do Oh Jay keep up the good work thank you so much man thank you so much I worked really hard to build this something you guys have been more than you guys have been more than awesome I always tell you guys you guys are the best freaking users on the Internet hands down I don’t give a damn what anybody says how many million subscribers you guys are the best right here in the new energy village so thank you so much man yeah I’m gonna keep doing what I do man I mean I I think that I’ve I built enough skills to where I can do this and even if there’s months there are a little bit lower than not the views aren’t there I can still kind of you know keep it going and everything and like I said I’m pretty I’m pretty uh I’m pretty frugal with things so when it comes down to it at the end of the day so thank you so much man I’m gonna keep doing what I’m gonna be doing you know um I don’t think I’m gonna have any issues anytime soon at least you know so thank you so much man and Aidan Quinn is still up here from yesterday I forgot to change it Greg your wagon you are the top stream engine so congratulations maybe I’ll leave up the top change in a stream that you from the last one so I don’t know maybe maybe that’s been I’ll do from that all right so go and put you up here you guys give some love to Grady waggy all right let’s keep it going here

Rob glass what’s up man how’s it going um we’ll talk about that in just a bit Rob glass well I can talk about that at the end of the astral chain hike we can talk about that link of Hyrule what’s up man how’s it going kooky gang says uh lucious Augustus how’s it going g5 once again j2 blue sent us the sexy jutsu originator j2 blue all right you see I don’t know if you remember but you played my DK before in smash 4 did I did I play your DK in smash 4 no I don’t remember smash 4 at all actually if you want me to be completely honest I barely remember smash 4 I just remember I just remember Bop and party man in Juba all the time that’s really all I remember from from smash 4 is this but and then getting popped literally getting popped when we started up smash ultimate those two so uh because I kick chic and I was like what what’s wrong with shake did we play what happened did you did you beat me pretty bad or how how was it in smash 4 alright but no I actually don’t remember at all alright let’s see artist Sakura what’s good man um the rolls of cheese yes yes definitely definitely yo we got flip $9.99 right ain’t gon user flip $9.99 here good to see you here charity Scott is here what’s up charity good to see you here as well all right let’s see you just never heard of smash 4 what is that is that a was that on the gank you was that the mod 4 p.m. I think we played a match and you were using fog so you got kind of bobbed with it with a clap okay yeah if I was using Fox yeah I definitely yeah a fox versus DK oh yeah I think I remember you down yeah I think I got kind of clamp yeah I think I got I kind of got clap because I used to – right into people like I was dashing right into YouTube it needs too many times when we played every now and then but no our games are actually a lot closer party man I mean then then you know than usual your games are the games are really close a lot of the games are I might be like okay you know we’re on the last stock you know but they’re fairly all pretty for the most part I mean there’s times where I’m just getting I’m getting bopped – but for the most part they’re pretty they’re pretty all pretty close you know last talk you know maybe not last hit but last talk yo what’s up man II am how’s it going yo shoutouts to Robert my boy co-captain of the Viking Age you got very Tiger Robert and flip here shoutouts to all of you guys thank you so much to the long-term supporters well I was bad as smash 4 and I’m still bad well at least you at least you have the self evaluation down no shoutouts right enigma thank you so much man I appreciate the support I really do yeah I think I think the difference I mean really guys with ultimate is just that I think it really fits some people’s play styles more but I think the biggest thing with all is that peach I mean for you at least party mint peaches a lot better and ultimately peach is like peach went up like two tiers in ultimate she went from probably maybe even some people had her seats here and smashed for I mean she met up maybe three tiers in an ultimate two to three tiers you know so I think that’s also another thing another really you know good thing you know that happened all right so let’s see her part managed a team up and faced team battles do you guys want to do you guys I mean we can do team battles the only problem with team battles is potential lag that’s the only issue with team battles is lag I want to be opposed to doing it though all right let’s see I think I’m better in smash 4 and in smash 4 in my opinion I still not used to ultimate I don’t know J did we play in smash 4 who’d you use I think you’re not bad and ultimate I just think that you know you just I mean you’re fighting against a lot of high tiers and ultimate you know and I think you’re observing because II row suit was better in Smash 4 than she was an ultimate so I think that’s also another issue that you’re that you’re having right now and I think even Mario was better and smashed 4 than he is an ultimate because he doesn’t have like the the up tilt combos like right away so though they’re both they’re both good you know zero suit and Mario are both still good and smash ultimate but they’re not as good as they were in smash 4 and I think that’s really the issue that you’re having right now it’s not it’s not that you’re not it’s just that your characters are better in those games that’s really it no this is not a smash discussion I just wanted to talk about it a little bit yeah so so there you go alright so let’s see Marco heart thrown what’s up man Loki G what’s up Loki a thanks for the shout outs on Twitter man I appreciate that I’m glad we can be some entertainment for you while you recover so shoutouts man and hopefully have a speedy and quick recovery to get back to walking normal and all that man so shoutouts let’s see you frozen gamer what’s good

frozen gamer how’s it going Jamil what’s up man how’s it going Jamil let’s see your hwg wrestling nobody nobody actually says that ultimate is a port nobody actually says at least nobody says that after they revealed it’s not not really let’s see here the K dog but yeah nobody said that ultimate is important I think so long after they showed it up not really um all right let’s see your Aidan Quinn says I’ve been told that they don’t snap from my $2.00 yeah you got that oh snap by Greggy waggy fiance Hancock what’s up fairy tiger what’s up man good to see you here once again shoutouts to captain of the Viking nation co-captain let’s go all right I think that’s pretty much everybody right I pretty much got I think I saw mty 1983 surfer Oh what’s up so far oh how’s it going good to see you here Diego as well KJ $23.99 JA come on yeah yeah let’s see here did I miss anybody Bucky boy artist Akira don’t call me Danny what’s up guys good to see you’re busy Mike as well shoutouts to everybody here thank you guys so much for showing up to the stream and I appreciate it Oh with the brilliant gun oh let’s go taking the souls of the chest women through like Sasuke what is this Jay to blue are you serious man you ready an elite ninja here shoutouts the Jade subbu the sexy jutsu and renege on user apparently my man got sexy jutsus Annie got ringing guns shoutouts to Jake sue blue what the $50 donation that says astral chain hype let’s go thank you so much Jay to blue I really do appreciate that from the bottom of my heart man thank you so much you guys give some love and give some emotes give some set in guns to my goood Jay to blue supporting the ninja village with the $50 donation man that is a lot to give away so thank you so much man and I’m I’m happy that at least you know that you feel the need that to support you know to help out man so I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing I’m gonna even work harder for you guys so you guys are already seeing that on display but the I told you guys we’re gonna keep on doing this I’m gonna extend the streams we’re gonna be streaming I mean I said I said at this you guys remember sorry to get on my soapbox right here but you guys remember back when smash ultimate came out dude I think I’m gonna become like a full-time streamer when smash ultimate comes out and pretty much this whole week we’ve been streaming seven to sometimes even eight hours a day or around eight hours of content so like a full time right there’s a lot there’s like seven to eight hours of content a day on the channel I told you guys we’re even gonna take it up a notch more because of the support that you guys give so and like I said we’re even gonna do it bigger and better because tomorrow I’ve got another video for you guys already done at 6 a.m. going over some Fire Emblem stuff and all of that non-spoiler Fire Emblem stuff everybody else is ruining the game by the way with some spoiler information I vetted it I took out all the spoiler stuff and only went over the stuff that was important with combat and things like that and some of the new character profiles that were officially revealed not the info dump that was from a questionable type of place with all sorts of weird stuff kind of put in there so yeah I’m gonna keep on working hard for you guys so you guys are gonna have another video at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning and probably another video on Sunday as well as 6 a.m. now that I got my new schedule going the the difference is that I sleep now that’s the biggest difference in terms of why we can stream so long and other things I’m into supports there but also because I actually get sleep down before I never got sleep I’ve actually calmed my life down which is good I’m the older you get the more sleep you need let me just tell you guys that right now I’m like a lot of you guys are young guns y’all don’t sleep but trust me when you get into your 30s it’s time to start sleeping alright so Jay to blue with the with the with the 50 man thank you so much of course you’re the top Street ninja and also the string boss as well so I appreciate that man downgrade thank you so much man I appreciate that downgrade 101 how you doing today all right let’s see you may want to do the vouchers for digital version splatoon and m’kay Mario Kart 8 deluxe nom why would I do that I already I already have both of those games why do I need to do the digital versions of those JD says you kept your word man I remember you saying 2019 you’ll be huge in terms of content you’re putting out yeah exactly exactly I just had to I had to I had to figure out the whole sleep schedule though and like cuz I edit for other people too I had to figure out that as well so there was a lot of things I had to figure out but I got it I got it going down I got it like I got it down to like a science to where I can like make all the content stream we can still play the games and everything I’m not I’m not dead tired like there are times I literally I remember one time you know what happened after I was done streaming that night I literally fell asleep at my desk like I started editing and while I was editing I literally fell asleep and bit and hit my head on the damn keyboard and kept my head on the keyboard and it broke my keyboard this is actually a different keyboard that I use but earlier like it

broke the damn keys in the keyboard because they’re a punch down and my computer kind of like spazzed out a little bit I didn’t I haven’t told anybody that but yeah one time that did happen where I literally banged my house and I just banged my head on the keyboard and it just sat there for about a good three hours until I snapped I just snapped up and woke up and I’m like okay I gotta make some changes yeah it ripped my my big old head rip do i I had like I had like that like that why g.h like he’s imprinted in the side of my skin for like a good two to three hours after that happened because I was sleeping on it for so long I had keys imprinted on the left side of my face it was really funny hey there velvet good to see you here let’s see here oh the tele forehead so that’s the j2 blue though thank you so much man I appreciate that man really do alright so shall we get into the astral chain hype so a lot of you guys are really excited for astral chain a lot of you guys wanted me to talk about some of the new artwork that was released potential multiplayer capabilities what we could see at e3 and you guys’s thoughts I had a lot of people asking me about astral chain so I decided to talk about astral chain today so should be fun so let’s go ahead and head over to the article here so we can see this new astral chain artwork if you haven’t already seen it I said it on Twitter Nintendo’s shared it as well and I think it’s looking pretty cool so here’s the artwork so shout outs to you guys know Komatsu baby Komatsu the best site in the world alright so let me see if i can actually display capture let’s go ahead let’s see if we can minimize this a little bit just we can give them out to some props there we go alright so I want a chant I want to change this alright we’re gonna do we’re gonna do this and we’re just gonna make this a little bit smaller live stream maker let’s go alright so we’ve got the key astral chain org or astral shanky artwork here once again shot us two good Watson and shut up stews I post gaming by the way he’s also an elite ninja here and he obviously you know he helps out at times and he’s been in that you know he’s one of the ninja here in the village so chance disciples for he first figured this one out or at least saw the artwork and then reported on it so the new ki artwork for astral chain the upcoming action game for platinum games and Nintendo has surfaced on the Japanese Nintendo eShop now Shane is due out for the switch on August 30th you can read more information about the game we have various different videos so if you want to read more information that’s on come on – but also we’ve talked about it on the channel so if you want to know more about Ashlyn Shane why it’s important what the game is about what it could have in there I made I’ve made more astral chain videos than I think I should have made and that I should have made on this channel I think I’ve made at least seven or eight Astrachan videos based off of nothing but the first trailer so we’ve got plenty of Astrachan videos up in terms of information so yeah here’s the key artwork of the game and it’s absolutely amazing I love the artwork in this game therapist she that’s kind of like a scoliosis going on with her back or I’m not really sure that is quite the arch you know what I’m saying but I still like it I still like the art I think it looks super slick and like and like it looks like it looks like fan drama at the same time stylistic like a gag somebody who’s like really really really really good at their art and is like trying to you know get Commission’s or something like that somebody like a renowned but apparently this art is from somebody who already does other types of anime and things like that but I love the type of coloring use you know I love the type of coloring used in the art I just love the outfits everything about this is freaking amazing I love it so Christian Kanani says donated $1 can we get a reaction to my new video tell me what you think about my Sam is also a ancient vessel okay we can probably get the reaction um towards the end let’s go and let’s get through the other topics today and then once we get into the the end of the video then we can definitely get a reaction to your video but I kind of want to get to the topic so we have a lot of time for Q&A because the past couple days we haven’t had as much time for you guys as thoughts and topics so we’ll definitely get that going for you and we’ll play ancient vessel as well so give me just one bit and we’ll get to ancient vessel right after I’m done talking about this right here but thank you Christian I do appreciate the dollar donation my boy I really do thank you alright so so yeah the artwork just looks absolutely amazing I love like this is like the Legion that you use in there so I think it’s pretty cool and yes I want this as a poster as well but look at the font the font is awesome like I like the a in the end that’s just cool I like the way that they like all the different like little divots and stuff that they put into the a little divot right there a little sharp mark right there it just it just it like just oozes style and like even like the font and like there’s like a metallic type of like or like a different type of coating to the font and how it goes from light to kind of like the darker silver really cool the Japanese in there and addition to the English as well and I love when they do that because it really just shows okay this is a worldwide game none of this BS where it goes in Japan first and we get it five months later they did that with Bayonetta 2 by the way not five months but we got it months later none of that

stuff from now on guys it’s worldwide everybody deserves the game at the same time no none of this oh we can’t localize it no stop this stop this this is where the millions of dollars comes from right when we talked about with ATM dude hated right this is where the extras of millions of dollars comes in to make sure that we get games day and date pay these straight treehouse people yeah every single day they should be getting new builds they should be translating as the Japanese developers do it that’s why they make so much money right so that’s exactly what I want to see I don’t want to see none of this it takes two or three months the translate or localize the game no get it day and date so I love when they actually put the Japanese and they put the English in there that’s dope that’s really cool because then you know you don’t have to make multiple different logos you just have one logo in there that’s what it’s gonna be so shout outs to that shout outs of that man but it’s it’s this is looking dope man apparently some people were upset I oh this what I heard I didn’t see much of it about her her booty shorts that she has going on here but once again who cares I mean have you not seen a girl wear booty shorts before like who cares like people act like I said people act like they’ve never seen it before oh well you go to the gym there’s all sorts of girls wearing whatever they want for the most part you know what I’m saying so oh well act like you’ve seen it before it’s not being such weebs out there if this gets you upset you’ve got issues you’ve got issues if they gets you upset stop acting like you haven’t seen a cute girl wearing some booty shorts calm down stop and dressing an anime character with your eyes it’s not a big deal oh well you know what I’m saying like people take people some people are taking it too much but to me it seems fine to me seems fine to me so so yeah no problem on my end at least also showed us the master dragon for the host as well Oh sounds fun indie gamer Rilo what’s up guys good to see you guys here as well thank you so much twitch boys and girls so anyway that is the key artwork and once again Christian I will get your reaction we’ll probably do it towards the end of the stream just so we can kind of get through I do want to get through this because there’s actually a lot of content to go through with the disaster report and also team sonic racing and some of you guys’s questions and stuff like that and we’ve been going over on time so yeah alright so that’s that let’s go and get to you guys this thoughts on this artwork I’ll be more than happy to I’m gonna go ahead and leave it up here and I’m gonna read off you guys as I read off you guys’s questions here or actually no we’ll just go ahead and uh I’ll go ahead and click off and we’ll head back to all right so let’s see here it’s just so you guys can kind of see all this stuff that’s going on alright so if you guys have a question comment thoughts on astral chain and the artwork please let me know and yeah they’re twins they aren’t they are twins so yeah nothing wrong with some small buttons sometimes petite girls are 62 yeah can be can be sexy it’s just like I mean I’m not necessarily the biggest fan myself but I mean for people yeah there’s nothing wrong with that okay so that’s the 18 quid says nice but Sony is shaky I know sony Sony when it censored it rezoning would have censored it yeah he said I was Australia’s better faces they looked so it looks like r2 it’s anime style game so I don’t know what I don’t know what’s wrong with the faces it’s anime style hwg wrestling Karen Berkley says I’m how much do you think I should Shane will get to e3 five minutes maybe yeah I think I’ll have a cup solid 5 minutes 4 to 5 minutes maybe even just a new trailer and then maybe like a astral chain direct closer towards August maybe like August or July maybe they do like a national chain direct I think that’s the best way to really sell your game is a doing director Leon it you know alright let’s see here Markel says I love how there’s not a single Nintendo published game on the switch that hasn’t been localized it came a long way since the wee days absolutely marquel that’s a very good point to make absolutely there was actually there was multiple week.we games that were not localized captain rainbow what was it disaster day of crisis at least here in the US it was it was it was in Europe what else there was more I think there’s a few other ones oh there was like this mature rated game like were you slash Titans I forgot what it was called but that was never localized here in the US and like it was like a bunch of blood that popped out like you were this dude and you would slash Titans in half or like you would slash Titans almost and it never got localized I forgot what the name was maybe somebody check him now let me know about but it was a Wii game but yeah there was there was at least three we games that I can think of and there’s probably more that were not that were first party or Nintendo helped out with and they never were localized all right so that’s the five nights at Freddy’s with the $5 donation thank you so much for that shimmy and he says thank you for that awesome hilarious podcast last night yeah the PD podcast is up if you didn’t catch a life it is up for patreon Zaandam elite ninja so you guys can check it out whenever you want on there and it will be up for everybody else probably tomorrow morning I’ll be up for everybody else I’m gonna make I want to make the wait time a little bit shorter on that but thank you so much about I appreciate and yeah the

podcast is super fun super fun all right TV videos I think there’ll be a playable there will be other like like playable twins or something there’ll be other playable twins there might be other playable characters but I don’t know about other playable twins so yeah let’s see here TK Arvid says I think there would have been less complaints if the male twin have the same booty shorts and was striking the same pose off with his muscular butt that twice or that or twice the complaints I think there still would have been complaints no matter what there still would have been complaints so I don’t think it really even matters but I think it’s a very small vocal minority I think most people think it’s cool and most people want you know if you’re gonna have a cute character that’s fine have a cute character you know that’s good there’s nothing wrong with it she’s just wearing some doody shirts it’s not a big deal she’s not naked you know like I said act like some people need to I think they’ve seen it before I you go to a gym you’re not gonna sit there be disgusted with somebody wearing some shorts like that in the gym right or if you go to the beach you’re not gonna be sit there and be disgusted with that I don’t understand what it she’s not real either you know what I’m saying like she’s not real I’m so that’s another date and she’s clothed she’s clothed I mean she just has some spandex shorts on big deal you know it’s not it’s really not a big deal all right but yeah I see what you’re saying though maybe there would have been twice the complaints or maybe not MF s game places I can’t remember that the Titan game either but it was a multiplayer online it was all you do is kill Giants yeah yeah yeah we didn’t get fatal frame for and almost didn’t get the original Xenoblade wait fatal frame for we got the fatal point or was that oh we owe the Wii game on failure from God got it got it got it okay oh yeah we got it we got a bear we got AB and this got AB and this dude right here we got a couple couple weirdos got a couple weirdos on a racist people on twitch that’s going to get them get them banned all right banned you and banned you as well thank you guys thank you for the free views on twitch nothing you guys say ever gets to me you guys can say racist stuff all you want to doesn’t matter you guys are losers living with your mom in basements with no lifes and I’m over here living life have a nice house have a nice car have a big audience and stream them all you guys are losers watching me so sit down shut up relax and get on with your miserable life and watch me while you watch somebody a lot more successful thank you though thank you for watching I appreciate it guys thank you all right now moving on let’s see here one of the big ones says I feel like I feel like the artwork and the twins don’t look like they look in the trailer I prefer their appearance in the trailer but it’s just me um well it’s more anime stylize the graphics in the game aren’t necessarily like super anime it’s like it doesn’t have the same pastel colors like this looks like they’ll carrier Chronicles art but in the trailer the art isn’t the same as what they had the anime aesthetics go like this looks like they’ll career Chronicles like the way that it’s drawn and everything like that but the graphics aren’t like that in the game but no they they look like it’s just like the art style different the game art style and the CH and the art that’s here is different man some developers do that just to make it stand out a little bit more but yeah and it’s the type of coloring that they used the the past like the the coloring in the in the game itself is definitely darker tone than this right here like I said that’s that’s intentional to make it to make the artwork stand out a little bit more so yeah that’s that’s the reason why and thanks thank thank you for the twitch thank you for the twitch moderators I appreciate that and like I said don’t I’m not worried about I’m not worried about racist people I mean we get this all the time it’s it like alternates between YouTube in between Twitch between somebody says something racist on YouTube then some it’s like it’s like an alternate different type of thing but I think I don’t understand why people don’t underst I don’t understand why people like most black people that are content traders nobody gets offended by that like nobody like we’ve heard it 5 billion times at this point it’s like desensitized to it we’re the ones still streaming you’re still the loser you know what I’m saying is it I’m at the end of the day the roles is to were distilled it were still the stream of that everybody’s watching you’re still the losers so I mean I don’t understand why people still do that but anyway moving on um vitamin D alright vitamin D about other people in our weary says what what happened to town right hold on to random questions towards the end we’re not talking about town we’re talk about astral chain some dude says our artwork is clean anybody complaining about is way too sensitive pretty much I’ve found out that sensitivity is on an all-time high especially on Twitter Shadow King cuz I hope the artwork ends up being the boxer I think it’s probably gonna be the boxer yeah I think it’s probably gonna be that I think it’s probably gonna be the boxer although there might be some changes between the west and the east so we have to wait and see on that Pandora’s tower and Last Story almost didn’t come over too well yeah I know about that but they still did come over though those were the operation rainfall games Xenoblade Pandora’s tower and Last Story Twitch’s the forty of streaming these basement dollars are hilarious yeah they’re

pretty they’re pretty funny they’re pretty funny thanks to you I appreciate that man this town relaxed into the war bow enjoy the warm milk yeah yeah it’s all good let’s see here Marco says it has a really nice shiny look to it I would think game is gonna age like fine wine yeah I think so too here’s here want me to give you guys some inside information potentially so here’s what I’ve been hearing with that actual change so I’ve been hearing that there was consideration for multiplayer or online components so even if it doesn’t have online multiplayer it looks like there’s gonna be some like online stuff that you can do in some way shape or form and that DLC I think somebody asked about DLC like that it’s been in consideration but nothing’s set in stone I was at the time and remember I didn’t know this was astral shaming at the time I learned this information I just learned about when I told you guys like you know nosebleed and stuff like that I just learned about multiple Platinum Games and one of them was told me it was a completely different type of game that we haven’t seen that was potentially a new IP so I knew about oestrogen but I did not know the name of what Ashley chain was and that’s when I started tech nosebleed nosebleed because you know we started getting rumors about scalebound and we started and then there was this game as well but at the time like I said I didn’t know that it was called asshole chain and all of that so I’m thinking that the information that I got was about this game a shame because scalebound have still I mean I don’t know if that’s even still happening you know whatever the case is so so yeah there could be there could be some DLC there could be some online components maybe with that whether that’s like a leader worth of a system like a battle arena type of thing I mean it looks like there might be something like that too included and which could be revealed at like some type of direct or something like that so yeah all right so let’s keep it going here do you think there’s a possible playable demo coming I’m sold already I think that a playable demo could happen but I’m not sure if it’s going to happen if that makes sense because until now it hasn’t really done a lot of demos with their games and so I think that I’m not sure if there’s gonna be a demo just because we haven’t seen much there really just hasn’t been much demos you know Nintendo is pretty confident they just say hey when the game comes out you’ll buy it you know usually with demos it’s usually on games where they feel maybe not as confident with sometimes like Kirby I know that got a demo I know you got a demo but I think it’s games like that where they’re really trying to sell like I mean it has this like atmosphere it’s like looks like it’s too easy or whatever they’re trying to sell it to maybe more people that wouldn’t buy it but games like Astra changes or like already has people sold you know sorry I don’t know I don’t know if that’s the case also shoutouts to a sneaky 28 with the twitch vault thank you so much sneaky I appreciate that welcome to the Fire Nation all right now you don’t have to apologize Don gee you’re fine dude the fact that you’re like I said you never guys never have to apologize for coming out to the stream you don’t have to spend your time here there’s 5 billion content creators that you can be watching right now there’s tons of live content there’s tons of shows and all sorts of stuff please never apologize for for being late I appreciate you guys even taking the time out of your day to watch me time is the most valuable resource anybody has one of the most valuable resource I mean you need money you need other things you need shelter and all that but time is very valuable so I appreciate you being here man I really do all right so let’s see Shadow King says I think it’d be cool if they released a demo on the eShop to the during e3 to build up yeah that would build hype I mean I think I think also just releasing a great direct I mean because it’s still a couple more months before the game comes out right so I mean you can build hype at e3 but remember we still have Marvel Ultimate Alliance and we still have fire in three houses before astral chain so and we could even be getting daemon ex machina before astral chain as well that could be early August so I think that maybe you have a demo but probably it wouldn’t go during e3 I mean I think that they’d probably do like a direct like that astral chain direct and then maybe they drop a demo right then and there when you have pre-orders up because I think building hype you have to be very strategic with how you build hype right like you have to do it to where it’s close to when the game you have to do to when the game is being able to be pre-loaded that’s probably the best way to do it like if you’re gonna drop a demo or if you’re gonna drop something you got to hype it up to where it’s gonna be available in it in a preload right demo available for preload so I don’t know if it’s during e3 is the best times I don’t think I’ll be available for preload that and there’s still other games coming out before so I think that the best time to drop a demo or something like that or even announce a demo would be during a direct or be during like sometime in August that probably be a better way to build hype leading right into it to where people can actually pre-purchase the game that’s that’s that’s the ultimate goal right hype leads the purchase leads to a sale so I think it probably a better idea to wait and then do it in August after the other games that have already came out all right let’s see here if all those people we love to watch you thank you man I appreciate that otaku I know there’s there’s far more people that are cooled and crazy weirdos little children you know with the in their parents house watching so

it’s all good I mean they just come they’re just just looking to get a reaction usually it’s most of the time it’s obviously kids that don’t really love much by their parents I mean and weren’t taught by their parents to be decent individuals I mean that’s pretty that’s pretty apparent right I mean like my daughter would never do something like this ever she’s she better not you know what I’m saying she better not say anything like this to anybody in her life you know so I mean like and me and my family me and my brothers just we never would go online and be racist towards anybody or say anything like that so it’s really more of the way that they were raised more so than anything which is fine I’m praying for them hopefully they’ll they’ll figure it out one of these days all right let’s keep it going here this actual saying come come to other platforms later down the road no it’s a first party exclusive from Nintendo that Nintendo paid for why would it why would it go to other other places in Tendo paid completely for it it’s a Nintendo owns the IP so I don’t understand why you’d ask that question let’s see here a lot of people says uh I hope to be a specialist even though it might not have the money um there’s a special edition in Japan we know about that but maybe they’re waiting to show off the special edition here in the West usually for games like this Nintendo does special editions so like Fire Emblem three houses like these hardcore games that you know aren’t on the tier of Mario or Zelda or something like that like they usually get special editions whereas games like Mario and Zelda don’t get special Zelda got special edition so maybe not that one but like Mario sometimes doesn’t get special editions or there’s certain games that don’t get anything but like these games usually get them because like I said we’re getting it with Fire Emblem we got it with Z no blades you know but I got a special edition so I’m thinking that this game’s gonna get some type of special edition for here in the West so yeah Marco says demos of Astrachan the alternate lines they would be awesome of course they’d be awesome that’d be great the only problem that I have a deficit it leaves me wanting more and I need to play the game now you know but I’ll cast aside think the devil would be good because it appears to have a unique combat system I think that would help decided people’s for them but agree it’s it’s doubtful yeah I think really what they’re selling this game on is there so this game on ok near did you play near you like you like to do that created near this is gonna be that you know oh you like to deke Kamiya oh this is gonna be that oh you like Bayonetta ok this is gonna be that if you like any of those you know if you like me or Bayonetta I think you’re pretty much already sold if you think those games are awesome then you’re pretty much already sold and you know near is doing pretty well 4 million units sold so I think a lot of near fans are gonna come over for this one because the guy who worked on year is directing this one this is his debut direction and he was one of the leader lead developers on near so the fact that he’s doing that and Hideki Kamiya is looking over I think that’s already enough for some people to say okay I’m buying it but yeah maybe some people that are still not quite convinced that or if they didn’t like Bayonetta or anything like that then I can understand but I think there’s gonna be more than enough people that are just saying I’m gonna get the game and antennas gonna market pretty crazy so it’s gonna be good apparently they ain’t parents what are you talking about MF s gameplay um thank you talk to me I appreciate that let’s see Karen Brooke this is I think it’s gonna be a demo but I think III only um I think it might be playable at e3 but I don’t think they’re gonna do any type of special demo for e3 only or anything like that I don’t think so guys people were making predictions of that last one that did it happen I don’t think they don’t like and now also I don’t think Nintendo likes doing that that’s that’s actually really tough on the developers to make believe it or not making demos suck from from what I understand making a demo is kind of trash deep from what I understand from a developer’s standpoint it’s not a fun thing to do if the game’s incomplete then you have to make it in a playable state and then you have to do extra extra time I mean we’re talking like up to two to three works or sorry two to three weeks sometimes even more maybe a month just to make one demo of development time so it just kind of a lot of developers don’t like doing it but sometimes they they have to do it or sometimes they the publisher wants them to do it but it’s not necessarily a great thing just it’s not like oh let’s just make it that what’s easy is it’s not like that to make a demo it’s actually a lot more it’s a lot more time-consuming than one would think alright um I don’t know man I mean near I don’t know if Mira can get a switch do that game’s rough even on the ps4 and the PC it’s just it’s it’s kind of unoptimized I mean it’s still good but it just seems like it struggles not struggles but it’s just like it’s rough even on ps4 Pro I mean there’d be there’d be a lot of work that needs to get done that came to come over oh man there would be a lot of work I mean so I mean the problems I think the the port might be worse than like might be worse than like doom or something like that you know so I mean that’s the only issue that I would have wouldn’t hear but yeah it’ll be fun if there came over all right you think Nintendo or other third-party developers are going to let Astrachan release by itself in August or are we gonna be packed like July in August um there’s gonna be some other games in August as well so we’ll hear more about that at e3 to those kids that are living in their base that’s messing with you that was a late comment oh okay okay I see I see yeah yeah yeah like I said they’re just children it’s not a big deal guys like at the end of the day mine I’ve been called that five billion times online oh well you know like oh

I’m still here we still got two hundred and twenty something people watching you guys are still crazy supportive and love the content so oh well whatever you know I can’t pick my skin color or whatever the case is I have no choice I was born this I was born so it’s not a big deal it’s whatever um Marco says some some games use the first level as a demo yeah but you still have to craft the demo though that’s the thing like a demo isn’t just oh well we’re just gonna use the first level then we just put it out there it’s like it’s not like you can’t just cut the first level then all of sudden release it for consumer use it doesn’t work like that marquel you have to particularly code for our demo standalone to be put out it’s not something that’s just very easy to do just like oh we’re gonna cut this off and here you go it’s not that easy you have to literally code and program and put out and release a demo it’s not it’s not necessarily just like an easy being like oh here’s the first level that’s it you know from what I understand you said that traditional demel takes extra time but about about a time like one hour do this take much extra work no it definitely doesn’t take one hour for to make a demo no it’s definitely more than an hour Karen Buckley says going to be interesting month with Ashley chained lands and the Animal Crossing Pokemon Zelda and Luigi’s Mansion still to be given release dates unless the demo hold of all answer that just fit unless the demo I did something just come up almost the devil was already planned from the very beginning let’s say you said okay or coding this lover while we’re making this we’re going to do a demo and we’re gonna work alongside it then yeah that can be done wallet but I mean if you’re just like hard at work on the game and making sure the game doesn’t crash which most games do and making sure everything runs good a lot of developers aren’t thinking about a demo they’re not thinking about that they’re just think about getting the game done you know and then if there’s extra time or if you know if they can get the extra manpower whatever the case is then they can make a demo and release it but most developers are just like screw demos you know for the most part from what I understand let’s not ask level 5 for any day yeah level 5 don’t ask them for any demos I meant those time trials that they are full games in the one hour timer to play it license expires that that’s a little bit different because the game is already complete from what I understand so that that’s what they’re doing there that’s that’s a little bit different sometimes with those who actually download the full kit actually download the full game and then it just blocks the license from there so that’s that that’s the game already being complete for the most part alright let’s see here let me let me answer your question I’m going to be interesting month with chain Animal Crossing slowly given release dates oh yeah yeah absolutely it’s gonna be interesting with with like III and all that yeah all right we we where 225 68 says you think a train is gonna get crazy game play time at Nintendo treehouse like Smasher Damon ex machina Laster oh absolutely absolutely that’s gonna be there multiple times I think it’s gonna be very similar to like xenoblade chronicles to that got multiple multiple plays oh yeah they’re gonna do a lots of because they do eight hours of content a day you know so there’s tons of games to play right so there’s gonna be a lot of gameplay stuff it could be pretty cool needy games just they can branch from an earlier build of the gaming created them from there but it’s a lot of work regardless to get a demo in a playable state and in indie gamer he’s a developer so he knows about this more but yeah to get a demo on a playable state it’s it’s a ton of work it’s not it’s not it’s not something they can just easily do let’s see here alright maybe a quarter edition announced at e3 there’s already closed this should announced for Japan so yeah maybe that gets announced for the last two so yeah is there a way that they waited three months to release a demo and let’s go Pikachu and Eevee is there oh is that why they waited three months to this demo for let’s go Geneva yeah they probably worked on the demo after perform let’s go Pikachu and Eevee was really coming to be honest they probably just did they just they probably said okay now that it’s already out people have gotten sales alright let’s work on a demo and then they then they put out a demo so yeah that’s probably that’s probably the reason why and it wasn’t at the beginning some developers do that too they wait and for those who aren’t convinced yeah okay let’s release the demo for them then we have time you don’t gotta rush anything we can just go to development up the game done so yeah a lot of businesses do you do you feel that this new action game from Nintendo has a potential franchise potential absolutely um I’ve talked about this before in a previous video I did actually two parts where I actual train is one of the most important new IPs for Nintendo in a long time because this is a wholly-owned new IP with platinum games Nintendo does not have that Nintendo has the rights to bein a tattoo but they don’t have the oh they also have the rights to wonderful 101 yeah so they do have that so that’s another wholly owned but this this has the potential to be a successful franchise right wonderful 101 obviously was not gonna was not successful Nintendo I’m not sure if they want to bring that back but this has the opportunity to be an IP owned from another it’s their IP but with platinum games to build something crazy and like in my opinion it’s very important that this game does as well as near like I don’t think there’s any excuses if this game if it’s as good as near or if it gets the reviews is near or whatever the case is I don’t care how many Playstations boys are out there there’s no reason why this game shouldn’t sell 2 million 3 million you know and get up to

where nears I don’t want to see near so 4 million and then this game doesn’t sell that amount to because I think this game might be better you know what I’m saying so to me it’s a little bit of like ok like this is our time to actually show if the game is as good ok not if the game sucks which I don’t think it’s going to be let’s just say it sucks for some reason obviously what I’m saying is not valid right because I’m not expecting people to buy a bad game but if the game is really good we’re talking you know Metacritic 85 plus I don’t want to see any excuses I mean this game needs to be purchased and needs to do as well as near it needs to do better than here cuz near is discounted you know I think this game should do better there should be no excuses at this point like I said I don’t care how many I don’t care that the ps4 has a hundred million units you know when it comes to system you know system sales or whatever the case is like well it’s also well near is also on PC and it’s on it didn’t sell for million on ps4 it’s sold for million so yeah I guess that’s a tall task right because you’re combining near on Xbox one on PC and on ps4 and it’s sold four million units between all of them but at the same time the switch has a different dynamic this is the first party IP develop by Platinum Games that’s a new people have been asking for new IPs like I feel that it should at least do half of that at least 2 million it should be that arms like there’s no way that it shouldn’t be tower arms you know so so yeah and you know and I was and I was right about you I’m I have my hair cut it’s fine I probably look way better than you and you’re gonna go ahead and get banned in gangsters definitely I don’t know why don’t people keep on bringing him up his channels trash but anyway thank you so much for watching appreciate the extra view and you can just sit down shut up and enjoy and enjoy but feel free to show a picture of you hosts hosts a feel free to pick a show a picture of you and let’s let’s see let’s see what’s good about you because I’m pretty sure you’re a loser that lives at home with your mom and you got nothing going for you get banned get banned it’s a normal haircut just a fade it’s a normal haircut it’s okay though you know you know you don’t look anywhere near as good as me otherwise you’d actually show your face and not be a blank avatar get banned anyway moving on from losers and like I said thank you and thank you for the view I do it I do appreciate that but hey you think I’m an antenna fan boy good I’m also successful like I said good-looking and much better than you’ll ever be in your life cuz you’re watching that trash channel so thank you bye thanks for the view idiot all right moving on alright here it’s difficult to tell what games will solve big numbers see the way Chronicles 2 sold about 1.5 million well that’s old numbers which I think it should have sold 3 times that I don’t know if it should have sold three times that because the reviews of the game if it necessarily weren’t there to sell that amount but at the same time I think that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 probably is soared around 2 million units at this point and 1000 hasn’t given us updated numbers those numbers are pretty old and Xenoblade Chronicles is still so it’s still selling you know what I’m saying so it might have sold 2 million plus at disappoint especially if you count toward the golden country so absolutely this is that block button is a gift from God oh why does I just banned him like that dude that dude ain’t coming back he ain’t he ain’t coming back unless he has control accounts like I said anybody who watches anybody who watches that dude then comes over to another channel to harass somebody that they don’t know you’re a loser let me just let’s just be real here let’s just be real if you don’t know about somebody or you don’t care about somebody and then you learn about them from a troll channel and then you come over to their channel while they’re streaming with a blank avatar to talk smack about their appearance and stuff when you no good and will you don’t look as good as that person I know good and well Jose and Lori you don’t look anywhere near as good as me I can guarantee you that I can guarantee you that because you’re a blank avatar with no real life and you’re coming over here trolls don’t look good let me just tell you that right now it’s fucking I think that’s the reason there’s a reason why you guys hide behind the keyboard so like I said but feel free feel free to hit me up on Twitter you got a channel right now feel free to upload actually show yourself but you won’t you’re a coward and you watch an idiot moving on like I said moving on people talk to me I’m a talkback plain and simple Sub Zero Sub Zero 82 says players do they do they count both Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Toria together for sales or separate they’re probably counting them separate but they haven’t given us a update on either one of them so um so yeah we’ll see ok they ain’t gonna challenge you they week of course they of course they’re not gonna challenge me of course I mean of course they’re not gonna challenge me so so yeah I don’t know man oh man no I mean most of them I mean let’s just be real here guys let’s just get a little PE talk right here p PE talk let’s be real here most of the people here that come you guys are all beautiful people all of you guys a lot of you guys that show your face and everything you guys are all beautiful people it’s the trolls that come here to try to sit there and try to talk about those are the ugliest dudes out there those are the ugliest losses out there because the type of stress that you put yourself the type of trolling isn’t good for yourself no matter what any troll tells you to sit there and be negative and to be bad towards somebody that you don’t

even know like you don’t even know this person like you don’t even know anything about them you know yet you coming over here often watching the troll channel like you know good and well your life is there shambles like your life is in shambles and you weren’t raised properly these people weren’t loved it’s plain and simple there’s no person that’s gonna simply go over to somebody else off of a troll crap I’ll discuss crappy maid troll Channel and come over to somebody else while they’re live streaming that they don’t know them and ton talk smack like I mean you can do it for fun and you control but at the same time it’s like is this what you’re doing what you’re productive is this what you’re doing with your free time like you’re a loser you gotta be I don’t spend a single second of my life going over to channels that I don’t like controlling people why what’s the point what’s the point of doing that it’s been my free time in the gym spend my free time making content for you guys for my free time doing stuff to make the village better I’m sure it’s not gonna sit there and waste my time going over to other peoples like channels and trolling them like even if it’s something that I disagree with them why if I don’t like them then I don’t like him and leave it at that they just want clout I love how you don’t give up I don’t give them any 9 and giving him none and give it him none no videos being made none of that stuff ain’t giving him none I know a lot of people try to build clown off my name though like you know cuz like I said before I used to make crumb side videos a lot of people thought I was always gonna be crumb side you know what I’m saying like a lot of people didn’t ever give me credit you know they’re always saying oh man Oh Jay he’s just a fanboy he’s never gonna be out of the crumb side community blah blah blah you know I had the low sub crown so I had 1,000 everything cases but now that I got nearly 50,000 a lot of people are jealous from the chrome side a lot of people that are you know a lot of people are very very jealous you know I do videos I I’m on the primer on the spawn cast with John with people with three times my subscriber counts you know rgt I’m cool with these dudes you know a lot of people get jealous and they want to build a cloud off my name and what I built here but it’s not happening you know what I’m saying I’m going on crappy podcast to try to defend myself from people calling names I’m not doing I’ve given them no clout right making no videos about them no y’all earn your clout y’all won’t come get come here and get it for me because I work for this so y’all ain’t getting it for me so yeah let’s see how much do you drink how much do you how do you know water how much do you think astral chain will sell in the first week I think I don’t know first week sales are always hard to say because we never get first we it’s hard but I mean I would probably say within the first maybe the first month or so it sells about a million or two I mean about a probably about a million in the first month 500,000 to a million there how about but I really don’t know where this is gonna go dude but I think it’s definitely do five hundred thousand units five hundred thousand units in the first month minimum so I’ll go ahead and I and that that’s that’s a low ball it’s a low ball that’s Lobo thank you Jocko mods I appreciate that man Thank You Jocko mods yo what’s up Nicholas man I’m still recovering from that boppy and I got from your sandwich dude I good to see you here man almost a year let’s see here you’re talking about them though they want that I didn’t man I didn’t mention any names though I talked about a variety of other crumb ciders right there if you actually knew about the chrome like I mentioned I didn’t mention anybody’s name though I didn’t mention anybody’s name outside of that when that what that one person said but I’m not I didn’t mention anybody else’s name in terms of chrome site so no I ain’t talking about them so yeah because this has been out there’s been a lot of people there’s been other people that sit there and try to get my attention and make fun and say all sorts of stuff but I haven’t haven’t mentioned their names won’t mention their name exactly if you dislike somebody just don’t go to their channel what’s the point I reckon to me will be excellent return for a shil Shane bear in mind that’s exclusive yeah you know I think 500,000 was a little bit of a lowball you know um I think it’s probably gonna be do more than I think it could do like 1 million in the first month so yeah I think you can do about 1 million in the first month so yeah but another thing to kind of add to you what you’re saying that a lot of them want me to respond well they want me to make videos on them that’s what they want they want me to respond and put their name in the title of the video you know what I’m saying they they want that that’s what they want not a live stream that’s gonna be like 5 hours long and people have to scour through the live seem to find the part they want me to make videos on them they want me to respond and give them clout that way and they’re not getting that that’s what they ultimately want is to make me like put their name in the title you know what I’m saying and like respond to them that way that’s what they really want and they’re not getting that Ilan’s alliances hell how are you I’m doing good man how are you Eko James hit me up on Twitter Lucy I’m I assume everyone has also seen we’ve

seen the first actual chain hold up hold up everyone else when when we first see national chain where the W was that it looks awesome right yeah looks good Clayton Miller absolutely oh snap I actually have to play ancient vessel I forgot about that ancient vessel for Christian I totally forgot about ancient vessel there we go I’m just hoping natural chain will be successful enough to become one of Nintendo’s next big franchises yeah it’s gonna be one of those things so we’re gonna have to wait and see right I think at the end of the day a shame is going to be one of those franchises that I mean if it becomes a franchise it’s definitely ought to be you know very successful to the game but I think that it has a good shot I mean if we got Bayonetta three I think this is gonna definitely do better you know then Bayonetta one and two then on the Wii U so I think that this is I think it has a good shot you know lots of people thought after Shane was a mama soft title until Kamiya’s name appeared on screen yeah I knew it wasn’t a bottomless soft title right when they started up like my knife saw the character design not like this is in a model as soon as I saw like the two characters I get ready and do that I was like all this this is not a model sometimes and then I knew it was the game that I heard about the Platinum Games I knew it was after that so so yeah but a lot people thought I was about on the subtitle yeah a lot of people did absolutely right two days till Sonic 2 is this on Team Racing come on to Florentine which doesn’t come out in two days does it banana three will smash this I mean we’ll have to wait and see waka win see but I think beta 3 yeah I think Bayonetta 3 is going to sell probably probably sell more than then the national chain probably walk the way and see what beta 3 is though no on Tuesday three days okay yeah three days I want to say what two days of like not three years then again a forgive me I guess if you’re pre loading it on the eShop maybe nine o’clock nine o’clock Western time I’m sorry Monday for Sonic Team Racing yeah Monday like at nine that 9 9 p.m PT what’s up Oh Jay I tuned in just as you were going off a little dude I’m really really hoping master chain has the same quick response type of gameplay to beoh does which time and stuff like that I don’t know if they’ll have which time but but I know that it’s probably gonna have some it’s gonna have some cool air combos but the combat does seem a bit a bit slower and methodical than Bayonetta get good with TF with the $2 donation says I appreciate your content here is something small do it it doesn’t matter if it’s small over it’s big when it comes to the amount of content or ya know and I appreciate that man I really do appreciate that thank you so much I appreciate that get good with TF and that’s why I’m gonna continue doing more content for you guys and doing the best that I can you know so thank you sorry if I get a little I get a little spicy with some of the comments and stuff like that but this is my stream you know what I’m saying like I said I don’t take disrespect in my stream I mean if you want to go outside of you know where I’m at then that’s okay but if you come here if you come here talking smack oh no you’re gonna get you’re gonna get slapped back my mom did my mom did a damn good job of raising me and one of the things that she said is like hey look and people say stuff outside where you were you don’t seem that like we’re you don’t see them that’s fine let them say whatever they want but if they come in front of your face and say something that’s when you stick up for yourself cuz then otherwise you get bullied and you know I’m not the one to be bullied by anybody especially blank avatar so so yeah like I said they can say whatever the hell they want outside but when you come into here the ninja village you’re getting smacked you’re getting smacked the hell up so so yeah but yeah man thank you so much I appreciate it yeah what’s up best for how’s it going my man is the music louder up for you guys I’ve seen videos from people talk about daemon ex machina but that was based off of what they’ve seen so far I think the Nintendo switch it being the type of system like the explosive cells that it’s having I don’t see why people are gonna say that it’s not gonna sell as much as what people are thinking but the problem that I have with all these people that are saying that is if they don’t give me me they don’t give any estimate what’s good or what’s bad they don’t know the internal sales numbers of the team wants they don’t know the development budgets of the of what the team has like they don’t know any of them like they don’t know any of that stuff at all yet they’re trying to sit there and say it’s not gonna sell this or that like what’s good what’s bad what’s profitable what’s not they don’t know so yet they’re say it’s not gonna sell this there’s no reasoning for outside of general it’s not gonna sell like well what’s good or what’s bad obviously the game doesn’t need to sell as good as freaking legend is oughta breath through the wall and it doesn’t sell 10 million units I mean it’s 3 million units good maybe it’s 2 million units good sure why not it would have loved for the wonderful one I want to sell 2 million units I mean there’s 1.5 million it’s good it’s good enough for Xenoblade look how good look at how good the team is doing

theirs so I mean it just depends I don’t like what I thought that’s the problem that I have with some of these videos that are popping up like they don’t give any basis or estimate or what’s good or what’s bad they just say it’s not gonna sell is good because because the game doesn’t think it’s gonna sell like Mario or something like that they don’t ever give any there’s no reasoning there’s no logic behind there their reasoning outside of this isn’t a popular type of game but what’s good and what’s bad that’s my issues if they don’t know the development budgets they don’t know what they’re looking for they don’t know internal sales estimates they don’t know anything so that’s that’s the only issue that I have with those videos that’s the only issue that I have yeah charity it’s a good song this was this is Christian Kanani that’s was this was his song anybody requested thank you thank you velvet I appreciate that all right so he went to the next so we move on to the next game or the next topic here guys all right so we got a brand new game announcement for the Nintendo switch in terms of a port this is the first time that the franchise has ever been on a Nintendo platform from what I understand so disaster report for plus summer memories is coming to Nintendo’s switch in September in Japan ps4 after story DLC launches late May so this is the first time I mean I’ve heard about disaster report but I’ve never played the game and I don’t really know anything about disaster report so is it do do knew do we do know do we with the subscription thank you so much do you know do we appreciate that welcome to the elite ninja village of player s every Chappy’s welcome to you know do e to the village all right so I had it to wear doesn’t pop up over the overlay Bonanno bill alright so grands Ella has announced disaster report for plus summer memories for the Nintendo switch a switch port of the October 2018 release okay so what came up varies and came out recently October 2018 released PlayStation 4 title it will launch in September in Japan for six thousand four hundred and eighty yen additionally the company announced that the after story add-on for the PlayStation 4 version of the game will be released in late May in Japan details about the add-on will be shared when a final release date has been announced so let’s take a look what’s this game about well I got a whole trailer for a tomato Doceri tamati day toad is a nice almost era mosy Cudahy Shunyata Ostara a Nutella door can see Daniel Conley such that dole could also do that oka no no not I know not I know you’re just mad now I know you’re mad mister mister lord I know you’re just mad stay-stay salty my man stay salty and stay broke peace and I know you not I know you’re butter actually looks pretty good on the switch it’s like a survival game when you help people you can’t only who’s played this game domani civil shit he he mother Ashima different different professions yeah like the scissors and choices it’s supposed to be based on the tsunami 2011 what’s going on here our vision many will see they’ll have a Western release day the graphics were too bad they seem that to be part of a budget budget game it’s not like a super like

big game isn’t too bad to me hey is my guess all right so LJ continues if I’m questioning the purpose of the game heavy time I had no idea what this game was I have this is my first time really even knowing about the game anyway that’s the disaster report for plus it’s coming to the switch it’s coming to the switch this I think September they said and we don’t know about a Western release date but I’m it looks like there’s gonna be maybe I think yeah the games have came over so maybe it comes over this time so there you go now that yeah the song was the song was awesome something’s great yeah okay I mean I can definitely see some rough spots some of the textures in the game but it doesn’t look absolutely that horrible it looks okay to me it’s a ps4 game so it’s only on ps4 so it’s come over to switch so not bad so this game is gonna make you cry I just know it but yeah definitely very Japanese fish but it seems like it seems like you’re a survivor and you have to help people in certain ways recover from crisis or what’s going on so I think that’s pretty much what the like you saw different outfits they were wearing so you can be like a cook or you can be a policeman or you can be like different professions and then based on what profession you are maybe or maybe it’s just outfits that you can wear maybe that’s what you do in the game I mean could be absolutely but alright so that’s that lets go to move on to the next topic here guys and that is Sonic Team Racing review roundup so we do have a review roundup for the game they didn’t update it on what was it on a Nintendo everything so so yeah it’s it yeah it seems interesting I’ll definitely check it out on switch I’ll probably get a review code for it anyway so okay okay so let’s see Sanne let’s take a look at Sonic Team Racing Sonic Team take it easy Vesper or vesemir Mesmer not Vesper we have a Vesper in here but then also Bezemer let’s take a look at Sonic Team Racing reviews so right now it’s getting fair reviews nothing crazy there’s been some good reviews some bad reviews there’s been some ok reviews so right now it has a 73 average on Metacritic so a lot of people are saying wait until crash team racing I’m gonna be picking up again next week cuz it’s cheap so I’m gonna be picking up and playing it just because it’s just something to play but let’s go ahead and go over to the reaction here so yeah right now it’s it’s it’s got a 73 so we can check out some of the scores here so they order it so let’s see her Shack news 9 out of 10 please universe 8.5 8.4 game create 8.3 z8 twin fin it gave it a 4 not bad dual shockers gave it an 8 out of 10 game heroes 8 out of 10 7.9 okay so it’s getting some fair scores and then over here these are more of the bad score or not bad it’s just average scores I mean sevens not bad people think that sevens horrible these days so I guess I shouldn’t say that but sevens not bad that’s it’s okay us gamer all things moving about 7 and this is kind of like the lower-end reviews 2.5 got one day about 4 pretty these would be I’d say somewhat bad reviews 6 out of 10 is a horrible but noticeable flaws apparently to them so overall not bad overall fair score so if you guys are sick not bad not good but over I’m gonna pick it up just cuz it’s gonna be it’s like $32 at Best Buy it I think let me double check what the price is that Best Buy I think it’s like yeah it’s it’s not expensive what my best of my gamers club so I’m gonna pick it up just because why not it’s nice little fun racing game to play let’s see your sonic alright let’s take a look yeah it’s $39.99 so yeah I’m gonna it’ll be like 30 it’ll be like 32 dollars so I’m gonna get it yeah average average 70 which is which is good as 70 a 70 rating is a bad that’s not a bad game that’s a good game it’s just not like oh my gosh amazing like must must play must buy or whatever the case is it’s not like it’s not like that or anything you know so so yeah it is what it is there so lots people are bummed out that Sonic Team race is missing the all-stars oh well maybe one day we’ll see the bayonetta on wheels yeah maybe one of these days seven out of ten is right in my book yeah so that tends fine I mean I think it’s the same thing that was happening kind of like my days gone I mean people it was getting like sevens and stuff you work all this game sucks no sevens not bad I’m gonna play it you know so yeah remember 2011 earthquake in Japan I was in sixth grade at the time we were watching it in the news in class oh okay

yeah so I think that’s kind of talking about the whole disaster report thing all right all right so any other thoughts on Sonic Team Racing guys in the reviews and you guys plan on picking it up well most sonic game that is a mania ever get a 90 on Metacritic I don’t know if even does mania even have a 90 on Metacritic I’m not even sure mania has a 90 on Metacritic does it reach a I don’t know if there’s ever gonna be a 90 rated Sonic game let’s take a look yeah mania has a mania has an 87 hmm the 87 is really good 87 is like super super super good so there’s nothing wrong with the 87 Metacritic so that’s really good Clayton notices pre-ordered it picking it up Monday nice because I’d crap on the base ps4 I bet it would be like that on the switch it plays that crap on the base ps4 how does it put my crap on the base ps4 or you see I don’t think the game plays that crap on the base ps4 let’s watch some ps4 footage does it really feel like crap of a base ps4 or is that the exaggeration of the online gamer where I think there’s like a one frame rate play ball is it there’s no way this game plays I grabbed Sonic Sonic Team Racing ps4 footage yo what’s up Andy how’s it going and even to to all donation with that shimmy Oh hit my elbow shimmy and he says well this did this didn’t go the first time let’s try again this is one of my favorite songs from Sonic Colors and it’s fitting given this summer is almost here alright let’s go and get that going we’re gonna get it going any in just a bit we’re gonna see some ps4 Sonic Team Racing gameplay and we’ll see if it plays that crap alright first place I think you get 15 thanked you can do ranked without team play and you can also like do lobbies like I’m Doug with Kyle Hilliard earlier today they’re not even okay I’m not doing it has 87 on uncle degradation your team with you says neither critic okay that’s interesting I can see getting yelled at yeah fact of it he’ll actually say something like I got you shadow before shopping do you think this is running on you just feel like for also the ps4 throw Rison’s runs way better than the base kit is that what they’re saying I think the last like the switch person looks like trash because I know there was no person no gameplay so I mean if it’s let’s take a look Sonic Team loosing switch gameplay okay so I mean this seems like it’s running pretty solid to me okay well this is this this is a switch version of the game and it’s not running like crap on here I know the ps4 pro version is gonna run a little better but he said it runs like crap on the base ps4 so it runs like crap on the base ps4 but it runs okay on the switch looks fine to me I mean this little fattening I think there’s some exaggeration going on here I think maybe like a framerate drop or two every now and then and people say it runs like crap I don’t think they’re buns like cap on the base I don’t think it runs on crap on any system I think I think it runs I think it runs just fine this is the switch version it’s running time yeah what’s up Aidan welcome back lonna thicknesses I heard it’s pretty good the gameplay looks fun and at least it’s coming from a non sonic bed yeah I’m not a big Sonic fan myself and I’m what’s fine I mean but I’ve always liked the racing games the sonic racing games over their regular Sonic games at least them the modern regular Sonic games yeah what’s up Zelda’s biggest fan good to see you here I mean that’s that so I mean think it’s like it runs fine enough to me I think I mean I don’t think there’s a need to be scared away if you if you don’t have like that regular you know if you don’t have a ps4 Pro if you have a switch I think it runs fine enough I guess I mean maybe there’s maybe digital foundry can get their hands on it then you can make your decision if it runs bad or not alright so let’s do it let’s get into the music request from Andy mine we’re gonna do that right now and then we will get into Christian of reaction thing that you wanted so that’s a little bit loud yo pink pink Gary Tina what’s up man all

right get a Tina what’s up how’s it going have I seen on some random questions were answered random questions towards the end okay you guys have any other thoughts on Sonic Team Racing we’ve more than happy to answer questions on Sonic Team Racing if they excited about the game or not whatever the case is let me know makes you come on sis see if you come up to the streams more pink get it to you let’s see I wanna take seriously the word of some event people trashing the switch bruising to display your frames per second well it’s good enough to them 21st Fighter SEC boxing 64 30 frames per second and visual spectacle okay well the game runs 60 on ps4 and Xbox one right and then 30 on the switch so I guess that’s that’s the the slips right off there Congrats on 49 KQ subs Thank You Man appreciate that hold on to random questions guys on my answering rent I’m not answering you random questions right now I will talk about Sonic Team Racing so if you have questions on Sonic Team Racing or if you guys want to talk about that feel free or if you want to talk about any of the other topics that we talked about before I’ll do so but I’m not answering random questions right at this point not if you want to wait just a little bit of time then like probably like in the next like three or four minutes I’ll have some random questions then this is not just random questions let’s see if you think crash will be a DLC racer what about for Sonic 2 Crash Team Racing but why would it crash be a DLC racer for Sonic Team Racing no I don’t think so and I don’t think Sonic’s gonna be in Crash Team Racing so a lot of things is are you going to check out the game maybe do look well yeah I’ll get the game I’m gonna get I’m gonna pick up the game next week and I’ll do a let’s play for I might even do some like a live stream you can come like that get my purse Sonic Team Racing OST to hit the Spotify to the couple days looking forward for that more of the game ok is the OST really good I’m gonna do a PT arena for it I’m all PD ultimate yeah I might just defense if you guys want to UM we’ll see how many people are you know are interested in the game and we can definitely get that goal and if you guys want to settle King says it looks pretty cool not my on my buyer list right now maybe later I’ve got way too many games right now and especially consider me I’m buy two copies of fire in the three houses yeah I think that’s a little some people are probably gonna do you know or a lot of if we’re gonna Paul gonna do because there’s just so many games coming out like the summer is packed I mean obviously Jun Super Mario maker you know and more so so yeah them yo said that’s the universal one with the $2 donation and he says oh I know where to drop this super hashtag oj2 wanna do k thank you so much man hopefully we get someone I did say one of these days but yeah man I’m looking but thank you switch with the support universal long you’ve been here for a more than a year that I remember so thank you so much but alright guys we are going to see what we do playing topical where we at entities it’s going like this so we are going to I’m going to go over to Christians Twitter page so we can do a little maybe a little reaction to what he’s talking about there the seasons of warfare yeah I’m getting the digital version and I’m getting the seasons of warfare edition oh yeah what’s the reaction to Christian I’m looking at your Twitter page and you don’t have any what do you want me to react to is already reacted to that pichu versus the song if they were to do already reacted to that so I mean you want me to look at your I don’t know what you want me to look at all right let’s see here I don’t get why sonic racing isn’t purchased on the eShop it literally comes out in four days maybe they’ll do it a little bit before but yeah I don’t know I don’t know what’s going on it it’s on my youtube channel okay finding a youtube channel I hope it’s not too long right okay it’s only two minutes okay great alright let’s take a look double fare get up attack at the Donkey Kong grab fair the offstage game nothing there love the stage okay a good trade charging up it’s gonna be a missile this is a chart shot yep little predictable on that oh there there the nip up there stop the nice kill okay Morty oh not very nice very nice bait with that okay no shield grip oh that clap there you gotta be careful with the attacks coming back down that was just ran right into

that one that’s okay hook up a little bit of a likely oh that’s a yeah he’s not very good he could have easily punched you right there but he missed it punished fair see a couple more maybe some back ayersman okay there you go with some back airs mixed in there a little bit there you go it mixing it up not enough okay ESD not enough also I’d like to see a little bit more down bees with sand it’s like the the bombs to see a little bit more of those like to mix up your recovery coming back down because if you throw those bombs out there you could potentially catch and get some chip on some extra damage oh that’s not going to be good okay you can chip on some extra any SD today okay yeah the stock becomes really bad the only thing that I would say Christian is that like I might see a couple more bombs in terms of you coming back down like mixing up your recovery so you don’t get so you don’t get sharp to so much because if you do a bomb it stalls a little bit and it also puts out a hitbox there so he can’t you know he can’t just do everything that he wants in sharp you for free so so yeah that’s all I’d say but otherwise good Salmons Salmons play but yeah that DK was really bad after fighting Dawson and and playing against other do that D game is pretty bad but that’s good you’re supposed to be bad players with two stocks you know you’re supposed to beat them like if the player is bad obviously you’re supposed to to stock them at the minimum you know so so yeah good stuff on that alright alright so we got okay now we’re gonna move it to random questions guys if you guys have questions comments topics whatever the case is feel free feel free to what is this people weird people doing I gotta meet this dude on Twitter anyway so if you guys have random questions comments topics feel free to tag me at players and so hashtag players will be more than happy to answer your question or you just tagged me a player or player essence capital P capital e be more than happy to answer your question video gaming based and yeah alright so go ahead and let’s hear them let’s see yeah I think it would be very fun to have a team s our team sonic racing on PA ultimate given the teamwork racing mechanic maybe make extra voice chat on the server for each each team yeah we could do that we could do that if enough people want to play I mean we have to have enough people to have like the teams and everything so if enough people do it absolutely absolutely let’s see and I already heard that Sonic Team Racing is OST is fire so far okay I’ve listened to any of the music and then somebody asked me if I like booth oh yeah I do like Bodie do i watch it critter says I’m higher I got I gotta say song team racing looks promising but the problem is the summer line up because the Mario maker 2 and firearm 3 Ellis has helped me yeah that’s why I’m happy that that’s coming out next week because we still have we still have like almost a month plus till till Mario maker so it gives me something to play on the switch or whatever till then so so yeah any plans of doing anything with UK subs I mean maybe I’m not really sure I mean like it’s cool that I hit 50k but I mean it’s like I’m like I’m okay with that but I’m just more happy about like the village here and people that are coming in and like the elite ninjas that we have and all the support so I mean I got I mean it’s cool but at the same time like I don’t know what I’m gonna do I never plan anything um you know for anything so maybe I’ll do a giveaway or something I don’t know I’m not really sure more Walton Alliance 3 got either killer killed released released literally days after each other rip well yeah that’s that’s a that’s gonna be awesome there’s gonna be a prop there’s gonna be a problem for a lot of people and in July I did I said that there’s gonna be a problem for a lot of people in July Mayor Mario Kart 8 track probably probably the the cloudy what’s it called cloud top cruiser whatever the case is probably like cloud top cruise is pretty good our Mugu Meadows did you ever get my wii u questions sorry I have to step away right now retype your week your question again guys can can you retype it Rob let’s Sierra how likely do you think that there will be Pikmin and that’s with any kind of III I think it’s somewhat likely Crash Team Racing will have more of a flush not single-player mode so I’m more hype for that game yeah I think I’m a little bit more excited for Crash Team Racing to blue camel guys says for those alight to the stream are you repeating the main topics tonight no I’m not repeating the main topics because we’re already in our 34 in basically I’m not gonna go over everything but we went over some of the astral chain stuff I mean there’s a bunch of stuff that we talked about in terms of what you guys think we went over disaster report for that’s coming over to the switch but I’m not gonna go in depth and go over every single topic again you can’t rewind the stream though if you want to rewind the stream make sure you follow me on Twitter and you keep your notifications on so you know what I’m gonna go live so you can catch it live if you can obviously so I know you guys not working other things that you’re doing but if you can’t catch it to begin you make sure you follow me on all my social medias so you know when we’re going on live but you can’t rewind it that’s the cool thing about it you can rewind the stream and if you want to catch them later or if you wait just a

little bit well actually no because I’m connecting the stream to a gameplay video but anyway you can’t rewind the student if you want to like no he wants to stop the gameplay or whatever the case is so yeah all right take it easy Jamil thank you come out to the street map let’s see here oh man oh man we gotta have too bad we’re gonna have to ban all your stock accounts aren’t we banned banned you’re that dude you’re the loser with how many sock accounts do you have dude how many sock accounts that you have I’ll pay you $100 I’ll pay you $100 to actually show your face how many sock accounts you’ve gotta be a loser dude you’ve gotta be a loser you’ve gotta be a loser gotta be a loser and snowpacks top this is all my hair Brad so it’s all there it’s all better go catch it all go catch it on I’m definitely not at you bigger might the elite ninjas support me because they want to support me definitely not that either um defi naughty that way not either and once again we doing stuff with the room so don’t worry look out you know what I’m saying I got my own house you know unlike you I know you probably only got one room that you live in in your parents house but we got our own place man so don’t worry the room is getting spiffed up it’s gonna look pretty nice once we get everything done there so so yeah you can worry about potentially stop being such a loser and coming back to a stream where you consistently get banned but multiple accounts what is wrong with you man listen listen listen homey listen listen listen I know you’re jealous you’re upset you’re mad you don’t got much going on in your life this is an exciting place a lot of people like it here a lot of people support the village you know what I’m saying a lot of people come out you’re upset you’re upset over what I said because you watch the troll video now you’re coming over here and getting banned you’re upset maybe one of these days you can make something of your life honestly like real real talk maybe one of these days you can make something of your life Real Talk man Real Talk but right now you’re a loser until you prove otherwise because nobody with the same brain makes a million different accounts and continues coming to his dream to somebody that they don’t like you’re a loser and you haven’t proved that you’re not by again bring down the next stock account moving on what’s a good food combination what’s a good food combination that you like to eat but others may appear weird lol for me it’s hot dogs and eggs do people eat hot pots and eggs and never knew that I never do that umm weird food combination I don’t really eat any weird food combinations I’m good I don’t really eat any weird food combinations at all so yeah the cat feeds himself by drones this guy’s a loser and was with this parent so Elizabeth lives heck lives in a junky apartment or you know lives with a bunch of friends there’s no way that this person is somebody successful the resaw yeah I think we’ve blocked now for stock accounts three to four stock accounts midday why aren’t you at work why aren’t you enjoying your Friday night like if he’s somewhere if he’s across the world he’s somewhere like let’s just say you someone like in Europe or something like that he’s probably not because the way that he’s talking to he’s probably here in the u.s. it’s like it’s six o’clock in the East Coast why aren’t you out with your friends right not on a Friday night what are you doing in a stream and if it’s three o’clock why aren’t you at work you know what I’m saying like like why aren’t you at work like the salt is so real this salt is ridiculously real at this point he’s just mad cos he said he’s upset because he has no fan base he’s broke and he’s a loser and he hasn’t proven it otherwise he has a bunch of sock accounts you know buddy nobody with a real brain has 15 million sock accounts and goes to troll stream like come on dude nah he didn’t go too far this isn’t this is that he’s good he’s he’s not hurting anybody’s feelings I see a lot people who claim a 3 is worthless without Sony and PlayStation they are salty that Sony won’t be i III I will have to wait and see haters gonna hate haters gonna hate like I said here they get slap and they get banned I’m the winner here you can’t talk I can talk you can say here you control but you’re gonna get banned every single time I’m gonna get banned every single day you’re still gonna be a loser at the end of the day you still don’t got what I got you still gonna be a loser at the end of the day so I don’t think says I know you primarily at that Oh gamer boat would you consider doing Borderlands 3 co-op with the village when it comes out nods I don’t really feel like paying for Xbox Live or a few cents or not best was like like NC said the gyms will try to bring you down to their level yeah the gyms will always try to bring you down to their level but like I said they just get banned and we move on here but like I said if they come in here they get banned Bend and they get slapped I’ll give them a slap on the way out imma talk back and that’s that that’s just that’s just the stop that’s what I like to do this to start my channel I’m gonna talk back I’m gonna say something back because I’m not gonna let somebody come in here and try to bully me you know and I’m gonna call you a loser

because that’s what you are you’re a loser and he knows he is deep in his heart that’s why he keeps coming back that’s why he keeps coming back and he’s a loser if he wasn’t if he wasn’t a loser he’d go work on something he’d go hang out with friends you’d go be with the girlfriend boyfriend wherever the case is but he’s a loser so he keeps on coming back to somebody that he doesn’t like only losers do that only losers do that nobody with the real life or nobody with the real successful that’s gonna sit there and waste their time doing this making multiple accounts he’s probably make another county he probably is because he’s a loser like what’s a loser yes I realize that this is loser mentality like is this not guys like who does this what successful people do you know do this like nobody successful does this I see uh Sony will be back next year you think so no we’re back next year maybe yeah but the ps5 and all that yeah for sock counts bet is P is dark oh absolutely speaking of which have you seen the most recent yo sad I speak I get it Tina thank you for the double watch in there I’m doing good college slam how are you criticism speaking of which have you seen the most recent fireman three houses from Famitsu so what are your thoughts tomorrow morning I got a video tomorrow morning on it so yeah yeah tomorrow morning I’m running up all the information and all that although I cut out the spoiler in four things that I thought that were spoilers and I kind of talked about all like the depth like with the Patil Ian’s and stuff like that and the cress so I talked about that type of stuff and we went over the two new characters that look like Sasuke Sasuke and and sakata so so yeah so I got a video for you guys tomorrow morning they’ll be yeah I don’t know what I’m playing yet dude we got I got about maybe I got about 20 minutes to figure out what I’m gonna play after this stream um so yeah we just played smash yesterday so I don’t want it I don’t want to overload on the smash and we’re gonna play smash on set so I’m thinking about doing think about doing Mario Kart think about doing Mario Kart because we just we just played smash yesterday when people get people get a little salty when we put more you play smash I mean trust me I want to don’t worry I want to play some it’s actually a lot of play smash but I think it’d be better if we do my okay there’s a very small report on Luigi’s Mansion three got a rating in Korea tells me a Luigi’s Mansion three news coming soon well yeah that’s why they’re gonna be at e3 so yeah once you switch yeah that’s the gimmick we should play there’s not online play with that right strategic production says do you like do you like PC gaming or a console game anymore I like console gaming more I’m not really big on PC we’re playing splatoon to tomorrow gentlemen spot fest tomorrow we’re playing splatoon too so look forward to that and it gets more people we can get more people playing splatoon to tomorrow because I can announce it and promote it and and then we can play it like with the bitee nation too because like we’re gonna we’re gonna start up maybe a little bit earlier than we usually start oh excuse me Saturdays so we’re gonna do PE live tomorrow morning and then we’re going to do then we’re gonna do gameplay til til the spawn cast so dragon sama reviews still coming to know um yeah we’re at a dragon’s dog must I got to get back to it but yeah we’re gonna do Dragon’s Dogma yo what’s up Anthony I haven’t finished Dragon’s Dogma no not yet the game is long well it’s not the main campaign stop but all the sites and stuff is long any opinions on the apparent Taiwan League of under knight in breathless which yeah I already made a video on it looks looks pretty cool I made a video on it hopefully we get it promises can you can you pick teleportation for the splatfest that is what I picked teleportation for the splatfest okay team teleportation alright party man you got it so if you want to play with me in terms of soon tomorrow make sure you put teleport you said teleportation yeah make sure you put you pick teleportation and not pick time-travel cadastre says okay I was wondering we finally know what they’re giving us calendar of the seasons of warfare addition we found mean we finally know why they’re giving us okay yeah I was a little bit almost forceps so I didn’t share that either WRV Western RPGs are jrpgs which do you fancy more if you know this channel I then you know that’s already JRPGs chair discusses do you guys play do you guys play Mario Party or is it that too boring free uh too boring and long for you guys me personally that’s why I did it like Mario Party growing up a lot oh I just like going straight to the mini-games yeah we actually played Mario Party once and the reason why we don’t play it Moore’s cuz there’s just not a lot of there’s not a lot of minigames to play online against each other like there’s only like a handful and select mini-games and there’s no boards either it’s just minigames and like I said there’s not all the minigames from the from the regular game like but we did play at once a party man could not cook the piece of steak correctly you kept so funny party man kept on with me mistake and it kept them flying off take up a window so like yeah I was kind of like you could not look that steak oh yeah

that’s funny but yeah we played at once Rocko says I don’t like PC gaming because of all the configurations you have to do it but my laptop being a toaster yeah once you get a good PC that configurations aren’t too hard I’ve been kind of busy lately my bad okay no problem thank for coming out to the stream man appreciate it Robert gases must plate with you games done on switch yeah the wonderful 101 Xenoblade Chronicles X fatal frame Tokyo Mirage sessions and there’s probably a few more out there legend in Zelda Wind Waker HD Twilight Princess HD well there’s still some games out there still some games I have a great PC that’s wonderful yeah if you have a good PC then it’s good you know it’s good and that’s that’s the worry with having like you know minigames or platforms even like that could be the worry with you know Super Mario maker is like some of the online play precision platforming you know I don’t get the hyper wonderful one-on-one in regards to Wii U games it’s good it’s it’s a hideki kamiya new IP it’s good it’s a lot of fun there’s a lot of variation that you can do a lot of weapons a lot of ways and it’s just unique there’s no other game on the market like it there’s no other game that I’ve ever played like the wonderful 101 like it’s just it’s not it’s not a commute as best game ever made but it’s freaking really good though it’s it’s it’s the most unique game and the one of the most interesting games that I’ve ever played and the ending is absolutely for not like the lead-up to the ending is freaking nuts like that game the boss battles and what you do at the end of the game is just crazy the ending is crazy disaster day of crisis on switch really Oh Jay tell tell me I’m dreaming I don’t know if that games gonna come over that was a model soft game one of the ones I don’t know if that’s coming over like I said Marco Hoffman says do you think we could get a miniature Cap remake after Link’s Awakening the game is so underrated I think so at some point those because offense I couldn’t deal with the controls that wanted to love it but I play a touch of my hands one at the vomit you know you can use the pro controller for the for the game right Kim Berkeley says which Wii U game you don’t have that you don’t have to draw you don’t the doll that you can you can use the pro controller the controls are fine Caron Butler says we which we you game do you think will be ported to the switch next or maybe is done is done porting over we which were you I mean I think Pikmin 3 has a very good chance but we’ll have to wait and see I think we’ll get a teaser trailer for splatoon 3 arms – or Mario Kart 9 at Nintendo’s e3 direct do you agree if not what game do you think letí’s er I think maybe one of those maybe we’ll get a teaser are you a big Pokemon fan I don’t hear you talk about the stage much outside of news coverage uh yeah I’m a Pokemon bit I’m a it’s in my act my top ten franchises of all time absolutely absolutely um hey OJ what do you think about Microsoft and Sony teaming up cool results of expense have you heard anything about from earthbound for the switch nope cherry Scott says did you ever get into the Sims no not really they say women like it more than men he’ll probably because US women can build our dream lifestyle I don’t know yeah my sister was really into it and I remember she’d always show me it on her on her tablet that she had but no I’ve never really gotten into the Sims much I play it though but I’m just not into it Jeff mom says you know any games that are like persona taking a place at a modern setting involves high school students Tokyo Mirage sessions I know you meant one I love marl Craig deluxe but I’m so ready for Mario Kart 9 yeah me too it would be crazy if Nintendo would mama stop announced this year that they got the rights for Xenosaga that would be oh that dude that’d be dope I’d be really dope why is remember me your favorite game it’s not my favorite game can you tell Baron to play the masterpiece and your favorite game remember me it’s not a masterpiece it’s not my favorite game Marco says I hear Mario Kart 8 spent six years in development do you think my car tonight will take that long probably not but even if it did it’s already but it could have already been in development for six years my old car 8 was done how long ago in 2014 so 2014 15 16 17 18 19 20 20 so technically speaking dude they could have it ready next year if that would took as long it could be ready next year 2020 so even if it did take six years it would be ready next year

well we don’t know what mario kart nine is built on so you know socket or DMC two lol or lmao I’ll take Xenosaga to over dude Z Lusaka to is no worry Xenosaga two is way better than DMC – it’s not even close it solves biggest offenses so all the games disappear except games that begin with one letter and alphabet which letter do you choose F for fireman or s best for smash that’s a weird question it’s just we’re not even gonna respond to this dude this banham comes back with another stock account Oh somebody already this’ll be already bad oh no nobody meant him cuz dude just keeps on coming back nobody’s nobody nobody’s nobody cares what you have to say anymore I’m gonna respond shoutouts job mom thank you for being quicker then thank you for being quicker than I was Matthew heaven says what if he says jump on says keep comin bro let’s go jump jump on getting fired up about you Evan says what what is disaster report for it um it’s like a survival like a survival game sending like Japan ingress is just just as a what-if player since if Nintendo could buy a Japanese company whose you want it to be Capcom sagres Square yeah they can’t buy any of those but it’d probably be like I’d probably say like probably say good for me because Sega has so many cool ip’s Oh Jay so did you pick up Castlevania collection let’s switch now I did it not yet I’m looking forward to the next collection Marco Melton says Mario Kart 8 looked incredible and that was on the Wii U I can only imagine how good 9 could look built specifically for the witch for the witch for the switz yeah it’s gonna look pretty good it’s all those biggest fastest I heard it on Tendo voice chat they chose s because of all the super games that would be fun ok that question yeah I have no idea about that that took me some time to think Vesper says been playing Wolff lately and smash he’s a lot of fun I see why you play him lol players has any tips on when to laser yeah when you’re when you’re for the far away from the person you should be lazy I mean all the time like waiters to me should be something like if they’re away from you if they’re a good distance away from you you should be shooting laser all the time you should be sure hot laser you should be shooting laser but if they’re close to you that obviously don’t shoot a laser at the Roper if they’re right right next to you because if they block it you’re gonna get punished but no I’m actually a joke remain no no I do use wolf but my wolf is rust do my wolf was playing like trash like what I was like it felt so foreign he felt so slow like so now I’m like I’m Joker chic Ben wolf wolf has dropped down to number three for me wolf is better than Joker and chic but I just it Joker’s should just put my place saw a lot more so I just have to work a lot harder when using Joker’s chic than wolf but I just wolf is just like I don’t like how hard it is to get back to the stage at times like the recovery and he’s kind of slow for my liking a bit slow but yeah I do still use it though Michael Karen Buckley says will you be getting Animal Crossing and what we like to see in it yeah I’ll be getting Animal Crossing and I don’t know what I want to see in it will walk the wait and see my covariances do you think Mario Cart 9 will do as well as 8 on the switch I think everyone needs a Mario Kart game for the Nintendo machine but it’s not the kind of game that you have to get a new one um I think you’ll do better if they do Mario Kart not this which I think it will be better than my own car 8 so those should purchase Sega we would get sonic we would get sonic maker well say it can make sonic Baker but yeah I don’t think antennas not gonna purchase second yeah but although I was playing against your I did pick didn’t I pick you will you use Daisy I don’t know how you feel Daisy’s the same as peach right and I think I used I was losing Sheik against that it’s a gap the works super hard so I’m gonna start using Sheik in that matchup and just really challenge myself to work just really really hard I mean if I lose I lose but at the same time I’ll get better you know but my fundamentals because when you use Sheik you’ve got to be sound like you got to not get hit like it’s very hard you got to not get hit you got to use for speed so I’m just gonna start using Sheik I don’t know how much I’m gonna use wolf going for in the future just because his tactics just seem a little I mean yeah you got a laser and I get that but I mean I rather like I don’t know if some reason needles are just more satisfying to me and feel more fair and Sheik is just faster and you can do some comp want to start like labbing chic a lot more so I’ll just get my butt beat you know why well I can try to get my chic better and better you know so yeah does anyone use Kirby anymore yeah avid aam the guy with the beanie last night from the podcast he uses Jesus Kirby crazy idea about Zelda maker where you build dungeons and temples that be very difficult

what’s the I think I pretty much got everybody’s questions right any other questions guys its maze from Twitter wait maze from Twitter was hidden why was he hidden did somebody bandmates from Twitter if they did they should not do not do not ban mage from Twitter check is he in the string yeah he’s here sorry if you were bad dude void is putting more faith in Sheik nowadays which is cool his voiding more faith in Sheik I haven’t watched void like I haven’t been on to his streams or anything like that is he putting more faith in him a 2ds all to make it would be great that’d be probably more they’d probably do that more but I mean look how long it took intended to make Mario maker so see I think that’d be difficult no I I banned him a few nights ago by mistake okay cool so he’s back well he’s a mod now so I don’t think he should be banned so he should be good while he’s playing her more in tourney Jose do you want Dora to come to switch is there a door video game sure why not Shadow King says do you think Bandai Namco do something with Xenosaga this year or is it more likely for Nintendo slash bottom-left monosoff to get the rights excuse me um Bandai Namco I think they can do a collaboration I don’t know if they’ll just give him the rights to it I think they can do a collaboration pic 3 July games for the switch Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 God Eater 3 and fire them three houses if I had to pick three games and be those three did you see the dust diver driver announcer each other for America yeah I already did I already did see that and we talked about channel as well any other questions guys hmm we ripped through those questions didn’t we that was good I had a little bit of like trolling on Twitch and on Twitter so that was good we’re sorry on that Twitter Twitter’s always crazy on Twitch and on YouTube so shout outs man thank you thank you for the fans out there coming through the distri my appreciate it and also thank you for the jealous peoples – thank you so much you know you wish that you could do something with your life hopefully one of these days by watching me I can be an inspiration because I can be an inspiration to you guys too you know hopefully get your life sorted out you know intelligence you know what I’m saying the mariokart still full price Mario Kart you can get a cheaper on Amazon uh let’s see here why okay bad hit me I don’t know why they keep banning you mates from Twitter I have no idea why they keep bad news sorry about that man sorry about that I don’t know it’s by accident maybe they meant to ban somebody else they I feel me ban you and your name was right next to it I agree overall Sheik is a better matchup for peach / Daisy / wolf is it I think hope is a better matchup I just I just want you see yeah I think wolf is a better matchup personally I think wolf is about I think wolf is a better matchup I just I’m just not that great with the wolf I think I’m a little bit believe it or not I think I’m a little bit better with Sheik that I am with wolf is just that Sheik isn’t as good of a character so my wolf can do better than my Sheik but I think I’m better with chic than wolf because it’s been a while since I played wolf right wolf was brawl so we skipped you know multiple multiple years whereas Sheik I’ve been playing Sheik since brawl you know and I never stopped I played she can brawl I played she can and Smash 4 and now she cares she’s she seeks as bad as she was in brawl like sheik was really bad in brawl and she got better she got way better not then 4 and then she went back down pretty much to her brawl level maybe even yeah she’s pretty much out of a brawl level which is unfortunate should I play Mass Effect 1 before – absolutely intensity intensity integrity intelligence absolutely that should be that the three eyes of player essence intensity integrity intelligence intensity the when people step over you or your channel integrity make sure you hey you get your transparent with people and intelligence make sure that you speak in a way that’s going to you know sound sound intelligent to people in your logically logically sound so absolutely absolutely somebody comes here talking they get smacked they get banned somebody wants to talk about me somewhere else feel free how about it clout boy but you ain’t getting none of the clout here and I ain’t making no videos on you so feel free but when you come here you know you’re gonna get dealt with plain and simple so absolutely thank you I appreciate that Shadow King let’s say year it tends to be integrity intelligence vitamin D everybody needs vitamin D you need your vitamin D right thank you quantum wolf hits heart wolf hits really hard she was wolf is better than my wolf by the way guys already trubiz wolf is definitely better than my wolf you know I think it

fits his place not a little bit more but his wolf is definitely better than my wolf so I was I saw him do things that I am I’m not doing I’ve been playing wolf way longer than him so I kind of like I was like oh yeah speak of the devil hey what’s up dude maybe no it’s it’s it’s a definitive thing you’re doing a lot of things that I don’t do with wolf so yeah I’ve kind of given up he’s like my third now I’m trying to pick up maybe somebody else I’m gonna have a suprise I’m gonna have a surprise Mane for you guys where I’m gonna go all this character the next time that we play I’m gonna go all this character and see if it we see how to see if it works so you guys go your mains I’m gonna go this one character it’s a surprise character you know I’m gonna test it out next time you play on Saturday so looking forward to that she’s so damn good dude it’s so fun it’s so good man but like start wishin for inches absolutely I love starts taro Stan Ford is my favorite Star Ocean Game Department place I say that because she can keep more pressure on peach and and is after peak they’ll hold up pressure on peach and is after overall wolf is stronger and has good frame denim either way they’re both tough matches okay okay so you feel that it’s a better okay so maybe you’re thin that you have a little bit tougher time with Sheik because of the pressure she can put but you know wolf hits a lot harder so okay so I can see that from your standpoint yeah what’s up katana Riku good to see you here my man I’m gonna balance my dude thanks for you thanks for coming out all right take it easy Zelda’s biggest fan appreciate you being here I’m guessing palutena know I’ve tried palutena I mean I’m gonna try to go palutena but that’s not the character that I’m talking about though that’s not the character that I’m talking about but pallette a feel funny things like palutena is so much better in ultimate and I don’t like her for some reason I don’t want to use her she was trashed in Spanish for him oh heck yeah I’m gonna use polity Napolitan is my main and she was one of my maids I would use Paul Tina all the time but in Altima she’s so much better I’m like I don’t like her I don’t know I don’t know why do I listen to metal no I’m good I want my I wanna have my ears you know you know my life is you know I want my ears to be preserved but no I don’t really listen to metal I mean I was like metal like remixes of songs like Final Fantasy but I listen to like actual like metal bands no I’m good what third party franchises do you think we’ll get a Nintendo debut this year uh stuff let’s see here favorite music anime anime start like anime stop music anything from like the anime games like anime video games or anime like video game music or like like introduction like my hero and stuff like Pete you know peace signs stuff like that those are all my favorite so just like Japanese stuff alright I think we’re gonna go ahead move over to some gameplay guys we’re gonna play some Mario Kart so that should be fun alright alright so let’s go to must move the we’re gonna move this over to here we’re gonna put this here we’re gonna put this here and we’re gonna put this here don’t go anywhere guys I’m gonna switch right over to Mario Kart so it really shouldn’t be any problem grab this pro controller and we’re gonna switch right over to Mario car I really hope the Tendo gives me a reason to buy another switch this year so I can buy a one terabyte SD hard drive and have a new work switch because I really want a new work switch all right so we’re gonna switch right over to Mario Kart guys all right let me hit this button here all right so let me put it it let me put this all right I am going to all right so thank you everybody who watched with this book like I said we’re gonna switch right over to Mario Kart you guys should just keep on watching if you want to watch some Mario Kart action we’re gonna go ahead and go into smash even though it’s not smash alright insert the game carbons I thought I had this one digital but I don’t all right give me a second that’s what I want to work switch with all digital games where it’s all digital works which just so I can easily go from game to game all right okay okay if you’re on my friends list just go ahead and hop it as

soon as I make the room let me know how the audio is to guys okay you gotta change the tag guys real quick right I don’t think VCS here so hopefully hopefully we don’t get the dry dry desert garbage over and over all right so guys go ahead and hop in him before VC off isn’t if you want to play and you’re not um if you want to play and you’re not on my friends list go ahead and member up you can do tier two or up on patreon or you can do YouTube membership and they’ll get you I can add you guys whoever wants to hop in and get on my friends list write down holy smokes here comes everybody so if you’re not on my friends listen you want to hop in feel free to do that it’ll pop up let me know and I can get you guys I can get you guys added in yeah what’s up gun slinger you ready for the first wave here anybody else still not ready we’re gonna we’re gonna do a little countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 and 1 all right we ready under than 50 just regular for right now guys nice little warm-up with four races a little warm-ups good ok gunslinger I’m gonna go with Mario Stadium I should’ve picked meaning that us good no dry dry desert where is Christian here Christians here so we might pick dry dry desert a million times so the g5 Oh big bellies where’s-where’s big bill yet how about got on your friends I’m a member yeah yeah big Bailey absolutely dude you’reyou’re you’re more than a member you’ve been helping out quite a bit a big Bailey put your uh can you put your friend code into chat and I can add you in right now put your friend code and I’ll write it down or actually uh one of the mobs can you guys get his friend code so big Bailey put your friend code in the chat and we’ll add you in right after this dude yeah we’ll get we’ll get big Bailey in don’t worry are they

yo let’s go that was a dime oh you guys see that boomerang throw boom okay okay let’s go Oh No I got hit it the worst time I know this seems super fun right now for some reason go to God or whoever that told that bot oh man I knew that was coming I should have saved it said I saved it for defense you know oh no oh no oh no I ran out do I suck oh let’s go let’s go let’s go okay cool big belly where is the French oh that big belly so I can add you in I’m lucky okay so I just need I need big bellies friend code in the chat we can add you in doctor all right gotcha you’re not having bullshit on um mmm no because I still haven’t figured out the best way to do it but we’ll have it for this weekend for sure for splatoon and all that I got to figure out the best way to do it though because I have to play um the problem with us having voice chat on and me using this monitor than I’m using I’ve got up I’ve got to play it off my OBS which sucks I hate that because it doesn’t run as efficiently as it should so it’s tough for me to erase some play at the same time and that’s the only way it works so I’ve got I got a I got a test out what I can do to fix that once we get that situated then we’ll then we’ll be able to do voice chat so I’m not I’m not playing off my monitor again it was horrible I’m not playing off of my OBS that was that was trash but we’ll definitely get voice chat in as soon as I fixed that or I figure out how to do it I gotta figure out how to do it more like it hello sugar that’s so stupid how are you in front of me I hit him while you it’s gonna be I just need a blue shell that’s what I need a blue shop and of that No oh come on yes yes

oh no I don’t have a red cell he’s gonna win I’ll do better the last time did I barely got second place I don’t think I ever got second place the last I’ll do tomorrow okay yeah you’re getting bought leave yet the blue shelf but I wasn’t there just freaking jump on got him from here I had to waste my red shells if I want to have my red shells if jump on did it boost in front of me I would’ve had my red shells good stuff though yeah we still got space so big Bailey going I’m not sure if you’re in yet but hop in dude party man super good at this game he’s always on a win streak he’s always on a win streak so I think I know how to figure out Oh big Bailey isn’t nice we got two more spots guys so if you’re my friends already or if you want to sign up you can definitely do so and I’ll add whoever if you’re not in I can add you during the I can add you in between races using a different didn’t have enough time even one item it’s good what hit me is that a firewall about that was a bouncing fireball oh good still rolling we gonna get out of the way slow down I’m gonna hit the red so I knew I was gonna get hit I was like I saw that red shell behind oh he’s not gonna use them defense he’s gonna hit me Oh let’s go let’s go okay let’s go I’ll take it I’ll take it I’m doing a lot better this time some through twitch Anthony go ahead and talk to me on twitch and I can I can um I can add I can win I can whisper you it on twitch if you want or you can whisk or you can put your friend code in on twitch and then I can add you on twitch but I gotta see you on I got to see you confirm it on twitch so I can I can do that no I just I just I’m just doing a lot I got two seconds that’s that’s already my best since we started playing Mario Kart again I haven’t gotten two seconds in a row this is my highest placement so far within three races since like last year okay good no freaking Christians picking dry dry desert man yeah that was a pretty good use of the mushroom we got one more spot guys it’s not money I jump one guy I

kind of bopped final race their party bands pretty much gonna win this always gets like last place or something like that Oh No they barely fell off a mushroom that’s it that’s his fault you ran right into me I thought summer stuff oh god what the heck happened all right Oh somebody don’t step behind you behind them yeah boom get out the line I gotta use these oh no I didn’t use my star dang it oh I could have done so much better I could I had a star I would have just used it fast enough before that lightning let’s see moving the cam to the top so you can see the place I’m in okay that’s no problem actually not why do I do this all right so party man got first I know you guys can’t see if the party man got first with sixty all right let’s see here I already know that I already know that right huh all right we’re gonna do the same thing we’re gonna increase the races o26 I got what wait hold up guys what did I get that what did I get that time did I get second place what is that what standing was I at the end of that four races second okay cool we can do battle mode in a bit I really dislike about a mobile we can do it what’s up so car so car camb gamers here what’s good Christians here gun so I got all the homies road each of us here said I’ll take the third yeah I’ll do second that’s my best placing in a while let’s go

so didn’t get a item – double dream – double green shells Hey okay third third third not bad how’s the camera placement here guys is it better I’ll probably make a layout just for Mario Cart itself whereas like a background like then it has like the camera off and like the picture all the way like that much better okay cool sorry there that was the other one we’ll set up for smash I don’t know I’m playing a lot better today I don’t know why maybe cuz VC is not here to trigger me with 10 million dry dry deserts whoo we got here 10 15 so I got one more spot guys so if you want to hop in feel free if you’re ready on my friends list or if you want to sign up one more spot hate this one best for why oh dude go Oh I should have waited to use that coulda used it right there what did I hate anyway do katana ripping Jesus see drunk driving oh you got banana diamond oh me too that was right behind me those why you throwing stuff backwards man what the hell you not want to win it better use this but yeah Bob do party man is so far ahead it’s ignore to be seen goodness gracious

right a man was like he was like already done before we even started reading cantata Rico you’re freaking going like this instead of using your star but that’s this between two points is a straight line you’re out here waving around and throwing stuff backwards your plane – you’re not playing away you’re playing to not lose no yeah you’re trying to hit people and throw stuff backwards that’s not gonna get you the W not a satisfying well I mean do dows the best I can do I mean considering all things considered like party man is super good at the game I mean like all things I’m just doing my best to try to keep up pace man but the per team is really good I mean I’m away seven points so let’s see what happens here you know I mean but this is the best I’ve done in a long time so you know this is the second one this is the best I’ve done in a long time so we’ll see what happens ah all right so thank you yo keep this as dope hichy Susie no frickin bullet bills looking like Mario freakin Mario maker to No okay I can’t be party man but I can beat everybody else oh it goes let’s go I was getting bought that whole race yo can I add you yeah you gotta be you gotta be a subscribed YouTube member or subscribed in order for me to add you or you can go to your to or up on page on any one of those any one of those three you protected party man like a idiot why why would you do that I blew up the blue shell with the horn okay party man’s in first place I’m in second place this is the fourth race though we still got fourth fifth and sixth race to kind of get into it Jesus Christ man it’s your fault whoever was that getting too close hit and he missed all items

oh no I did it oh that missed me Oh what the hell what hit me where me as far as I can’t head go to there’s no need to freaking hit me like that Jesus oh my – this guy what the hell was that do that really rule it that really screwed me up could be the first place right now okay oh my god the random stuff just hitting me out of nowhere that was a lot worse finish than I could have got dude the party might get back to first place no a and B okay he got at least he got first place on that one okay maybe top right cameras better now that we can’t see what item you’ve got well it’s up top right corner is nothing oh gosh did Jesus Christ man all right give me a second yeah it’s a little awkward I can’t think I can’t size it up but whatever for I know Yetta Yetta mushroom Neal I need some help sweet or blue

little bita blue shell i can’t give up my defense I’m gonna get hit with something I could I couldn’t give up my defense cuz I didn’t I didn’t know someone’s gonna hit me with something so I couldn’t do anything about party man we can’t be happy party man well so let’s do Frank enjoyed as well with the twitch fall thinking man I appreciate that alright ok Jacob joined in nice yeah the photo race here of a party man pretty much got first every time it’s up for like one time so it’s gonna be tough while I hit that fucking goombah yo did he really use a super over there he’s a super horn Oh God what happened husband important bigger done man date they went to the last one how that go pass Andy grow it stills it even if it’s out what Oh – damn it I hit that stupid dinner I would have got third I’m sorry yeah what I would’ve got fourth but I hit that damn thing all right so still pull off this number – still pull still pull off the still put off the second place okay okay party man freaking me all those 30 points in front of the next person I’ll take a second I’ll take a second we’re gonna play battle mode I think we don’t have enough 12 we don’t I think somebody left 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

10 11 yes we’re just gonna play normal no team or we can’t play teams oh yeah we can’t we just have a cpu three minutes frantic all vehicles four hours mile carts $90 car Stephanie not $90 we don’t have any hold up one two three four five six one yeah six on six right 1 2 3 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 all right there you go do things everything’s good I don’t know how everybody’s good in battle mode so and what by 200cc after this hey where’s the splatoon place oh yeah urgent a bit the twos gonna suck why is your team gonna suck racing is completely different from battling sledding you guys know like racing is completely different from battling so I don’t know who’s good or who’s not good in battling I have no idea so I’ll just whatever teams they split it into we just put it there cuz I mean party man is amazing in in in racing but I don’t know how he is in battling we barely play it’s a cult it’s a completely different type of thing you know now this old-school Super Nintendo all right this is but this is already better than that Popov crap that we were playing last time that was the worst game mode ever created is that bobomb stuff the worst mode ever created that bomb thing is that most garbage what what oh I got so car let’s go okay katana Ricky’s cheating katana Rica’s ooh that that cheap stuff that people do online Oh what the hell serious let’s look at you’re on my team dude do that me oh I was gonna get somebody coming up from there Kitana we can do that I care a motorcycle thing got bought for it whoo what do you need a mushroom for in this Oh No I’ll suck economy back Oh God now let me get you though let me get you though let me get you with 100 No let’s get this sick and get ended where do you go he’s out BAM got him let’s go baby the barn

Oh whoo okay although we lost what I had the most hits on my team that’s how you know we’re losing if I’ve got the most I’m thrashing battle mode I’m sorry you should kick you off the team jump mom you said they’re gonna suck before they even that’s that’s a horrible teammate that’s a horrible teammate you said they’re gonna suck before you even gave him a chance kick your butt off the team even give him a chance alright guys we’re gonna hit up this for another about another good 40 about 45 minutes 40 minutes or so we’re gonna hit up this I’m gonna take a little break and then we’ll be back with PE night nightcap so that’ll be fun so we’re gonna play till about 5 o’clock my time or 8 o’clock Eastern and then we’ll be back in about an hour or so for the nightcap so so got a lot more time to play guys still got a lot more time we’re gonna do this battle motor than when I go to 200cc next then we going back to regular racing my bad party man oh I should have stayed in there oh I still got him – lets go Oh what the hell whoo that’s a random hit random I still got any those oh I don’t have anything what am i doing oh my god how did I not get hit with something there let’s go okay got the fence let’s go and a bomb let’s go go let’s go oh oh yes what am i oh my god I almost it myself whoo yo take the second what you doing oh stop it stop following me like that your body what’s going burn all right come on you Oh No odor no stop it oh come on oh my god I’m getting body oops okay here we go there we go some to get some hits time to get some hits got him what whoa wait mushrooms are pointless here oh come on okay let’s go now got body that time let’s go let’s go I’m liking it I’m liking it are we still gonna finish the fight

those halo halo halo 3 finish the fight we still gotta finish the fight boys and girls we’re not done yet we’re not done yet yeah what’s up am sorrow Taku thank you so much for the subscription homie appreciate that what was it elite in to build your player essence let’s go all right start around let’s do it but gonna be or T already played this course dude we got a oh right a guillotine choke Oh God okay there we go we got one we got one nice nice – mushrooms I don’t need mushrooms whoa whoa that was close that woulda hit me all right here we go oh man fraud let’s get so far missed he disappeared we can add a ghost got it all right there’s no middle oh I missed the tip on there get them all sorry – I didn’t see you coming through I didn’t see you coming through they’re not here No oh my god is that my points by three oh dude it doesn’t matter he’s still one we still won still won we still won I actually got three but I mean whatever died though the end all right all right all right all right all right this lunar colony up in this piece man

next time we’re just gonna do the best of three we’re not gonna do freaking four rounds of this that’s too long I’ll do three or three or two rounds cross play with the Wii U version that absolutely defeats the purpose of people buying the switch Nintendo’s not gonna do that get yourself the game I’ll switch my boy let me plain that crusty wii u version anymore I thought partners didn’t get that oh come on it wasn’t that swag dude he wasn’t even in front of me let’s go oh come are you serious okay yeah okay you ran it good right into me I’m almost dead we still got a minute 45 lat oh no I can’t see I cannot see we gotta get some hits guys okay I’m about to say that better hit him wait we need two more hits reach two more hits we’ll play defense here oh no we’re getting bought down Oh No ah God did well yeah we just yeah that was that was a that was a body bag we got we got we got body we got body bags that was a body bag but we still won wait no no it’s a tie oh no there’s no ties there’s no ties one round winner takes all st. T’s save teams I hold them take a snap tiebreaker right now st. T’s no enough of this when it takes all one round it says for what we’re gonna play water what around no I’ll 22 CeCe’s not the tiebreaker know that we got to do blue battle bloom

battle one round not twenty seas that’s a race that’s a risky move we’re not doing that we’re gonna do one round that’s it and then I’m gonna quit out of it one round winner takes all same teams all right so let’s see here katana Riku wait no no hold up guys let me I gotta exit out okay hold up that’s not counting we’re gonna we’re gonna exit out of this this isn’t count we’re gonna eggs out all right you guys all hop back in everybody who was playing hop back in it’s so stupid that we tied man that was garbage garbage I tell you all right pretty much everybody’s back in okay all right so I think Big Valley was on my team Andy mine Maxine Hardiman sokar Christian where was Jay kiddin oh we’re missing somebody who are we missing Jay kid was on the other team Andy was on your team okay okay we’re missing one person I was blue okay where’d you go Qi why did you believe ya chupa did leave hell he’s still eating the check know whatever you don’t have five minutes we gotta win it without Chuba we gotta break that up let’s go let’s do it without true blood this computer better not suck pick your best places guys party man what’s your a party man what’s your best what’s your best course party man tell me in the chat real quick that’s not cheating I want to know party man’s best course not of course one the same team you guys can communicate with each other ask each other what your weight would but you need to pick the battle course party then well we didn’t get it anyway I don’t see how me asking pardon what’s his best courses why was that cheating how you wanted some more different okay this is the tiebreaker this we gotta win it one round of this whoever wins winner takes all and we got 200cc after this what are you doing he ran right into me literally ran right into me I’m suddenly he ran right into me all right let’s go while we both hit each other okay not an exchange I’m just being a good Christian

right here I get in the way when what does it have to get him one of those have to get him you serious Malcolm got him BS let’s go Oh God bro freaking bomb okay oh here we go they dim it at a red cell we run right into somebody we’re getting bought Wow how did that hit me we are getting freakin destroyed bro right okay all right guys come on we just got it a little bit more Oh No okay why am I getting mushrooms I can’t know I can’t see all right this one’s the end oh my gosh this is such even even teams okay okay okay okay okay okay let’s go – woohoo town we’re just trying to finish this nuts man freakin nuts why it’s I another tie did another time another time so let’s see we do here see what we can do here let’s go boys last more I think it’s the last one so he’s got a pacman helmet that’s cool no much money Nintendo can make on on freakin microtransactions of facts in Santa microtransaction this game oh my gosh make a killing wait if you hop over somebody that doesn’t actually give you anything right three Oh oh I bet he’s gonna go that way I was hold that was really bad actually oh I still got jump on this go let’s go don’t take a bump – okay I got a little I got a little greedy there you had admit something I got a little greedy there okay i has good defense we’re right let’s go

old man do there’s just random cells getting thrown oh no he was invincible already got hit I would’ve been in I would have been a dead on hit we got fired let’s go oh come on dude just way too dangerous in the center there fun checkout I get like three times in the past 130 seconds no oh wow I just do it too early I would’ve been a dead-on hit Waluigi our stop-start still going yeah if you wander out here in the center did that not hit him all he was invincible defense play defense play defense play defense let’s go yes yes whoo whoo okay okay good stuff it’s too close through those six threatens what six around Gatlin okay okay we’re gonna hop back we’re gonna do two engines CC guys and will probably finish out with 200 cc whoo let’s go George’s you see now is now we’re not gonna do tuned you see seen items that’s not very fun for the viewers watching I got to make it fun for the viewers well I mean just 200cc with no items just gonna be much people falling running into stuff and bumping into things like that’s not that’s not very fun if everybody watching that is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ok we got Canton alright so I’m just gonna continue to CC frantic items arc CPU let’s go I know we got we got a dump got a dub their current Esther we got a dub oh that was super close hold up I guess we can play team racing if you guys want we could do team look at the team racing let’s do it they got six though that’s fine we do team racing got a couple subscriptions 0d OHS HCV – subscription also Devils gamers will – subscriptions thank you guys so much welcome to the village appreciate that hopefully has joined this quality quality Mario Kart action the fact that we still have 70 something people watching is awesome because that many people never watch our streams so shout outs to everybody watching appreciate you guys like the street I just put random teams whatever it put it was random so whoever the teams weren’t that’s what I did so we were I guess we were on teams for a party man we were on teams for four for the battle mode so I guess it’s okay here we’ll do more team games in the future – so he said I’m just messing okay cool cool cool all right guys alright squad we can win this yo I got hit man

oh it’s surgeon CC I forgot Oh God Oh take it I thought those extra piece there yo God the air air Jordan dude it’s so fast yeah ding let’s go let’s go got a second who got first party man who got first yeah part okay that’s fine okay we got three blue okay let’s go let’s go team blue we took the top four top three out of the four spots let’s go I’ll take it let’s go good start good start boys good start good start let’s go let’s go team Oh J let’s go team Oh J versus team party man team oj vs. team party man let’s go Civil War at least one baby Park okay I don’t know I’ve never really found playing wildcard without items fun I never found that like Smash Brothers it’s fun because like there’s like a lot of different moves you can do but this gave me just rice I don’t know I never found that super fun but maybe we should try it sometime captain party pants super all right let’s go oh man so fast do my home mountain team a hit me computer to do this track us way too fast for two GCC sir it’s like you can’t even race dude you’ll be constantly be like letting go of them like the button like it’s like right there it’s like you got to completely let go it’s not fun but got yo dang how does it stop hitting me even matter dude this stage trash would oh god there’s getting getting destroyed I can’t I can’t raise 20 CC on this stage okay here we go Jesus Christ man not very good on oh man not very good on our end yeah not very

good on our end not very good oh it’s a go almost nine-point lead on us okay we got it we got to come back that stage is absolutely help for 200cc man absolute hell we got we got bodied in that course that’s what happened we got body planning simple but we still got first time playing this track it’s shocking a little bit better for 200cc them more open space oh let’s go look a lot of blue in front of me good that’s what I like to see we go jaqen good stuff guys dang dude that frickin frackin red shots let’s go okay okay okay okay let’s go how we do much better for 200 cc I think we did pretty good oh hey come on let’s go down extending the lead on us yeah we got rats we go we gotta take the top one through it’s gotta be one through six all blue for us to win this guy’s let’s go pick your best course and let’s get it yeah we got I thought I did I saw a lot of blue from I said okay here we go this is gonna be good now we got we got a body dude I said that’s the Frankie with the subscription to thank you so much Frankie welcome to the villa toe me appreciate the description okay yeah this this is that we’re gonna be the last one not yet right on time to the five o’clock so I’m gonna take a little bit of a break and then we’ll be back with the PE nightcap for some more gaming news and topics and all that good stuff so good stuff man good stuff guys all right Go Red Team Red that’s the odd with the $2 laces Goretti rather said are on rooting against All Right see you guys we gotta take the one through six let’s go one through six no questions asked what’s do it oh no I didn’t do okay

I’m getting complaint trash not good enough yeah we got we got we got a body yeah we even got we got bodies at the end there even got a body at the end that was not good oh no oh no oh no you guys definitely body does you guys definitely body does yeah that’s true that’s true I party man led this team with 49 I led my team with 38 I’m gracious in defeat party man good job – team party man good job good job guys that was very fun so we’re gonna go ahead and stop it right here very fun sessions of Mario Kart nice I must do be played if you pay for about the hour and a half that we played for so not bad at all you have a victim to actually know something yeah I’m 130 yeah 130 and then we stopped it okay yeah for about hour and a half all right so we’ll be back tonight with the PE nightcap guys gonna have a good stream for you guys I’ve already got tomorrow’s video done so depending on how the stream goes what’s going down you know what’s going on we might extend it out for more than two hours tonight so make sure you come back tonight in about an hour and a half or so and we’ll be back with the PE nightcap PE live nightcap trying to go over some different stuff we’re going to talk to you guys it’s gonna be a little bit crazy since it is the nightcap and to talk dance with some different things we’ll have some different topics and everything to go over we’ll have your user topics well Bob we have more QA and everything like that so awesome stuff yeah tomorrow’s platoon – come on splatoon – look out for my social media we will be talking about splatoon – I will probably play some smash tomorrow as well so it’s gonna be a couple different games we also have the PE we also have PE live during the day as well so it’s gonna be a full day of streaming tomorrow as well so look out for that you guys can definitely some smash tomorrow I’m trying out my secret character against all of you guys so tomorrow we’re gonna put some smash we’re busted splatoon to be a lot of fun and not signed up yet sign up so you can play so you can catch these hands and book my secret character a secret character but anyway no it was a lot of fun guys really great stream today a lot of fun and I will see you guys back later tonight come back later tonight for the PE nightcap we might even get some we might get some stream time again tonight we might cuz I’m done with tomorrow’s video you guys better all watch my damn video tomorrow too I’m Fire Emblem but anyway they can guess what’s for watching I appreciate it we’ll see you guys back in about an hour and a half maybe our 15 hour 34 the PU night that Bruce

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