this is a nice nursery Mexico deliver I was originally gonna name this movie five days in Dora in Mexico but I’m gonna name it a day and do her with Grandpa desk you travel to your Greek friends they always ask from you Zipporah from tyrnavos from my friend Dmitry I hope it makes it the son Diego baby in San Francisco San Diego to ride with my friend images in his gang grand balance Robert was over in the restaurant I think it’s gonna be great great week hey San Diego here I come no schedule goes a good interval life stay there two hours and then let’s play to San Francisco straight back to San Diego let’s buy Turkish all the fights a little back I always have it with the station is that mother for baby look at that it’s a huge huge shooter looking about international flights from all over the world in Lee baby you feel like in a city etc for one whole city is amazing Oh flight San Francisco’s boring I mean insta pool hopefully my gear makes it the mythos is waiting for me in San Diego let’s see how the day is going to evolve see you soon fourteen hours flight I’m in San Francisco connecting applied to San Diego my friend images already there was 14 hours in Turkish Airlines goodbye good food good movies good climate inside you know I loved it and keep on traveling two weeks on the road I mean freaking San Diego just landed and we already had the tickets from the law and the office he had a poof over us greet and the officer lectured us why were who we were spitting like 40 miles 45 and 45 EAJA but we weren’t not that guy over there I see first we didn’t have any life jackets in the car so he was frustrated this is beautiful – just you know I like the downtime nice nice Irish bars you want to drink beers we regulate have been put up here a pale ale okay and I got you cerveza now Sierra Nevada sir it’s it’s a Mexican one you said the Florida Sun Adams no I’m not drinking this is paradise it’s freakin unbelievable it’s March

they’re surfing aah freezing water freezing freezing work ah crap it’s not polite with the increases well well the water temperature is something like 17 to 18 degrees F Tim I’m getting but my kid wanna go somewhere else oh why over there let’s go over there that way San Diego baby ready to ride and roll tomorrow we freakin lievable San Diego work you know the exact spot you need to go I have the baby here can’t even really wrong foot so I have to have to do the drilling I have a kitchen here with me they’re not Greeks you know Beatrice we never offer raw food in Greece you deserve the the thing ready so let’s see what will it okay that’s me mastering the chopstick way to eat stuff yeah to two containers you know in my ladder with the h8 puppies yes this is how I’ve tried to keep the bikes this is what I need to do maybe my training resources or the tiger now I know why you can’t change the brand what could you have family here oh yeah very close so I’m hearing beaten San Diego to get my bike for tomorrow’s right in there the next days I’m so thrilled because I see the American versions of my beauties and Steve is the guy who fixes my ride for the next five days Steve you’re gonna be in my next movie you know San Diego mayhem I’m still expecting mine to I changing take six riders with it no I’ve done it that he’s a three to me get rid of that stupid pesky and get one of these two hundreds and I I’ve been thinking about it because it’s so that’s a mountain bike hello dear hi guys yeah Mad Max it looks used yeah probably oh yeah where does there’s no protection it up loading good yeah this is the bike so what happens here is the heart the Guru begins from loading the bike what happened anywhere else where I was just a little bit further away from any type of medical facility

what are you got my bike look at that we are going to yes I’m always blogging yes my house under under way to Mexico along with the world [Applause] [Applause] ing my adora guide in Mexico I’m on vacation people hopefully everything goes according to plan I’ll be riding in Mexico very very soon you’re the yes I am the guest for the first time in 11 years I don’t know maybe more [Applause] yes wait’ll I see I got me perfect buff going in Iraq exactly I brought in Italian you put on an Austrian we’re here with our women Greece baby you like white speakers I have been in my bag yeah one way yeah

one guy – god yeah you wanna yeah it’s possible oh love to having you down there no no no baby I must get the guy being that if they started and I have to say a big thank you to one’s family that hosted me last night they were fantastic I’m having a burrito you will see what is in me burritos Misrata ready for mobile moisture mistake muchacha weibo inside of the chuga see all the holes are beans

we have this equity stake that was a bucket of warm milk her man is taking care of the menu is taking care of the bill and finally just shredded beef shredded right breathe yeah full chakra freedom for breakfast tortilla with beans me got beans in here so my car looks like a scooter good thing I don’t have it they’re driving moms looks like George a new friend did you go guys I’m a guide but in another country so we have our Father here well you know guys and that Danah years ago just started for my house and just a cute guy Bob Maynard Brian a cobweb microwave all these guys are next and yeah thank you guys and we had a really good time and then I decide you know what I’m gonna put on this ride for 4 more people you know more riders guys are Onorato guys from Vegas max max why flavor guys and food writers front lover Marty moats Marty fried Island we had a really good good group of riders and really enjoyed box and that’s you know I sit here and and I’m not going to move from here anyway no as soon as they put up the wall forget about that you know we are

friends we’re neighbors in New York you know we love motorcycling in LA so you guys welcome to my country [Applause] after lunch is nice right enjoy gates super sensitive shut the road yesterday for the first time amazing it’s on my facebook as well check in lifter go to your room grab us then dinner about 7:15 outside Oh Sheldon be careful there are Greeks in the jacuzzi tub in Syria is Baha Baha on Tuesday hey razor enduro for rally rally flat roads foot brothers yeah take a chance are you

looking back into the good old days when the Sun will always shine we made our way all the way up mm favorite cheese made on my stereo I stay in bed until the afternoon shower machine back to the last when the moon was rounding for when we danced to the morning since the day you disappeared to me I’m the leader deep [Applause] you can Jimmy how about the right

[Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] we with this person Odyssey the ecosystem at the column in a very much I can be a pizza over on the media’s over the me i nee active course they got turn ex nihilo me tonight nigga – laughs I got an excitation geometer star brother Mexico look at the venom agency virally I’m gonna have much akima toffee

over the Lamia a Europe working for afternoon accordion Oh but cake there goes well for the back at least what an investment this is VIP treatment so these two tracks are here to pick the bikes up and our gear that’s insane this is insane you the same I thought of the bikes in five minutes on the rest of our ups this guy’s had unbelievable fracture of Liverpool meet Lily they do a woman she doesn’t right but she’s boring doodling and each and any one of us yeah it racist yeah we are you’re you love Germans doughnuts hey I’ll build I’ll build the wall behind between the two cars this is Mexico thanks to the rest of the gang I am I’m living the normal route of grandparents is fantastic throughout in the mountains of Mexico and we’re going to once learn to scout and test the Tecate race or baja race I don’t know I didn’t understand that they’re having a race in a couple of weeks so we’re gonna test the tracks for the race because the Dominican that I have to test and everything here so the sexy side they have the juice to carry an army here it is partners around bike and hold from the car I weigh nothing her mother where are we going we’re going to Sara’s all to an extreme module 12 price our song paradise this several silica particles become driver you’re gonna be moving again a joking way up – got was it this is the gay look of harmonica Frank

I ain’t friends so I don’t wanna be but with this with is you can load it on the front you know I have all the weight on the front Oh remember again like you Lily Europe or a good sleep really [Applause] no video d2l Oh Stella stone the hard enduro left much as possible but the range that needs a rush but I’ll try on the left waitwait picture picture you

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