Welcome to the iRacing British Touring Car Championship round 28 here from Brands Hatch Grand Prix, and this is the final meet of the championship. There’s rounds 28, 29, and 30 to come this evening and qualifying first With me, Chris Cohen, here on BSRtv, joined in the commentary box by Matt Dalton. Evening, Matt. Evening Chris. Evening everybody. And in the pit lane this evening, Clyde Whiting Hello Clyde. Evening Chris. Evening Matt Evening everybody. This is what it all comes down to! We have three races; ten laps each, and just look at those standings. Andreas Katz has a 45 point lead at the top of the table going into this last round, bearing in mind it’s 20 points for a race victory in this championship. Steliyan Chepilevski has his work cut out for him in second place to make up that deficit. Simon Field in third could perhaps snatch second if Chepilevski really drops the ball, but very unlikely he’s going to be able to take it even if he gets all the bonus points. Richard Wilde: fourth place. Adam Terry and Ellis Stephens are fifth and sixth battling it out. There’s only seven points between those two guys. Those two are rivals from last season (season 2). It came down to the wire between those two with Stephens taking the championship at the very last race Ashley Sutton all the way up to seventh place after entering the championship late. Hunt in eighth. Smolensky ninth. Diaz tenth place And, you’ve got to say, Matt, at the top of the table it looks pretty secure for Katz now. It does, but I know that Steliyan is going to be on an absolute mission tonight I think his intention is to go out well, so it’s going to be an absolute belter this evening And the second half of the table, 11 to 20 (there’s plenty more drivers than that but we can’t feature them all): Hristo Ublev Laura Bond up to twelfth place now. Yuliyan Genovski thirteenth with Russell Laidler Interesting to see what happens there. Robert Fagg is fifteenth. Nick McKerron sixteenth Birleson seventeeth. Steve Richardson eighteenth Mcgarrity nineteenth and Fletcher is in twentieth place going into this final meet. And Brands Hatch seems to be a track that’s quite dear to all these drivers, Clyde. Yeah, obviously, British Touring Car Championship with a British track, it’s just one of them tracks that flows but it’s easy to make mistakes. Very easy to damage the car. Everybody just enjoys it Yeah I mean it almost feels like coming home at the end of the season, Matt. Yeah, I think that’s probably a fair way of putting it And some other news as well: Coba Lopez is back out there on the grid. We haven’t seen him for a while. No, he’s recovered from his mid-season flounce, and it’s nice to have him back. He’s out there for one final round Hopefully he’ll join us again for the next season because if there’s anything you should know about Coba Lopez, it is that he is very fast. Look at that pole position time at the moment! 1:30.0. It’s almost as good as me *laughing* That’s a phenomenal time. Just to give you some background information: the same race here last season, Lopez managed a 1:30.2 and this time he’s two tenths of a second faster. I don’t know if the weather

could account for that. It could make some kind of difference. Nobody we’ve seen so far has broken into the 1:29s. Oh! Saltalamacchia and one of the Dynojets making contact there That’s not the best place to make contact, coming through Hawthornes, but he manages to survive that one. There’s five minutes left in the qualifying session, so we might see a 1:29. You never know. Yeah, I don’t think Chepilevski or Katz are going to be especially happy if Coba Lopez shows up and ruins their party, so I think it’ll be interesting to see what they can do in response. Chepilevski currently on a 30.4, isn’t he? So he’s in second place. Hug third. Katz fourth, but, crucially, Chepilevski, if he’s going to stand any chance, Katz has to not finish maybe one or two of these races. I’m not sure on the exact maths. We’ll have to get back to you on that one, but, it’s pretty secure for Katz if he can just keep it on the track. And avoid the dreaded disconnect which has ruined so many hearts this season, hasn’t it? Yes, indeed It’s worth pointing out, as well, that round 25 last season, the first race from Brands Hatch at the end of last season, we saw Coba Lopez spin out from pole position, on the way into Druids, which took out half the field, and that was the result of Adam Terry’s failure to win the championship, or part of it at least. He didn’t manage to get through that melee at the start and ended up suffering as a result, so let’s hope we don’t see a repeat of that this time round, Matt. No, it’d be nice to avoid it but I don’t think you’re going to be able to. It’s just a very awkward first corner, and it’s going to be quite a big grid, and there’s a lot of guys with, frankly, too much adrenaline, probably, to avoid it this time. But I say that every week, and every week they go ahead and prove me wrong! If they do it again, I’m not going to be happy. Well, four minutes to go. I’ll demand a Mars bar from the series organisers *laughing* I think they can stretch to a Mars bar. You’d think so, but we’ve been asking for a bag of Wine Gums all season and no one’s sent us one. There you go, viewers. There’s your call to action. *laughing* Send us a bag of Wine Gums from wherever you happen to be right now. If you’re watching on Twitch, or YouTube. Evening to everybody on the Twitch chat. As usual, if you want to ask any question of us, or any questions of the drivers (hopefully we can speak to some of the drivers after qualifying and after the races) do go ahead and put your thoughts and questions in the Twitch chat and we’ll see what we can do Chepilevski is three tenths of a second off Coba Lopez in a minute and a half lap and, you know, you might not think that’s very much, Clyde, but actually coming round this circuit, getting three tenths off your lap time is quite tough. Yeah it certainly is In practice we had seven drivers in the 1:30s The tow: does that come into it round this track? A little bit, but not too much. I think there’s too many turns. You’ve just got to be on the track at the right place, at the right time, and you’ll get a good lap. Worth pointing out as well: we’ve got thirty cars out there on the circuit, so that means that there is a lot of traffic around. Some cars quick, some cars not so quick. You know, everyone’s running pretty much 1:33s, so about three seconds off the pace at the moment and when we say the pace, 1:30 is THE pace. That’s unbelievable. That’s an unbelievable time! Speak for yourself! It’s pretty quick. I imagine I might be in the 1:33s kind of area rather than the 1:30s. A number of BSRtv cars out on the circuit as well which is nice to see We’ve got Rob Burton, currently 23rd. We’ve got Rob Plumley as well. He is representing BSRtv out there on a 1:32.4. Chris Sturgeon, as well, he’s out there. Not having the best qualifying at the moment: 1:38, but let’s hope he can pick that one up before the end Oh! He needs to watch out! Oof, that was close Almost got collected by one of the Yuasas there. Yeah, not exactly covering ourselves in glory this evening, team BSR this evening, are we? But… No, no! Can I do a quick shout on behalf of the Laura Bond fan club? P15 That’s not too bad at all. A 31.9 which is not too far off the pace in warmup, and currently P15 for qualifying. It’s a very good place to start, as well, because if you can hold it together, maybe pick up a few places in a couple of the races, you’re on the right sort of pace for a… oh and she just pulls off the track. I believe that’s Chepilevski just going through there. That’s nice of her You’re on the cards for a reverse grid and

possibly a reverse grid pole, which is always beneficial. Yup. And we’ve said this on a number of occasions, haven’t we? About Bond perhaps not being aggressive enough. Plenty of these guys out there are way too aggressive We know that much. But at the other end of the scale… no names mentioned… we have Laura Bond… Ander Diaz… who does tend to let people through perhaps when she should fight a little bit harder, but you never know It’s the last race of the season. Perhaps she can put up a tougher fight this time around Yeah Laura’s very courteous, but, you know, we’re biased though, aren’t we? I think it’s probably fair to say. Yeah, I think that’s pretty fair to say! Richard Wilde, by the way, has… She’s doing better than we are, so… Well, yeah, of course. Definitely better than I could do. Like I said, probably 1:32 or 1:33, but back on the track, Richard Wilde is in third place, having pushed Katz down to fifth. Now fifth place for Katz will be almost like alien territory. No, but I don’t think Chepilevski would be too unhappy to see that, would he? No. I think he’ll be watching, I mean, you know, Steliyan, he needs all the help he can get, right? The only way he can win this if I’m correct in my thinking is if Katz gets at least one DNF. Let’s assume Chepilevski wins all three races. Let’s exclude bonus points because they’re a bit of a wildcard Then Katz will need to score fifteen points or more to take the championship, and fifteen points, over the course of three races, means he needs to finish three times in about 10th position or above. I believe Katz is sensible He’s just going to run to finish in the top ten. Is he sensible? Yes! Maybe not? Do you reckon he’ll go for it? No. He has that German sense of efficiency and purpose about him that suggests that he is probably going to take it, but this is the Britsh Touring Car Championship, so we never know! It might well come down to the wire. We’ll have to see And Rob Burton IS in this race! Yeah, will foul play come into it? Yes! On Chepilevski’s part, I’m sure it won’t, but there are some aggressive drivers. We’ve seen some aggressive driving from the likes of Sutton and from Lopez in the past. Not unfair driving, just, you know, making the point, getting past people, perhaps taking opportunities that other people wouldn’t have taken. It can cause incidents Not saying it will. It should be interesting to see what happens. Qualifying’s just coming to an end now as well. This race last year, we came into the final round last year and Adam Terry thought he had the championship in the bag. All he had to do was finish three races, and he got taken out, first corner, three times, which I’m sure he’ll hate us for being reminded, however, Ander Diaz isn’t here. Probably rather wisely sitting out after last week’s shenanigans, where he did get himself the numpty award, didn’t he? But he’ll be back next season, and we’ll welcome him, because it’s better for him being there. And Smolensky as well, is somewhat of a wildcard occasionally. He’s here. Is Smolensky in this round? He is. He didn’t set a qualifying time though. Did he not? Not according to the timing we’ve got here, so we had 27 drivers setting a qualifying time, and Smolensky, Genovski, Michael Hall, are three drivers who didn’t set one, interestingly enough. They’re still welcome to start from the back of the grid within the rules of course, if they so choose. Ah, interesting

Smolensky ran a 31.7 in warmups, but I wonder, was there something going on with a technical issue, is why he hasn’t run, or? Yeah, it should be interesting to find out, see whether

he grids up

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