Most people will stand like this Look so difficult, European people is too tall Hello ! Welcome to DBigbike YouTube channel ! Today will take tour for one bike For requesting in comment It’s a red bike brand When says about red one, everybody will think Ducati Monster opening scene with Ducati Monster But not a Monster With its code is “821” Is it Monster 821 ? No, it’s not Someone know and someone didn’t know this bike is a little famous one Even good topic or not good topic, today we will talk about it together Its good thing Or not good thing What’s it got For this model here Ducati Hypermotard 821 I wanted to show you for this one Because Its decoration It’s very out trend for motard style, most people know about what motard is This bike feeling like Semi motocross But its setting Designed for on road riding Or “Black way” But for this Become Enduro already, maybe it’s not wire style wheels First thing I just saw See this tire ? This one already changed, if original one Tire will look like this It’s a “Black way” tire This one change to adventure style already Before this one review, I will say something About it’s coding “821” When we talk about 821 everybody will think it is Monster 821 that we just walk through it In the beginning But actually Ducati first model with use a code 821 is not Monster But it’s a Hypermotard This two It will have Hypermotard and Hyperstrada with a previously model Before 821 model people will familiar with 796 And when you said 796 you will think about Monster 796 too, but The first model of 796 is Hypermotard Coming before Monster 796 Basic engine is the same But its frame is different from OK let’s starting review This one Look like original one but only have modifying exhaust pipe Original side mirror Have some changing Its style to motocross But for one thing everyone can tell Want to ride a Hypermotard But they can’t, because of what ? Look at my tall, I’m height 168 cm Stand up bike to straight For its seat, this one only scrape off Same position as my navel Its seat is height same level as my navel, it’s mean very high seat If you see KTM with motard style With their seat Should buy some ladder to ride it XD But for Hypermotard feeling will little slide its seat To look lower But when become a same tall as me around 168-170 cm Let me sit it for you Now I’m sitting on it My left foot on the ground And I’ll use my right foot on the ground Look at a range from my right foot On ground Too high When we stand a bike up Very high that made someone giving up I’m sliding bottom already Right foot on brake pad See at my left foot, tiptoe Just can handle it, when stop at traffic light But for someone not familiar with a bike before will feeling It so weird while standing Will be like this, I try to stay with my two foot but I can’t I must Stand like ballet Because it can’t Most people will stand like this Look too difficult but its basic sitting use right foot on brake pad Left heel careful for sliding My heel just on the ground, as you can see Let me keep bike stand When slide a bottom My right foot on brake pad My bottom just fall already but my heel can lean on ground Standing posture while stop at traffic light OR Prepare for road trip will stand like this using sliding bottom technique for helping Not recommend for using both foot on the ground, you will like ballet It’s too high, very high and made me In model of 821 series Then next to 821 code is a 939 code Hypermotard 939 still available at showroom Same looking like this But it have gear sign Adding oil cooler and engine tuning Same looking and for some question about fixing its height They have change a rear shock, at front is still original one Its rear shock swap to a Hyperstrada one Hyperstrada will lower Let me show you You can see Its height From Hypermotard I just sit on it, with my 168 cm. tall Then I’ll sit on Hyperstrada

For Hyperstrada not like It still an adventure bike Then Its rear shock is lower than Hypermotard And it has sub-tank too Here This is Strada, it will have side bags and rear iron bar Front shield And double bike stand See, I stand side to a bike My navel here Seat looking lower Same level as my pants When I just sit See My both foot Not tiptoe like Motard Its height is same as Same as Kawasaki Z800, about its height Too much lower Slide bottom a little bit my left heel can lean on ground As I said about 939 Ducati factory has changed shock to be a same with Strada With have sub-tank to make it low for Asian people or Thai people same tall as me European people is too tall It’s not too high Same as another one, Hypermotard 821 Before changed to 939 model They already use this shock Its rear Lower than Motard, let’s get back to it It’s just about height This thread If we have good skill, sliding bottom very quickly This bike not too heavy Feeling very light Is it hard riding ? maybe you won’t accustomed for foot position But when riding for a while You will accustomed with it But you can search some riding course, for sure Back to Hypermotard again Checking some its spec the engine Testastretta 11 degree For 796 still be a Desmodue Same engine as 795 But when become 821 series, its using twin-cam or desmo 4-valve engine already See valve lid It’s look like Superbike generation Because of twin-cam Have twin-cam Or desmo 4-valve 1 cylinder will have 4 valve If for desmodue or in 796 old generation 1 cylinder will have only 2 valve, but big size one Don’t even talk about its performance Fast enough, more than 100HP about 796 series Almost 100HP but this one For 821 first lot Highest HP is 110HP At 9,250RPM Too many If compare with 796 generation And another one is Torque For a motard bike will emphasize about torque power Need for more 89Nm. at 7,000RPM About motard bike power More power enough, that we can’t used at its peak And the thing is following to this model is cooler Since Hypermotard 1100 Hypermotard 796 will be an air-cooled one This one is only first for motard bike with have cooler Here, in the front Someone will feel more pleasant When riding on mountain Adventure mode Because it’ll have one question for using Hypermotard 796 old generation the extreme one What is extreme ? Just modify bike to look like this then riding into a mountain We’ll often use a high RPM More turning and with low speed sometime oil cooler or Air-cooled can’t reduce heat fast enough This cooler can helping As I said for an air-cooled bike Riding on road always have a wind flow No problem about heat even parking But for some point for using a low speed but high RPM, will get more heat Then cooler will fixing it already Next Technology that coming with Testastretta 11 degree engine Electric throttle Electric throttle Its respond Better than a line one Because It can setting for a riding mode, such as sport mode Touring , Urban For each mode will have different HP Highest HP is sport mode And have more respond Touring will step lower Urban is looking so delay because Reducing about torque power when use in city will not feel to tired And the thing that coming with electric throttle is Traction control Very exclusive for same segment and same price Not even Japanese brand, for European brand is rare to see Traction control in a bike price around this At that time But for nowadays might be very simple system Traction control Safety for front wheel lift up Or rear wheel Spin faster than front If it too fast, speed will decrease

ABS standard for this one Just looking for its mode again Come closer OK for mode look at this DTC or Ducati traction control ABS is Brake anti locking wheel, and what’s about this line ? You can set in in sport mode, to closing it To make ABS and traction control not working But when changed to touring mode HP is lower You can see at DTC, it’s up to level 4 ABS up to level 2 This is a Its system will setting each mode different from See, when become urban mode DTC at level 6 very sensitive ABS at level 2 Normal But you can setting it in deepest mode Now for exhaust Termignoni titanium Slip on Want to told you Someone said it’s not loud Still have silencer here See this one Still have silencer then it’s sound not too loud It’s body is titanium and carbon tail Look so handsome Start the engine again For using will feeling Look so comfortable because it’s not too loud But when for racing and need more flow, just put this silencer out Confirmed to its sound, very very loud Warm up it to it’s normal temperature Then I will twist the throttle for you Looking for its design Let’s drag it out, conceal by Scrambler With a motard design In a several bike with have motard style just looking like this But for one thing that Hypermotard is better than Monster 821 And someone just said “Why 821 never have this thing ?” 821 just change its model For a few months Just have a same thing, what is it ? Rear wheel Single swing arm Or for Thai people called it “Pro arm” For Hypermotard Since 796 , 821 939 All of it have single swing arm already Very handsome same as sport 1,000cc. model Panigale 1199 and 1299 And 821 Take a look at 821 821 As I told you, still be a double swing arm Or double arm Not show a full wheel view Not same as Hypermotard Hyper will smarter more Because its show a full wheel view For a good thing about pro arm and swing arm how’s it different ? For a rider view Pro arm is looking good Single swing arm is smarter that double swing arm But when For service maintenance Good thing about pro arm for maintenance is, this thing Remove the latch Then wrench it so you can put it out easily Different from double swing arm, that one must release its nut before Release chain And too many nut Then it’s use more tools and more time But for this block is hard to buy must be specific of it If you have it will easily to put it out And this is a good point of pro arm or single swing arm For a view of Service maintenance but for normal using User never release it But it smarter, for real Let’s start the engine again leaving it for a while I just walk around When I talking, engine sound is louder than my voice should stop it Now its temperature is normal Let’s twist the throttle This is low RPM Nice sound ! Here that I think Ducati charm is its sound Extreme sound If it in dry clutch generation, sound has more extreme OK may I stop the engine Very loud Next This one modifying since I said at the beginning of a video Changing from original a lot Its tire I just said This tire is be like adventure mode Even ride on a beach Then I’ll called it “Node tire” Same as scramble Tire face is look at same For adventure And another point Someone didn’t know what is it Look like stunt bike And what it is ? Except it’s good looking It’s role is being a guard See its position Below the engine Imagine about motocross Most of motocross it will very high And some of it will have this guard When we go for an adventure It’s way is not on road anymore,

And not smooth The thing happened is when we climb on something When you miss, try to cross something If you don’t have this guard Will have a chance that some rock will crash to engine oil filter To crank engine or exhaust This guard can protecting Because its have this guard be like an adventure bike And side safety For its role is not for an adventure As I said in many video when riding on road This thing will stop the bike when sliding Stop or slowing down and have at this position And here It’s about side engine protecting But for some real adventure rider Must use a crash bar like GS Will have crash bar fully on top Up to personal style OK next about passenger forgetting Passenger position Let me show you Just OK, if you looking at Passenger seat and rider seat if this one is not slope down This one slope from factory If it has a same position You can entwine because of its same level seat Looking OK Seat size is pretty big More comfortable than a several bike Just for passenger feeling Still comfy for a long ride Although motard will little high If it was strada , 939 or last lot of Hypermotard It’s lower than because of its shock Then you will feeling it’s too low Next About good and bad thing Actually for good thing I just say it at all Feeling it’s very good But for bad thing about this one About Hypermotard is a good bike and you can have fun with it This one is my favorite bike In a bike market For a motard bike which brand who have it ? In a class and cc. around 8-900cc I can’t remember Feeling like want some motard bike It will have a smallest one Small bike Around 100cc And one bike I can remember, this one In a bike market it’s not any bike can compare together for a general bike in Thailand If you want a motard bike you’ll thinking for this one Hypermotard But when For something about not too popular I just said at the beginning It will have some problem for its first lot same as 796 As I told you, it’s coming in a same point It’s a motor starter sometime you riding it And when you reach the destination Stop the engine and then start again It won’t work Must wait for 10-20 minutes then you can start it then someone just said Why ? It have a cooler already Then why it can’t start ? Is it heat up ? Most people misunderstand for this point even 796 and this model Can’t start it doesn’t meant heat engine Normal temperature around 90-100 degree not even heat Because of its motor starter About motor starter if it perfect Temperature up to 120 degree still can start Sharp melt still can start This mainly problem is came from di-start or motor starter How to fix it ? Yes, just change it Every bike that coming to my shop will check at this problem already Complete recall what is recall ? For 796 Have no recall but I have a stock About motor starter I have it for a dozen Ready to change anytime And good thing for 821 in Hypermotard or Hyperstrada model For some lot with have a problem Ducati have a free recall to claim most people don’t know Just yelling it but never ask showroom Checking bike at showroom is not a bad thing Look like I’m a showroom sponsor This is a real story Because I claim it a lot Never said Can’t claim or any reason change exhaust pipe they still calim This one problem is from factory And when you change it, everything back to normal and a good thing is Waste of times but you won’t pay for anything For someone who’s buy our bikes If it a Hypermotard or Hyperstrada We already recall it for you Same as 796 Can riding at Sukhumvit And when refill a gas you can normally start it not even its temperature This is all about Ducati Hypermotard Too many requesting For this bike So long for today Just finishing it Same as a previous who’s riding this bike Want to shared some inform or any topic You can comment at DBigbike YouTube channel And please press like and share and subscribe for me too And you can press a bell sign beside of subscribe button Will have notification to you about my new video uploading everyday But random time About price and details Hypermotard second hand I have a lot of it, it’s price is around 3xx,xxx baht For an easy way you can check at my website www.dbigbike.com If you not remember can searching by GOOGLE then type

Ducati Hypermotard second hand You’ll see D-Charoenyont website at the first page of GOOGLE Just finish for today next time if I have some good topic I will continue update to you safe ride everyone ! Bye ! For Hyper 821, with its 821 code Let’s talk about 821 code, most people will talk Let me talk about 821 code, most people will What’s sound ? Before take tour for this bike Let me tak no tak it’s talk It’s happened for a first model DUCATAE Enough for today oh forget about price

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