Hello everyone Welcome on RCTutos.fr Today we are back for the following of our ZérO-11 Project with the building of the project Today we assembly the transmission we catched the assembly manuel of the SCX10 So we will mount the interior of the transmission and the transmission we will also mount the motor mount and the slipper and we will install it without motor on the chassis we will see that nicely together So, to start this step you will need this bag from BOOM Racing It’s an heavy duty transmission, reinforced in steel and you will need here the transmission box we catched the BOOM Racing one too in gunmetal color so we open the bag So BOOM Racing makes this aluminium transmission box we already use it in the Defender in Orange It’s not expensive It’s nice, it reinforces and it’s beautiful They give you with the screws to close the box you also have the screws to mount the box on the chassis we will see that after for information it’s the part BR233005GM for gunmetal the letter code changes for the color next we have here the heavy duty transmission heavy duty gear set for SCX10 It’s a steel transmission with slipper installed you have the motor pinion, axles all the transmission interior the only thing that will miss is the slipper spring you find it directly at Axial they are 2 in a set they are small slipper sprigs that we install here on the transmission So we have here the spur gear with slipper installed don’t put any grease on it or it will not work you have here the spool that goes in the transmission box and you have here some other things we have here the second part of slipper it comes like that we have axles motor pinion spacers and pins here the pins goes on this axle to fix pinions you have also 2 spacers, they don’t go inside this inside you put 2 bearings you don’t have bearings in the box Or you have the stock ones Or you need this BOOM Racing bearing box SCXBBZ So we will assembly this We start here this is already built with this part we will install next our bearings here In the bearing box you have here a serie of bearings, so here we are two that we need to install on the spool so you grab the 2 bearings bearings AX A 1225 you install them like this next we will build this axle you grab the axle and a pin and this pinion you put the pin inside the axle at the extremity

like that the pinion have a space for the pin on one side you install like this you put the pin in the space Next you need AX A 1218 bearings this must be those ones, the 4 that go in the transmision you put here a bearing it blocks ok you put another bearing on the other side this one blocks this one is good and here you grab the last pinion and you put the 2 others bearings it looks to be complicated So we needed to strength the bearings we used a vice, it costs a few euros you find it in stores in the 1 euro or 3 euros zones it’s useful we will have a problem to take the bearing off because of the strength, so we will need to change pinion it’s the problem with metal pinions, the bearings put through and blocks so if you can have a vice under the hand it’s good so now we have assembled all the bearings and awles we can start to open the box you need the wheel key and an allen key and we open you save the screw here you see the bearing place, an axle here, and here another bearing the other side the same, so it’s a beautiful box, very light it’s solid and reliable, like I said we already use it in our Defender we will put some grease inside for that you need some paper and you start to put some grease on pinions you can put some on bearings you install the axle in the box like that next you put this axle in the pinion and install it in its place here you put some grease around the pinion you turn slowly you add some grease and the same again all around the pinions next we install the spool, but first, add some grease don’t hesitate some people put other than grease, it’s not the perfect technic this one works with my chassis it remains with my chassis I did this on my SCX10, never opened the transmission since 3 years I have it it works really well, no issues now some put some oil some put nothing, it’s a personnal choice I use this technic and it works great now we can close the box

all need to find its place now that is done we can screw the box I was inspired by this small pin, but it goes somewhere else you fix the screw the transmission works, it turns so we have the transmission really beautiful in gunmetal we made those steps on the stock box you have a hole that allows you to reverse this axle if you want to install a front motor so you can reverse all the transmission now the next step it’s about the motor mount it’s the Axial stock motor mount you can find this part at Axial or other brands that make aftermarket parts we choose the stock one, it’s easier you need here the cover from BOOM Racing with the inside plate we will install on the motor mount this plate here we unscrew here, here and here we have here a very beautiful cover very nice you need this part and this part, you see the shape here to install it we will install it like that, you put the axle in and it goes like that this way you catch the screws that came with the transmission box you catch the long ones and you put them this way here here and here so we start this is installed you clean the grease excess next we install the slipper you see we are here the rear of the cover and the motor mount next we install this basically it works like that, you glue the disc on a part, and you fix it on the spurgear here all is already done we just need to install it you need to install the spacer and put the pin inside put this part and after, the spur gear, spacer and slipper spring first we install the spacer if it accepts to go next you catch the pin to install it in the hole here just here, you put the pin in and you install this part

wait ok it’s at its place you install the spur gear like that you put a spacer you catch a spring, it will be funny we need to compress the spring you put the spring, you notice the problem you need to install this bolt after So we tried to install the spring on the axle, but it’s nearly impossible the spring is too long and hard to compress so we will trust the material we will tighten the slipper with the bolt without spring it was planned to tighten it on maximum you put a spacer and the bolt to tighten the slipper you need to block here one of the axle of the spool you block in the hole and you tighten with the key you can tighten it to the max you block the bolt and the transmission is done it turns perfectly we don’t install the motor now we can install the cover we will show you the result with the slipper installed but no spring because of the length of the axle the BOOM Racing transmission box and Axial motor mount reinforced pinions in steel we put some grease we can cover it now it’s really well made, it takes its place perfectly no play or other issues we can put our small screws you don’t tighten too much, they will oxydize and block so avoid to tighten too much we had the problem and a screw broke after that it’s not fun you tighten them to touch just it’s better to lose a screw instead of it blocks this spring goes in the package next step is to install the transmission on the chassis you catch the 4 screws you had with the transmission box 2 long 2 short the short ones goes on the outside I check, you have the front of the chassis here the transmission goes like that So the short goes outside the chassis and the long inside here The transmission is installed it looks good, it’s clean it can goes at its place next we will install the shock mounts So we finished with this we catch our shock mounts you install it on the chassis on the center holes here and you have the choice to install the shocks we will make a fisrt installation we will setup with the shocks we will choose in the next weeks or months you see, very nice shock key it will be good we open the 2 bags so we catch our screw box

it’s a screw box coming from BOOM Racing, you have a good choice inside long, short, domed, counterstruck it’s a special SCX10 box you choose those screws domed ones, short you need 8, you have 4 shock mounts the problem if you put only one screw here for example, and your shock fixed here at the moment it will compress the shock the mount will turn you need 2 screws so we will do easy to start, we will fix here and here on these 2 holes on the shock support fast and easy you catch the mount and your screw they are threatened perfect and you install it on the chassis you don’t tighten on max first you put the second screw you see, instead of having 3 points to fix the shock you have all around some threatened holes to fix the shocks it’s really interesting to have a good choice of positions we will probably move them compared to the wheelbase we will choose for the Spawn we install the others and come back we are back after the installation of transmission and shock mounts we are here today for the advancement of the chassis here are the parts we used cover box metal gears motor mount transmission box so here the cover and here the shock mounts to remember here here the heavy duty gears works with slipper but without spring you can’t install it here we are at the step 5 or 6 I think, of the ZérO-11 Project with the start of the assembly next will be the axles and the inside of the axles it will be in different steps because of the budget it’s a therefore investment So it will be axles, links and after that the body we showed you in last videos the skinz from FreqEskinz RCTutos body It’s not sure we keep this one we have another idea with the black base of the body we received LEDS with special colors, lemon lime, orange peach that can be really nice too for example I will show you in Premiere I have here a part of the deco Stickers that will go on the body if we do it black zérO-11 Project stickers ATees stickers Axial stickers stickers brossed aluminium looking it’s made with the cutting plotter RCTutos Offroad stickers all that is for the idea to use the body with the black coat base made before the skin but while taking off the RCTutos skin that is really badly installed so the following in the next episode Thanks for watching It was the transmission assembly of the SCX10 ZérO-11 Project thanks for watching subscribe for more videos like us on Facebook visit our website www.rctutos.fr find us on Instagram @RCTutos.fr this tutorial is brought to you in collaboration with our partners ATees.com, Oospeed Drive and Team TETSUJIN Thanks again See you later

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