I’m Eddie Colon, mechanic and crew chief of Darth Vader We are in Puerto Rico, the home of the race car adding what we promised, a few adjustments and a few things we’ve done to the motors We began working on the can and it’s been documented, everything is working out CorretjerFilms traveled from United States to document this project and cover the event at the track thanks to Roberto Santiago and Mike in Orlando they are responsible for making all this possible and Gaby Skern Racing for helping with the motor so we could be at the Pan American event Good afternoon, Jose Diaz better known as “Gaby Skern” Skernracing.com…..we are at our laboratory Sporty Motorsports As you can see we have CNC machinery we also have CNC lathe we have motor balancing machinery CNC plasma cutter and surface grinder Currently we are offering services on allignment and rotor clearance in addition to the balancing, which is being used in the fastest cars in the world today also provide the stud kit and machining service We are fabricating fuel rails and injector bosses we also have a 3-D Laser Scanner, latest technology we can also fabricate any type of custom parts stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or what the client demands As you can we are using the centre bearing eccentric shat

from Xtreme Rotaries thanks to Rohan Ambrose at Xtreme rotaries who has helped us and support us when it comes to our engines and has helped Gaby a lot with Skern Racing on balancing, in this case this eccentric shaft has quite a few passes on the motor it has had 6 second passes and we continue to use it, it’s still working fine, it’s the same one and we’ll continue to use it in the new motor we’ll be building We are very satisfied and happy with the results at the Panamerican Festival at

Puerto Rico Internaltional Speedway in Salinas with the 4 cars we took

all 4 cars qualifed at the event we won the 1st round at the event with all 4 cars

One of them “Carlos Racing” The other is “The New Castro” “El Papote” of Jimmy Bou and “Darth Vader” that traveled from USA We obtained 1st Qualification of Puerto Rico with “Carlos Racing” In Team USA we had 2nd qualification with “Darth Vader” and very happy with the results and progress we’ve obtained with the changes to the cars the adjustments for example “Carlos Racing”, we ran 6.93 @ 206mph during the event the car was “bracketing” within the 6 seconds which is not too common We are very happy specially with “The New Castro”, our newst addition to the Skern Racing Team since we finished “Runner up” at the event, this time running a MicroTech LT16 which will be soon replaced by a MOTEC M800 the guys are trying very hard to get us all the parts to improve the car that even with all the problems we faced on the forward suspension among other we finished runner up at the event with a new record 7.20 @ 188mph, never done before Normally our cars, for example “Carlos Racing” the 1st 3/4 chassis to run 6 seconds…Rotary in the world it has had the same motor for a whole year thanks to the mechanical details and the tuning of Skern Racing as well as “Papote” which has been using the same motor in many events winning many of them with the same engine, which fills us with satisfaction all the work and sacrifice leads to these rewards And one more time demonstrating Skern Racing Team and Sporty Motorsports what we are caplable of making with our clients people that work cars that are built by “Breath” how we like to say “Low Budget”, we are competitive always winning events…1st, 2nd….qualifying strong and pushing forward those who don’t have the budget to race at the level we are it fills us with satisfaction and pride being able to accomplish this without the budget that others need to reach these goals

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