Teammate: 3 warehouses Why is he shooting me and not you? He’s dead Teammate: Behind small tower Teammate: One ran over I’m sure one’s dead Teammate: No more ammo! I’m covering from behind! Teammate: Enemies in warehouse! Teammate: Knocked 2 Teammate: WOW~ this SKS is so cool! Teammate: 1 there Teammate: 2 more Teammate: Outside Teammate: Outside dead. Have another team Thought he was knocked and killed? Teammate: Oh, means all dead Teammate: Flare gun at Rozhok direction Enemies here Enemies infront of me, don’t get distracted I have no scope! I’m going to die, saw his teammates coming from housing area

Teammate: Coming Teammate: Enemy behind tree on your left Teammate: Enemies in round tower! Teammate: Enemies in housing area! Teammate: Heard suppressed gunshot inside Where’s the enemy? Over here at dual houses. Come behind Teammate: Cute dinosaur! Teammate: Went upstairs! Teammate: There’s grenade Teammate: There’s a dragon! It’s the Nian beast! Don’t change it’s name! Eh! Don’t shoot the car! Enemies infront!

Why are they dancing? Are they fans? Teammate: Ready… 3, 2, 1! Go! Teammate: Pink car is leading! Blue car is smart! Chose a shorter path! Can’t chase up to you! You added speed boost right! Did you add anything extra! Let’s go chase flare drop! 2 flare drops! Drive there and press car horn! Open World Chat! Behind! At housing area behind! Teammate: Enemies in 2nd floor! Surround them! Play around with them xD Teammate: Low health enemy in this building Teammate: 3rd floor Teammate: He’s throwing grenades from rooftop Enemies at fake garage died

Teammate: 1 more at rooftop Teammate: Nice~ The car is so flashy So realistic Teammate: That hill! I flanked right infront of them, can you help to cover me? Birthday boy is going to bleed to death!!! Absolutely safe to drive with me As the Birthday Boy, I swear If you drive with others, you might get bombed. But if you drive with me, you won’t get bombed by red zone No need to drive around, stand still also won’t get bombed See?

Let’s go Teammate: Car! Teammate: Enemies! Teammate: Right infront! Teammate: Enemies in Rozhok! Teammate: Enemies there Still have enemies!

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