hello and welcome to low budget gaming and welcome to my Let’s play of motorsport manager PC career mode we are in season 10 with Velan racing and next up is the Canadian Grand Prix in Vancouver and so far we haven’t done that well the season even though we had a win in Milan couple of races ago last time out in Phoenix silikov got a 5th and Cristiano finished outside the points I think 12 maybe 13 but yeah he hasn’t been scoring a lot of points as you can see total is only minus 11 and the reserve driver Bianca Del Naja he came in for two races and he got a fifth place and he scored temer so as you can see Cristiano has been struggling so with that being said let’s get ready for Canada Canada it looks like it’s going to rain a bit and as you know we tend to do very well in the rain and let’s hope we can do something again so Balthazar on Phoenix poor car condition update Balthazar winds let’s see the interview you attempt at a quick pace was not a mistake everyone chairman criticized him yeah every second makes a difference gay drivers are happy with that no I think I see Ana wasn’t and pit crew could report to bestow postures he have they had a mistake okay it seems that we can take matters into our own hands did we fire him nah just give him a rest I think he’s been with us for our answer 52 I mean our guys are the best ones that great west or second best usually so we can’t complain they’re just human so they’ll make mistakes and I don’t know what the science is behind them making mistakes now let’s just check the contracts again three races thus hire him hire him yep we just make sure everybody is up to 12 races so we don’t suddenly run out of people there should be some sort of system telling us that okay pit crew needs renewing their licenses I mean contracts otherwise they will leave us something like that like a few races before the contracts are done of came a tree and build people okay this is good on fixing but nothing else – Jax I’m fixing this guy’s alright yeah but nothing particularly stands out okay let’s go back to the mail and continue from there yeah forgotten about the repair in not repairing the parts what where are we on the parts building the suspension will be ready in three days we have plenty of time three days eleven hours about four days as far as the improvements are concerned suspension rear wing and engine so engine is almost fully upgraded the rear wing okay okay this one is fully done this one is also fully done so we don’t really need to get these done so why are they still highlighted okay we can remove them I think we have to this wait just to become fully and four we would like to use the new wings the front wings the legendary ones we’ve just prepared but we also want them to be fully ready for the race I suppose since you’re not working on anything else we need the reliability to only about 60% okay almost ready care breaks it breaks also this one is almost done they are both done so we have suspension rearing engine what I’m thinking is do we have time to build a railing can you let them finish the suspension then we shall see suspension build finished okay let’s have a look suspension 40% okay let’s get working on this see these are not disappearing they normally go sort of like if we do that

and the pricks are also done 49 days after race what is holding up the show I think it’s the front wings I think they do that in okay whenever they’re done together that’s when they give you the message okay so should we build another suspension we have time so here on what is the current number 14:11 1436 is the maximum so we need something more than that 14:36 it is our plus 40 on the corner sortie – max risk l1 okay so nothing’s pressure here we do this and we do this 14:56 okay it is better I suppose but reliability goes down if we remove that and increase the reliability but the redzone was done that’s no Houston what about this it takes five days more I don’t know if I want five days because I would like to get to the next levels okay they are on to that let’s look at the sponsor situation which is pretty bad golden tiger second above second above second above seriously let’s take them one and a quarter million we are not going to finish second at least get our balance right and slot right we have ambrosia giving us four sixth in a pub wine Choi is giving this is the realistic one and they’re giving us good money as well however the problem is if we don’t select higher paying sponsors we end up with lowering our marketability so we’ll have to go with ambrosia and it will be between ambrosia for six or above for golden tiger we can get six or above that is doable see we have only a three star sponsor appeal we need a five star sponsor appeal okay stop stop stop okay Mordy returning what India’s Prime Minister know we’ve had a well-placed source engine Modi of a guy no idea he was trying for that team okay he she’s threatening us again now we need to get the Performa see this is done now see is clean chit here I get that thing done come on kept working on that so this is up to 57 percent reliability I think we are good we should focus more on where is the suspension fifty-five suspension is crucial though so we just need a bit more on the suspension but we need more start working on performance please and let’s see let’s do the wood spec engines once again although we are suffering badly because of the engines I would personally prefer to have our own engines will not benefit traditional seem so it’s not going to benefit anybody apart from chariot so I think we don’t even need to vote I think people will just vote against it anyway yep exactly we save up our words for more important agendas okay 49 days political recess new suspension done okay report on a 29 lap race three point three nine miles 117 forty percent chance of rain we need good suspension we are trying to build one we have built another one and B are hoping we can use them during the race which may not be possible okay go back to reliability people we need that thing ready hey in seven days fourteen eleven fourteen twelve so these are already better than what we have our D front wings looking fifteen nine sixteen ninety three so this one is slightly better so we need that to be better than that okay but the front wings are not that important for Canada the engine is fully fit for purpose now we have seven days what is important for the next race in Singapore we need a gearbox brakes and front wing see we are working on the front wing we have built a few care boxes but the problem is we haven’t touched the brakes every yes we haven’t even made a single set of brakes so I

think we should start working on the brakes because we can build on a set of suspension but I don’t think we need suspension for a while the ideally I would like to have everything done by the end of the season like at least up to like the legendary risky parts but as you can see until Brazil we don’t need the suspension curious because we have good brakes anyway if we don’t build a new set of brakes would that hurt us see your front wings are only third-best I mean not only like only behind Rossini and Steinman our brakes are behind Rossini Steinman and fencer we have good brakes to begin it suspension is very like can see we are only eight engine app engine is slightly better now we can’t build another set of engines can we don’t have the money seriously and what engines are we using right now epic engine so there’s another level we can go and we go more than that the problem is we’ll have to I think we can’t really go better than that we can make a set for next season like a risky risky ones and hope for the best so if you go this one very risky be covered top-seed plus $30 it was 15 very risky again don’t speed 22 max we’re stripping performance risk level – on top seat 40 reliability my stand during race okay let’s go with that top speed 60 red zone 15 well time four days tops eat 40 reliably 25 I say we go this and we got this so it just I don’t really want reliability here that’s the problem because we haven’t unlocked this which means we are not really that great this is 1956 max if we do this this doesn’t change anything so I don’t mind making risky parts but okay let’s build again okay risk risky one forty-two Max or should we go receive a still 42 max so it’s 1926 20-22 max plus 40 top speed 40 and see we don’t have any risky stuff here plus 35 plus 30 let’s say we go with another one of this 1956 this we go to 1956 still and this is only going to be slightly better than what we have unfortunately we don’t have level three unlocked on the factory so we can’t really get a better engine so we are going to struggle a month–is season without a good engine is there any point okay let’s not get carried away with the engine let’s let’s focus on something else see if we build another suspension we won’t be able to use it anyway for this race so let’s just start work on the brakes just start building brakes so we can get that have to level something or other so anyways we wasted too much time building parts let’s go people let’s go that was quick the build-up brake brakes will finish race mechanics what I think I don’t know something right now they’re definitely all so far no question ok ok happy nice for the feedback ok we got a set of brakes in 1596 see if you can get them ready for the race ok 61 1695 hour the suspensions looking 35% no no 60 this is not good enough people we need everybody on reliability duty only four days – okay we can make another gear break in four days we might actually have this ready so 22 max reliability – 10 bill time five days deceleration plus 40 reliability – 20 plus 5 plus 30 okay let’s go with this we are not planning on using these for now what happened we raise gossip okay don’t because if people

okay so let’s check the parts before heading out so 47 68 I don’t think we can use these suspensions I would like to but we simply don’t have the time we can however reuse the new front wings okay so high tire wear high fuel burn okay so no scope for anything and we’ll go with 6 or above let’s take a chance and we have super soft tires here with high fuel I tire where they’re giving us seriously you will need the soft tires here two qualifying runs we won’t be using the soap ourselves but we could use it if it rains or something yeah I think this is the right mix this would be the right mix let’s just fit the parts before heading out we shall give you guys the new front wings brakes are not important right but 51% is just not good enough sadly we give it to Christian Alice let’s risk it I mean isn’t scoring any points anyway so just giving him a better break could make things a bit easier rail rings suspension sadly we can’t use the suspensions it is 68% it is worth the gamble I suppose but is it worth the gamble no less less not okay Canada we have actually done well here whenever it rains not whenever but like a couple of times we won the race but it was in the dry conditions actually in season four with LAN twister we won the race and that was because of a safety car I believe yeah there was a safety car incident and that helped us out and one stopped that that was the reason we also had like a two and three or like a double podium something we did not win it again but I think we had a two and three two and four something like that okay I did the right thing bringing a risky part not receiver I mean unreliable part breaks our 70 will go 63 here because as 51 51 is just not good enough we should probably have left it this is 51 this is a bit too it goes 79 don’t even okay let’s hope we have some sort of setup saved up I think we did a good set of last year Mike over Vancouver Marlene had to excellence and a great think to stints on the soft would be really comfortable and this Tiana also had two greats to excellence electorate and how many laps is he getting 16 to 18 so even he will be comfortable I feel Ruth who stands on the salt okay guys I’ll see you after practice welcome back practice done both cars got to excellence and a great and level threes on the Kali pointer and the rest I so pretty uneventful no rain or anything in the practice session I hope it rains in the race as we are hoping for some rain and yet let’s see what we can do in quali qualifying is also dry looks completely dry yep okay so we can do two runs here okay yeah that’s to poly hmm so when do we go yeah we’ll do our usual

two runs okay surah kahf out you cool exit is fine here the exit is actually quite short it exit okay Christiana hold our folder and hope we have enough time to do two stints with him as well okay let’s go back to see if this means surah kahf has a clear track no is the answer he has a red car getting in the way keep keep ahead of the red car see if you can yeah this is definitely affecting his lap times yep his lap is ruined one point eight of the pace yeah that wasn’t great I know I can see that and what about Cristiano if he goes faster than obviously silikov had a bad laugh okay still stolen saw Rico I think about a 140 should be okay for getting out of the pits let’s send out your Cristiano first let’s see if that changes anything okay let’s send him post you go now surah kahf will send out right at the last moment talking about now hopefully we haven’t left it too late it’s pretty late action okay I think it should be okay obviously this is the best time to get any grip on track okay still about 12 seconds to spare not bad a Cristiano is going faster in the first sector so Lyubov is also going faster Cristiano is not in the second sector sorry coffee is in the second sector oh wow surah kahf got inside the top six again he hit the sponsor object you see he is he is doing very well here he is overachieving with our car and Cristiano isn’t well he is not entirely to blame basically but the gap between the two mates to teammates is starting to get a bit annoying huh okay good good job sorry coffee got us a lot of money now hopefully he can do the same in the race and please it rained please please yes I see drops but this is interesting but it doesn’t look like very heavy rain interesting it is hmm so what should we do okay so if we go down here I think lap 14 is when we will have to go onto the drys 13 to 14 we don’t have any work done on the so if we do one stop first enters then we go on the soft tires I think that would be the right strategy now that would depend on when we let’s see how many laps we can get out of the soft tire 18 to 20 silico would be comfortable we can go early if we want that Cristiano we can get 16 so even he isn’t that bad so if you go lap 13 even he can manage because the reason why I say 16 is doable is we won’t push Plus first 13 12 abs will reduce the fuel on the car so that would make it a bit easier I see actually how many nose you can get other dainties aha so this is quite then okay we won’t push anything we’ll just draw and hope that they can get over the line okay sorry cough if you can hold on to your place I think that would be a good result nope he has already surrendered come on you

won in the rain last time okay push on the fuel push on the fuel push on the fuel we are good on fuel this one thing we all go down and that is secure miss Chiana has gone down both have dropped one place should we push on the intercessor yes or no a lot of people here push push push sonic office drop three places come on get back get back come on that’s a result of also again a spore guinea on that guys this time he’s got us come on come on okay back off on the fuel back off on the fuel we can’t really push anything here still 90 struggling hard against Giuliani Julien is a faster car it’s the result of horses that’s annoying us once again we already 11 seconds behind okay push on the pure we have a bit of fuel again cars are not getting warmed up here okay somebody has crashed safety car safety car no we can’t do anything we just need to look after the fuel look after the tire tires will be cold suddenly these guys have started crashing I think it’s just a wet conditions they are not used to it they get too aggressive now we have used up a quarter of the tire should we look after the tire so realistically we could go in early but we don’t want to go in so early that we can’t get to the end and who knows if my trading in should we go Phyllis just go conserve on the tires because we don’t want them getting too cold we may go aggressive on the restart but saving of fuel means we can be more aggressive and it’s a red card and a scratch so that helps us getting further up the field okay Taniguchi has crashed in Italy as well and he’s crashed here he’s not having a good time it’s also good to see other people crashing a Cristiano join up to the end of the queue please I want you guys should be yeah because it’s a safety car period see the guitars have completely gone cold and we’ll go very aggressive on that restart push on the tires push on the fuel and see what they can do but they can also crash if we do that a safety car will go in this lab see we don’t really need too many laps all of these interest now miss surah kahf he can do 18 laps so let’s say 17 realistically so he needs some more lap 12 out of these so another six laps the Christiano again about 6 to 7 laps there is the smoke of Taniguchi scar now we just don’t want them falling at the back here there’s a result of Corsa and two Panthers in front directly in front okay safety car is running away now and get ready to push so we’ll push here and push here as well we won’t go over things because that can result in crashes I mean this can still result in a crash party okay good jobs record yes yes come on get on the inside get on me as I stay here stay here perfect surah kahf brilliant move brilliant I hope he hasn’t crashed at the back now he’s dropped to 40 surah kahf my man you are doing a great job here I am impressed he is a very good driver like very very highly rated like if he wasn’t with us he would be a torch a Mian already come on okay come on he’s very aggressive here Christiano is still dropping how is he dropping to 14th twice in a row okay maybe not push so much on the tiles that we don’t have any tiles left we can definitely push on the fuel okay let’s push a bit more on the fuel to stay ahead of those Panthers ok we are look

we are challenging the Steinman’s here just by overtaking just by using the overtake button come on sorry fuck you have fuel we are not doing the same with Christiana because he is likely to crash also he is likely to not score any points anyway I see surah kahf has left behind the Panthers he still got fuel he still got fuel e still pushing still pushing is still pushing brilliant surah kahf I’m very very impressed look at that look at that it’s like a different car all together really and man one romanced here I hope we can actually get something wow that was the best overtake I’ve seen him do ok he’s lost it but come on come on don’t fall I still do it slipstream yes brilliant that this is proper racing ok he’s used up all the fuel but now mine now mind this is good this is good should we still be out on the interest ok lap 12 see the problem with you my friend is you are the one who is not good on tires okay less less why if we paid him he’ll struggle to get to the end unless it rains again okay let’s hit him not another set of interest see 16 isn’t enough 17 to go okay you need to do another lap my friend surah kahf is the one who needs to pit so the 17 laps to go so rakov has done a brilliant job contract you can push on the tyres you can even push on the fuel if you like stay ahead of that Steinman if you can if we can keep him behind before the pits that is good enough but I don’t think both the Steinman’s can pin on the same lab so that guy could suffer badly this is lap 12 so another 17 a cristiano has no tires we have to pit him yeah a strategy one second and strike normally yeah we are not even paying attention because he doesn’t score points and we are not even bothering it Cristiano even getting a cigar is almost at the pits okay the Steinman did come up so they are queuing up come on under one okay we did not have a good pit stop that was not a good pit stop we came out behind several people all that good work a sort of golf did seems to have been wasted how did the – Steinman’s get two of their cars in and out before us that is scandalous so we go just look after the tyres these guys will fit again don’t worry about it you are still fine look at him look at him he’s just got some pace where has he got that pins from maybe that front wing is useful maybe that bit of engine is what’s helping him Cristiano you need to somehow manage these tyres to land see we have gone past a panther without too much problem here if I’m honest on the same set of tires now if you see in front of us we have Balthazar lithograph lobby lobby lobby I don’t know Hashimoto Giuliani bourguignon apart from bourguignon I expect all of these guys to pit again which leaves us in a very good position now the question is we don’t let anybody behind us get ahead of us and when these guys hit we don’t want them to be so far ahead that the pit come out on very fast tires and then get ahead of us again realistically forth is what we should be targeting behind the Balthasar the racino of Alcazar and the – Steinman’s because the – Steinman’s they’ll fit in about two laps so even if they go on another set of interests they all still struggle christiana on the other hand is see everybody around him is on the same tire so there is really no hope for him even now because he still fall down so rakov as you can see is doing a remarkable job keeping the Avila behind the sea Pathan and his teammate is fighting the Avila and the longer he keeps him his partner his teammate behind the better we have a chance of holding all because the

Panthers are really the good cars on Tyra better than us the others are not so sure I’m very confident the others are not as good as us so our tires are fine but they are not warming up and what is the track temperature here 17 degrees so it’s not that what buyer is going to get slightly hotter sorry cough just needs to stay close to bourguignon because if he stays close because bourguignon styles are a slightly more used than us we have 60% bourguignon has 55 so we are slightly better on the tyres see somebody’s already pitted CWD Aviles pitted and look where he ended up 17th so far down ok he is now unhappy about the suspension I thought Cristiano had the bad suspension a suspension is definitely dodgy on silicon okay I’m a bit nervous because there’s still seven laps including this one the boat fuel wise we are good so we can keep pushing now as you can see bourguignon upper head is out of reach a bourguignon could score a lot of points here in it get past us at the start and that is what has helped him yeah you have been stuck but I can’t really pit you what’s the point up to five Hashimoto is in the pits yes just as I expected but they’ll come out on ultra soft tires and they’ll be really fast see there are a lot of cars very close to each other this is tight Alcazar is going to fit I’m really confident about that but thirty seconds ahead even if she does fit she’s still coming out in front of us see Lobby behind us is on super sauce and now we are in big trouble we can’t hold off lobby on super sauce can we actually finish inside the top six because Giuliani and Hashimoto they are not that far behind and they are on the ultra soft tires those tires are insanely fast I can see them coming up oh this is this is not good this has a lot of potential but I don’t know if we can do this look at that look at how fast the skies we are working very hard here but it is not looking like it’s likely to fall apart at the last lap or maybe this lap so recovery is having problem solved ignore ignore ignore ignore so Ragab is also running out of fuel fires are also not lasting as long as we wanted come on this is snapped when a I wish this was the last lap we could have done something see this is now impossible see bourguignon has pitted he could not hang on we are struggling to hang on as well this is easy for I’m sorry got comments Oracle can you get a podium man I don’t know Lobby is too fast come on silicon come on silica so recall sorry cough come on come on just one more 101 101 corner yes once again surah kahf over achieves gets us a podium and Cristiano I don’t know did he finish at this point I’m not even paying attention it’s hard enough focusing on one car and making the strategy calls with the other one not being good enough consistent enough it’s even harder think once again surah kahf has done a great job and we did not get a good pesto and I don’t really think we could have done any better like this was even better than I expected I will I expected a fourth behind – Steinman’s and we actually managed to keep one Steinman behind us yep no dodgy parts we don’t use dodgy Parsi we hit our targets both sessions

you got a third surah kahf gets a second podium well-deserved podium he’s gone up to 98 points so he’s just behind the only other car is Giuliani apart from that he is the best out of the top out outside the top four so he has already Panther is only 30 ahead now we need a bad result for Panther and a bother cause finishing that’s the problem border cars can’t finish I’m literally in love with Christian do step why we marry him if you want can have him I don’t care yeah see we were thinking of firing him last season but behold held on to him because Marlene got greedy and wanted more money otherwise I think he would have gone with someone else a penis is down to 9% that one sir I mean that was a good result come on sorry cough we made more than a million come on this is probably our best race in terms of money making smart I don’t care if she files as she rises breaks up built ah so at risk job is at risk it lost a lot of percentages see if Cristiano had been backing up his team meant this would have been a good result for us even if he had finished like sixth or seventh this would have given us like positive feedback Nancy next race is in Singapore this is a track where we struggled badly usually we have a good engine we have an avid sorry we’d have a good front wing we have good brakes and we also have a decent gearbox when our score is still the 7th on the grid so anyway let’s hope we can achieve something in Singapore because if we can do something in Singapore then definitely this is a step in the right direction and obviously if we can hold on to the job at the end of the season then we’ll have a lot more money coming in for next season so we can even build something at the HQ some end s track or something so we can build better parts and hopefully gradually get better I suppose so anyway thank you for watching the Canadian Grand Prix and we’ll see each other for the next one in Singapore

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