hello and welcome to low budget gaming and welcome back to my let’s play of motorsport manager PC career mode we are in season 10 of our career with Velan Racing and we have done three races and the season hasn’t started well for us we have struggled we got a fourth and seventh in the second race in Yokohama the third race in Beijing we’ve managed a seventh with Surikov but Cristiano finished outside the point and we barely finished at Surikov as well so hopefully we can turn things around we are working very hard to build new parts new engines you nuclear boxes etc so hopefully we’ll start seeing some performance shortly but yeah next up is Portugal rhondella we have not done well here traditionally however there is a little bit of Hope here because we have a good front wing and we have also Surikov also spent some time getting some practice on this track so he’s now apparently an expert at this track so that could be useful and we need good gearbox good front wing and a good engine so hopefully we have a good front wing gearbox is slightly better now engine is still pretty bad so hopefully we can have them improve those things before the race ok car condition he is now got a rivalry with this guy I don’t care let’s see the interview during tomorrow’s agent has been telling a person not a chance I don’t know who Johnny Navarro is never heard of him probably a few seasons who haven’t seen him recently quick report one mistake yep who made the mistake this guy why did you make them escape mistake your job was to fix stuff did we fix tough yeah I think we did okay so he’s also pretty tired so we may need to swap him with somebody else okay this guy new bit cuckoo we can hire so this guy looks pretty good be bored he’s got very good numbers on tall so he’ll hire him okay we don’t need a lot of people and this guy also has a lot of good numbers even though he just messed up and let’s see who was really tired mm-hmm why scoff you can go for the repairing job the front Jack’s is fine rear Jack the tires let’s see the tire so 64 65 let’s change the ones in the 60s with this guy he’s got a hundred percent and this new body just hired he’s also very high numbers will change him with this one and we’ve got a couple of guys in the 70s this guy let’s change him with this guy so we have everybody on 20 yep it’s only the repeal people that are not 20 we’re not paying too much attention on this too so anyways fine okay DeGraff and super nice fine car repair is complete Oh joke now let’s see what we can improve we have two engines we are working on improving the performance gearboxes are also ready so we will need to get some improvement here we focus more on performance the second gearbox needs a bit of work what about reliability on everything else oh stop the reliability here for now this one definitely needs reliability these two need reliability I will just focus on getting stop reliable initially and we also need performance we just split it evenly hopefully in the nine days they can sort it out okay Nicole I support a medium sweet bonus on gender new suspension ok we’ll look at suspensions in favor from source I don’t know who these people are why are you telling me this I don’t care if she’s retiring bye hi boss it’s Nikolai’s birthday should we get him yeah we do that every year give him something yeah get him something nice okay we are three days away from a new engine this would be a good one actually let’s look at the sponsor situation yeah we need somebody could hear only 2 star people 6 or above this is a bit more

realistic so we’ll go with these guys well then 9 the robot is also but we don’t want lower star numbers we might be pushing our luck because 9th or above may not be that easy hmm ghosts our cruises are not giving us home bonus and this is done yeah what should we start building next I was thinking just max out on the engine and gearboxes and then look at other parts because they don’t take that long see if we look at our car engine and gearbox are the worse then we should probably focus on the suspension followed by the revving and brakes and front wing should be the last thing on our agenda because we have a good front wing so they’ve just sorted out the engines okay now see this is a great engine we can’t fit it just yet so what about the improvements so far so this one is up to 75% reliable numbers are good ok let’s start working on reliability on this one please and we’ll forget about this one for now we’ll use this in the race because it’s only 30% so we can’t use it for the race but hopefully we should have it for the next one in Russia so while they’re working on this we should yeah well not worry too much about reliability because we may change them and should be built an epic set of engines because we can make 2 hmm this will take a little longer but reliability goes up okay let’s see what we can come up with the current numbers we have our 14 1841 1886 maximum so we need to get something more than this 1886 so if we go with the epic wings let’s say we build a set for both of them but what we can do is we can max out get a good set done then we can build maybe more and then finally we’ll make like the risky ones for next season so just doing this wing brings it to 1821 top speed 40 risk level one-way stripping performance Qian well let’s just focus on the top speed so 2012 in 1866 top speed 42 max so this is 1906 we already going up is taking a bit longer das v-22 max – 22 max top hit 40 top speed plus 40 reliability – 10 it is still 1906 hmmm how can we get more out of this I don’t want to read soon here see if it would this see 1926 1881 yeah so this will be the best one so this is locked but we can probably do is next up is use again this part this feature the additional part and then use something from here that could talk sweet +15 this would be good but Zed’s redzone goes up by 50% so that’s not good no speed plus 52 liability plus 55 is good ah speed 42 max okay we’ll we’ll see yeah let’s build this it’ll take a little while but we’ll have two great engines for both the drivers that should sort out the engines for now then we can focus on 23 days so it’ll take a long time we won’t be able to use it for Russia I think yeah but hopefully after Russia we should go to South Africa where the engine isn’t crucial we should have probably started work on the gearbox should we cancel this do we get the money back let’s see yes we got the money back great so let’s build the gearbox first because of course we can look at the engine later so there’s nothing to improve here acceleration so risky risky well time I stand at Sun minus 10 not very useful though let’s look at the current and gearbox we have gearbox we have the first one is 1539 1572 so

maximum is 15 72 so if we go here 15:53 1573 and still 1573 so it’s not that much better is it I mean it’s about the same you and we’re not getting acceleration here this is only on fat tires yeah yeah we’re only getting slightly better so we have to do this just to unlock the next level see this is the part I find annoying but what can you do but at least it’ll be ready in nine days so once we have this done we can make a set of both the things so yeah we’ll try and get the engine sorted I mean engine takes a while so since we don’t need it for South Africa let’s just let’s plan ahead so once we are done here we should have the gearbox ready we’ll try and max out the engines and the gearbox as we have we’ll start work on a either a new gearbox that we can use in South Africa or we can get an engine ready that we can use in kill but I think we can do both if we finish this gearbox max out the settings then build the epic gearboxes for both of the drivers or maybe one of them and then we max out the engines as well I think that would be a good idea changes on the car for the Beijing country changing the layout would slow the track down placing more impressive acceleration lower speed corners okay we’ll see we’ll see otherwise we’ll just save up our ports and try whatever we can okay let’s head to Portugal yeah I will stick the tent above because I’m not sure how good we are now tires of a high tire wear medium fuel burns so we need our tires probably Cristiano definitely needs more hot tire so I think this is a to stint on the hard tire we have one extra for Bali and yeah let’s check the parts before we leave okay so this one is only 35 percent reliable so we can’t use it right now eighteen thirty nine thirty okay seventy-five and seventy-eight percent reliable suspensions are okay up to 70 so everything else looks alright we aren’t missing anything the gearbox is also up to 72 I think we should use it now yeah is this important gearbox yes it might be a bit tight for silico if it fails because only 72 percent we need at least 75 me even at 75 it fails sometimes I will see we need a good result that’s the most important thing we have a good front wing so rakov has done some practice on this track so hopefully he is better now and if we can get a good result here then that would be a good sign for the rest of the season yeah so in order to keep the job secure we have to keep the Chairman happy and we keep the Chairman happy by at least achieving what we promised which is third place so yeah a bit tricky but if you do really well like win a race or something then the happiness goes up instantly also we do not ask for money okay I’ve never noticed the elevation changes here before on this track that’s quite a lot of elevation change okay let’s look at the way stripping first suspension will go down a bit 63 will stick at 72 for this rail ring will go to 62 brakes will go down to 63 engine will stay at 70 since this useful now we’ll leave it at 75 and this is front wing 70 only okay we should have done something about this so this is a bit risky 67 on the other car so this could be a problem yeah I’ve forgot about checking the reliability on that 82 so this is fine yeah we might have problems here you okay let’s hope our parts stay together okay let’s see we have a setup from last year donde la Tour de la ronde la rhondella Cristiano on the Left Marlene okay so you will take Marlene set up 18

to 20 so 32 laps meaning if we do 16 apiece we should be comfortable yeah let’s go with that because this is going to be hot as well so yeah 20 say so even the hard tires they still take a little time to heat up but if you go for anything softer it’ll just be fought very quickly and yep so even that guys smoother than Cristiano come on sue he’s only 60 and he doesn’t he barely knows how to drive anyway so that is the car set up for practice I shall see you after practice is done welcome back practice done a pretty good session we got three excellence on beyond and we got to excellence and a great on Cristiano so almost perfect and yeah level 3 is all wrong pretty easy let’s say the practice now let’s see what we can do in the race because I hope that front wing helps us out it’s a supposed to be the third west on the griddle and the gearbox is slightly better as well but I don’t know how much better we need to be the top two and three in terms of the parts in all all of the parts then we may be able to compete and we need a situation where we are good at the start so I think just building parts throughout the season that is the key here but of course you need money to do that so yeah as you can see three excellence and three to excellence and a great pretty good all round now this track is not that long so we wait a bit and we’ll try and do two stands here hopefully we can do two by waiting a bit because obviously you get more grip towards the end Christiano you can head out as well yes yes I’m sending you our time see that boy Esperanza car looks very very similar to ours yeah they’re real there aren’t enough colors to make a car stand out because we need something bright okay surah kahf has a clear track Cristiano on the other hand I’m not so sure but I still clear enough we a critic of has managed to find some clear space for once and we need a good performance here ok 5 is very good now I hope we can keep that fight no he’s already down to 6 7 8 9 yeah both cars inside top 10 I would be happy for the outside often just as we say you never mind never mind this is the first one hopefully you can get better don’t want crystianna get back so one minute 12 is the fastest we need about 25 to get out of the pits so send out Cristiano no sonic off first send him out at around 2 minutes and Christiana will send him out around 150 or so okay so Rico you can go Cristiano say 21 ok you can’t push our luck anymore come on buddy let’s go okay this might be tight come on hurry honey surah kahf has a clear track no not clear enough but he would have a clear track if he can start I think it should work it and yep about 10 15 seconds to spare and this is a very clear track we need good times guys we need at least one of you to get inside the top 10 nobody inside the top 10 is improving we need improvements here we are a long way off the pace here so Rico has not import missed again you know don’t know what’s going on here you know obviously I know I mean our engine and gearbox are not that great even though we haven’t proved up slightly there’s still not great enough good enough 11 or 12 just missed the objective because there was a bit of a gap there was like three four tenths of a gap and we were slower yeah so we are technically six fastest which isn’t good

considering we are trying to finish third okay so hard cars it is you can get two stints on the heart and get it true I think that should be okay let’s see surah kahf 18 to 2016 if you can do yeah two stints on the harder even four surah kahf and Cristiano he might even struggle to get to strength on the heart so we won’t push on Cristiano we maybe give them some fuel at the start and then we will see how it goes so they are going to fall at the start with all these guys they are on faster tires I think they will just run away there will be a gap now we need to make sure we darlin people around us on harder times they don’t get past us so there’s like a clear division hard and soft tires here surah kahf has had a better start than crystianna so far I can’t complain too much just don’t let anybody pass you especially anybody on slower tires a the swapping places here just don’t hit each other seen another yellow car is getting in between come on we don’t want confusion here okay surah kahf isn’t doing that well okay okay calm down calm down and these tiles will take a while to heat up but the track temperature is good okay no it’s not that good today okay we may need to push a little bit okay push a bit on the tires no this is not the tires this is the future okay ten and twelve okay not bad Hashimoto is all the way back on mediums and just stay close to her okay come on come on okay Hashimoto is just fast because Tiana is trying though we had just outside our objective here people which on the fuel okay back off on the tires we don’t want to run out of these tires full laps in we need 16 laps plus our reliability is in that great either so I think the way it works is if you have money just keep building parts throughout the season you can’t take a break yeah I know tire temps are low but if you push anymore we won’t have any tiles left okay then push a bit I don’t know we struggle badly to finish the race at this rate push a bit still 11 and 12 and now there’s a bit of a gap building up yeah temperatures are really low here forrestal’s portugal everything is just messing us up here normally this is like a good high temperature track so Hashimoto is already five seconds clear we are about three seconds or so clear of the cars behind so we are in the middle of nowhere right now c10 place Taniguchi has hated already and is a lap ahead as a pissed off ahead of us we doll on the soft is now struggling so he’ll pit meaning we’ll have a bit of a gap behind us this would be a very strange performance middle of nowhere two cars just going by themselves see next up is Camaro in twenty six so he’s about seven seconds behind us and the cars in front are like another six seconds ahead of us so yeah we are really in the middle of nowhere a people coming out of the pits okay just see if you can hold up a few people for a bit it seems difficult with the softer tires yeah the lower temperatures are helping people on the soft cars it’s just our bad luck I can’t seem to get a break yeah I can see that he’s worse off two tires but he’ll fit again third time now second time I mean to just keep him behind as long as possible just to ruin his strategy so recover you have your rival behind you the guy you don’t like Parliament so see if you can mess up his race a bit both the Panthers are behind us okay one of them’s gone past the other spawn as well nope soda pop is still holding up Arsenal yeah he’s got a rivalry with that guy so as

cristianos just stick close to this guy we have turned 12 laps we might be able to do it I have might struggle with Cristiano just ease up a bit you need to get don’t worry about tire wear we need to drag these tires for another three laps otherwise we can’t make okay maybe we’ll change it 15 but 13 is too early this is a bit slow guys yep I know I know I know sorry god this is impossible we won’t be able to finish the race like this this is good for Cristiano I don’t worry don’t worry they’ve already pitted okay crystianna we’ll have to put you this lab the lab 15 we need to get 17 all of these stars oh this is stressful sorry guv maybe poke a safety guard safety guard shit wrong type of safety car but we are kidding anyway so we have no choice say if the fuel save the fuel maybe just push from these tires come on hurry up hurry up see we were at the wrong we were at the start of the lab so this isn’t going to help us much I think now one go in the pits gets sorted people who have just pitted I think they might be in trouble not trouble but disadvantage okay so we haven’t done too badly what was he saying safe to go or something a safety car really screwed us up in Doha not us just everyone really yeah we’ll keep the tire temps normal because they look nice and warm I mean just a little bit we need them to last as well we don’t want them getting cold here track temps are not increasing so we are 10 and 11 having already pitted so this might actually be your right for us we need good restarts and okay temperatures keep the temperatures up guys we might struggle to keep the temps or he can use the fuel to push a bit more heading in garage okay we’ll just be ready to fall and then charge I think the safety car probably helped us out a bit we seem to have some of the freshest tires or I think they’re going to start we’ll get ready to push okay guys don’t fall at the start please okay surah kahf has done a decent job but Cristiano has fallen backwards come on crystianna is back down to 11 and 15 come on people we need a better performance here I know the people on the harder I mean the medium tires are getting fast to you boys but come on try try a bit harder just don’t crash people Cristiano memmio would take money okay John story described oh no and she was the one who crossed the safety card sorry cough maybe push more on the fuel still getting passed quite easily hey come on come on come on stay inside stay in letting people get past you quite easy everybody yeah you’re chasing this guy we’ve got fuel overtake mode here this Chiana is just not able to do anything here we don’t want to push on the tires because they’re just you know let’s just they are driving normally I mean what else can I do I don’t want to push on the tires we’re pushing a lot on the fuel but it’s not helping he’s struggling to get past people on use tires now okay this drive normally it pushed on the fuel you couldn’t do anything about it okay somebody’s in the pair to be dull okay 11 and 17 I don’t know what’s wrong with this channel sometimes I wonder about the racecar for these guys

luck race craft everything seems to desert them how careful he’s barely getting any points again so another nine laps the 11th place la-based Steinman so he’s going to get that back people even were pitting they can just come back and then charge and get past us again just doesn’t seem to be working miss Tiana is up to 15 and he’s not scoring enough points to help us out here see no car behind parkland is on supersoft I mean soft so he’ll just get past as easily sillies already past us okay sorry God maybe push a bit on the ties now it’s no point it’s no point really both Panthers are ahead again we Camaro yeah see if you can get at least Camaro a maybe push a bit more on the tires I don’t want to but they’re just too cold here no Gamera is not getting out of the way you are getting out of there seriously Yaga Mero might end up hitting anyway so see everybody just breezing past us quite easily see camera spitting yeah nothing we are doing is working we are part where we started still 9th st ah no has managed to get up to 12 no fuel left tires don’t look great yeah don’t really know what else we can do here the graph is going to pit wouldn’t make any difference to us now see bourguignon on the mediums is getting close everybody is just getting close doing whatever they want and they’re still working out for them yeah I can see that now he’s having problems as well don’t worry don’t worry we’ve got two laps I think we should be able to hang on you’re seeing Tyler but I can’t pit you know it’s no point again we need surah cos being to hold on and the tires as well come on guys we need something this guy’s getting too close okay he’s gone past 12 so we just basically finished where we started really so look I’ve managed to get one place ahead Wistia no dropped one place no is exactly where he started huh oh yeah yeah that’s okey I guess not not well done everyone I think they say this based on the expectations like at the start our car was the seventh so they say that because we are on target with that maybe we shouldn’t have gone with fifth for the boss now the Chairman’s happiness keeps dropping down a little bit we need a good result to bring it back up so hopefully that can save our job we need rain basically one point again okay are we looking resort of course oh yeah Gaetano and Panther are running away now we are a long way behind already yeah how can we turn this around yeah we’ll use our new gearboxes for the next race will have a set of new engines for we should have good engines by the time we get to Guildford race 7 yeah we finished 6 Chairman’s happiness is down to 56 percent which isn’t great we are making money still so hopefully you can

keep building parts we need to get a good result to bring that happiness back up turn that frown upside down okay so another fairly poor result and next up is the Russian Grand Prix so the course home race we need a good acceleration high speed corners we don’t have time to build a we actually do but the gearbox no I think we’ll skip the rear wing for now we’ll try and max out the one we have and hopefully that should help us out so yeah fairly poor result hopefully things can get better suddenly our sponsors also the worst on the grid so we’ll need to look at that as well and yeah hopefully we can do something better in Russia and get some points so yeah thank you for watching see you in the next one

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