hello and welcome to low budget gaming and welcome to my let’s play of motorsport manager PC career mode we are using Velan racing to try and win the championship both the drivers and the teams championship we are in season nine of our career and we have done 14 events next up is Dubai which is the penultimate race of the season and let’s see what we can do we are also thinking about switching our drivers not switching them we are thinking of getting rid of Christiano although he is still a very good driver his consistency has been causing me problems so the other option I have is either keep him on and basically improve our factory so he gets better which probably might be a better option but we still have to renew the contracts and they’re asking for a lot of money so my thinking was we keep Surikov we promote Marlene to the race seat and we find another test driver and get rid of Christiano because he has been crashing a lot hasn’t been scoring a lot of points and he’s becoming a bit of a drag so now yeah pit crew Balthasar interview let’s see with interest but Jacob Alcazar no bergüzar is not a small driver no sorry too much money okay not bad I guess so anybody particularly tired this guy the to fixing guys are quite tired okay so he’s also good on the tire so we’ll swap him on now and he’s also good on fixing so okay so everybody else is okay I guess this rear Jack guy could be okay we’ll swap him with this guy and we don’t have anybody fresh on the front Jack I think this is good for now she wants more money I’m getting annoyed with her I’m paying Christiano 280 okay okay girl this is your last offer you’re not happy then you can go seriously 300 grand good thing I’m promoting her otherwise I wouldn’t pay 300 for a test driver no co-worker has been finished I’ll be left with no drivers at this rate these guys are really getting on my nerves okay anyway sponsors okay we need a wall we need a lot of sponsors I could have to wait can we build something maybe less wait for the sponsor money to come in okay good boy good boy Surikov he has agreed for just a little more I paid him 760 this year and I’ve given him 4 grand more and he has agreed see that’s that’s what you need Marlene is really pissing me off here you why don’t we ask Christiane allez-vous yes in are you ve offer him the reserve role again he is interested because Marlene is being a bit annoying wages aren’t very important okay number two before a long contract nothing else even going to offer him three grand let’s see if he agrees if he agrees then it’ll get rid of Marlene I’ll be happy too okay he’s happy good boy like Marlene agrees then we might be in trouble okay we got five sponsors ready let’s see okay we okay we’ll go see the thing is I want to go with peach plum because they give us a steady income but the only one star shield is okay aped races and 1.6 upfront so they only giving us two hundred thousand now we’ll go with peach plum I don’t care one fifty one point five now we’ll wait for the third sponsor see what’s up hmm he wants more money as well is interesting I see a nobody you I thought you did not want money okay we’ll just give him a slightly more but see there’s already joining our budget okay we just gave him one final chance if he agrees we might have to think

between him and Marlene trying to save money but neither of them are performing this season and Surikov the main guy he’s happy obviously he’s getting a lot more as well okay ten days to go to the next race and see what the sponsor is third one 150 per race then giving us good money only us 200 purpose will go with a slightly better sponsor this is even less than 150 yeah we’ll go with this although I’m not happy with this a lot less than what I want 153 or 50 so you’re only getting 600,000 these guys that’s it you know this is your last chance you can go I am tired I don’t want to offer more money retract offer yep Marlene I was happy to hold on to you but now you’re just pissing me off and what about the scouting how’s the scouting going and on the six days okay yeah any half-decent driver and we are getting rid of modeling and you’ll also wait on crystianna at this point to boy so twenty-four lab raise four point eight miles 134 right handling right handling okay we’ll think about it approached by a modeling yeah I’m offering it – best underwear brand while okay yeah go for it or can I do lip on any eye he might retire okay Eric Schneck low-quality driver okay let’s see his numbers he’s 20 smooth now he’s good enough yep I’m not even going to wait I’m going to approach him straightaway give all you want reserve driver are important aren’t very important okay we’ll keep you can’t give him less than two hundred thousand for a reserve driver see this is annoying why have they done this why can’t I all go in low okay we’ll wait yes see he’s getting ninety four and now apparently we can’t offer him less than okay he has supporting month contract remaining no no no he’s got good marketability maybe that’s why he’s asking for money anymore scouting done okay I might actually start looking for second drivers as well Cristiano we have offered him three three three and that is not good enough so somebody younger with some potential what are these teams how are these teams even affording these guys Whitney adieu oh yeah I remember lush is not what you need to be smooth if you want to drive for my team I can work with other things okay how like whoever will have like a all-russian team but he can’t corner yeah he can’t even corner of the hell man you only been driving in straight line and same with him smoothness is not there what does she do just chew the tires five smoothness 1212 yes he that is the problem with this game your options are so bad that you’d end up hanging on to people you already have okay we already did all people how can we keep scouting and if nothing else we’ll hang on to one of the guys you still have time to hire somebody before the start of next season so even if they don’t agree he is agreed should we hold on to him originally I wanted to get rid of him but now it looks like he is our best option and Marlene wants a lot of money as well attractant offer Kristiana you can stay okay he’s happy he’s getting more money buddy I need improvement from you scouting report finish

again he’s got good food s but he hasn’t has no idea what overtaking is is he young enough to learn 18 yeah I suppose he is oh okay let’s approach him see how much money we can offer him and get away 54 it will give you 65 how’s that you’re unemployed state as in ever you’ll get reserved original pocket for a long contract I can do that isn’t okay nothing is important to him so let’s give him something if he says no he’ll offer it up a bit more like 87 so if you want to keep him less than Marlene and see if he agrees if he agrees yeah he is pretty crap another thing but he’s good at cornering he’s good as smoothness his fitness is good we can’t improve some of the other stuff just by because he’s young and we have the facilities so hopefully hopefully that works okay cuz we’ll save a lot of money if we keep on Marlene will end up paying her a lot more money okay so I guessed enterable is possible we are losing a lot of money purchase our income has gone down drastically and we are not even yeah what finances are in bad shape can we can just get those sponsors to pay us a lot of money we are losing a lot of money per race okay what I know is the hard tyres are really good here so one set of mediums then we could even go on the super sauce and horror sauce you we don’t even need to silikal I remember this is like a 24 lap race and we can get like 28 laps all of these stars 18 to 20 and we can push a bit on the end here I think this should be fine I’m really worried about the money situation now we are losing money per race so next season we just spend the money on the car and just save as much money as fast because you’re losing money per race which means our balance is negative cash flow and we need to sort that out before we need sponsors to pay us more money per race basically start achieving better results in the race and picking sponsors that pairs more like fourth or above third above sex etc you yeah we need another at least 400,000 just to make things work smoothly and you’re not even saving money for next season’s car so things are pretty bad okay Marlene this could be your second lost race with us it probably is okay imagine that money came in the way I was almost certain that she would make the jump into the race seat and make a better substitute for Cristiano I mean that was the whole reason of me hiring her we’re giving her the experience every weekend so she gets good and as a race driver she got a lot of chance driving the car as well and then she will just got greedy I think this is possibly due to the new updates they’ve made it a bit harder to manage the finances okay let’s see what we have set up boys 21 to 23 so if we do this properly if you could even do the whole race on these might I might try this should try this probably just be risky enough and try something like this okay let’s see if we have a ready-made setup okay we’ve got two of these what I’m sorry of it seems okay downforce is just out of the line here and Marlene okay Marlene is we have anything else for the boy the Cape Town Guilford no I think you only have two okay we’ll go with

this one if you’re also getting the same number of laps so I think we could do once named on the medium and then one stint on the supersoft if we don’t manage to keep the tires otherwise you could just do no stops at all and just try to win the race like that although winning would be a bit difficult yeah okay so the cars are set up and we’ll head to I was wrong okay anyway I’ll do practice and I’ll see you after practice welcome back practice went fine we got to excellence and a great on both the cars and yet was particularly interesting dry and yet level threes on the tires so yeah nothing unusual and we also sort of push Marlene at the end on the qualifying time so she got at the fastest time in practice which doesn’t mean anything but it’s nice to see one of our guys at the top so qualifying I’m seriously tempted to try the whole race without pitting and see if we can do that supersoft supersoft also we haven’t been able to save the setup so we’ll save it here right now so we say because there isn’t enough time to do the three levels so season 9 raise 15 – boy – excellence 1 great we delete the others so where is to buy sure we had a few setups okay so this is the one we need to delete and we aren’t saving this one this one goes out this one gets deleted and this one gets deleted we have one set up saved with Cristiano we will do the same he’s got a 98% set up which is excellent okay so we have season 9 race 15 to buy to excellence one great okay let’s see what we can do in qualifying yeah I just need to get one of the guys in the top ten so he can at least get that sponsor money okay this is a longer track so we have to send them out immediately if we want to try to distance okay Cristiano you can head out as well because this is a tight labs are longer here so it’s difficult to go in and out constantly brakes are absolutely overheating here and the tires are cold Becker is going fastest your guys are probably among the first to settle up one point six and one point seven off the pace might be difficult getting inside the top ten I don’t expect folks and Larson to be better than us and they’re not okay Surikov head out for another attempt Cristiano get ready and go yeah I don’t know if the others will try to stands two attempts I think most of them just do one run and sit you have to see if they can improve yeah

anybody heading out now is why are they even heading ours pointless they’ll just get in the way yeah I think that’s why they’re heading out just to get some practice and get in our way see it car number 16 why is it coming out on 19 at least they haven’t run into them come on guys we need an improvement so Rico has an improving Cristiano isn’t improving in the first sector surah kahf isn’t improving in the second sector come on so he could improve in the third at least no improvement from Zurich of whatsoever no improvement from Cristiano so wasted the second stint and we ended up where we start at nine and eleven so I guess that’s fine we got our sponsor objective now we need to be making sponsor money every race otherwise we are losing money for is such bad finances okay really now let’s try our is really smooth driving and see if we can get that now if we had a five-star current tire wear and I are heating I think we would have done the whole race without stopping we will still try yeah I’m going to try this this is I’ve been always curious to try this but right now we don’t have much to lose I mean we still have a lot to lose but we won’t even bother pushing on either of these things we just try and stay at the end till the end and see if so Cristiano might struggle what surah kahf might get close and just drive normally we use fuel whenever we have to yesiree Cove is up to nine he’s doing fine he’s doing more than pine actually hooow silica he’s just got a new contract he’s happy but so has Cristian over he is falling backwards yeah he’s a much better driver in terms of numbers but he hasn’t delivered that on track okay you guys can push a bit on the fuel so Rico as long as you stay inside the top ten I’ll be happy with that sort of phrase see all the faster tires are ahead of us and that sort of works I know Hina also that is on the path to tire so I don’t see that happening but sorry Baba staying close to people on the super sauce now super sauce will heat up quickly but they’re still durable here track isn’t very high on tire wear I think so we are not even pushing on the tire centaurs are a bit cold he got past somebody Fox and then he let her back okay he’s a bit feisty today okay that red card has just gone past the bourguignon they staying close to the people on the sewer soap ourselves I like that that is a good Drive Surikov just stay close to them because this will work out nicely what I’m thinking is going to happen is we might be able to do 20 laps or so and then we’ll have to stop and push on the super sauce which could still work for us I really want to see if we can do all 24 laps on these tires it just needs to make sure he doesn’t let anybody pass him he’s in a good position the tire wear is low here because these hearts can stay durable for a long time as well okay guys you can push a bit on the fuel our temperatures are taking a bit more time yeah I mean it shouldn’t take so much it’s a bit hotter here but you’re harder and medium times they take a little while to get to temperature and we are not pushing at all yeah it’s nothing we can do here you have to do it on track otherwise to shut up eleven police car is getting close to Silicon I still showing good pace here

and Gonzalez is probably the one with the worst strategy because he’s got a past tire and he stuck behind everyone the opponent is quite aggressive on his medium designed opponent is 19th okay ninth place is spitting bourguignon and just make sure you don’t let this guy pass you he’s got the same tires he’ll be going longer as well terekhov is doing fine here only four seconds behind Atrus so when these guys all fit will be quite a long way ahead it’s just metal strain contract as long as possible now we can’t change the strategy you have to do it on track I thought he was good on overtaking okay so we’re up to six with silica even Becker and those guys are not behind England’s outside the top ten now we see they’ll come charging back again the alcazar Berkman they will be pitting soon probably this lab I think the remaining super sauce would be pitting maybe Bergman might go another lap why he would be foolish to do that yeah he is going another lap so he is foolish he’ll struggle to get to the pits in this lab again I think that’s my yes part Alan India villa on the sauce the other ones who could be in the best shape see Bergman would be slowing down drastically now he are you and your problems with getting past Fox the Birdman has come out in 17th it’s a huge disadvantage to Pitt here okay I think we can back off on the fuel otherwise we won’t have anything left you pushed long enough temperatures are right I think we can get another six laps and we could sort of go and – on the super sauce this is interesting I don’t know if it actually helps I think the only way this would work is if we go to the end on these tires okay Cristiano maybe start conserving the tars hasn’t yeah if you are going to do this let’s try and do this properly we’ll be losing a bit of time but yeah I don’t know if we should try this we have more than a quarter of the tire left well I don’t think this is doable no you’ll miss out by a few laps drive normally we will fit you guys towards the end the Hamilton isn’t fitting yet so we will wait and see when everybody fits the people on the mediums and then we’ll fit a lap after them I think that would make sense but I would like to use the super sauce if we do Pitt even cristianos managed to get inside the totally where everybody so close together that fitting means just falling back again yeah wish we could do that what it’s just not possible okay he is sassy for a pit stop okay so the guy behind silikov he is pitting even Christiano can go under super sauce everybody spitting come on pit crew we need you to be good here good job good job hey push push see that was a great pit stop we went past one car Christiano just I mean Essaouira cock his rear wing is looking a bit touchy no it’s fine okay so you go push on these

tires scared rid of them and you guys can push on the tires now he’s come out seven so he has improved but not by much though but he still jumped a few people he was nine so it’s jumped two places by going long Cristiano because of his bad start it’s just not doing anything for him and now he can’t seem to push on these tasks because they are appear to ought anywhere see bourguignon could be slow we should be fine even if you eat them like a hot dog basically see we can’t catch anybody ahead of us even the availa is five seconds ahead he is much faster Cristian are still struggling to score points all that hard work hasn’t really paid off that much unless we could have gone to the end the 1 to 6 are quite close in fact 8th place is getting closer but they might be struggling with their soft tires or she motor Eddie Groff is spitting that’s a bit of an unusual decision I think they’re getting thin on their tires yeah I know times are high but I’m more worried about the fury he kept pushing on too much I forgot about not pushing on the fury final lap can he get to the end he might struggle he pushed him too long they suddenly what happens is the game realizes that we don’t have fuel and they suddenly slow down badly ok now he’s green again ok he got a good sixth place finish that was a good result Martin and won the race tip on his soft ass maybe we should have gone to stints on the soft that was the better strategy yeah Panther managed to win the race so they are now well and truly ahead of us we are screwed we are down to 50 yeah they did what we should have done okay so it seems that the strategy for the boy is to go on the soft tire and do two stints so he stopped on lap at 14 labs changed on the 15th and then went ten laps okay interesting I have to keep that in mind we could have even gone on the super sauce very interesting we are now fifth yeah but we won’t be caught by result of course so yeah I will have to settle for fifth bad weekend yeah we surrendered our fourth place as well yeah pretty much we invested more money this season we put more money into parts and we still finish worse than last season where we did not spend any money I think we only built one part I think the gearbox I think and that was it we finished third last season comfortably third over 200 points I think and this season we have barely over a hundred and fift place yeah I think it depends on what parts you develop so if you develop your engine and gearbox it matters a lot more than spending my money on front wing and

all those things so I think for the next season we start building engines at the start so anyway that concludes the Dubai Grand Prix one more race to go it looks like it’s going to rain in Germany hopefully we can get a good result there something to give us a boost and yeah then we’ll focus on the next season which is quite important season 10 so yeah thank you for watching see you in the next one

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