Have some tasty spaghetti in the desert of Mauritania The guy just asked me: “How much does this motorcycle cost?” So I thought, okay, if I say now 20,000 €, a rebel gang will waiting next corner I told him it´s loaned, I have no idea Is not only about driving fast, It is also about driving in the right direction So the most important thing is in the middle. The so-called roadbook That’s just a roll of paper you get from the race organizer There is a new role every day… and that’s basically the directions This is divided into 3 parts: left the segment with the kilometer In the middle you have additional to the kilometer position a specific image description And on the right are additional notes So in this case we have a compass course, which you need to follow As soon as you turned left onto the piste, you should drive a course of 218° +/- a bit And in combination with this roadbook you have to know exactly the mileage For this my instruments are necessary This instrument counts the traveled distance And then you always compare Depending on your way of driving, the driven track is a bit more or less than what the organizer has planned That’s why you have a remote control here, you can correct the trip: plus and minus

You also have to keep this paper roll running There is a switch for doing it Be sure there are no obstacles or stones in your way You need to have look on every instrument from time to time And be sure everything fits The curves should be marked in color It’s easier when you’re driving and you see, ah, there’s green now That means for example: straight on, is fine And if it’s blue, then I know there’s a turn or something Red would be a danger now You´ll never lose your way, on the road Rice and chicken would be nice – Yes. – Here, something like that

One, two, three… one, two, three Two and half minutes and then it´s ready How to wash your socks in the desert?! This is how you do it Look at this dirty water, disgusting! The socks are nearly solid Are you tired? – A little

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