I’ve geared my physical therapy practice and my interest it’s really easy and exciting to work with people and work within a sport that you love and you enjoy doing. While l I’m out there riding I’m looking at people’s riding position I look at how symmetrical they are kind of say huh what’s going on why’s that knee rotating out, why’s that back with a little bit funky. So it’s sort of evolved to be really looking specifically at cycling and this method of analyzing movement that I’ve focused on the last several years the number one pain complaint for cyclists is back pain and core strengthening is really a great way to maintain the proper alignment and mechanics of your back and to undo the forces that we spend an hour subjecting our bodies to on the bike so there are a standard set of known core exercises the four most common are forward plank side plank crunches and this bird dog exercise where you’re on all fours with one arm forward and the opposite leg out. so we’re going to talk about those exercises how they relate with the biking position and my goal today is to give you some new core exercises that will de-emphasize and balance out muscles that become too short versus too long or too strong versus two weak when biking and for you to look at an exercise and say huh does that reinforce the biking position or does it reverse the biking position. so we’re going to have David come up here and get on his bike, and we are all going to take a look at what happens on the bike Okay, so you’re just going to ride like you’re looking up the road. what happens is the muscles of the back of the neck get short and the muscles of the front of the neck get sort of long and floppy. and what happens I’ve noticed this for myself when I go to put my shoes on the refrigerator my head it goes back to that cycle and our body becomes a little too flexible at one point how long the way in places like a position is if somebody said they sat at their office like this for two three days they and they’re back in their neck people get them like they were crazy sitting sitting is the new smoking even though you’re exercising that our skeletal system our joint and our muscles accommodate position much the way you would and they found that if you do all of the biking and then you weren’t sitting at enough frequently were emphasizing so what happened is that the shoulder joint and the pectoral muscles become short but they’re holding her frequently the shoulder blade move forward for everybody that often so the muscles back here tend to be more floppy than the muscles that are for if you’ve noticed when you really climb hard hard fills and you can feel those passes and if you said hours of doing that you’re going to put strain on your lower your shoulders that mechanically don’t work in a tiny little bit so somebody mentioned crunches for anything and super Dave actually does a pretty good biking you would have known they’re coming today you would have had to bring it because his spine is more flexible that bag

nicely so kids that isn’t in this arch curve that you see at time all right and a lot of times people that I see they think well I should really hold my hospital the issue with at her posture is for biking it really adds an age posture adapt to your sport with aerodynamic right we use our abdominals to really anchor our body and and transit for shuttle so Darren has a body with very accommodating to the score and baton of sport you’ll have to work a little harder to reverse the direction well so the way to test gluteal muscles and you’ve got your legs straight you’re usually lying on your value before your leg behind you and your chest all of us okay the other point of focus here if this is a static goal we’re seeing here in this position there’s no particular movement of our strong so what our core muscles do for us the first thing they do they allow us to efficiently transfer power to the pedals that’s why we don’t sprint with no hands on the ball you recognize that if your child gets here if you make your your gear hard enough and you try to paddle the no hand what happens your body rotates because you don’t have that done it for so you can put your hands on your handlebars that stabilizes you but when you go for a Springs and you’re kind of really top barrel or find your core strength is going to have to another innate more stability in order for your body to transfer power the second reason is bike handling so you put on the brakes and fishtail Camille runs through your defense or Dave uploads and opposing the rotation and forth of gravity on you for the ground you know reaction and your nervous system knowing how to talk to your formal and then the third reason for empathizing of course right thing is to undo the positional stresses that means expose our body with an owl our bodies are really tight and our muscles are like spring so these abs become really tight because we are sitting and accommodating to this position and for for people especially have a longer trunk which I would say Darren does have a longer tongue when they sit their head and chest tend to be forward a vertical line of breath either they gonna hold into what that does is it compresses with fine okay so it pushes on all its vertebrae here the abdominals are attached from here to here and they hit really short and the muscles along the back of the spine become eventually almost like the swing so they become long and floppy and when people say oh dear and why can’t you sit up well because it’s abdominal muscles are pulling heads downward and he doesn’t have he might have strong back muscles actually but they’re going to be strong here they are going to keep him from from going any further against the boards of gravity so for him to balance that out we would want Springs that are more similar intention intention the back to be blessed would we have to air and do crunches already do is where the student can reinforce this position we’ll never be

able to stand up correctly we walk around with this additional compression and our spine we want you to hi merrily and besides you can do abdominal exercise it doesn’t have to be all bad but he needs to be in its upright adjusted position okay in this short and relative position compared to the bike okay the other issue that we’re don’t see with Sabrina can you kind of round your best business okay so everybody’s back then more readily at a particular point okay he he sort of have a significant curve up here but if you watch gear and on a bike his curves going to be boom right here you’re gonna almost you can no you can almost see it just bend off of that point you do punches guess what’s going to give the most Bend yourself over you’re going to emphasize bending at that vulnerable vertebrae I’m already better than Portland too much and one of the issues that I really want to pass on to folks is that when you get off the bike because your body has accommodated to this position is it’s the tissue the connective tissues have stretched and they’re now not able to stabilize you immediately after you get off your bike just because it feels like studentís does not mean that you’re sticking does not mean that you should stretch so bending forward in order to stretch your back it’s been sitting the best position is not the way to go you should really lie on your back your arms straight put your back against long range of arms up and down something that doesn’t ever that bending flexibility so we’re going to take a look at those four exercises that I mentioned we can throw away seeing other people tossed out there thank you we’re just going to come here to the Vikings munition okay and this is sort of the beginning of the tools that you’ll use any core exercise that comes out there anywhere as they loud what does that do for me and the cyclist that emphasize my cycling position it doesn’t so when you come up in there it’s a static whole shoulders are in the same position which she look at this net right joined by a position that all of the muscles on the front of her body are keeping her from collapsing due to the force of gravity her hip flex pay for concern is better in length position right compared to is but those hip flexors are killing themselves we’ve already got two choices we won’t really we would like to emphasize all this more than you like on the front of the body more than the PEC on so that plank okay really anybody have any questions that make sense when we look at the biking position heavy neck shoulder position is it moving and dynamic in the DES static or which are statically holding our body for hours rather see movement gravity emphasis on the shoulders well the initial are going closing behind us that things coming forward okay so next one how about five times all the individuals first thing I’m going to say is I’ve already alluded to the shoulder position or cycling a lot of people in thoughts and we have this internal rotation internal rotation is usually dominated by two big muscles like this it influences how the ball staying centered in the socket of the shoulder okay and cyclist women don’t have great shoulder function or shoulder blade function because we’re in this position we’re emphasizing a sport that focuses on our lower body and we frequently people have had upper body injuries from crashes right at multiple rotator cuff tear shoulder separation collar bone fracture I can almost say almost all cyclists that I’ve seen for a shoulder issue they are not going to any formal reading on the physical therapy they want to get back on their bikes to get into this

position they are not working at they’re improving their shoulder mechanics so weird so this space can already see this name xbase is Horner rotator cuff tendons attach and move really in order to attach from our shoulder blade all right he’s very important that we have two space available otherwise you didn’t rotator cuff tendonitis rotator cuff tear or some people opinion syndrome happens when all slide up in the socket and pitches that rotator cuff 10 it’s supposed to have free travel first thing we see static hold right there holding that position or right shoulder is in a different plane let’s stop for word out to the side we’re still holding it that arm is extended okay she’s doing it with the straight iron let’s come down you do it on your forearm this position is I think work on further shoulder promotes impingement position she I know more Sun her strength lot cyclists don’t this is I think a fairly risky shoulder exercise prior shoulder issue I could strike this off my list so in the static hole the good thing about it especially compared to forward plank is it engages your low back muscles more than it does your abdominal muscles work forward plaintiff all in the front of our body emphasizing it it engages any AB dollars which are in this plane so it’s a little bit better than that forward flexed position in the plane awesome so again to highlight it and you can work on your neck position in that side plank a little bit more than this tendency to lift a heavy agenda forward okay so now we’ll go to crunches okay so emphasizing what shortened abdominal muscles if we reverse her to a sitting position she looks a lot like this right hip flexors are emphasized go ahead and laugh down the blue thing about is it de-emphasizes connect and so we do have sort of a chain top and we have shortening of them muscles in the front of the neck so that’s a big piece of it but we’re also using the hip flexors and those hits are working back okay so does that make sense everybody do you feel like you can have a glance on an exercise day off neck shoulder back hips is it a static old just like position or does it get you out of that cycle in position and amplified the front of the neck the back of the shoulder blade right contracted straightening the spine and the hips at a much more neutral way you’d be done well if steps in her this side of these in an opposite direction right so the right leg is actually in a good position left leg emphasized and stretching the hip flexor happening it does not happen what we mean are in this position and you have to hold our head up against gravity oftentimes that’s what happened you’re absolutely so can you pull your chin toward the center of your neck so that would be much better you can see she have her jaw open we do have you love us become very stiff we cannot leave they’re not really flex very well we’ve got a lot of tension here and it becomes a motor program memory so this is a very popular lumbar spine if you have back pain do this

exercise I never did this exercise to any of my patients you kind of make it way too much loading and forward glide right down here okay so just in relax so what it does and remember when we said that if you’re in the wiping position and you lean forward there are a couple of vertebrae and a couple of segments and all always moving Zamorin bends a little bit more than others what happens when we go into that extended position so one thing I can share with you all is sort of as we age we are moving into this position which is the position of spinal stenosis with extension in crunches crunches the vertebrae together and puts pressure on the nerve roots to come out the to little hole okay if the position you don’t really want to encourage so even though we want you to forward in position we don’t necessarily want you to go to the absolute opposite palpable range and it stated interests but what I would much rather see so she’s gonna reach forward with one arm I don’t know what do it so that much better in my mind her back is in neutral we’re not having this real extension that’s break or point of mobility right here she’s engaging all of these muscles her arm this at an extended position right and she’s so she’s emphasizing the shoulder blade muscles which tend to get stretched out in the biking position you’re going to put that arm down and then so she’s she’s got a fairly extended foot he relaxed that way pull your belly in a little bit look right there and I’d rather see something like that yeah yeah and you get good to you super patient yeah what happens with it so our Lincoln elite thank everybody if you want to nikka I would choose towards the exercises that I would do on three times a week if you can sort of quick and dirty and I think you need to emphasize that frequency because all of us are spending a lot of time we’re not doing the two hours right so in order for that muscle length and for brains to realize we can actually learn to hold our gym at a consistent level where the muscles are getting another new – actually counterbalance we’re going to do a set of exercises I’m going to get you going with you then we’re going to do two other exercises where everybody else is sort of doing a round-robin so what we’re going to do is are gonna step forward first so you want to keep your weight kind of on the back leg big step Howard I mean 15 times okay stop for me then you’re going to work your legs at 45 degrees so if another zero and everybody we’re coming up here big step keep your weight on that back now we’re going outside 15 times we keep it between your knees back straight chin down Maggie laughs we’re gonna go back here and then you’re gonna go straight back 15 times so you folks are gonna work on that working your back and your abdominals every time you take a step that you’re pulling against reverses anything is working that hip muscles like thigh muscles your stabilizers are in your in your client in directions that are absolutely opposite like we’re not just doing this we were just going forward and that we would have more of a biking emphasis but we’re working on stabilizing the region to get no exposure from the bike I’m working on my marriage I’m going into a rotation direction

which is not that forward all right and I’m using a muscle in my shoulder lis that are emphasizing fully recovered leans back rather than the so we’re kneeling or rotating notice how my whole body’s not shifting to one side keep your pelvis forward and we’re pulling downwards towards floor so it is it is working our glutes in a position that our glutes don’t get to work in a bicycle finish now it’s putting our hip flexor at a length that is much longer than the bike connected machine is here you’re good this is sort of your anchor leg this legs just sort of floating up even though this is in the cycling this is a good position to challenging for your we’re using our everybody’s gonna turn three times at the end okay how much should I like that okay you have to have unbelievable hips we should feel like you’re using muscles that you’re not familiar with because they’re not the Viking because that is a different contraction and we’re also using our body weight to push ourselves out right but we have stabilized in order to come exactly so this is another I think fairly amazing for exercise all right be careful if you have a back issue because when you come up here and create an arch alright we’re just gonna pull those bands straight down right when I go up

they’re not gonna let anything change so I have done those in my trunk are quivering when I let my arms go back out okay my trunk was it move like chin is down my hips are straight they’re not gonna bite you position right my shoulder blades are just resting back super Dave’s gonna find this is a stretcher because it pose your lenses and then that long all right just all those aren’t straight down and sometimes another exercise that helps of jauntily now has a speed again a rope which is okay how are there the opportunity that and anybody over here on the White has the opportunity to brace their feet against something and then you’re gonna keep your body really still you’re gonna lift that ball off the wall just behind your head 15 times chin skate down okay kind of squeeze your glutes a little bit yeah you’re doing it against the wall the wall well I feel like the wall gives you a car Ephraim no you’re not stop me feel this more than other arrows will bring you up right from this okay these remember that floppy I’m back keep that chin remember I said when we get down here we do miss that we get way too much compression so you want to stop before you get to that you can also try get in step out rotate toward the forward leg got it you have a weight you’re going to hold it just the way Darren has we’re gonna camp and then just come back and then do it again and then come back you have somewhere here you can either walk former

the muscles along the back of the neck and so when you go up we don’t want the back to arc or don’t want the head to turn we’re here okay when you you can hold that that ball down at the floor and you’re gonna lift it straight up overhead chin stays down there we go so that stretches his lats which is great it gives the muscles that are parallel to the spine but you have to stretch those abdominals and we’re working with this weight since I sort of feel like two components to back pain or compression contraction equals the flexors and rotation if you’re for a semester but a lot of times we have tight obliques are going side or looser than the other so we sit on the bike roads look what I stand on that I rotate my spine my feet are locked into pebbles I’m going to get a rotation for that I use so that’s another reason for doing pasta good news is that everything that we have here in the center is also influencing me pain is very very if you just look at my kids you don’t look at weather comparison of after rotating definitely so I wouldn’t say don’t do what’s up I would just say do push-ups in t-ball exercise either on the wall or leaking over it so here are not only two tickets I know a lot imagine like what happens as we’ve actually shipped my shoulder joint and were emphasized with the position we are holding our so just think about that not me they’re dominant exercise for counteracting it with exercise and we do

so one thing is it’s very unusual barring an injury or a light light difference to be true you set up a limb length difference where it’s the TfL is too tight thanks a great example and Jessie might be too so great we want you to stand and get really comfortable not Frank Frank like the feeling like you know a chance and he’s like this so his abductors are tight she’s getting into that so the muscles that pull out here contract out here and he might feel a little bit of tension it might feel kind of uncomfortable because they have to elongate okay right I you can look at him and think that one language law his legs alive in a level 50 FL picture form they’re not pulling up on a bike we’re going to try to normalize that so it’s generally a muscular imbalance it’s a soft issue issue it could be how one get the rotate it could be a fine fit one of the things I’m thinking about already is how can I do this in my apartment with minimal equipment you know like I don’t belong to a gym or have a bunch of equipment so that’s why I didn’t show you guys you can you can get a really cool just to show you and you slip it from here and Japan some people’s doors are but they have a little and you just closed your door on so you can tie into a door or tiger bike secure how much of the band’s how much of the ankle bands and that – I don’t know I mean I bought two bands for the plaque and I you

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