Hi guys, welcome to this new video 45 minutes to go before the start I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I’m super nervous we don’t play for championship in the first race but for sure, a good start is half the job as you know we’ve had many issues this weekend with the bike today during the warm up we had an issue with the engine and we lost tons of oil I was unable to ride, and try the start so we’ve had spanners in the works but again the important thing is to finish the first race and get some points be in front, demonstrating we’re there like every year for the win, so have fun and let’s hit the track! as promised, here we go National Trophy organised by the Moto Club live from Misano shit! with all the things that happened this weekend I didn’t get to try the start so it didn’t come right but we have the pace, in front they are far away, but I can get to them in front P7 and let’s go get the 6th I just have to be careful when exiting the curve ’cause the tires are not completely at temperature, and the control is working a lot you can hear it as well yeah.. I exaggerated a bit here. Sorry I was in a rush and I went to long Ok I’m going very fast, the bike goes very well, the one in front is riding a 1100 srv4 factory, when I’ll get to him and decide to pass him I’ll have only one chance there’s no time for battles and waste of time otherwise those in front will go even farther he passed! the decided attack of Lamarra two riders from rome Lamarra and Fabrizio Salvadori is now 6th, we hope Luca will continue his comeback Salvadori 38 442

keep in mind we have 8 riders — sorry! Perotti on Fabrizio we can’t keep up but the show is amazing oh god! what a braking! I was having a hard time ’cause the rear rose, but everything went smoothly now Lanzi is in front of me, he’s a badass, hard to pass but he’s having a hard time this weekend with the bike and the electronics , luckily for me and has a hard time exiting curves so I’ll take advantage of this difficulty he has to exist as fast as I can and pass him what a battle! with Salvadori and Lanzi no one is backing out and Lanzi Lanzi loses he looses speed, and so many positions, a great hard battle let’s rewatch this, thanks look again Lanzi and Salvadori how they stay down they are so close to each other Luca manages to go fast he’s quick in putting the bike back up that wans’t an easy position look at that .. so close less than a millimetre I’m sure that on Lanzi’s suit there’s Salvadori’s autograph from the tire in the meantime Cocco is right behind Salvadori he did a very fast lap I knew Lanzi was gonna be hard to pass in fact with this battle of ours we lost a second from the first three now I have to restart and do a very fast lap to reach the first three and we’re gonna play for the win Luca Salvadori is here. They are 5 Cocco is having a hard time this lap and is a bit behind yeah, slightly there are 5 in front They are one next to each other, Cocco is a bit behind but he’s still in the race while now let’s see the detachments at the finish line the times are alike I was looking at the attack Fabrizio is holding on they are next to each other critical situation Lamarra wants that place what a battle! incredible duel, really Lamarra, Perotti and Fabrizio who stayed at arm’s length and luca salvatori is back the fastest on the track is Salvadori who now is 4th, 1.38.2 is the new fast lap of this race, but the others are at 38.3, Fabrizio 38.6

so they are all there, ready — there are no tactics, lap 6 of 10 it seems incredible but I’m here. I was in P8 and now I’m 4th right behind the first 3 the thing is that by trying to beat my record at every lap my arm is starting to hurt I have to handle this and let’s hope they won’t go too fast these last laps ’cause I’m having a hard time braking and moving the bike quickly, so fingers crossed Salvadori is there but he’s missing a tiny bit he checks behind at his adversary, while the others — Lamarra is safe Perotti now meets Fabrizio they see the pray and attack Fabrizio goes to take the lead his BMW is gone crazy Fabrizio is super fast Lamarra reply from inside what are they doing?! what a race! Lamarra didn’t study physics back in school he’s way beyond he’s incredible Fabrizio is in front he takes away half a tire but Salvadori is on Lamarra so many things are going on Salvadori is on Lamarra good job Luca Lamarra is having a hard time He’s struggling to keep his position yeah Lamarra passed again Salvadori Coco instead is paying the ticket to watch the show in front What a race!! I’m having so much fun I gotta say that my life energy is less than others’ because I come from an 8th place and it was hard! but we ain’t giving up! two laps to go! We have to try Salvadori is 4th yeah, from the first lap Lamarra he’s been doing great things he went down to 4h place now he’s 2nd attached to Fabrizio who is leading the race but the 3 are right behind him Coco is almost there too Goi is the fastest now, so Santerelli and Goi regain but it’s the second to last lap now so it’s now or never It’s my chance! Fabrizio exit worse than the other times

I have to insert at the curve Salvadori, like a missile nice! good thing there was asphalt there Salvadori is great he controlled the bike well he went fast last lap 10/10 with Lamarra with his Aprilia in front followed Yamaha Then Fabrizio’s BMW And Salvadori’s BMW right behind Cocco is 5th, a bit detached too far away the race is open! Unfortunately I was too fast and I let go at the end so you saw what happened the others got an extra second last lap, my arm is giving up on me, I pushed too much we didn’t have the chance to test the pace this weekend for all the problems we’ve had so it’s okay. We bring home this result which is not that bad next race we’ll have much more time and we’ll have the hp4 so let’s keep calm. The championship is log to revert completely the situation and I want congratulate those three in front ’cause they put up a crazy show. Next time I hope I’ll start in front without having to kill myself to regain positions, and now let’s try to bring home the result the flag is near Lamarra gets his win on Perotti and Fabrizio a masterpiece. Nice job! what can I say? wow. What a crazy race I had so much fun I’m also happy because physically with Stefano in the winter we did a great work, I was very fit in terms of breathing but my arm underwent surgery twice it’s something that I need to live with when you exaggerate and you push too much and you don’t gauge the strength the issue arises. But instead the bike, preparation, team organisation… everything was at top level If you’re still there, I have some news for you to keep you up-to-date on upcoming things if you want to stay updated on all that I’ll be doing and about last minute news which I can’t put in the videos, which are shot many days before, follow me on Instagram here’s the link and to the youtube channel to not miss the next videos and most of all activate the bell.Those who follow me on instagram might have heard already something about a certain race this upcoming weekend, so the 14h, So guys, it’s the Formula E race in rome and that’s all I’m telling you, because everything depends on the licence I’m still waiting for If I get it soon, I’ll be able to race otherwise I won’t be able to race and I’ll know soon I’ll keep you posted on Instagram 90% it will happen, and I’ll tell about which race it is, where you can find me, and the info You can’t imagine how excited I am to think I can race in rome inside the Formula E as official rider is incredibile! Anyway, I’ll update you soon having said this, many don’t read stuff online and have been asking me about the driving courses you gotta send an email to the riding school perdersoli which organizes everything, they know the dates when I’ll be present, and when I can teach you on April 15th I’ll be at Mugello to test

the hp4 race 2.0 you’ll find out why “2.0” and at the end of the month at Mugello for the second championship race with hp4 race. So, as usual, gas, see you next video!

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