Now we ready for the final round the top two from each of the first two races in A battle of who can get to the bottom first and collect the championship points There you see the competitors off they go Clean game you’ve taken an early lead down to the bottom with team Phoenix right behind They split and go the opposite directions golden wisps now with a great lead down front They’re into the second-to-last halfpipe who’s gonna get there to the bottom Look at this several down there will team Phoenix get a green gang is also down there Phoenix fighting with them It’s a creme gang beating team Phoenix just barely and then the golden wisps coming through in third And it will be the Ruby rollers coming through in four there They go 15 points to the green gang couldn’t even really see it down there at the bottom because the camera angle there is your podium green Gang move eight points clear Ruby rollers for second on the championship then it’s Black Jacks Happy Halloween friends and ghouls We have gathered marbles from all around the world glowing deep within from mysterious forces in the blocks They are ready to launch down a trough to win this edition of the Halloween race Ectoplasm is out in front. The jack-o’-lantern comes to his left trying to pull even Narrowly gets the lead Bouncing back and forth nudging each other jack-o’-lantern falls back ghoster in third now boosts the outside Pushing jack-o’-lantern into the wall. Meanwhile ectoplasm is continuing to get away over the jump as the rock Continue down stretching that lead in the block and they do go stir with a lot of speed in to leave Breezed right around ectoplasm Now has his sights set on the bottom of this course pass the block he goes. Is anybody else going to enter the frame? Upper right there. You see back behind jack-o’-lantern still in second Full mind that skeleton a poor soul that wandered onto the track despite our warnings not to do so Ghosts are slowing to a crawl but here comes slimy blob in third trying to catch up to jack-o’-lantern that man who sees the speed differential once if he’s flipped the DRS open here he comes Jack-o’-lantern on the inside now to the outside Solve them the dummy you need to the lead Jack-o’-lantern is going to win the race go stir when he hold on to second it Looks like he will slimy blob now for the bottom step of the podium Yes, he has it He will come next. Oh, this is going to be closed between these two by the demon trying to give chase But will not be able to catch ectoplasm who fell from the lead back to fourth I had the demon Actually have not seen any of will of the wisp yet a wonderful Lewis was stuck somewhere Early scary comes through 11 seconds back a fifth place There you go Will O the wisp stuck back in seventh place and stranded up on the course in the dead of the night Don’t you already have name pasta to cook to the DC of sablon Costas an Aesthetical Bellamy’s can even do some hot met Felicia people cannot met for the Demi Blake Swasey civil favor. We can say party Alice up to the starting blocks early position with the one whose phone say on from your position belong on to the additions we V do noir of your layer ver Sit from there bluefin Sadie Emma Alonso Enumerate what it included Pluto sitting blue. Jean subset or merely need what a De parte procedure but could we test but with the personal? such an Costas Reagan a dong shown on the horse and disappointment see baku-pod ABM Saya, which was a accelerate ma may see video traffic per blown in Wow Alakazoo croissant when one of your layer Lou pollutant cellphone wanted to do pollutant moves from sick email adores what?

Repaid the trap tray below si el ataque solos not tax losses for say a blow keypad tone attack in water In fact, they wrote it make you so to attach to the proton sweetie. Do you lay wear a blue full C? We see dog who’s not wacky again yin plus didja didja defense more sand. Also in many decent dollar cause Sanity Paulo cognitive as small as refuses your equation cerebellar Daniels across it try try competitive One our mushrooms a blonde some veritable hakutaku delicate song as well a Premier Division recipient recidivist a parallel But we parallel Oh On to the Pluto on what was in position see videos viola a ver Blow instead donut complicity coming near his bar. I know Say you don’t like lesson in mock exam part of school Libya’s sungkoo shock is a quasi buku the position look at the blowup related recipients a blow-up related say You know deepest most if a I love capacitor suitable is if your layout for the position here deeper say no For NATO’s individual get a voltage even attack me and on sensor a passive is important about Mikhail processor placed on a proton We’re on a donkey manner. I don’t confess your table is a union acceleration may Force a new lap an affair Allah conferred on a spear ala stand you and also meant to blow evolution say Aloha to another half pipe on a block who saved earlier who’s not was there a bluefin see Say, you know, what don’t you know Siri do the Roger Siri? You gotta elevate a pole at for the M plus P graduation viola. It was not well CUDA CUDA Did you want Longitudinal cohort what does you know to division has it? It turned Oaxaca see me personal very poor not let this dissipation baroque as your party Passport We taught you whose physique he fell attack a no Sebastian Sabotage your hockey Paula piece that you wiki all body to a mere sleeper the sale of he longed to noir Say to you a blow-up dato, sri, we do The full C we could occur on come on the other news network That’ll show hot rod on a zigzag and to you only meant positions and a bush family’s attack do Parent pilot was impositions a bad tank you fear. I’ll say it’s a selfie on competent in OKC on the Pacific Ocean Say a no no, no no simple on him upon the level See give a padded get easy baskets Colonel Napo and a fire Gandhi Oh, yeah over to be able to work at the passive you’re late. So – accordion positio – that tribal police olala social occasion What whiskey even at repair Toshio? Even gotta be useful signal since or a purple said for such a purple set for a say a no deepest was available Acceptable deepest water after bush may vote one key, Matt. No, Matt No, I fell attack Joe Blow sobriety pass blowin polar dead. Who’s Marky Ramone? Million Reutimann area the Pluto he should lead out the set goes rocky lava strapless tops we say a cylinder and it was not what about the said to go save a Huge amount Papa me if you let the same blue satiety Gustavo la Riva Giana lalala to typically, they don’t say don’t go losing about what hear about the set a course in MgO calcoast similan Philippe Louis’s new bleep a divisible a dashing You may recognize these from the san marco rally and look at the eight spot the cult favorite red number three First appearance in one of these events in a long time for red number three. We’ll see How they sort out Of sorting just going on on the gangway down to the entry chute Now they’re out onto the funnel Rotating and rotating and trying to stay as far out as possible and that center drop Question is who is going to do the best job at that? You’ll see the speed pick up Technically, it’s angular momentum that we’re dealing with here When somebody’s rotating around that middle one, I hope that’s super turtle might be Slimer Quite a few down in that Difficult area to tell When speed picks up so much. They’ve been rotating around alright It’s snake stuff down through there was Dragon’s egg and Slimer the bread number three Can’t do that come from behind what he did in that first race Summer sky Marley macmorrow will face Look at how many are getting checked off by the minute by the second technically this with darkness h2blu

We’re now down to the final ten blue moon now silverbolt Who is that what’s gonna pick up his win? Five marbles remaining comment Starman 4/5 And holding out crazy cat’s eye down to the top three. These are your podium finishers. Either way. It’ll be fireball Waiting for that second place marble drop black night and that means that your winner. Oh, come on. There you go Blue smoke doing another for second 4.25 the winning margin of victory for blue smoke Pushing against him jungle jumpers arrangers midnight whisps in the shining swarm Jungle jumpers up top. They hope the narrow lead Now arrangers edging ahead now watch lane three lane three in the second hero. It’s gonna be very close Midnight wisps. I think you’re gonna do it. Yes, they will my seven hundredths of a second. They picked the O Rangers at the end now that does not completely dash the hopes of the arrangers for winning the marble imp ik’s While Quicksilver maintains his lead at the top of the San Marvel rally standings. He’ll have some work to do Although there you see a mixed-up starting grid in the blocks and off they go that opening Obstacle that was in front in the last race has been removed So all marbles continuing past it and work on their way down But what a start by red number three who moves up into first place over El Capitan Oil Loco taking that top line who was running up in the front of the last race as well wisp of Darkness up there Slimer Who won the previous event? summer sky Lollipop is up there, too There’s one of several parts of this race course where you can go over the wall and keep going on under the marbles are Quite happy about that because it gives them a little bit of a margin of error now look at these top few glassy entering the picture – along with slime or those – Running in lockstep still a few lengths apart. Meanwhile up front Look at the gap up there move Slimer, I think took that bottom line

Is that going to help him or hurt him and it’s gonna hurt glassy moving up into third place Oh There’s red number three stranded and El Capitan confined that gets stuck now capitan also gets stuck along with several marbles and they dislodge him Who got up into first place? It’s wisp of darkness whisper of darkness holds onto the front in front of glassy And that crazy. Oh my gosh. It’s crazy cat’s eye. That in itself is a little bit crazy not have very many good finishes So far this season now Capitan did get going And I think he’s back there in fourth place won’t look at how high they’re getting getting some air coming through the esses But it’s still whispers darkness out in front a big beneficiary of a couple of key elements of this course both that wide carousel where they come back together and then that little grid Here is that gate another part that sometimes gives marbles some pretty good whacks as they come to home. That was a hard hit His fantasy who that was that really be not necessarily the beneficiary I might have been comment as I say that now is for darkness reclaiming that top Sprott from a glassy crazy cat’s eye and third they slowed to a crawl but the finish line in sight remember It’s a hard left-hander glassy goes to the outside now cuts back to the inside drafting under the tunnel. They go Will he be able to make the move? No, he won’t wisp of Darkness takes first over glassy Crazy cat’s eye summer sky now capitan. I don’t see Quicksilver up there in the top ten there He comes across the line with a thin coating of sand on him, but he’s gonna take a hit Look at that 17th place for the championship leader thread number three up in only 11th place only getting 5 points on him And everything helps but not quite what they had hoped Each team have chosen their fastest member here in Group A. We are off team galactic in the hazers out in front mid team maniacs coming close behind Believe that’s crazy cat sign. That’s blue eye that is back in forth Trying to fend off a couple challenges back behind us such a quick race It’s minty maniacs with a big lead that starts to come down and it’s galactic Galactic have taken the lead and the win here in group a my goodness these races go by quickly That was fast. I Believe that was hazers back in third in front of jawbreakers. Yes, it was crazy cats I quicksilver’s rojo rollers and chocolatiers rounding everything out about four and a half seconds separating first to 8th Our final will we see a come-from-behind champion? We’ll know in a little over 90 seconds Watch that orange marble in second. They have fought back and forth through the whole duration of this event all season They’ve had bursts of speed. They actually set the event record in the underwater with a 13 12 a stupendous time and Still only managed silver that stings them a little bit. They’re trying to push as hard as they possibly can right now Because there is no tomorrow there is no next event. They have to win the marble imp exhale It a single roll wrong Be entering down this course fighting back and forth. I know there are other marbles who are challenging for the podium as well They would love to get a medal here Oceanics Thunderbolts also up there those two blue marbles going back and forth We head down here into the final quarter of this race Will it be gold for the arrangers and will it be a marble impacts championship? They’re fans getting antsy as can be is anybody going to come up there and challenge them really at this point? They don’t have to win the event to win the marble limpets. They’ve got a good enough lead out front though It’s not going to matter. The finish line is nearly in sight Will the old Rangers be able to hold look at deep galactic? Look at Team Galactic. They are gonna win the race Oh Rangers lose the battle but win the war the arrangers Lose out to Team Galactic right at the end but they are your 2017 marv Olympics champions, the fans are going crazy They got enough points to win the marble limpets You

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