hello and welcome back that’s the first episode of replaying this this is a gameplay I’ve been excited for a like maybe a kiss for my husband after maybe like a year uh well our year since it like was released it came out and everyone was like holy shit this looks terrible everybody was like but I’m like genuine you know I know it’s there are variations with another slightly better it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of customization happens but they’re actually they’re like way more than I than just the 12 characters because you can actually pull some ways their vehicles and your vehicles on everything that you like and even customize your corn which is just fantastic and so that’s good and I really like it so far and there are two types of gameplay options to racing unfair sellers Team Racing is I think okay I think I got this like I didn’t think of negative I and my team changes Avenue also it’s gonna be nice to MIDI port I still haven’t ever successfully No on each other like I know where to put scream the beginning I’m on seven times yeah and wait wait I know the lower parts contain each select elderly but I do have her right no no I hired but she is lower accelerate why should be also very important then you get a superfood so you got flying there’s a lot of strategy

it’s really cool it gives me something like slight palpitations regarding the online mode which I’m going to play you started and failed I do want to talk about kind of how it is presenting loans very competitive I do know you have to think about how well you’re doing and in Mary okay you could just be in first into the casket pump which a lot of the time Kolkata fire what in this game and that’s great because you can actually get by driving straight lines and following your own experience and you’ll see a lot of kind of micro decisions that are made throughout the entirety of all the races that’s great so also those rings the bells God chose anxious but also flames looking like that’s also now the eyelids fucking 20 so different but I do know that like women which I know it’s great they’re different can I get you Oh enjoy oh great Oh oh yeah so like I work Oh I I get to say I was only saying about love

no choice there you know so [Applause] y’all haven’t said why did he even come from Oh what if I do it now for you bitch classic who’s the worst character that’s not true there was something probably I don’t know speaking of which why I know it’s like they want this game cannot I just put again came up maybe four years ago and three of those is only the highest quality of Mister the audience oh thank you whoever put down that yeah danger that’s also good what the fuck is your brother [Applause] playing a race again I’m so sorry playing racing we have sworn I like kids in some food I like honestly it’s the story of something this great job which actually halfway through this race okay I once sticks to be because even though she thank you well John is the best but is it time that is you pitch that is a great show okay like the majority in Sonic

like fucking something yeah sorry forces some generations I was amazing some connection to things don’t I think I can’t don’t know she bitch women drivers and I’m playing on there are three dinners there’s normal but I’m just kind of getting as I say which I would not recommend and but I do like that it has arisen in the house I mean I might just be shit it’s a big husband happy playing kisses points I got the – difficulty or the hardest original go [Applause] [Applause] I mean so many like dr. Eric my dogs folks are in public ultimate celebration it’s a honey what I see Oh [Applause] [Applause] it has like

just in time [Applause] oh here’s a pony shit on the way strings and geometry [Applause] okay ITV well so it’s possible it’s the companies for last rites Oh I got a bonus box raw materials well there’s the riveting gameplay and with that thank you very much sir and I’m doing collaborative because I like dicks is a fun game thank you very much for watching remove the rescue sir

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