Well there’s one thing you could say about Redcat Racing and that is they offer enough four-wheel drive electric monster trucks they’ve got a whole selection of them and we’ve reviewed a couple of them here on the channel already we already did the volcano we did the Dukono and today I have for you the TR MT10e and this is a really cool monster truck there’s a lot of cool features on this that I can’t wait to tell you about but as you may know you know red cat racing does work with some suppliers with this one they work with team magic they create some really cool vehicles a lot of attention to detail and it’s really cool that you know ray cat is working with them to offer basically a really high-end monster truck here leather neat stuff to talk to you guys about so why don’t you just jump right into it first we’re gonna talk about the exterior and as you may notice it comes with this really cool stealthy truck body it’s got this like really dark gray blueish metallic paint job to it with a black hood here and it’s got some graphics kind of just black graphics on the side very faint TR mt-10 logo on there really aggressive front grille on this thing too that just looks really awesome got some taillights out back everything’s pre-cut obviously holes are drilled and the body just looks killer and it feels like it’s a it’s a good lexan so hopefully that holds up to some bashing and stuff definitely like the body they chose for this the other exterior features that I want to talk to you guys about is this killer front bumper on this thing this thing almost looks like an aggressive trail truck bumper it’s got a little fairlead opening there I guess and but what I really like about it it’s got these three LED light buckets in there with LED lights of course you gotta have LED lights in your RC car it’s just a must-have nowadays I think it’s gonna take a good beating and everything it’s pretty flexible so hopefully you should take some impact and stuff the other thing I want to talk to you guys about are these wheels and tires check these things out these are pretty cool it’s a nice soft you know almost Racing compound rubber to it you know hopefully it doesn’t grow too much when I’m running this thing on 3s yes I’m going to run on 3s but the rims on here are absolutely killer – I like how it’s got a little TR mt-10 a logo in them just a decal stuck to one of the spokes on there but you know it’s it’s that detail that I was telling you guys but you guys see a lot of detail and stuff I really like the wheels one thing to note about the wheels is they are a fourteen millimeter hex you know standard is usually like a twelve millimeter but I think cuz of the power they bolt up things on this they went with a 14 millimeter hex so your wheel options might be a little limited and I don’t think it’s gonna be easy to swap over to a 12 millimeter hex just wanted to throw that out to you guys in case you were looking at other tire and wheel options but these are pretty cool interested to see how it works and then finally I want to talk to you guys about this wheelie bar outback really sick looking wheelie bar we’ve got a single wheel big ball bearings in there really solid arm to support the wheel and you can adjust it as well alright now it’s time to talk about the chassis and for the chassis we’ve got a composite molded basically like a tub chassis little on the high CG side you know just to get your ground clearance in there but it’s kind of just a square tub and definitely it has enough space for a selection of batteries here you know kind of your standard you know 2s 3s lipo batteries uses a velcro strap to secure them it’s definitely a lot of bracing in this chassis it’s got a big center section a plastic upper deck that looks really bulky it’s got these braces in the front and rear for the shock towers and stuff and then on the bottom of it we’ve got just a multiple section piece chassis here got this front bumper skid rear plate skid and then you’ve got these red pieces here that are like the the supports basically so it’s a multiple piece chassis but it looks very cool it feels definitely it feels very solid you know so if you’re gonna go out there and launch this thing into the sky I think it’s gonna hold up pretty well just by the looks of it all right now it’s time to talk about the suspension and I have to start off by saying the suspension on this is nice and smooth but it’s a bit on the firm side so yeah if you’re going for some big air with some some harsh landings I think this suspension is going to soak it up and some of those features that make up this plush suspension are these large bore shocks on here and these are pretty big and they’re composite shock but they look pretty bulky I mean they have a really wide top cap to them really heavy-duty shock shaft here really thick shock shaft and some firm Springs for the rebound but it feels really really good the shocks are mounted to an aluminum shock tariffs both front and rear and as I talked about the suspension basically it’s the same front rear so when I talk about the arms and then the shocks and stuff like that it’s the same front to rear on this thing which you know in my opinion is kind of a good thing in terms of if you’re gonna have spare parts for it you know you could use the parts both front

rear and that reduces the parts you have in your toolbox but on the other side of it is the way it’s set up it uses a rear tire rod to connect these the steer at the rear steering knuckle to the chassis and that causes a little bit of a tote I clean through the suspension I would have rather have seen like an H arm in the rear for the suspension but this setup does work and you know we’ll see if it changes the handling you know when I’m out there driving it but back to the EM the suspension itself it’s got dual wishbone suspension the upper arm is really well braced not a lot of flex in the arm that the supplier of this truck uses some really good plastics lower a arm and it uses a pivot ball style suspension so it’s got pivot balls that connect the steering knuckle to the suspension arms and much like a racing setup it’s a really nice smooth system it’s adjustable and overall it just works really well and and just the look of the steering knuckles they are composite plastic but they are well braced they got a nice web that goes down to the steering arm on it for extra support and stuff so again really well-designed stuff going on here the inner hinge pins are actually supported by an aluminum plate front and rear so that prevents the bulkhead from breaking and again it’s just really well designed overall there is some suspension tuning you can move the shocks around to alter the handling of the vehicle you know again same in the rear you can move the the shocks around to change things up it does look like there is a spot for a sway Bart doesn’t come this way barb not too upset it’s a monster truck you know I could deal with a sway bar on here but overall I really just like the suspension package on here it looks like it’s going to work really well can’t wait to try that out now it’s time to talk about the drivetrain and the drivetrain seems to be pretty heavy-duty on this truck we’ve got a front and rear differential gear differential all metal gears inside really heavy-duty looking out drives on those differentials so that’s always good especially when you’re laying down a lot of power in a monster truck it has CV style Universal axles front and rear and the shafts on the axles look pretty thick so yeah as I mentioned this thing looks like it’s bulked up and and you know I think it’s going to take a lot of abuse what I really like is out at those fourteen millimeter hexes the shaft of the axles much thicker than we’re used to seeing on other vehicles so you know I don’t think you’re going to bend an axle shaft on this truck anytime soon in the center we’ve got more steel dog bones going front to the center Center to the rear and of course the entire drivetrain right on ball bearings the other nice feature of this center spur gear is steel and of course the pinion gears steel but it’s nice that you know there’s no plastic gear here again all bulked up and ready for some serious power okay the steering on this pretty much your standard dual Bell cranks gearing it does have a servo saver setup the servos you know flipped over upside down here and it has a short link over to the servo saver the tie rods are adjustable on here so you can go and adjust to–if you did you know for some reason want to do that and the other thing I really like about this steering is there is an aluminum drag link bar that connects the two steering cranks so usually we see plastic there and again bulk there’s a lot of bulk going on a lot of detail as I mentioned before and that aluminum steering link is a nice feature on this truck alright now I think it’s time to talk about the electronics and this truck has a really good electronics package in my opinion right out of the box let’s start off with the servo on this this is a se Vox waterproof high torque digital servo metal gears so this thing is going to hold up to abuse and you go splash through the water go through mud and stuff like that and it’s not going to affect the servo pretty much everything in here is waterproof and even down to the receiver box can’t wait to tell you about that but first let me tell you about the motor 4400 kV motor in this it’s got to provide playing power and long can motor so it’s got to have lots of torque to it it is mounted to an aluminum motor mounts which I really like red head and eyes as well so that’s pretty cool but it’s just a nice firm mount for the motor of course dissipates a little heat onto the speed controller it is a hobby wing base speed controller it is the Max 10 which is a great speed roller massive heatsink on this thing even has a cooling fan you know all the way down to the switch on this thing it’s got a little rubber boots just to make sure it’s waterproof it does have a T plug style connector on that just be aware that when you’re buying batteries for this thing but that is a great speed control I have heard you know great things about that now on to the receiver the receivers tucked away in this completely I would say completely waterproof receiver box it has a really heavy-duty gasket on the top cover it’s got six screws to hold it down and then when I popped it open I noticed where the wires go into the box it is sealed with some sort of silicone so I don’t think water’s ever

got to get into that box up here out splashing around with this truck and the receiver is bound to this radio I’m here I’m gonna talk to you about that in just a minute but you know the electronics package in here is really really cool and you know that leads me to some other details that I really want to just point out to you guys you know the kind of over engineering over thought you know details on this truck you know I mentioned that though the radio box is sealed but you know the wires coming out of the radio box run down through this channel and it’s got a cover on the channel which is really nice I mean just kind of that detail the wires for the motor have a little clamp on them so they’re not moving around it’s got a little kind of mounting boss for the plugs from the receiver so you go and plug the server lane not have to route the wire all the way around same with the LED lights it’s plugged into this bank over here so it’s nice and easy to access I really like how you know all those little details are all over this and even down to the switch mount I mean the switch is not gonna move it’s not too sight taped down you know it’s it’s kind of clamped down in here by the receiver box and even the speed controller it’s clamped down with the with the fan mounts on here so I mean everything is just really well thought out really well engineered and that pretty much wraps up all the details of the truck itself really likin all the features on this now let me talk to you really quickly about everything that comes in the box okay so when I open the box on this truck it was really well packaged in a very small box the only thing that I noticed about it though was it did kind of push down some of the tires and you know I’m waiting for the foam to kind of recover from being squished in there but you know once I start driving it that’ll probably fix it so but really well packed in there you know you’ve got to go put the tires on which is which is understandable but also in the box was this radio system the RX one and it’s kind of like a you know really basic radio system really plasticky feel to the radio it does have a rubber grip on here and it is digital so all your trim stuff here is digital all your reversing is digital and your even your trim switches and stuff that’s a dual rates which actually is all digital which is pretty cool batteries get loaded in through the bottom the only thing I don’t like about this radio other than it’s very plasticky is the the handle on this it feels really weird so you know that’s just something just one throw outs you guys what I think about it but I do like that it is all digital I think that’s pretty neat another thing I found in the box was a screen for the fan so if you’re gonna run somewhere really sandy and dirty you might want to go throw that screen on there we’ve got a box wrench so you can put the wheels on and then some preload collars for the shocks and then your usual paperwork of instructions which is really nicely laid out definitely go through those and even a sheet of accessory parts for this so there are a ton of option part sand the option parts look really really good I mean even down to metal skid plates cnc skid plates here and aluminum arms and stuff so if you want to go wild and load this thing up with option parts i would definitely check out that page right there alright guys i think that just leaves driving the truck and i’m gonna go have a lot of fun with it all right it’s time to wrap up the review of the TR MT10e we’ve got a lot

to talk about we’ve got to talk about power we got to talk about their flying and we got to talk about a little bit of carnage that’s gonna come towards the end of this but I went to one of my usual test spots up and look at Connecticut just an off-road bashing field and you know just went wild with this thing a lot of what you saw was running on 2s and then a lot of the like instant back flips when I was just punching the throttle that was running on 3s and that’s when the carnage happened so let’s just talk about 2’s action because it is a lot of fun on 2’s it handles pretty well this thing I think it’s more of a like a flat dirt track kind of truck you know and I’m saying you know just it’s more smooth surfaces those rocks out in the field kind of tossed this truck around a little bit and even the deep ruts and stuff kind of tossed it around and a little bit of you know just wheeling it to get it back under control but when I went and drove it on some smoother surfaces I had a lot more fun with it they’re over at a BMX track my local be a metro track took it over there didn’t bring the camera with me but just took it out for some additional testing and it was a lot more fun just you know kind of launching it over the BMX jumps having nice smooth Landers in the back and that’s when this truck was really shine handled a lot better land a lot better you know the jump so you just got to watch yourself there’s a lot of power in this thing so you know it might want to flip over backwards yeah I did show you backflip in the action portion of the video there so it’s capable of doing that but with the short wheelbase and everything in the power it just kind of wants to go up so just be aware of that I mean what’s your throttle when you’re jumping it on flat landings it kind of bounced up a bit but when it has a lander to land on nice and smooth so handling is pretty fair on this truck you know maybe you know if you’re running like I said on a smoother surface you know grass dirt parking lots BMX track which is nice and smooth and even you know a race track an RC race track I think it’ll be a lot of fun there in the handling Department onto the steering of it you know that servo works pretty awesome in there off power it’s got a lot of steering to it you know once you start you’re adding more power to it there’s a bit of calm power push of courses to be expected but you just have to stab the brake and you can whip this thing right around really quick so the steering on this thing very good no complaints whatsoever especially with a good servo in there might want to go and throw an aluminum arm in there just to be on the safe side when you’re out bashing and stuff like that but I didn’t have any problems with the stock plastic arm alright on to the power of it it’s got a lot of power under the hood and onto s again it was a lot of fun you get some big air with this thing definitely tear up a lot of dirt and the power slides are just awesome you know going through berms and stuff like that so I like the power on it and on the braking side I mean this thing could just really lock them up and slow up really quick so it works really well in the power department the braking Department it really this truck was just a lot of fun and wants to pull the front wheels up a lot but you know as long as you’re throttling it properly you can keep this thing just ripping through the dirt over jumps and stuff very cool truck now on to the issues that I had with it so number one the front bumper front bumper which I got a thing for front bumpers this but from pumper is really cool and what I didn’t know is it actually has red LED lights in there too on the outside which is like super cool but the problem with this bumper is it’s got like a right angle right here at the bottom so the bumper slants down and then goes it shuts down and then it’s got like a right angle so that thing just basically hits whatever is you know you’re trying to go over and I had a lot of rocks and stuff like that and what happened was is

cuz it was hitting it actually ripped down and pulled through the screws on the bottom of the skin so it’s kind of like angled down now and kind of catches on things I think that’s why they came out with those aluminum skid plates that you could go and put under there I think that’s just kind of for bracing the bumper so I already got those I’m gonna put those on this truck I think that should help out the little bumper issue there the other issue I had was the rear ring gear when I ran it on 3s and you know when you add more power to stuff things can happen on 3s it did break off a couple of teeth on the gear in there and as you know that’s problem you have to basically stop and you have to order part to fix it and so that’s what I did however Redcat offers a hardened steel machine ring and pinion gear set for this so that’s what went in there because you know I don’t want to ever deal with that again so that’s what I put in the rear of it that’s what happened on you know again 3’s power didn’t have any problems whatsoever when I was running on 2s and maybe something could happen I don’t know but you know I tend to lean towards when you had power son and son can break so I want to let you guys know what I experienced with this but overall it was a tough machine it was handling a lot of rough tumbles a lot of rough crashes upside down on the roof and you know overall it’s just a fun truck you know Brett cat offers a bunch of different trucks and this is certainly one worthy of checking out if you’re looking to get into a four-wheel drive electric monster truck

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