(suspenseful, exciting electronic music) – [Bucky] Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome back to another episode of Toy Racing As always, I’m your host Bucky Ryan, here with the Avengers: Infinity War race That’s right, folks, it’s gonna be up to the Avengers to stop Thanos from obtaining all the Infinity Stones Thanos is going for the planet Handar first, looking for the Power Stone Can he be stopped? All the shiny marbles represent Thanos It only takes one for Thanos to move on And, the Planet Handar’s hanging in there, going into level two Round and around, there they go And, actually, Planet Handar’s gonna drop first They may just get it Here comes Thanos, though They’re coming in hot Round and around, and looking not so good now Here comes Thanos, oh baby And, yep, he’s gonna get that Power Stone, folks So, Thanos has acquired the Power Stone But, here comes Thor, Loki, and the Hulk, to see if they can stop him, here we go Round and around, there they go Okay, Thor looking like he might make a push, but no, of course, Thanos comes in, and he acquires the Teseract He now has two Infinity Stones He’s now looking for the third Infinity Stone, from the Collector Looking for the Reality Stone, folks, here we go Oh, baby, Thanos is looking good And, yep, he’s gonna drop, and he has the Reality Stone Three stones in his grasp Now, Gamora, can she stop him from getting the Soul Stone? Round and around, here we go, oh, baby Oh, here we go, can Gamora get it done? It’s gonna be tight No, she can’t, the Soul Stone is now in possession with Thanos Dr. Strange, with the Time Stone Can he stop Thanos? Here we go, only one Thanos marble But, Dr. Strange has taken his time Round and around, here we go Looks like Thanos’ game, right here And yep, it is He has the Time Stone, folks So, can the Scarlet Witch and Vision stop him from getting the Mind Stone? It is the last one Thanos needs, here we go And, they’re the last line of defense Round and around, there they go Vision looking like he might be able to take it, oh, but now, here comes Thanos Oh boy, oh my gosh, folks So, Thanos is gonna take it, and he will acquire all six Infinity Stones With the snap of his fingers, he will now determine which Avengers will vanish and which will stay on the Earth The first half will stay on the Earth, the last half will vanish Round and around, there they go All the Avengers, and Thanos, and they’re making their way down the various levels Here they go It’s gonna be sad to see ’em go, folks Half will vanish, the last half will vanish Round and around, and Thanos still in the lead Dropping farther, Thanos still controlling He’s looking good Back half of those marbles need to get it going, or it’s not gonna be good, they will vanish Into the next level Three Thanoses, four Thanoses, and counting Oh boy, folks Round and around, there they go And, there are too many Thanoses He is too powerful with all the stones Round and around, there they go Thanoses continue to drop, oh baby And, the world is in the hands of the Avengers,

but there’s not much that can be done Thanos seeks to control and wipe out half of humanity Here we go, folks Avengers giving it everything they’ve got to duke it out A lot of levels still remaining out there, but the Thanoses are, of course, in control There are many Avengers still three or four levels behind Round and around, here we go The Thanoses begin to drop into the next level And onward, there they go, into the next one Oh boy, folks I’m only seeing two Avengers And Thanos, again, drops first into the next level Here’s the first Avenger, oh, the second Avenger Two Avengers in Oh baby, folks, still quite a few levels left, as you can see, many of the Avengers are four, five, six levels behind It’s not looking good Thanos is still in control They’ll drop into the next one We’ve got one Avenger, now two Avengers Here we go, round and around, there they go There’s gonna need to be a huge comeback by the Avengers if anything good is to happen Only a few levels remain, folks, and the Thanoses continue to remain in control Remember, the first half remains on Earth, the last half will vanish, to be part of half, the 50 percent that will vanish from humanity Here we go, folks Going into the final level, round and around, there they go Of course, it looks like that Thanos is going to drop first Many Avengers still behind, whoa baby And, our first Avenger just dropped Looking for our second Avenger to drop now Oh my gosh, it’s just a feeding frenzy out there, folks, I don’t even know how to describe it Oh boy, they’re all beginning to drop Round and around, there they go As you can see, many Avengers still piling in at the end of the race Trailing behind, they don’t want to vanish Oh baby These are probably going to be some of the Avengers that we have to say goodbye to Dropping into the final level, hoping that they’re not part of the 50 percent And, it’s gonna be tough A few Avengers remain Oh, baby, this is gonna be the last of our Avengers The rest appear to be Thanoses Fingers have snapped, and into Avengers: End Game we go And, these are the following marbles that have been eliminated by Thanos Here are the survivors So, here’s what’s going to happen, folks The remaining Avengers will take on the children of Thanos The Avengers must secure the top five spots in order to bring all the Avengers back The final two Avengers will be defeated and removed from the race Here we go, folks, round and around, there they go Looks like we’ve got a couple Avengers out in front Thanoses sneaking in there,

they’re gonna make it interesting Lots of marbles out there Lots to keep track of We just don’t want the shiny marbles, Thanos The remaining Avengers trying to duke it out A lot of levels Avengers looking good so far I count four Avengers, I see five, five Avengers Remember, the Avengers must secure the top five spots to bring all marbles back The final two marbles will die and be removed from the race Oh, baby, round and around, it’s looking good Looks like we’ve got an Avenger down there, a second Avenger We’ve got a Thanos in there too, a third Avenger A fourth and a fifth Avenger, it’s looking good They’ve gotta beat out the one Thanos Now, two and three Oh baby, here is two Avengers I count two into that second to last level And, looking good for the Avengers Oh baby, one Avenger to the final level Two Avengers, three Avengers Four Avengers, five, it’s looking good, folks It is looking good, we want them back Who’s it gonna be? One, oh baby, two, three Four, and five, they did it, they did it So, we will get the Avengers back, they will assemble Half the population will come back, folks, but the last two Avengers will be removed, oh baby It’s not good It’s looking like Captain Marvel and Black Widow Oh boy, folks So, Captain Marvel and Black Widow will be removed, as they died trying to save the rest of humanity A valiant effort on their part All right, back from the ashes, here come the remaining Avengers As I said, the fallen Avengers, Black Widow and Captain Marvel All right folks, we’re now going into our final race The Avengers have been sandwiched between two armies of Thanos The Avengers just need to finish first One of the Avengers needs to finish first, in order to win this battle Here we go, let’s see We’ve got Thanoses out in front, and Thanoses behind Avengers are off, and there they go, into the second level Just one Avenger needs to finish first for them to beat the mighty Thanos There they go, making their way down the various levels Round and around, there they go Looks like we have an Avenger out in front It’s looking good for the Avengers so far And, they’re all piled together, making their way through the various levels We have an Avenger out in front still Lots of Avengers out there Thanos finally just dropped Oh baby, and we’ve got a good Avenger making its way fast down the course Oh baby, and here come all the marbles behind him Through the various stages, there they go Oh my gosh, through the snakes, baby Here they go, into the next level Avengers looking good I see two Avengers, now a Thanos Oh baby, the lone Avenger continues to dominate out in front Several Avengers follow him Round and around, there they go There are marbles trailing right behind this Avenger, but he just keeps going And, they’re all piling through the different levels And, it is looking good for the Avengers They have several out in front,

can they continue their momentum? Remember, they only need one to finish first, and they will defeat the mighty Thanos It’s looking good I see a couple Avengers out in front Here we go Round and around, there they go Looks like Star Lord might be out in front No, it’s looks like it’s Captain America Captain America out in front now Here we go, and this is it for the finals It’s Star Lord coming in first Star Lord’s gonna finish first And, oh baby, it was a close matchup, and the Avengers are gonna prevail The Avengers prevail I love it, folks So, the Avengers have won But, just wait, it’s not over The bonus race, who is the best Avenger? That’s right, folks Which of these Avengers is the best? So, we’re gonna stack ’em up on the same course We’re gonna see which of these Avengers is the best That’s right, doesn’t get any more exciting than the bonus race And, there they go Off through the various levels All clumped together now It looks like Iron Man and Groot in the lead right now, Captain America right behind ’em Round and around, there they go All clumping together Vision out in front now Star Lord right behind him There they go, through the various levels Making their way, Vision looks like he might still have a slight lead And, he does He’ll continue to make his way, Groot and Iron Man right behind him Star Lord in there, now All the other Avengers trail behind Groot out in front now I am Groot He’s out in front, you can hear him speaking And, that looks like we’ve got the Hulk The Hulk is out in front now And, it keeps switching back and forth There they go, through the various towers Sliding their way down, through the snakes Hulk still out in front And, Hulk still got it, Vision right behind him Groot now, as they’ll head to the next level Hulk in the lead Vision, Groot, and Star Lord are all going at it There they go, oh Hulk has got it Vision right in there Hulk still has a dominating lead He continues to make his way quickly through each of the levels Star Lord, now right behind him, Vision in third Hulk drops again There they go, Hulk still out in front Star Lord right behind him All the other Avengers trail behind, trying to gain momentum and stop the wrath of Hulk He continues to dominate And, Hulk’s gonna drop He’s going go the next level He has a very commanding lead, can he finish strong? The other Avengers trail for second, trying to make their way to catch Hulk But, he’s on the last level, he looks like he’s gonna get it done, and he will Hulk is gonna take it Here comes the rest of the Avengers Star Lord for second, and Groot for third Oh baby, it doesn’t get any better than that Wow, Vision, who was in there for quite a while in the lead, he lost it, and all the other Avengers will fall One by one, here they come Wow, dominating performance by Hulk out there You can see, a lot of the Avengers are still four, five levels up, trying to finish But, it will not compare to the performance of Hulk The entire last half of the race, just complete domination out there My gosh, I think we still have an Avenger up somewhere, holy cow What has been going on there? Geez, Louise, and he’s way up there So, we’re just gonna wrap it up, because the Hulk is our winner

That’s right, folks, Star Lord in second, and Groot in third Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you so much again for joining us, for another episode of Toy Racing Continue to like and subscribe to our channel, and as always, folks, I’m your host, Bucky Ryan, signing off

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