Guys.. no spoilers but if you’re not subscribed yet do it now! This is the race that is worth the season From misano we will come out either with the hope of being able to still fight for the championship or with the awareness of being definitively out of the game After some wonderful qualifying where I find myself in second position half a tenth from the first, it is difficult not to think that this is a great opportunity because the Aprilia of Ferroni is strangely much more human. Gamarino first in the ranking is close to top 10 and all opponents ahead in the championship are behind but I guess you are wondering who is in first position? fabrizio perotti also in super difficulty at mugello arrived on his favorite track and above all with updates to his r1, proved to be a very tough opponent but now it’s time to kick off the show Well guys let’s go despite the fact that I did the Italian Cup last week and I was saying to myself ” what will this ever be it’s the same a week later” as usual before departure the tension is very high and this time I even have a reason because last night before the race we had to change the whole braking system and above all the starting strategy of the launch control, because going from the original clutch to the brand new stm clutch thanks to this new component, instead of starting at 30 per cent I can afford to start at one hundred per cent without making the clutch pack jump and consequently the bike and you know it when you insert these variables in the race it is never the best, however I am confident we hope everything goes well head down and let’s do our best what a shitty start! now we have to fix this mess head down, let’s try to recover some positions as soon as possible OMG Lanzi! where did it come from? oh well ihe opened a chasm for me I’ll exploit it, thanks and now let’s go get the first three Not bad, at the end of the first lap I am already there with them, for now the pace is not incredible, I can stay here without too much effort it is useless to try to invent anything and annoy one another because behind they are close, in front their pace is good enough to drag me so ten laps are long let’s stay here and see what happens Behind them Salvadori looms

despite a not very brilliant start he has gained positions and is there. these four took a slight advantage against Gamarino, however, lanzi terzani boscoscuro are in the top ten, however, as we still see, the group must still shell, but you see that the first four in my opinion have a second of advantage, in a 10-lap race so tight it’s already starting to be quite a good difference. Good saltarelli simone saltarelli with his Yamaha to still maintain some advantage over santoro ferroni and salvadori We have already seen Ferroni try on a couple of occasions to surprise santoro with Ducati but nothing to do, luca in a great comeback, luca salvatori clearly while perotti climbed to sixth position but he must recover some ground Saltarelli is at 37 493 fast lap, fastest lap of the race but clearly you see that behind him santoro ferroni and salvadori have regained well, now they are the first four, I mean they are slightly detached they have a second, as we said, nine tenths of an advantage over the group of pursuers which includes gamarino perotti lanzi boscoscuro terzani ciacci cocco and bellini No guys, I go a lot under the Aprilia in insertion but when they open we always take these five ten meters that make it difficult for me to attack this for two reasons first that we have chosen a 5-speed gear ratio so a little softer in order to have less movement and help my arm a little that as you know I always struggle with anyway so I have to really manage my strength from the first to the last minute secondly, we know the 1100 aprilia, when they open at low revs having so much torque it comes out like a shotgun, and besides the Aprilia even Ducati does not joke because having a v2 has a crazy torque under and above all it also stops very strong, so in the coming laps to invent the overtaking it I’ll have to wait for the right moment Ferroni 37 180 also travels very well salvadori 37 270 I would say, however, that except Boscocuro who is in seventh position in this lap everyone has done their personal best lap performance since the start of the race yes, and of course now we get to the heart we are on the fourth lap so I mean now almost halfway through — Ferrone this is the third time he insists and this time, he seems to make it and even in the momentum of overtaking – Santoro replies, however from outside, careful because here the intersection of trajectories is possible santoro in fact tries, tries harder How good both of them, congratulations guys guys wow … what are santoro and ferroni doing in front? Crazy! luckily they are bothering each other a bit. Despite having done 37 2 I saw them go a little away but now luckily I have returned under them and I absolutely must take advantage of this opportunity to let them pull me, it must be said that they are really risking a lot especially santoro because at every braking he brakes really hard a lot in the middle of the track with a lot of load on the front so for now I’m watching, let’s see what happens Saltarelli 1 37 418 he’s having a truly incredible race, a lot, yes – but behind them they push hard and let’s say above all ferroni in this moment while santoro after being overtaken is losing contact slightly, and Luca Salvadori also suffers the consequences attention let’s see if they form two pairs – in this case –

la quercia super fast! ferroni who seems to have found his favorite spot here in misano really great overtaking on Saltarelli – he takes the lead let’s see now if he has some to go away this will already be a very important lap in the meantime santoro and salvadori take advantage to recover This is so annoying. I have more to give in some spots and santoro is really good because in the only points where I could attack him he closes all the doors he probably hears the engine behind so when he hears me closer zac closes the trajectory and does not allow me to attack e and above all having that Ducati that runs very tight and can open so fast from low revs you can also afford to invent new trajectories. I repeat I have to wait for the right opportunity without being in a hurry As confirmed that another rider of the new m2 racing who is ferroni he really tried with all his might – on one side good on one side no – but I think Enzo is happier that ferroni tries to stretch, absolutely he took a very slight – a half second advantage let’s see how saltarelli santoro salvadori respond, which remains in fourth position I don’t know if it’s to study the situation or if it’s because maybe he’s struggling he is in front – for heaven’s sake – he’s doing a great race but he can’t until now, now let’s see what happens, from now on but he can’t go away behind them now there are five pursuers perotti has now queued we see him Perotti who has run in 37 4 but as well as salvatori in front of him 37 5 saltarelli and santoro attention Saltarelli with santoro santoro inside This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for from the whole race I won’t have another one I have to throw myself in at any cost But be careful because salvadori goes all on the external curb, La Quercia he invents something he invents something that throws him in

third position right now – OMG what have I done? pure instinct? I don’t know, I just know that it went well, now santoro with a clear road ahead will hammer at a hellish pace to go and get ferroni I’m a bit in crisis with the front I absolutely don’t want to risk throwing away everything. the goal is to stay attached as much as possible but without risking Salvadori always very determined very gritty as always — then with Saltarelli who after having suffered a double overtaking he struggles slightly – while for Perotti I think that there is little to do, he loses eight tenths he ran in 38.3 as you said before probably physical stress and of the tires in the comeback — now he’s run out of time Guys, what lap did santoro do? I shot a 37 2 and he gave me like 20-30 meters… it means that for sure he did a 36 he went to get ferroni but as we have seen druring the whole race anything can happen the important thing is to enter hawk mode we are there we don’t have to have more than a second gap so that if they annoy each other at the last lap I’ll be there to take advantage of it, after all, you remember what happened in the Italian Cup, right? so head, and we don’t risk it because in any case the podium is fine Here we go — he can think of trying it is not easy it is not easy but he tries also look at luca salvadori who has detached himself from saltarelli slightly but he did it but santoro is too far I think for him – and here the power of aprilia, however, allows ferroni to resist at the big curve, attention but dear santoro is looking for a space that currently– ferroni won’t give him, but it is not yet over, santorois too far but he throws into his ducati ferroni they touch — oh no out santoro santoro santoro santoro — luca salvadori is far – it is in command luca salvadori in command luca salvadori luca salvadori luca salvadori wins in Misano what a crazy ending Saltarelli second- santoro third – 4th perotti Guys I I don’t know what to say I don’t want to believe it after more than a year he returned to victory in this way an incredible rush of adrenaline – so many things go through your head all the efforts you made all it took to get here because the victory is still always a victory I think it is one of the most beautiful sensations that a person can feel, because I repeat no one but you can know all the effort you put into it and all the sacrifices made to arrive exactly there at that moment

I like to think that every workout, every effort, every run made to the limit of one’s possibilities served to be lucid in this race and to get to the result obviously it was a lucky win because if there hadn’t been that contact at the last corner it would have ended differently but as in the first race at Mugello I had a lot of bad luck this time it went well and above all these are the races and they are so beautiful, now let me go under the podium and let me enjoy this return lap because it’s magical Guys I live for these emotions it’s unbelievable unbelievable these are the victories that truly pay off for all the efforts that are made to get to this point as you may have seen from the race, I really understood a lot of things from behind santoro and his Ducati it’s incredible how much he accelerates out of the corners, how much torque he has underneath and above all it is also really difficult to overtake him when braking because he brakes really really hard, he is a bit crazy, even in the race he showed it but after all the bad luck of the winter after the first two races went as you have seen I needed it. now we leave for ibiza with the good perotti, I will train a little but I will relax also a bit because what a tension guys – Italian cup on August 23 at mugello and immediately after another CIV national race fundamental for the championship in imola and there will also be double races so we will have much more chances of to get closer to the top – 20 points seem many but you have seen anything can happen at any time. See you guys! please after this race – I’m sorry to tell you – but subscribing is a must. Gas, as usual and see you in the next video

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