Today on BCpov! I race an enduro with my wife Yuka Passing! Passing! PASSING! After riding in Mexico City We head north east to a city called León We’re riding in an area called Sierra de Lobos Which means mountain range of the wolves At registration, I picked up my jersey which came with the $50 entry fee You want one too? Yes, I don’t have any jerseys Jersey ya Look, there’s a wolf on the back It’s kinda cool, right? It’s actually a pretty nice jersey I was surprised to get one with the race entry I know, you can’t buy that for $50 canadian So if there is a size for me do you think I’m gunna do the race? I don’t know, only you know honey! I don’t know either, honey! Wanna go look? Yes I don’t wanna suffer, but like the jersey looks nice Yuka hadn’t planned to do the race Ya, it’s much tighter than yours Oh, okay After trying on a jersey She decided to enter This also means that she’ll be riding the course blind As she didn’t get to pre-ride the day before, like I did Yes, it’s a little bit chilly! Why am I here? I don’t know! Ah, here The ambulance, waiting for me First stage This enduro is a fairly casual race And there is no start order This means that Yuka and I can ride together Which we could never do at a Canadian enduro This also means that I’ll be doing a lot of passing And Yuka will be getting passed since the riders are not starting according to speed or class Anyhow, We get ready to start the first stage of the day Can she go right after me? Ya So she gets space Like she’ll go right after me and then that’ll give her a minute no problem Ya? Okay Go Go? okay Yuka starts directly after me First stage! So bumpy! Hello! I tried to let Yuka know ahead of time about certain features on the trail that I learned from the pre-ride the day before Like this rocky section, that she does well on Graci-ooooh! But it’s hard for her to know when the punchy climbs are coming There’s often no advantage to hitting the jumps on this course so I just go around to go faster Thank you! These white things are cattle guards They make nice jumps But I guess I cased that one a little The fork here is tricky The signs are small and it’s easy to go the wrong way As I’m about to pass Yuka gets passed Passing! Coming coming! Thank you! Nice one

Chain fell off! How was it Yuka-chan? That was f*cking long! My chain fell off Aw, did it? Did you stop? No Oh Good job Yuka-pei That was fun though Eh? Oh, I got lost Did you go wrong way at the fork? Ya, like stage 4 Ya, that’s what I thought I was like, “ah, it’s easy to go the wrong way here” Somebody shout at me, like Right, right and like oooh After refueling at the food station Nice! Orange juice It’s time for stage 2 But Yuka is worried about a ditch that needs to be crossed Right before the start of the stage I’m still nervous about the ditch, honey The ditch? It’s better to not, know, right? I guess I hop over it right here But Yuka has a little more trouble There’s a big gap coming up that I choose to go around Pedal strike! almost Over the bars! I sacked myself! I warned Yuka about the gap earlier But it’s unmarked Not this way Drop here Look for the exit Yuka doesn’t know this gap is coming either What’s that? With both knee pads down She soldiers on Her camera got knocked though So it’s pointing down now Passing! Thank you Quite loose Good training for Vancouver summer This part is so fun *pedal strike* Ah, I gotta keep my pedals level! This lower part of the trail I wasn’t able to preride So it’s kind of blind for me Gotta be mindful of that barbed wire sometimes Going around the

There’s a jump there I saw on facebook They closed it Oh, that was intense I sure did crash on that f*cking I was just pedaling and caught a caught a pedal Nice one, honey pie What’s that jump over there? Oh, ya, that was they blocked it is that blocked? ya There’s a line really going to the jump Ya, it used to be there and they took it off the race So I crashed Did you? Right at the start After the The big gap You crashed? I went around And I started pedaling and I caught a pedal on the ground, and I almost We’ll I didn’t really crash, but I went over the I was like this And then I had to kind of run Uh, I almost crashed in the beginning Ya? The gap Ya And I think I cased really hard or something Oh ya Like, my foot came out Both foot Oh ya? Another stop for food and it’s time for stage 3 Mmm, gummy worm It’s the shortest stage But there’s a really technical section in the middle You ready to go? ya Okay Okay Stage 3 Come on, Yuka! Oh, ya! What’s this? Oh, ya! Hello! There’s a bit of a surprise coming up Oh, big rock! Oh shi*t That rock in the middle of the trail was not supposed to be there! If you’re a spectator You might consider moving a rock like this because it can be quite dangerous I hope Yuka doesn’t hit that giant rock Hello Did you notice any problems on the trail? No, what is it? Giant rock In the beginning, right? We’ll kind of In the technical rocky section Oh, ya ya ya, I realize that ya Oh, what the f*ck! Ya, exactly I’m glad you didn’t hit it Well luckily, that rock didn’t take us out That allowed us to head up to the final stage Which is the longest and maybe the best one Okay, last stage Yup Let’s go back down to the town And we can drink coke Ya, you’re looking forward to that? Yes and donuts, we have donuts too This is the longest?

Uh, ya Should be the longest stage I think it’s kinda flat here, so you probably have to pedal hard That’s really hard Ya Do you wanna go? Ya Okay I warned Yuka to stay far left after this half pipe ti get to the faster line Left! Left left Looks like she got it! Oh my god Very polite of Yuka to crash to let the racer past! But her camera got knocked again Pass! Thank you! Passing! Passing! Passing! PASSING!! I actually wreck my backpack going into this tree I check it because I can feel it swinging around Oh, horses! Oh, my god Finish! I’m so glad to finish Ya? How was that honey? Your advice was right, ya Ya, you stayed high? I stay high, ya Ya, it’s better Okay When I was riding down there was horses running in front of me These horses are just running in circles here Oh really? Look what happened to my backpack This hit the tree Oh, it stayed on though Ya How was it? That was a really good stage

That’s a really intense one One guy would not get out of my way me yelling like “pass! Pasar, pass!” So I had to cut through the bushes To pass him I guess he doesn’t want to stop ya About the passing issue I feel so conflicted about it Obviously we’re both racing and we both want to do our best But unfortunately with the self seeding format You’ll get these kinds of conflicts Personally, I’ll always pull over if someone behind me is faster But I can see that getting old real fast If you have to do that 3 or 4 times in a race run I’ve heard that in some parts of the world People are not nearly as friendly when it comes to passing In the end Yuka ended up getting second place out of 9 women Nice job honey pie I got 5th place in the masters category And 28th out of 150+ people that raced Anyhow, I really enjoyed this enduro The trails definitely impressed And it sure was nice to be able to race with Yuka Something that we probably won’t be able to do for a long time As we learnt in Japan if you’re traveling, goto a race you’ll have a great time and almost certainly make some friends But as usual thanks for watching and stay gnarly

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