– This is the GTN Show (soft electronic music) It is just me this week, but man, I have got a lot to cover I’m currently on my way to speak to a pro triathlete about the new IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship qualification system I’ve got an app that will tell you what to eat and when to eat during training And I’ve got some exciting results from the XTERRA World Champs and the Super League Triathlon (exciting electronic music) (people cheering) (whooshes) Right then, for this first part of the show, (soft instrumental music) I’ve called upon some help of pro triathlete Susie Cheetham to talk about the new IRONMAN qualification system, which is something you’re having to think about already, right? – Yeah, absolutely I mean, Kona’s the big one of the year and every athlete wants to be there If you’re a professional athlete and you want to race against the best, you have to be there In order to get there, always, irrelevant of the system for qualification, you need to think about it a year, two years in advance So, yeah, with the change last year, it’s something that I’ve been thinking about for the last year and what the best way is gonna be to qualify for 2019 – Yeah, so, we’ve obviously just had Kona and now, well, you’re still racing so you’ve got another race coming up soon – Yeah, so I hadn’t planned to race after Kona But I had a bit of a disappointing Kona I’ve got the benefit of the fact that now, with the new qualification system, I’m going to race a championship race It has two slots And hopefully, that means I can qualify early if I come in the top two So that’s nice to have – Yeah, so for those of you that aren’t aware, this new qualification system was announced back in December last year And for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Champs, it came into effect the beginning of July, and then the IRONMAN World Championship qualification process came into effect the beginning of September, so sort of a month before this year’s IRONMAN World Championships So that starts the process for 2019 and we’ve kind of stepped away from the KPR, Kona Points Ranking system, where it was basically athletes accumulate points over the year to hopefully qualify, and we’re going back to a similar system, to the older, older – Yeah, yeah – system, right? So how does it actually work now then? – Yeah, so the qualification is it’s a slot allocation, as you said, so most races will have one slot for the Kona, some will have two So the regional championships will have two slots for the Kona plus another allocation slot So those two extra slots will go to whoever, whatever sex has the most proportional representation at that race So I suspect mainly it will go to the men ’cause they tend to have bigger fields So yeah, it’s a bit of a new one to get your head around – Yeah, I mean, we could talk about this all day (Susie chuckles) And it’s very exciting, we’d be really interested to see where it will goes But for now, I’m gonna head back to the GTN set and go to a poll (Susie laughs) – Sorry, sorry (both laughing) Jasper – Aww, he really wants to be on camera – I think he should go down, though He’s gonna lick me in the mouth (both laughing) Never work with dogs Okay, right, buddy (exciting electronic music) (soft jazz music) – Right then, back in the set And following on from our discussion about the new IRONMAN qualification system, I am gonna ask you, for this week’s poll, do you think the new IRONMAN qualification system is good? And that’s simply a yes or a no, and then to enter that, you just need to click up here And now for last week’s poll where we asked, should you race to the finish line? And this came in after David McNamee’s celebratory walk over the finish line at the IRONMAN World Championships And in fairness to him, he was just outside the hour’s mark and he was comfortably in third so I understand why he walked across the finish line but some of you did question why he’d done that So the results are here Other with 15% (bell chimes) came in at third And then no (bell chimes) with 33% And 52% of you said yes (bell chimes) Very interesting, but now let’s move on to some of the photos that you guys have been sending in to us And I would like to say we do have a new photo uploader Well, not that new, we’ve had it out for a couple of months now and it’s really, really simple And I’d like to get you guys to send in pain caves We are going into the winter for a lot of us, and a lot of you are probably setting up your pain caves I am right now, I’m getting ready for doing a lot of indoor training And some of you, well, going by some of those photos we’ve had it in the past, have some very impressive pain caves And we like seeing even the good, the bad, some of you that are trying to make the most out of a tight space in the house So please do send them in, it’s great for ideas

and just great to look at anyway So let’s look at a couple we have here We’ve got one from David from Toronto in Canada And he’s got his Argon 18 set up on his Wahoo KICKR and he said that he’s also got his old LOOK mountain bike that his son is riding It’s over 27 years old and he still loves the shifters But (exhales) it’s an amazing set up You’ve got two Wahoo KICKRs in there, another sort of simple on-wheel turbo trainer, but then, I think we’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight bikes in there, and even, from looking at your description, we have a Cervelo S5 MTN-Qhubeka Limited-edition Cervelo S5 there underneath the TV, which does have Heather and Fraser on the TV I think another TV over here It is amazing, and you have said actually that the weather is deteriorating in Canada so you’ve just set up this pain cave to get ready for the weather that’s coming in So yeah, fantastic set up there Next one is sent in from Lou-ee or Louis, and that is from Dallas in Texas, and they sent this “Been raining a lot in Texas “Been spending all my cycle training and time on Zwift.” And hey, you’ve also got an Argon 18, road bike this time, set up on a CycleOps turbo trainer with a Merckx TT bike, I see in the background But yeah, very nice set up, Alter kit in front of them, ready-to-grab foam roller there But also looks like you got sit with a little library Oh, and some medals down at the bottom there So, really cool Again, please do keep sending in your pain caves And hopefully, we’ll have a load of pain caves to look through next week (exciting electronic music) Well, now for the news (soft electronic music) And I’m gonna start things off this week with a couple of bits that I’ve spotted on social media Now, one of them is from Gwen Jorgensen Now, we’ve spoken about Gwen quite a lot on the channel, having been previously a very good triathlete Now, she switched to running and actually focusing on marathon running Well, she posted up, well, two photos in the last week of her cycling her bike and everyone’s got very excited thinking she’s making a comeback She has said, “I’m afraid it’s not a comeback.” She’s just enjoying some great weather where she is But yeah, great to see her back out on the bike, on the road, enjoying riding Another one is from Peto Sagan And he’s been getting involved in biathlon racing And he’s been doing that with his team as part of a relay and I guess just an sort of cross-training, off-season training, and a way of sort of building the rapport within the team And they have involved mountain biking into shooting, and then also hammering nails into a big tree trunk, which I’ve never seen before But also with a rather sketchy mount from Peto Sagan, so it’s not just me that struggles with mounting on the bike Peto Sagan who’s very classy on the bike also did struggle But yeah, really cool to see him getting involved in the multisport world (whooshes) Now, following on from last week’s show with the unfortunate news of Hurricane Michael hitting Florida, a Category 4 hurricane And as a result, it’s meant the relocation of IRONMAN Florida to the location of IRONMAN 70.3 Florida, which is in a place called Haines And it’s gonna take place the day later Now, IRONMAN have teamed up with Hoka One One and Firehouse Subs in a Hurricane Michael Relief And they’ve said they’re going to match $100,000 in donations And they’ve actually already pledged over 50,000 US dollars Now, if you would like to get involved and donate towards Hurricane Michael and the people that have been affected by that, then you can head on over to the IRONMAN Foundation website and donate there, and the link for that is in the description below Now, you can also buy their T-shirts where all the proceeds will go towards the humanitarian relief through IRONMAN Foundation They’re also gonna be running a 5K charity run which will take place the day before IRONMAN Florida in Haines That one’s to be taking place on Saturday evening And then also, you can also buy some gift cards, some Visa gift cards It will then be donated and handed out to those that have been affected by the hurricane (whooshes) Now then, a little bit of tech that I have stumbled across on the internet It’s called EatMyRide bike nutrition planning app Now, this app has essentially worked out a very clever algorithm that will tell you what you should be eating during your ride and also when you should be eating it So, by inputting things like your gender, your weight, your current fitness, and also a GPX file of the ride that you’re planning on doing, so then it will take into account the elevation and how hard that ride is, how far it is, et cetera It will then tell you what you should be eating and when And that will take into account also your preferred food choices So really try to get the most out of yourself And actually, in addition to that, it will also tell you what you should be eating

before and after so that your fueled well for that ride and also so that you recover really well Now, the app isn’t yet released to the public So the goal is just over 4,000 pounds and they’ve already pledged just over 2,000 pounds, and they’ve got just under two weeks left on that So, a fairly achievable target so hopefully we’ll actually see this app in production and available to all of us very soon (exciting electronic music) We’re now at four-question time where I answer questions that you guys send in to us (soft jazz music) We’ve had quite a lot of questions over the last couple of weeks I’ve picked a couple I’m gonna answer now for you This first one comes from Arthas Dimast and he said, “Should you only swim front crawl in training?” Now, in short, no, you shouldn’t Unless, of course, you hate all the other strokes and you’re hopeless at them And actually it’s really good to mix up and try out swimming the other strokes during your training Now, in triathlon, we tend to swim front crawl so I can understand why a lot of you opt for front crawl as their stroke of choice during all their swim sets Now, just to clarify actually, front crawl and freestyle are more or less the same thing Freestyle actually refers to being free to choose whichever style of stroke you like So that could be butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl But obviously most of us choose front crawl because it’s the fastest and possibly the easiest for most of us Now anyway, back to the question As we do mostly swim front crawl during a triathlon, we probably want to do a majority of our training front crawl So any sort of long reps or main sets will probably be front crawl But if you are just swimming front crawl all the time, not only can it get a little bit boring, it’s also can be the cause of some overuse injuries, sort of repetitive strain injuries some people suffer of injuries in their shoulders So actually being able to mix the strokes up takes the pressure off that, allows the joints to move in a different way But also, it can help to improve your strength So I used to include all strokes during my training so that I basically make myself stronger I would actually do some main sets over the off season and during the winter as butterfly to really try and improve that strength But during the race season, maybe just including some of the other strokes in your warm-up or after the main set is a really good option Now, moving on to the next question This is sent in from Dan, the vegan triathlete And he said, “TT bike or lightweight road bike “with clip-ons for a hilly course?” And he’s specifically asking for IRONMAN Nice That’s a great question and actually, some races are just so hilly that triathlon and TT bikes just are not suitable They are fairly few and far between but I can actually think of a couple But also we do have the races like IRONMAN Nice where they’re just really quite lumpy Not so excessive that it cancels out a triathlon/TT bike completely So it does get a little bit blurry there Firstly, it’s probably worth talking about the differences between the two bikes With a road bike, when you hack some clip-on aero bars onto it, you can reduce your frontal area, making yourself a little bit more aerodynamic But it’s worth pointing out that a road bike isn’t primarily designed for that sort of use with the clip-on aero bars So trying to get yourself into a comfortable position and an aero position (inhales) is going to be somewhat limited So when you compare that then to a triathlon/TT bike which, its primary goal, it’s been designed for aerodynamics, it’s been designed to be ridden in the aero bars, you can get into a much more aerodynamic position, you can get yourself more comfortable And basically, the geometries are very, very different You’ve got a much steeper seat tube angle on a triathlon and TT bike to accommodate that So I’d say, basically, that if you are doing a hilly race, you want to take into account how many hills are within the course, because actually some of those flat sections, a triathlon/TT bike is gonna have a massive advantage over a road bike, and, in my opinion, most courses, will still outweigh the aerodynamic advantage over perhaps anything that’s lost on the hills or the climbs Now, that is mostly due to the weight of the bike Most triathlon/TT bikes are slightly heavier But also there’s the handling, particularly on the descents Most people find a TT and triathlon bikes quite hard to handle And mostly that is because you’re in this more forward position where you’ve got the steeper seat tube angle You’re over the front end, more weight on the front wheel, so it becomes a little bit twitchy So this is where it’s really important that if you are gonna use a TT or triathlon bike, that you use it regularly on hills and descents so you get used to shifting your body weight around You want to shift your bum into the back of the saddle, almost like when you’re riding a mountain bike

where you hang your bum off the back of the saddle You wanna push it right back so you get your weight further back so that you can handle it better on those descents And likewise on the close You wanna push yourself into the back of the saddle so that you can really lay the power down well up the climb So in short, again, I would say TT and triathlon bikes are definitely the way to go but you need to make sure you’re comfortable on it Spend a lot of time on that bike and if you can’t get comfortable then obviously go for the road bike (exciting electronic music) (soft instrumental music) Okay, now time for the race news And this weekend we had the XTERRA World Championships in Maui And I’m gonna go straight in with it The men’s race was won by Rom Akerson from Costa Rica The women’s race was won by Lesley Paterson from Scotland This is Rom’s first ever win at the XTERRA World Championships, but for Lesley, this is her third win, having won back in 2011 and 2012 And both of them have gotten away of a nice $20,000-US-dollar check, very nice However, it wasn’t so easy for all the athletes on the race day because in the week prior to the race, they had some very bad weather conditions, a lot of rain so the course was very muddy and very slippery But in the men’s race, the swim was led out by Roger Serrano and Sam Osborne and they had about a minute lead over last year’s winner, Bradley Weiss, and three-time winner, Ruben Ruzafa, and Rom Akerson Now, Ruben Ruzafa then went on to post the fastest bike split of the year for the sixth consecutive year running, only having a 40-second advantage over Rom Akerson going onto the run Now, by mile two into the run, Rom had managed to get that advantage back and take the lead and then went on to take the win Bradley Weiss, last year’s winner, route through to take the second place spot And in third place, it was Sam Osborne But in the women’s race, it was Michelle Flipo that had a phenomenal swim, having a three-minute advantage over the rest of the women’s field, and actually come out with some of the male elite athletes But by mile six on the bike, it was Lesley Paterson that took the lead back from Michelle Flipo And actually, coming onto the run, she had a six-minute advantage over Flipo and then just powered away on the run, actually passing some of the elite male field So, very impressive She went on obviously to take the win, having a 10-minute advantage over second place which was Michelle Flipo And then in third, it was Lizzie Orchard Now, we also had IRONMAN 70.3 week here and unfortunately, they did suffer from some quite substantial flooding prior to the event which meant that the swim had to be cancelled But Andrew Starykowicz, just two weeks after a rather tough day out in Kona, came back to put in a very impressive performance on the bike to open up a big lead He actually posted a race best bike split of 158 and having around a 3-1/2-minute advantage over TJ Tollakson, and around seven minutes on Joe Gambles coming off the bike However, he was chased hard by those guys, having just an 11-second advantage over TJ Tollakson coming into the finish line So Andrew Starykowicz did hang on to that win, TJ Tollakson came in for second, and Joe Gambles in third Now, in the women’s race, it was Haley Chura She went on to take the win In second, it was Alicia Kaye And in third, it was Chelsea Sodaro Now, a Super League Triathlon is back and this time it’s over in Malta Now, we had Katie Zaferes and Vincent Luis going in as the series leaders, having performed superbly out in Jersey Now, for this race in particular, they’ve chosen two of their race formats: the Equaliser and the Eliminator, which both have numerous different stages within it So let’s start with the Equaliser That starts with a time trial, an individual time trial In this instance, they did it as a swim time trial And that then depicts who starts off at what stage in the next stage of the Equaliser, and obviously with the time gap between each of them And then we have the Eliminator Now, that is a very fast, very furious, and also a real test of the athlete’s resilience and gauging their effort and fatigue levels, because we have three stages: swim, bike, run But in very short distances: 300-meter swim, 5K bike, 2K run And with just 10-minute rest between each of the stages with an elimination factor going on Every athlete starts in stage one and then just the top 15 start stage two, and then finally the top 10 start stage three In the women’s race, starting with this Equaliser format, we had Taylor Spivey posting the fastest swimmer split of the day That meant that then she would start the second stage in the Eliminator first But that was not until the final day, because sandwiched in between that, we had the Eliminator And now that was absolutely dominated by Katie Zaferes, winning stage one, two, and three And then we went back on Sunday to the Equaliser, which was a swim-bike-run, swim-bike-run format

in quick succession And again, Katie Zaferes summoned the strength to take the win overall, with Kirsten Kasper coming through to take second, and then Summer Cook in third In the men’s race, it was Henri Schoeman that, no surprises, posted the fastest swim split of the day for the individual time trial, with just Vincent Luis getting the closest and that was still 11 seconds behind him But the next day, we had the Eliminator format We had a lot of changes going on The first stage was won by Hayden Wilde, a young athlete Second stage was won by Tyler Mislawchuk And then the third stage was won by Richard Murray Then, for the final day, back to the Equaliser format And it was actually a very exciting race And it came down to a very similar ending to the Jersey race with Vincent Luis and Henri Schoeman having a head-to-head battle on the final run And it was Vincent Luis that pushed ahead to take the win, Henri Schoeman in second, and in third, we had Tyler Mislawchuk But the final standings, after the whole weekend, we had Vincent Luis in first, Henri Schoeman in second, and actually Richard Murray taking that third spot (exciting electronic music) Right, now, (soft instrumental music) for the caption competition, your chance to win a GTN cap Now, last week’s photo from Fraser and Heather was of a chap running across the finish line at the IRONMAN World Championships holding a cardboard cutout of himself above him, clearly showing how much weight he had lost and where he had come from to then cross the line at the IRONMAN World Championships A great achievement, absolutely amazing Now, some fantastic comments coming in Have one here from, well, I’m gonna apologise in advance ’cause I’m probably gonna say your name wrong, but Krzysztof Ka-yet-swik? Apologies for that “What matters is not just if and when you finish, “but how you carry yourself.” Very good Robert Nastasi said, “Has anyone seen this guy? “I’ve looked for 140.6 miles and couldn’t find him.” Very good, but the winner this week comes from Fergal Acala He said, “I painted this cardboard cutout “using supplies from the local art store “Best place to go if you want to get thinner.” Very clever, very good Now, you are the winner of the GTN cap, so get in touch and we’ll send this over to you But now, for this week’s caption comp photo, and this one comes from the Super League race in Malta, and it’s of Rich Murray and Chris McCormack Yeah, well, I’ll leave this one to you guys I probably shouldn’t comment on this one So please do leave your caption comp comments in the comments section below (whooshes) And that is it for the GTN Show this week Hopefully, next week, I will have Heather back with me so we’ll have a full GTN team back with you Now, if you liked this video today, hit that thumbs-up button And if you’d like to see more videos from GTN, just click on the globe and subscribe Now, if you’d like to see our new video, our behind-the-scenes Kona vlog for GTN, just click down here If you’d like to see our unwritten race rules video, just click down here

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