Pokemon Resolute Walkthrough Part 16: THE MEGA STONE!

hello and welcome back from Pokemon Presley play for this is past 16 in last episode we kind of ended off a little bit differently the last time or all the other times beforehand in fact because we’re not for grinding montage which means today is really there to do a team recap so we’ve got everyone up to the 52 apart from Oshawott because that’s the patient’s life so he can be ignored so we have asus well over 52 some nice stats that speed is insane speed is absolutely insane with double team aerial ace return which was taught by tier and start dividing montage if you missed it because it’s stab at it’s powerful and quick attack we have got the Lucario Dalton 52 who like extreme speed over dragon breath none of the rest of the set has changed that’s all good we have del Fox who didn’t have any moves change level 52 as well obviously and frost Nova has changed and Alakazam no moves changed so just a thought the Galil both new moves and we’re gonna put it in front so lets me have a field day because we’re about to brush through all these trainers down in it’s gonna be a bunch of swimmers it’s gonna be wild pokemon with rhinox fight because i’ve thought my fair share of those already and I can’t go to fight anymore we see a cloister I get destroyed good and we we get random girls not just in the middle the ocean okay so that’s how this game works we shouldn’t have too much to worry about any of these Pokemon because we are now well actually there are 56 we’re not on par but we’re not wicked wicked wicked the levels I’m not gonna try and say we’re terrified we’re underleveled we’re really not oh don’t bother Oh vault of social hand turn patches why’d he do this to us patches just so much patches please matches matches matches stop stop watches Thank You patches I keep dying Elise holy well it’s not par-5 type yet got it Napoleon we’re not gonna win this fight oh we all get with this fight because of the blaze boos I forget that see no one ever gives the stars credits but blaze never abilities like that they have their moments they can’t be useful it’s just strange seeing and being useful because when you play competitively a lot don’t exactly really use them as much as you should where are we even going I need to check the map and make sure this is going the right way to be honest Gyarados owl speeds doesn’t now speed Lucario our speeds with dragon dance and then he laid the beans he dragon danced to hyper beam you know what do what you got to do buddy do what you got to do white fuzzy first check the map make sure I am going wait wait we need to hitch the right got it I was honestly thinking we had to go to the left so I also feel like we needed to we need dive because the several dive spots around and that’s bothering me or maybe be done okay well that was also Sophocles spearmint villa we kind of traveled all the way to see you what about that turned right where did we turn right in that like just okay okay sometimes our super I sure I’ll take it I mean I don’t know how I’m gonna find it’s gonna replace my priced or show off my war tied to standstill you get up early sleep a leave us to everything about your wife or when I’ll talk my we do everything for a real for the fun of our lives ah oh I like these houses oh my god look at the craziness I love it hell yes and we will peel out you’re on guard duty oh yeah oh that’s it like Jim of lividity City okay so we need to go to

the next town come on girls cute huh maybe who knows Evie Breda Phoebe Oh laughs I was getting another evening kind of excited about this I don’t want fun okay okay he anyway retention finish it good jolt see all I wasn’t obvious wish I’m Brianna oh you have gible Oh go to your five sauce on the junk cake destroyed flareon rocks life but destroyed hands beyond all I have such great Pokemon get destroyed get this right I don’t like doing that but I had to keep everything oh my god let’s go let’s go let’s go show me the nature of the CV oh god we have two V’s it’s beautiful I can now Brady bees we’ve rash and bashful okay male/female I Capri DB’s do I do a pokemen resolute braiding section no no I don’t know not even a little bit hey don’t look at me I’m not really fat the reason why I show up as a fat guy just because I’m a collector fortunately Tendo made all of us like this look fat that’s really odd yeah that’s that’s kind of Wow I mean stereotypes are sometimes right I’m so I’m gonna say no saying that was right good sometimes right ooh a silk scarf oh this looks like the ash collect the house give me a massive sack um oh you have an egg oh boy I haven’t raced an egg in a while oh I like it okay bye offshore for now I hope I don’t need you again or else this is gonna go over really horribly give me the egg and let’s go walking to the next gym that looks at them you and I need to surf again yeah I need to start again well that means that this egg is gonna have to wait I don’t know what it is I’m kind of curious what it is it looks like just happen this is this will be the one egg that hatches into like a freakin rayquaza and it will be the one egg I don’t hatch guarantee guarantee ah stop me okay you’re just gonna rapid spin I’m terrified sure oh I didn’t heal okay sell to barriers yourself to barriers okay no no no no no I need to go heal I didn’t heal i’ma fall okay looks like this episode might be pretty boring because I’m not seeing any craziness I’m just saying trainers in the ocean and a pelipper help why do I stay in uh we don’t have any grass-type moves on our entire team what pokemons going to really but you know he’s a plus 6 defense model special defense rain dance do you actually have an attacking move or are you just okay about me oh so what he’s saying is you can’t touch ace get straight while the Pokemon level is now 48 okay I found a hot scale finally finally I flick on rocks and gives me an eye on our we’re waiting some time play for it for that to happen 57 oh Lord they have grown in level a little bit okay we’re gonna take out front although it’s the best thing to have in front realistically mr. typing I don’t want to get everyone to have leveled found a great ball and a revive oh it’s finally happening they finally put items in places where they should games this is great this is absolutely great I’ve waited so long for this I’m also going to keep adding people there’s a dumb thing I actually paid off one double team paid off Milotic I’m going to try and kill you but you are strong yeah saw that coming a mile away it’s like it’s official off started me

started on me starts looks like no no no no no we ain’t here ourselves you’re just right there we go there we go I like that and now we are in lip of mine see I spent that all up because there’s no crazy events happening which means realistically nothing interesting what’s gonna happen so I say it but you have nothing interesting was gonna happen my entire way now since very kind to put more sometimes he rescues the whole spoke ones and seeks for a new home for them like it’s macro I don’t understand why that’s that please get back in the middle I adopted one Chimchar last week and now I need someone to raise it how about you I’ll take it I’ll take it let’s go never by the net I’m looking around the net dude don’t worry I can’t find my book where is it maybe in the bookshelf you looking at just just night in maybe that there’s a guy standing in front of the gym which worries me well I expected this I trained him truck four years ago it seems to blah blah blah blah blah I became a bit flowers okay fishing can read all the pressure of life you’ve heard a hip us you feeling pressured feeling suppressed Go Go Fish smoke some disgusting liquid oh my I didn’t that that didn’t happen no one that that oh oh stop stop stop I totally tank of it Oh lividity city is supermarket right is this the store I’ve been looking for oh it is oh let’s go oh oh I like the store layout though okay what can we buy here are we rich not really we don’t need any pokeballs we’re good for those right next stones we don’t need any stones for good for those we don’t need any X items don’t need any dolls still don’t need any dolls or stuff exp sure that’ll take choice band I’ll take one of those uh soothe Beldon already would have after quick Claude already after lucky egg Oh give me several things let’s go leftovers we’ll take a few of these this is this this this this area I like this you do posters oh you’re we’ve only been two teams oh but there’s more okay there’s more teams so is that anything we could really do picking up I don’t think there is I think we go all the tips we need it back early on we could pick up some Eevee training items Oh without a PP max I will take the PP max take free okay PP max psychic PP max oh really no I might not have to use this on extreme speed and um what else most we do it on maybe flamethrower will keep the other one in case we ever need it done a few small up straightaway slow means we have a extreme speeds I like it and I’ll examine sixteen psychics that’s good it’s good now lucky eggs this will be great for grinding so anyone oh it’s be sure I’m actually gonna put this on Oshawott I’m gonna put this on shore try and go for level up a little bit choice fans you can go on to no one for the time being because I want like yes what I want everyone having pretty lucky X all the lucky eggs please level team level up I should stop eating junk food eating junk food makes me to back out of the door of this house and we got me me yes I’m in the game okay for shopping head to the supermarket hey where is it really applying okay cause it to like his music here jumps battle off want a cup of tea no no you know like tea hey I don’t like to you guys see so you see the seat boys empty oh god I’m just wasting my time with you okay okay okay pretend that didn’t happen you know Giovanni yep okay don’t care oh hang on expedite that let’s wall okay

I’m good I’m good we travel all over the world and I once wanted to sell down an entire oil and the warm high cheerleader offered me a good job I gradually recognized that I am destined to be a traveler so I keep up traveling my name nevermind it’s okay to call me engineer BC I don’t need a name it’s just useless for me a traveler who travels all around the world kid since we met here how about bow in honor of our new friendship I’m okay with this I’m okay with this vowel let’s go engineer BC what are we just ignoring the fact he’s like level 74 game which I was running the choice man right now Oh God Oh Oh Lord Oh Oh No all this way back I should have started off by going into felicity and paralyzing it I should have started off that I yeah that should have been a style thing stall stop stop Asha why don’t care Ganga with us with yeah yeah yeah oh yes I’m sure oh I can I can dream okay I’m not giving up yet I’m not you’re getting a choice fan miss you’re faster and we’re gonna try this again we’re actually trying this again gentlemen no sorry gentlemen engineer BC I’m not done with you gets a crit on his leap way well choice my they realize Jewish mind I realize okay we did good Sabrina you are made to kill gangers one shots level 74 game not oh my lord that’s insane lucario em I know what that means we see our first mega at its mega lucario and it’s level 76 oh god my webcam froze there yay that’s what happens when you get too excited when you see a mega lucario on field now blaze activate your flamethrower Candace at least you half it kills was that crap that wasn’t a creek delphox wall that compound delphox hold on now hold on and that’s it we did it Lucario you must be happy too I miss this this is why I once played president Liu since I started traveling I met so many people I battled so many people so good why Pokemon child I can see it you’re the one who can awake the potential jump Oakland no mega of evolution is this guy work quick it’s going of course it’s almost impossible to you know since this kind of evolution only happens to faraway place called Kalos region for me I’m the one who broke the limit but I evidence too much in my whole life I see people fight for strength I’m even get gradient for that lost heart blob just just just please please just just well I can’t down kid I see you seem to be different so this is my achievement I spent my whole life this douche just just dude just go away go away this is a special moment okay this is a special moment we get off mega Ampharos you can have an electric dragon-type we could have mega lucario or if you have a mega Alakazam Who am I getting who am I even kidding we know what I’m using it on this is happening this is happening right now best episode best episode best episode episode mr best I need this it’s so beautiful so beautiful it’s so beautiful there we go there we go here we go get in the front of my hi you beautiful beautiful Beast 201 attack and

you know what you know what I need I need to stop right now I need to stop right here right now right now right now uh uh it’s a permanent okay so it’s a permanent change so actually I do need to change the layout or mega lucario okay well that was a ton of vents wasn’t expecting to play him so if you guys have enjoyed this episode leave a like down below hit that subscribe button and without further adieu bye


Pokémon Glazed Mixlocke #17 | NUEVO LAYOUT Y EVOLUCIONES!!!!

hay muy buenas dominios demonios y cereté y estamos en pokémon klein mi blog en español con naruto el super saiyan número 1 vale no es super sea el número 2 no está en super saiyan forma normal superior de esta parte en la que vamos a subir al teleférico este en la que supuestamente y nuestra y la artista la piedra esa rara que me va a permitir evolucionar a hunter a game caros es una piedra que te permite evolucionar a pokemon que evoluciona normalmente medio ambiente el cambio y seguro que estáis viendo este pedazo de youtube nuevo ahora mismo tenemos un nuevo la youth estamos estrenando lo el halloween estamos a halloween en teoría si hoy el halloween verdad mañana tendréis una teoría muy ope una creepy pastas y exquisita y deliciosa para todo el body que ponga screen yo pongo screen aunque ya no está nervioso aunque os habréis tocó poner scripts o los que ha pisado desde ya lo estoy avisando desde voy a poner alguna screen pero fijos es que es halloween me cago le digo a los dislates me da igual yo me la juego a la he dicho que estos chicos vamos vamos a ver que por aquí delante a mí no aquí se puede curar arriba también hay una nueva ruta que podés atraparlo pokemon a ver qué porque manteníamos recordamos que tenemos este equipo pokemon que está bastante open aunque parezca que no me cabo nivel 29 va a ser un bien gana al nivel 30 prácticamente tengo que ir revele área a kronos pero ya o sea lo que tengo que velar lo tiene que ser un set hay in out now ahora mismo tiene que ser country a erc y por aquí tengo habéis dicho los esquís a no no no vale ya he cogido los kilos se cogió ya a buenos y por sobrecogió antes valemos el poder rival debes ver si los devuelvo si por aquí aquí estoy arriba caro caro callar callar callar callar quieres si vale vale chico es que lo había probado antes porque no sabía no tenía mucha idea esto así que lo he probado y estáis viendo el teleférico y estamos arriba aquí habría de darme esa piedra luchando contra esta gente no o si sólo puede ir por aquí con los esquís y dónde está los esquís porque no nos hará ahora quitar los x damos los esquís por favor si hoy estamos 7 algunos podemos patinar a ver a lo mejor es que menos amigo mío me a quedar tiempo favor creo que es esto el arte no y qué bonito parece si vale tiempo comité en 421 ya vale ya empezamos esto esta nueva ruta esta nueva ruta del vino bueno es que no tengo ni idea si esta nueva ruta es que realmente no tengo idea a ver cima norteña sí sí sí esta nueva ruta totalmente vale vale entonces aquí podemos capturar un nuevo pokémon bueno a ver si no podemos capturarlo pues da igual lo dejo él lo dejo en este en el pestillo está vale porque me estudiando el primero nos ha salido un de vivir vamos a ver que nos sale ahora vete por aquí abajo quiero un pokémon y bueno tenemos a glass john o shea clase es con el que nos vamos a quedar pero podría estar bien o no no no la verdad es que está muy bien un glam y lo podemos usar como sacrificio por clase o en caso de que muera vale vale vale vale mika o puedes tú no me cabe yo creo que le puede quitar un poquito de vida no es así mi todo le ha prendido raya me cause por lo legal es por lo que pueda venir vale ni el polvo no me debería hacer newell’s horas como sol si lo estiramos una super puebla y debería capturar se esté pokemon vale se congela mica bonito haber bolsa ultra bolso verbos super bowl con la superbowl debería bastar estamos 1 2 3 sírvanos con ghalib una ley es complicada este atraparnos una tontería no te está gustando el hoy un nuevo os gusta el ayuno ya que estamos no lo estamos esperando un halloween os mola ahora ya ponemos los nombres alguien en la auto de eso me mola me mola me mola a mí me gusta por lo menos en la youth y vamos 123 recordar que una de las reglas que las reglas por cierto las ponéis vosotros para que no lo sepa las poner nosotros en los comentarios

el implemento en la serie sólo podemos utilizar tus pokemon diferentes con un nuevo pokémon pero si no tenemos un equipo completo podemos utilizar todas las que queramos como no tenemos un equipo completo podemos utilizar todas las superbowl su trabajos que queramos de cada una de ese tío es imposible atraparlo es imposible atraparla este pokemon que quita que me está tocando narices uno no le van a dar por culo sea así te lo digo no al final tirar el out trouble porque es que ahora mismo todo porque me viene bien 2 3 por fin por fin por fin si voy a ponerme un bote de gélido un bote donde hay un bote gélido un sólido coloma lo vean amar gélido rápido es una leche un motor jericó para un pokémon del hielo jejeje lyngen y feliz gélido no digo chicos también subido los anteriores días bueno anteriores días anteayer es subido dos nuevos capítulos de pokemon x iceta que ha salido vale unos lástima me hubiera encantado que he subido nuevos capítulos no puedo seguir cuidado cuidado la puerta se daña esto me gusta no me gusta vale perfecto perfecto – y móvil es gracioso todos los santos y los santos vamos a curar a veces porque amo porque no me gusta que estén un poquito tocados de vida los curamos por aquí volvemos a entrar para adentro es que me da igual o sea yo estoy buscando la piedra en este capítulo vamos a buscar la piedra vamos a intentar atrapar nuevo pokémon en la ruta anterior pocas cosas vamos a hacer este capítulo es más que nada de transición y no vamos a hacer grandes avances como estamos haciendo muchos avances últimamente estamos avanzando muy rápido por lo tanto a lo mejor no teníamos avanzar tan rápido en este capítulo vale amigo y otra ruta yo quiero ir por esa a ver si para ver a un interesting porque puede estar por aquí la piedra es estoy buscando esa piedra la piedra de la que me estáis hablando todos que hace evolucionar a mi maravilloso hunter a mi count aquí no en serio nada conoce vale vamos por aquí aquí hay que darse patina de verdad pues tienen mi guerrero estoy patinando se hicieron que patina por la nieve a ver qué es esto tu tiempo fue un minuto y 21 segundos de está mal vibraciones rango de te queda mucho espero que te a ver si me la dan como su bebé y pensando un poco chicos pero ya entiendo creo que si hacemos un tiempazo nos dan la piedra vale sí sí sí vamos vamos la ha cagado porque decía fiebre o venga volvemos para atrás no venga por aquí otra vez si sois 321 eso es para hacerlo por aquí así de esta manera un pokémon en serio un jeans lo vamos a hacer lento para no ir tocando con los por los lados no le voy a dar a la barra espaciadora vale por aquí tenemos que ir ahora es por la derecha por aquí por aquí sois ver mi libro sido eso seis velocidades o sí eso sí es velocidad por fa besos y 30 segundos podría haber bajado de los 30 me cagüen si los de otro tiempo fue 0 minutos cuando se necesita es practicar se dio en serio tengo que bajar de los 31 rango pero no sé si vamos 21 ok estropee a menos de 10 seguras 10 segundos eso sí como nada de la piedra fantástico una más grande es el primer estado ahí esta piedra ahí está me había dicho chicos lo de libia ahora

que me estaba dando cuenta subimos por arriba olei baby dicho del ibi pero existe un poco porque está bastante atrás ahora mismo me da mucha pereza volver atrás del todo mira por ‘seguir y si algún día me sobra el tiempo y puedo ir a por él pues nada lo hago fuera de cámara voy a poner living for a de cámara y ya lo sueño aquí evolucionó a hablar yo no al pokemon que me haga falta y ya está y si no pues ya lo iremos ayer ya iremos a por él cuando tengamos vuelo aunque no sé cuando se consigue vuelo vale pues ya tenemos hecho esto y lo vamos a evolucionar o sea yo lo voy a evolucionar ya os es que no no queremos esperar queremos vamos vamos no manos arriba es la magia de la ilusión tan tan ahora en concreto hasta ya tenemos a un link al mic aunque está muy ope ahora mismo muy fuera de tenemos que pelearlo pero al mismo están muy o perdemos que dejará gélido en el pc porque no podemos tener a dos pokemon del mismo tipo en un equipo o sea en el equipo eso es otra de las reglas del mismo chicos que as tendréis la descripción por si no lo sabéis no podemos tener pokémons iguales del mismo type el equipo a no ser que sea doble tipo que en el caso es el doble tipo pues uno de los dos tipos no cuenta por eso tenemos a cauto y ya son pero aunque sea shopper también de agua y caputo también tenga tipo agua vale podemos hacerlo porque es roca vale y contamos como agua se lee como roca a canto tipo planta cronos tipo y hielo glass john y tipo fantasma mica por ejemplo la respuesta relación ningún mote y no se lo voy a poner o si se iba a llamar sound además huerto y marshawn y acabó todo no acabó todo no le voy a poner el mote porque me parece que cauto debería quedarse con su nombre original ya que es un pokémon fonsi y está muy o p vale vamos a de manos am aún no sé no no puedo verlo por aquí sound w estamos perfectos ok y quisiera ir a la tienda no quiero comprar super bonitas quiero comprar su pero no tengo súper bonitas no hay cosa que me toque más la nariz es no tener súper bonitas de comparar 9 porque aunque no vayan a hacer absolutamente nada no hay también que comprar ya que estamos aquí mercado les voy a echarme que compra cosas que tengo 50 mil voy a comprar antídotos porque estas cosas recordar que las podemos comprar pero porque bueno porque las podemos necesitar a lo largo del viaje que no voy a comprar más despertarse y referentes repelentes apunta para voy a comprar esto es lo suficiente hoy estamos acá estamos para algo lo tenemos ya que no podemos comprar eso por derecho a las heladas nueva ruta de carga tengo como un primer pokemon a sound cuidado no es no vale protect protección usar el punto meapilas este vamos a ver qué puede hacer le vamos y con rayo es más rápido que éste es un euro ni le quita muchísimo golpe criticó por gastar más o p de lo que yo pensaba esta protección rayo que le quita más de la mitad sin ser golpe crítico y le vamos a quitar más está muerto perfecto perdiste mika o como no le vemos cómo se va a ponerla a poner las botas este pokemon tiempo que nos va a poner las botas ok vamos a intentar el perro está por aquí ah no no no calla necesito a espn da que tiene golpe no necesita como sabemos que está muerto pero simplemente utilizamos para las emt es necesitamos el golpe roca y si acaso vamos a necesitar fuerza aunque fuerza creo que ya lo tiene otro pokemon pero no lo sé por si acaso por si acaso por si acaso venga por aquí

ya tenemos la nueva ruta laderas heladas o saber que hay aquí a lo mejor hay aquí un objeto si efectivamente un más pese aunque me animo a ver primero recordar es el segundo un ferry pues no me mola si eso ocurre la verdad recordar que otra de las reglas y es que podemos capturar el segundo pokemon así que ahora viene la hora de la verdad sí señor es otro tipo de hielo pues no lo quiero ni de pokemon support es que no sé y de pokemon supo realmente lo quiero la verdad o sea lo voy a matar luego a matar seguramente si no lo mató lo capturó pero si lo es y lo mató de sobra y lo iba a matar pero bueno es que no no no lo quiero ni de support os lo digo en serio ni de su pueblo quiero hacer lo digo porque de modo vamos a ir a quitarle la verdad quisiera en objetos es muy chulo y de intentar bus que me ahogo de verdad voy a ver un poquito de agua multitud chicos así se me estaba olvidando que lo estaba diciendo al final me quedé por la mitad y es que he subido el opening de pokemon x y z que ya haya salido la nueva temporada de pokemon que es pokemon x y se te haya salido el primer capítulo en super español y también era ‘open’ y ha subido en mi canal el opening y el primer capítulo en su español bueno he hecho un análisis del primer capítulo porque yo lo vi en japonés lo vi antes que los demás lo bien en japonés lo vi por la mañana y por la noche no salió hasta por la noche no salió en super español por lo tanto yo lo vi antes pero como ya os digo fue una pasada y decidí compartirlo con todos vosotros acá y me encantó realmente o sea genial pero genial y ya os digo si queréis ver lo tendréis ahí en el canal aún si es con agua lodosa y otra agua rosa y fuera y falla no me es bajo y me gusta no quiero irme con germán al final estamos avanzando bastante aunque pensábamos que no íbamos a avanzar tanto al final sí que estamos avanzando más de lo que íbamos en teoría a pensarlo si dentro de poco vamos a dejar el capítulo ya pero casi casi nos quitamos ya esto de medio o sea nos quitamos estas rutas heladas de medio quisiera acogerse es possible pero no tiene sur a caro que nos dan 21 que tenemos surja y se lo tenemos que aprender a un poco vamos a aprender a cabo pues vamos a aprender a cabo la verdad si lo tenemos no por agua lodosa es un 95 potencia gordos a 90 clavado más pp es grabado por agua lodosa clarísimo ahí estamos perfecto primera vez que vamos a usar sur hoy estás un perro vals pared es un con dije son gol de uruguay y una cueva túnel karam bueno vamos a entrar en el caramelo nuevas rutas chicos con su nueva ruta vamos a ver contra este hombre y vamos a ver que por qué no sale aquí y va a ser este decir y va a ser la tercera bueno a ver porque no hemos atrapado otro pokemon pero en teoría es el tercer pokemon que vamos a poder atrapar en el día de hoy o sea que un día de capturas por así decirlo y de avances en cuanto a la evolución de nuestro gran venga me voy a estar muy pero voy a pelear para el próximo episodio quizás si tengo tiempo no lo tenéis el hebreo seguramente y acepta y también está lleve 30 y crónica un rayo confuso interesante tiene montado con sombra que también se ha prendido mientras los armada se sienta la potencia puño sombra rayo confuso radio es que rayo confuso me gusta solicitar por la metáfora se va a quitar por lengüetazo porque me gusta confundir los que puede venir muy bien eso de confundirlo vamos a meter a mi causa no no no va a ser primero recordar que el primero de la ruta no es es el segundo de la ruta es una de las reglas que podemos atrapar al segundo porque hemos de cada ruta uno del otro para que nos dé tipo de hielo no me toquen las narices en serie vale ósea y hemos aumentado y vamos a ver que lo que toca bien bien bien si no es que no quiero otro cosa méndez y ponerlo encima obtuvo al que habíamos perdido dijo a la más grande lo siento y un tubo lo habíamos lo teníamos en nuestro equipo pero se murió era un pokémon que de verdad lo quería de verdad lo quería y lo podemos tener de

nuevo cosa que me gusta es radio yo es que no sé si rayo lo matará es es una primera evolución y nieblas más de las tinieblas vale rayo confuso me hace no lo he cagado vale vale me confundió a mí mismo gracias gracias gracias gracias voy a cambiar – el confuso también dio joven le hace un ataque rápido vale vale vale ahora sí ahora sí se va a llamar el anterior cosa es que ese es el destino chicos se va a llamar como el anterior fumar se va a llamar cosme porque este pokemon estar totalmente atrapado ya o sea es un suba de primera evolución esto no se escapa de una super bowl ni de blas aunque esté a nivel 26 que por cierto evolucionarían 2 ahí está perfecto que evolucionaría gol bar y lo vamos a evolucionar ya que estamos porque tengo un caramelo raro y así que para haceros inspirar lo vamos a evolucionar cosmín ahí estamos perfecto perfecto pero aquí no mira donde el niqab desaparece es perfecto vámonos por aquí pues vamos a ir al centro pokemon no nor 1 vivimos queremos verlo en teoría debe evolucionar si yo creo que está a un nivel a nivel 26 y no si está libre el 26s túmbate debería evolucionar vale vamos bush al mejor entonces sí que debería quitar la espina y dejar a su bat cuál es el nivel 26 eso es ya otro se llama también cosme hasta el nivel 21 vale perfecto tenemos un caramelo tenemos aquí al qutli devolución a mockus saber chicos otro otra vez la magia de la ilusión va a estar presente en este capítulo como para finalizarla y para finalizar una de varias maneras de finalizar un capítulo no qué manera de resurgir de sus cenizas cosme había muerto por ayudar a otro pokemon ya revive vuelves y encima evoluciona en ese mismo momento sí señor estamos un gol bate de pokemon interesante concreto de visión your cosme involved in to go bad eso es perfecto chicos por aquí lo vamos a ir dejando espero que os haya gustado montonazo madre mío ya tenemos un equipo completo y todo era nuevo y encima voy aquí hay dos evoluciones por favor ya sabéis chicos que podéis dejar un like un comentario todo lo que queráis un consejito que vendría muy bien cosas que si veis vosotros que no sepa lo que me salte que me puedan venir bien también reglas y keys ponerlas ya sabéis con layún favoritos es decir a muchísimo poner que si os mola el lazio gusto si no os mola yo creo que mola bastante ahora y con los nombres y todo eso vaya tendréis un equipito hasta una teoría una cosa muy chula para celebrar el halloween 2 y 36 en el próximo vídeo web ahí


Pokemon FireRed Randomized Nuzlocke W/ Original151 EP 25 – "Onward To Cinnabar!"

I was gonna separate these two and right now they’re putting in nothing but the finest of work thank God I kept them both on the team I love it I love it this is just making me so happy inside look at these fire types what’s up everybody original 151 here welcome to episode 25 of my pokemon firered randomizer nuzlocke and in today’s episode we will be making our way to cinnabar Islands I am heights and if you guys are hyped make sure you destroy that like button let’s try to break a light goal of 75 likes in today’s episode now before we get started in today’s episode of course I’m gonna give you guys a very quick team recap and you guys already know if you saw the last episode the last episode was full of heartbreak two lives were lost in the last episode Matt he Grovyle and Angela yes Angela the dugong and I would just like to take a moment of silence to remember all of the lives lost in this Nuzlocke last episode was very hard to experience and I already miss Angela so much I miss you Matt I miss the bull and I just think we need to take a moment of silence to remember those two beautiful and majestic beasts so if you will bow your head in a moment of silence thank you for that ladies and gentlemen they will be missed and they will be so happy that we took the time to pay them the proper respects anyway let’s get the good vibes flowing you can’t change the past let’s live in the moment let’s live for the here and live for the now we’re gonna start things off with Kathleen the primate at level 41 with the moves cross chop focus energy low kick and seismic toss next up is pyro the Typhlosion at level 40 with the moves flame wheel sacred fire which is so powerful smokescreen a quick attack next up is the soul rock at level 46 with the moves double edge cosmic power confusion and rock slide next up is Oswald the fifth at level 31 with the moves grout em burn metal claw and smokescreen coming up next we have just in the wool rain at level 18 who needs to get up some levels with the moves defense curl water guns surf and ice ball and finally we have Savannah the kangaskhan at level 39 with the moves bite wing attack fake out and strength in between episodes before I start recording I went to Viridian City I deposited J I believe J is our fearo’s nickname we deposited the fear we grabbed Savannah and Savannah is gonna be with us Savannah’s the permanent team member I just had J so we could fly to Pallet Town in the last episode now we don’t need to fly so I put J back in the PC I think that was his nickname I could be wrong but yeah J’s in the PC if I’m wrong somebody correct me J is in the PC now we have Savannah and we are ready these damn wheels man I can’t get away from these damn we dolls we all ready to head south of pallet and make our way to Cinnabar Island ladies and gentlemen so without further ado let’s start battling some trainers I got a big hole go for it I don’t want to go for it happy st. Patrick’s Day everybody this episode was going up on st Patrick’s Day and I hope you guys have a very nice st. Patrick’s Day with some friends and some family and a Celebi is coming in alright here’s a Celebi let’s go over to pyro and let’s hit this thing with a sacred fire the fire that is sacred that’s what we’re gonna use and it’s gonna look at that that animation I’ve never seen anything like it it’s super effective is it gonna kill the Celebi it it’s gonna kill the Celebi my friends that is a one-hit ko and I’m gonna raise the vine than my headphones because this battle music is quite intense very intense next up is a soul rock ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen it is battle of the soul rocks horse which will come out on top I always loved that phrase I always loved saying which will come out on top why did I go for a confusion that’s not very effective but it almost does about half about half damage fire spin ok let’s go for a rock slide that should do more damage in the confusion did and it’s gonna take down the soul rock so our was the superior granted that one’s name probably wasn’t that one probably didn’t even have a nickname that’s why the name just said soul rock but you know he’s also an because our soul rock is an you guys know what I’m saying just it is learning body slam and hell yeah we’re gonna teach Justin body slam let’s get rid of defense curl one two and poof Justin learn body slam who’s next who’s next next up is a kanga Scott yo this guy’s copying my team let’s go ladies and gentlemen it is kangaskhan vers kangaskhan Silvana versiv Ana sister of her sister what sister will come out on top strength we are totally gonna beat this kangaskhan it’s so one inkay up Savannah cannot be stopped I’m glad Savannah’s back on the team I am glad for fable I was gonna say if you

sent out another mod on my team things were getting fishy there let’s go out to Kathleen I couldn’t pronounce your name there I didn’t know your name there for a second Kathleen it’s very late at night right now um and I’m a little bit tired I’m gonna be honest guys I needed to record this now because tomorrow I’m gonna be in the city all day for st Patrick’s Day excuse me so I need to get this episode done before I go to sleep so that’s what we’re doing right now I believe Larry on is coming in into which case I’m gonna go over to Justin and can Justin handle this let’s go for a surf Justin how much damage is this gonna do about half that’s what I like to see Justin roar okay so you’re gonna swap me out and go over to Kathleen I’m gonna go for a low kick because I feel like you’re trying too heavy it’s super effective you’re gonna die beautiful there you go Kathleen putting in the field Kathleen took down that Tyranitar in the last episode Kathleen puts in the finest of work ladies and gentlemen thank God we have Kathleen because our we might not even be here if it wasn’t for Kathleen I don’t know what would have taken down that Tyranitar Kathleen you put in the finest of work kudos to you here comes swimmer Doug Lee and he’s gonna send out a blessing and this is the perfect matchup for us we’re just gonna cross chop this Blissey for bless see bliss see whatever you want to call it and it’s gonna die but we did get poisoned from plessis poison point but Justin gross a level 21 thank you experience share slack hulks slack off it’s coming in we’re gonna stay in and go for another cross chop and we are just hitting cross chops for days baby Kathleen don’t mess around please not playing with you slack off Kathleen got no time for games mother who’s coming in I’m staying in and I could have switched out let’s go for seismic toss one more seismic toss and we really need to heal we need heal pronto Rosalia is coming in going out to pyro and we’re gonna go for a sacred fire and you’re gonna die beautiful now I got to heal up Kathleen so let’s boot up that antidote and use it on Kathleen and we should probably heal Kathleen as well one thing I’m gonna do the moment we get to Cinnabar Island is sell some of these items because we don’t need all these items we really don’t Kathleen got a good amount of experience so let’s let’s put Oswald in the front let’s look as well get some experience and I think we’re gonna take care of the sea foam islands in the next episode so don’t think I forgot about that we are gonna do that but I think we’re gonna save that for the next episode and my phone my phone is ringing but we’re gonna put that on vibrate and flip it over and here comes a Chauncey and a pincer shout-out to Caylee Marie you are missed and we got two fire types on our squad we are ready to go I am gonna go for an ember on the pincer and a flame wheel on the Chauncey and let’s see what we can do here Rick break is gonna hit Ostwald v but he should be able to eat that up eats it up with no prob how much damage is ever gonna do not a lot at all but that’s okay we pick up the burn that’s what I like to see Oswald the fifth look at this I was gonna separate these two and right now they’re putting in nothing but the finest of work thank God I kept them both in the team I love it I love it this is just making me so happy inside look at these fire types it’s fantastic let’s go on ember on the chancy and flame wheel on the pincer and we’re gonna walk away from this battle okay I thought we were gonna kill the chancy turns out we didn’t pincer goes down I always feel upset killing pinches because I feel like we’re killing Kaylie Marie all over again ember and flame wheel excuse me welcome to voice crack city my name is vidi and I am the mayor are we really asleep right now pyro wake up all right let’s go for let’s wake you up first and foremost with the poké flute let’s go for a excuse me unprofessional let’s play the poké flute and flame wheel you’re gonna die beautiful and Justin grows to level 23 Justin’s getting a ton of experience in today’s episode let’s battle you come here come here okay Walt encounter it is a magic form let’s just let’s cook this food cook this fool cook this fool come on battle me there we go okay you have a snow ruts ember ember that’s a it’s not very effective or it’s super effective aren’t you a nice type it is super effective okay I’m gonna say that said like no damage okay we got to be careful here let’s use a healing item let’s go for a super potion okay that was a crit I’m switching out pyro Hey Oh sacred fire you dick die yeah I did not need to use a sacred fire if I decide to use it anyway flame wheel you were to pull one more flame wheel and you’re dead Ludicolo you’re dead dead dead it read it read it wait a bit dead yeah okay how many more trainers do we have to fight I feel like

this is a very short route let’s battle you and you have a Butterfree and I should feel up I really should how many healing items do I have not a lot at all okay anything down here that I can use I feel like I have more fresh water Wow I guess I don’t okay so we’re gonna have to switch out let’s go over to go over to Savannah let’s uh svet can we not with the sleeping all these Pokemon the last three episodes man have just been putting me to sleep putting me to sleep and guess what else putting me to sleep right on let’s go for a wing attack so much time oh my god let’s get the hell out of here just in okay let’s go for a surf and hopefully this will do a ton of damage to this rider it is a one-hit ko that’s what I like to see and Justin is gonna get to level 25 we’re trying to learn Aurora beam hell yeah let’s get rid of ice ball for Aurora beam and we take down that guy all right so let’s come over here and battle this guy we’re going island hopping ladies and gentlemen you have him a champ at level 33 – which case I’m going over to and hitting you with a super effective confusion and you’ve done next up is a golem – which case I’m going out to Justin and we got to be careful at this thing that’s super effective okay I need to be careful I do not want to relive what happened to do dong aka Angela in the last episode okay good we take down the golem I was paranoid that that thing might have used self-destruct or explosion you never know with golems man you really never know let’s continue down here and a couple more trainers we have to fight a battle you your vapor available 37 I’m gonna switch out go over to pyro sacred fire and you dead I don’t know how anything could live the sacred fire with Pyro’s high special attack and the brute force of the sacred fire boom what is it a hundred and twenty-eight points of damage 100 hit points of damage plus not to mention we have 838 Special Attack and our special defense is sky-high which is awesome and we have good defenses – yeah we’re a little slow but I would sacrifice that speed for those amazing attacking stat and defensive stats Justin get in here surf for some reason I don’t know why I always thought that chuckle was a water type Pokemon he just to me just back to nothing oh my god let’s switch out Sony he just always look like he’d be like a like a sea creature you know what I mean just like a little sea dweller with his little shell balloonies is coming in seismic toss and seismic toss and seismic toss and seismic toss seismic toss died okay beautiful are we almost there I really thought we would have been there already let’s put now let’s put what’s a van in the front it’s just a van and get some action let’s take you on and here’s a Milotic strength let’s see how much damage that does to this Milotic Milotic might eat it up I stand corrected he did not eat it up he took a lot of damage Center it’s in here that thing’s gonna die and Savannah grows to level 40 and ladies and gentlemen here we are in Cinnabar Island awesome okay so what we’re gonna do right now as promised actually first I’m gonna go heal up at the Pokemon Center Nurse Joy please heal all my balls how much time are we at we’re at 13 minutes so we have about seven minutes left take care of bunch of shenanigans here in Cinnabar Island so what I’m gonna do is come over here and I’m gonna sell some items so let’s come into the bag here what can we set okay I am gonna sell the antidotes I can sell because I have full kills Sun stones I can sell because I’m never gonna use them the show salt those are like no money at all there’s no point in selling them the red chard keeping that seat in since 4800 where’s that sue and I didn’t Bly Pokemon slightly boost the power of water titles I’m gonna keep that soothe bail uh how much 50 bucks no how much could I get for the yeah only ten bucks for the soap for the soul salts let’s keep going down the list here Dragonscale gonna keep that choice banned only fifty bucks for a choice man really a heart scale fifty bucks no thunder stone I’ll sell revival herb I will sell because that one doesn’t do a very bitter medical herb revives yeah I don’t need to revive any pokemon its a pokemon dies it’s dead ever stone buh-buh-buh-buh I’ll keep that full heals I’m gonna keep those black glasses gonna keep those as well energy powder 250 I know that heals HP so I need that X accuracy don’t eat that smoke ball I’ll keep that deep see – I don’t need those out I’ll keep one I’ll keep one in case I got a Clamperl amulet coin the angular coins only sells for $50 50 Oz it makes no sense to me the bright powder only five bucks for that blue

flute 50 bucks quick claw gonna keep that poison barb Kings Rock Waterstone gonna sell the water stone now I’m gonna buy my god I have so much money Oh let’s buy like 30 hyper potions and let’s buy some repels while rat it till it’s 5 that’s why 20 repels because why not we can afford it okay so let’s get out of here now I’m gonna get in sinner a Cinnabar Island encounter and then I will get an encounter for the pokémon mansion and then we will call it a day ladies and gentlemen in today’s episode and I’m gonna get my ass in bed because I am a sleepy little panda so let’s try to get an encounter let’s try to get something powerful and let’s see what we can nip on this hook not even a nibble okay we’re gonna go for this again one more time here come on super rod don’t fail me now a pokemons on the hook let’s see what we’re gonna get give me something powerful okay it’s a female quill fish I will capture you quill fish is pretty badass so let’s throw a couple ultra balls and hopefully we can catch this quilt fish come on qwilfish don’t be a dick well fish I’m just gonna keep going till we catch it okay qwilfish you’re really beautiful we caught the quill fish it’s a female quill fish and we’ll nickname this qwilfish after one of you guys in the comment section so let’s check out the comment section from the last episode and let’s see if there are any females that we can nickname for this Pokemon after so let’s check it out so far I am seeing no females that commented on the last episode so let’s go back to a different episode let’s go to an older episode and let’s see if we can find a female to nickname this qwilfish after let’s try to find a female nickname for this thing alright come on we can find someone we can find someone okay I don’t know I know your name is Elizabeth or Liz but your user name is Ella 3 1 1 0 9 1 or Lela I don’t know how you pronounce it but it’s ele 3 1 1 0 9 1 Liz thank you so much for the overwhelming love and support and I’m gonna nickname this qwilfish after you and I’m gonna nickname the full fish Liz so we’re gonna name it el iz1 more time to fence at la le le le maybe le I don’t know but your dog is absolutely adorable thank you so much for the overwhelming love and support and we’re gonna nickname this qwilfish Liz so beautiful we caught Liz and thank you for the support and now we will go into the pokémon mansion and we will get an encounter in there and hopefully we will get something very powerful and then we will call it a day in today’s episode so let’s see what we’re gonna get give me something good yo let’s go the return of your mates no return of the ermine oh hey we gotta catch this thing hopefully we can just throw a bunch older ball and catch this thing right off the get-go why are you locking on to me get in the ball I don’t want to weaken you down I want to kill you let’s go for a bite see how much damage that does don’t kill it don’t kill it okay good let’s try to catch you now come on you’re me come on Yurman come back to Daddy come back to Daddy uremic yes that’s what I like to see okay so porygon 2 is gonna be trans for the PC and like I said there are certain Pokemon that I want to give their old nicknames to that I have used in previous nuzlockes and you guys know Yurman from pokemon crystal man your mid putting nothing but the finest of work so this porygon will be nicknamed Yarmuth oh my god I can’t believe it’s back this is amazing alright Girma it’s gonna go to the PC and let’s go check out those Pokemon stats we have to check out the sunkern the porygon 2 and the qwilfish we have to check out all their stats and we will see if any of those Pokemon will be worthwhile to add to the team so let’s check it out okay let’s start with sunkern aka becca-boo and becca-boo has some decent sets really high speed good special defense good special attack defense okay and attacks okay so once it evolves that will probably get way better stats with the moves growth mega train ingrain and endeavor what is it never do that just sounds badass gains power the fewer HP the user gains power the fewer HP the user has compared with the foe I don’t even know what that means but it sounds important next up we’re gonna check out the quill fish aka Liz water and poison really cool typing has the insomnia ability which prevents sleep and damn

look at those stats special attacks special defense and defense are very high attacks very low but this thing would probably be a really beastly special attacker hardened minimize water gun and pin missile that’s pretty awesome and finally yearned it with psybeam recovered defensible and lock-on and your hat your mitt I don’t know why said yer tie combined yogurt and Yurman Yurman has really good really good sass granted the special defense is really low but that special attack and that speed are high vital spirit which prevents sleep so let me know in the comments man do you guys want to see me use German because I would love to add German to the team if we add government to the team we’re gonna have to get rid of Kangaskhan ak8 savanna but that is something I am willing to do for adjournment so let me know the comments below if that’s what you guys want to see and you know what let’s give one more encounter before we wrap up today’s episode I feel like we need some exciting to happen so let’s come over here into this route route 20 and let’s get an encounter let’s end this episode off on a positive note let’s see what we’re gonna get survey says a dumb trio a female Dugtrio level 26 we are gonna try to catch this Dugtrio but I’m gonna switch out before we die so let’s try to catch this a dubbed trio let’s just throw a couple ultra balls at it we should be able to you know what I got a weekend it down a little bit seismic toss now let’s go for an ultra ball beautiful we caught the Dugtrio and it’s another female so hopefully we can find a female in the comment section so that we can give this thing the proper nickname so let’s come back to the comment section and let’s look for a female to name this thing after let’s look for a female a female okay so we’re on the hunt right now okay okay let’s see here okay so I’m not seeing any more females in the comment section from a couple of videos ago so I see that Sean Michael or Mikhail I’m hope I’m pronouncing that right again we use one of your nickname suggestions in the last episode and we’re gonna use another nickname again so you had another suggestion to name another female Pokemon baby baby so I am gonna nickname this Dugtrio baby baby and you made it as one word baby baby so let’s do it like this let’s do all lowercase now so let’s go to the lower case let’s do baby and let’s go back to the upper case and then back to the lower case baby baby love it Thank You Sean for the overwhelming love and support and we use your nick name suggestion twice in the last two episodes which is really exciting so let’s go check out that Dugtrio and now we will end off the episode after we check out this dog trio Steph’s dog trio is a very powerful Mon let’s check it out okay so it has really high speed which Doug trios normally have and then decent stats across the board high defense pretty good special defense not the best it has water veil which prevents burn and has the moves dig fury swipes mud slap and sand tomb alright ladies gentlemen so we got three new pokemon in today’s episode we made the set of our island in the next episode we will go to the sea foam Islands trying to get a legendary encounter a level 50 which gonna be very exciting we’ll come back to Central and go to the pokémon mansion then we will battle gym leader Blaine we are almost done with all the gym leaders in the Kanto region I can’t believe how fast this lock is going by thank you guys so much for the overwhelming love and support happy st Patrick’s Day I hope you guys have a great day and if you enjoy this episode pokemon firered randomizer nuzlocke make sure you hit that like button and leave a comment and you could potentially be you could potentially I want to get words out right now but I can’t if you guys leave a comment a pokemon could be nicknamed after you duh what else don’t want to say thank you guys again and I’m getting really sleepy so I should probably go to bed as always love and respect goes out to everybody don’t forget to comment to rate and to subscribe this is original 151 I love you guys and I will see you guys next time


Pokémon Dark Rising – Episode 1 – Picking A Starter!

what’s going on everyone i am the Arctic of the Andes and welcome to my very first pokémon let’s play unless you count pixelmon as a let’s play then this would be my second but if you don’t count it as it let’s play then welcome to my very first Pokemon let’s play starting again skip that okay so this is a poke Mon dark rising and it is a fire red hack I believe um the 1m subcircuit board is not installed see what excuse me excuse me I what okay hold up I mean let me figure this out real quick ok so I finally I was finally able to figure out how to do it ok so just gonna okay so we’re just gonna skip all this um papo blah instructions and stuff and Arceus ok what the am i dreaming ? ? ? do your child I’ve chosen you one of pure heart to save me and the world itself ok what what what’s going on this world is inhabited by humans and pokémon is in grave danger all evil and sorry and evil dark entity has reawakened from its slumber I’ve chosen you to free me from my chamber and wield my power ok alright so instead of Professor Oak we have this guy Arceus are you male or are you a female young one I am a boy a cute little boy let’s begin with your name what is it you guys so what is my name trying to figure out if I should go for Andy or my real name hmm just go with Andy is a freaking god i press the wrong button ok this is go for Andy all caps nah should we do like apps oh yeah let’s go for all caps because I’m a rebel like that and beat there we go okay right so your name is Andy yes it is Sir I sense another close another close to you whom also has a pure of heart okay tell me do you know who this person who who this person tell me do you know who this person um well this is so I’m assuming he’s not my arrival in this game because he said they there’s another person with a pure hearts so who will be my oh so it is arrival okay strange who is my rifle / pure of heart rival esque person mm-hmm what should my rival be called okay so i’ll just go for nuba cuz that’s my friend if you don’t know he’s he’s just a friend of my channel so nuba I guess my rival looks just like him not really at all so this is new / yes I see your best friend new PO is worthy yeah so it is my best friend all right make sense Andy you must become strong a new chapter in your young life is about to begin free me and I thought I said feel me free me and I didn’t even read rest okay the lake okay that’s totally what I said like us a crazy dream Lily better get going alright so wearing black I like this oh whoops whoops I totally forgot that the mouse was there I hope that wasn’t bothering people too much yeah I just moved there right now and he booted up the pc would you like to do I would like to take this push there we go alright so other items okay freaking dingleberry okay nothing ok so we we’ll uh just dash around a little oops hey mom I almost forgot I bought you new shoes yay running shoes I’ll be super cool my pumped up kicks or read the instructions from no no blah blah blah blah oh whoops I totally skipped that didn’t mean to I’m sure you can go back and pause it if you’d like the core region is undergoing a lot of unusual weather okay mom okay actually let me go talk to her just real quick to see um dot dot dot you were in dreamland last night huh dreamland you were talking while you were asleep silly you looked really cute why its my mother watching

me when I sleep what’s totally really that’s really weird actually hey Andy oh so this is so this is my friend professor Ivan wants to say something to us follow me all right let’s go nipa so nuba is a he’s just Brendan’s sprite that’s cool I wish I was Brendan I know red school as well uh uh we’re finally here Ivan what’s up well you see that’s not strange I’m not even gonna try to do voices every oh crap i skipped again I’m a failure okay and because of that something something and because of that the delivery men became afraid to travel to the core region what happened I’ll get to that later but first Andy I need you to pick up my package at the station anup I need you to pick up some ingredients from the twist woodlands there’s no way I’m getting in there the guard never lets us pass without permission don’t worry I’ll send him a text to let you pass you text that’s news to me ahem you’ll need these pokémon what you’re just going to give us these Pokemon yes due to the sudden disaster I cannot risk you both to be in danger they are all dry in Pokemon ooh okay they will keep you safe from harm awesome dragon dragon type is like my fifth favorite type i would like to say yeah probably like fifth um and you can you believe this we’re finally getting around Pokemon yeah oh and if I think he’s just letting us borrow them know they’ll be yours for keeping really sweet I cannot I’m confusing all the voices in silver here yeah whatever screw voices you alright new boo yeah I just might uh yeah I just want to be surprised no peeking then of course not um if you haven’t ever haven’t been able to tell that i suck at voices uh it’s pretty obvious that i suck at this nipple covers his eyes with his hands okay all right fool see what we got first we have dratini boo uh no dratini is not my choice yet because i want to know who else is okay so bag on the baby dragon um I don’t think I want that I gone he’s cool salamence is pretty awesome and give all I’m definitely not gonna pick gibble apologize for any given fans out there I mean Garchomp fans hey Dad I don’t know he’s cool but I I don’t know it’s not a big fan so settlements or Dragon Knights elements or dragon I tell mr. Dragonite I who shall i pick algo for dragon I actually um I don’t know Dragon Knights just really cute and tears crap up so yes Rossini is my choice um yes I will take this stratego 13e from Professor Ivan do you want okay so this is the hard part I have to nickname my future dry tonight I am a very indecisive person so this may take a long long time lets me take a quick two-hour break to come up with some sort of name okay so I have decided to go for the name Dragonforce after the the band Dragonforce I don’t know I like the band um I’m sure that there must be like better bands out there and whatnot but wait the strikeforce even fit oh crap all that time thinking for nothing now Dragonforce again so I really don’t feel like counting those things I’m just trying here or snow it does not fit dang it so dragonforce is a band i don’t know i like it it’s cool i’m sure that there are better bands out there but i don’t know i just like it so Dragonforce it’s unfortunately not an option anymore I should have counted and I know I could just like make a shorter version of that like take away like a vowel but i don’t i don’t really want to do that cuz that’s kind of lame so i’ll just go for God thing I should have had like a second pic okay I’ll just go for like something cute like sea dragon knight yeah just go for like mango or something mango there we go even though right now he’s not mango you know he’s not

orangish he’s kind of blue but he’s going to be orange so mango is his name I will try to nickname every single Pokemon hi catch in this game because that’s cool but this is not a Nuzlocke I was thinking of doing in his luck but then i figured for my first let’s play on this channel it should just be a straight up let’s play no nothing nothing too fancy in as lackey so it’s just a regular let’s play this one’s mine okay so he chose gibble um of course he would pick gibble what a little looser Wow the first spoke well looks cool so does yours Andy hey you’re regretting your life you did not choose Brittini if a wad Pokemon appears your pokemon can’t battle II where they are you said you should be able to battle something something um wait what hmm oh so you want to battle mmhmm yeah let’s do this ahahahaha you’d better prepare your anus snoopeh because I about to destroy it I like that Reds wearing black it looks pretty cool alright Gible okay first evolution gibbehh looks way awesome when battling opponents yeah yeah yeah yeah yes yeah yeah yeah yeah cool okay so who we got a lot of moves right away so whirlpool I mean yeah at whirlpool hey loser it’s freaking ground type with what about what why is he not a ground-type in the first solution oh well well slap me in my hands and call me some name I don’t know where I was coming with this oh god thing okay alright cool I was in I don’t know in my mind I thought it would do a bit more so I’ll just go for a wrap Oh chicken wrap that’s good rufskin oh dang it’s I forgot about that he’s gonna scary face oh so scary no uh my speed harshly fellow boo hoo boo freakin him well just Swift I’m just trying everything right now ouch oh wow that’s not fun yeah take that take that to your face loser just gonna Swift your face again ouch don’t don’t come on kill it yeah Oh crit awesome ok so we won our first battle against the little gibble and we leveled up yeah alright coolio um rival nipple oh so much fun they may be polka dollars well done if you win you’re in prize money and stuff I’ll meet you back here after i get Ivan’s ingredients make sure to Train I’ll definitely do that because I want to whoop your butt again sounds fun alright so just gonna go down here fells town fells okay i like i like the weather and the and like it looks like it’s about to be knife a lot it looks pretty cool god I’m so slow why am I so slow okay there we go that’s weird okay so how do we run I mean we have the running shoes so oh there we go okay yeah alright so this construction worker oh it’s not is it construction so Andy I see you a new bar finally ready to become Pokemon masters but it seems you two picked but it seems you to pick the wrong time to start your journey the weather is much terrible up ahead good luck though okay do you mind okay who who’s this who are these people they look mean hi Andy it seems that you already have a big one okay they’re nice people never mind they’re not me hello it’s just it on a battle sure let’s go I did not agree to this hold on uh oh okay oh okay cool alright uh did I was I healed before like right after I fought nue PO was I healed uh I don’t think I was uh okay what’s he gonna send out blitz soul okay okay I’m two levels higher than blitzes so that’s good so I will friggin Swift is face off any quick attack okay swift your face take that blitz all day a lot

of damage okay the rain continues to fall all right he’s gonna tail whip for some reason or always heat he’s gonna die the next turn so goodbye loser give me my XP give it 75 is that enough yep level 7 what level does do I get a dragon air I forgot huh hi guess we’ll have to find out it’s a secret so we defeated trainer Omar and I’ve got 320 polka dollars so alright cool who’s next okay I’m up next don’t think I’ll go easy on you I hope you don’t some about to whoop that I can never mind that’s a that’s a little girl I shouldn’t say that I’m gonna work macchina okay so that’s cool um I like the fact that they have like old I’m not old new pokémon newer Pokemon in this it’s pretty cool when she know is as a 5th gen I believe yeah he’s 5th gen okay so pound ouch ouch that hurts I hurt too much man just really mean goodbye him and she Oh God dang it oh dang a You cheeky bun you survived with like one HP You cheeky bun take a swift I’m just gonna Swift everything I come across I’ve been played fire red in a long time camera over the last time I played fire it and we’re live like thunder wave heck yeah um yes let’s get rid of freaking leer the heck uses leer stupidly dur if we’re thunder wave that is good um jothee oh shoot I lost I was a really weird accent I just gave her I don’t even know what that that was supposed to be there hillyer pokemon and now oh god I’m trapped guys it’s not good snutz not good being trapped and good okay so last kid trainer George like to battle Patrat Patrat whatever same thing Patrat Patrat potato potato same thing and we’re just gonna thunder wave them yeah loser you two so paralyzed haha strategic up in here and he leered what a bunga bunga sleaze so I got rid of it Bunga TSA’s leader Swift ago gun and hahaha she’s just gonna leer again what the heck well then you don’t wanna you don’t want to lay a single hits on my mango apparently such a wuss and your dad that paralysis was just for nothing that was just a wasted move I don’t I figured he would have actually tried to attack me but never mind ok so I’m level 9 us that’s cool George you are i creamed you yeah just creamed a little boy it’s so wrong hey you better move oh you just walked right through that person you defeated the three of us in a row here’s your reward oh I got a nugget oh freakin heck yeah the item is sold in a very high price you can sell it ok that’s freaking awesome ok I have no idea how long I’ve been playing this for its it’s obviously not a very long time but I think I’m gonna stop it here for episode 1 because I don’t know how long I’ve been doing this for so we’ll just stop it right here and um yeah just let me know if you enjoyed this and oh crap crap okay so let me just battle this one person first and then oh okay nevermind a dragon Fang okay it’s a dragon Fang it’s a dragon Fang make a dragon pokemon to hold it yes it will raise it spoke mandra that’s freaking awesome okay I thought he was gonna battle me but never mind uh yeah just let me know what you think of this series uh yes just I don’t know what else to say about it just let me know and I will you know just continue the series I don’t really have a schedule for uploading because I have school and whatnot so I don’t really have schedules for this sort of stuff I kind of just do it as I can so just let me know in the comments and make sure you like the

video if you liked it and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet or you could unsubscribe and then subscribe again if you want to subscribe again because subscribing is fun she totally unsubscribe and subscribe back again immediately please okay so i’ll see you guys next time goodbye


MMO Hacking Game Design in Unity (IL2CPP) – Game Devlog #4

This is the fourth and last part in my video series about creating an online game with unity where players have to cheat to win In this video we will go over the challenges that I have implemented, how I had the idea for them, and the intentional bugs that I introduced We will also have a look at how some of the players have solved the challenges So if you are interested in playing the game yourself, don’t watch this video, it’s full of spoilers If you are a game developer or played the game already Then go ahead and enjoy Chapter 1 – Level Design The game is called Maze Because the map is a maze The idea of a maze popped in my head very early That’s because there’s this movie series called The Maze Runner, which is not the greatest movie But I really enjoy kids or teenage movies where they are real badass And the premise, which is not really a spoiler, it’s right at the start of the movie, is that the main protagonist arrives in the middle of a huge maze And there they have grass, and trees and can live there and are safe But entering the actual maze, this is where it gets mysterious And I think that’s also an awesome premise for a game and it fits well with players exploring a mysterious maze that contains challenges which players have to solve So yeah, I wanted to make a maze Here are even some early drawings of a maze I made in a notebook It even has some notes about possible challenges that I thought about up to this point But these drawings were not done at the start of the project I started to think about challenges and the maze itself, after I already implemented the basic multiplayer networking features This again highlights what I talked about in the very first part I’m not concerned with planning every detail beforehand I allow my creativity to flow and just come up with ideas while working on other parts Also making hacking challenges requires you to understand the technical aspects very well, and because I was so inexperienced at the start, I first wanted to implement basic multiplayer features to see, where would be a good place to implement a challenge Basically, where would it make sense to allow cheating So I drew this maze by hand, but realized quickly this would take AGES to make in Unity Place every wall by hand… oooof… But look, the real maze is even bigger than this Well! I wrote a Unity Editor helper tool to draw a Maze for me! So I looked up maze drawing algorithms and found this cool site that visualized a few different ones I just had fun looking at different strategies there are And then I just picked one, I think it was the easiest one? Anyway, I first implemented it in python as a test In the end I needed the algorithm written in C# for Unity, but I had to make a modification to this algorithm because for me walls are not simply in between two squares, but the wall takes up a whole square on it’s own basically I had to extend the algorithm with a basic check to see if a certain step is valid, or if it would violate having the thick walls And once I had this python script, I simply reimplemented this as a Unity Editor script I simply googled for how to write your own Unity tool and programmatically place game objects in the scene I obviously also had to prepare those game objects I wanted to place, so I created a few prefabs of wall pieces Initially I was not sure which models to use from Synty, but in the end I found the walls from the bank in the Heist pack to be kinda cool and clean, and stacked two of them on top Here it is a single square with paths all around, but this here for example is a piece where other pieces can connect on each side So I also had to add code to select which prefab to use And then I could simply call my custom tool, and it would draw a maze for me I of course had to fix some bugs with alignments of walls And it’s still not super perfect, but good enough then I deleted a few pieces in the centre to make the spawn point and started to make space in the corners of the maze as well, where I wanted to place some challenges And that’s basically how the maze was created Chapter 5 – Player Character Design Until now we have only talked about some technical aspects about the game So let’s talk about my ideas for the game design next Let’s start with the player When I was working on the offline game “Follow the White Rabbit” I created these rabbit NPCs to guide the player And I don’t know why I didn’t come up with this idea earlier, but why not let the RABBIT BE THE PLAYER Be the white rabbit yourself It’s such a simple idea but I think it makes perfect sense and made me very happy when I thought of that When I introduced this game in the first episode of the Devlogs I said that the goal is to become the mysterious white rabbit So you start out with a different look and from solving challenges you become the mystical creature That was actually not planned at the start, I just simply thought that it would be cool to play as the white rabbit The feature to unlock different skins and change your appearance is something that came fairly late in development I think that’s another good example to see how an idea evolved and grows over time

I didn’t start out with a big plan and idea for a background story At first there was just a bunny But over time, when playing the first proof of concepts, the creativity came about Chapter 3 – Soft Release I was very scared of releasing this game if it would be able handle the players It’s a competition and if the server would not handle it, it would be very frustrating for them So I actually made a soft launch In the first game, Follow the White Rabbit, there was a hidden texture containing the URL to the game It was also visible in-game behind the house as a poster or so, if you managed to solve the second flag This way only very few players slowly trickled into the game This also gave me some time to fix a few more bugs and add a few features A few weeks later it was then officially released to everybody Though at least one player found the game because they were port scanning our challenge server, and this revealed the landing page for the game Well that’s fair game too Chapter 4 – Tower Challenge The first easy challenge I thought about doesn’t include a lot of hacking and builds upon the first game hacking challenge I made In one corner of the maze I created a tower and made sure it’s visible from the spawn You can basically just walk there, and climb all the way to the top, where you can find a chest that gives you the flag There is one small issue though, there is a fence in the starting area, preventing you to actually entering the maze But this is very easy to overcome Simply by using cheatengine and follow the most basic tutorials on how to find the player position, you can teleport a very small bit forward Through the fence And this is not enough to trigger the server-side cheating detection If you paid attention to the server code from last video where I calculate the distance and speed, you can also see it only takes x and z into account So only horizontally Vertically you can teleport like crazy, so it’s easy to teleport straight up and get an overview of the whole maze Now you can draw a path to get to the tower and simply walk there Solved! I thought that would be a good introduction challenge, everybody should be able to solve it with some game hacking basics Chapter 5 – Lava Challenge The next challenge I thought about was the lava zone Basically when you just walk into the lava, you die The goal is simple, reach the chest in the middle It’s a bit too far to directly teleport there, so you have to fly or hover over the lava This still is kinda easy, but already requires some more creative thinking on how to solve it For example multiple players implemented a UDP proxy, very similar to how I implemented a TCP proxy for the PwnAdventure3 game, and simply modified the position packet on the fly And simply added a value to the vertical position This means the server THINKS the player is much higher than it actually is For the player locally it will look like walking over the lava Another player wrote a custom client and simply directly sent the position packets to fly to the chest So not even playing the game itself But for other players observing it, it looked like flying Both of these solutions are actually already quite advanced Here is a solution from another player that was a bit simpler This player used cheatengine’s dissect mono feature, to reverse engineer some of the character data, and found a variable that says how many times the player can jump while already in the air This is used to do things like double jumps And so by setting this to a super high value, you can repeatedly jump, and thus basically fly Chapter 6 – Emoji Challenge In the first version of the game when I shared it with the other organizers of our hacking competition, I didn’t have emojis yet I thought about it, because I bought an effects asset that had emojis, but was already enough work But a feedback I got was to have a bit more interaction between players and I wanted that too So I did implement emojis But I also combined this with the unlocks, so that when you discover areas or solve challenges, you unlock more emojis that you can use And so the emojibar slowly fills up BUT besides these emojis there are a few secret emojis And there is one particular emoji, if you manage to trigger that, you get the flag for it Now trigger obviously means to make it so that other players see it too So you have to figure out how the client sends to the server which emoji is supposed to be shown And then modify it to show the secret emoji instead Let’s checkout how players solved this This player used Ghidra to reverse engineere a lot of the code To make this easier they used a tool called il2cpp dumper to find the symbol names of a lot of the functions And that revealed the ServerManager class with the function sendEmoji They then used CheatEngine to debug this code and through some trial and error noticed that the value in the rdx register seems to control the emoji you use So they simply changed it a few times and eventually triggered the flag emoji Which also caused the server to send the flag to the player

Cool! Another player, also implemented a custom client in python Well, not a full client Only sending a particular packet directly Through reverse engineering the code they figured out the encryption layer and wrote an encoder and decoder for the packets This decoder was then used to analyze the emoji packet, where they noticed only one value changed Meaning that could be the ID of the emoji shown So they simply tried out different emoji numbers, until the flag emoji popped up I have one more writeup for you This one is different Here the player wrote a hack program which rewrites the memory of the game Also through reverse engineering they figured out the function that is called to send the emoji, when you for example press the number 1 And as a parameter the emoji ID is loaded into edx So they hardcore patched the code in memory They overwrite this assembly code with their own code, loading a different value into edx as a parameter Thus they can try out different emoji ids until the flag is found Chapter 7 – Reverse Engineering IL2CPP Before we look at the other flags I quickly wanted to talk about the use of il2cpp So the first game hacking challenge I made, the “Follow the white rabbit” was standard Unity C# compiler and I only released the challenge for Windows The main reason, because tooling around decompiling and modifying C# of the game is sooooo easy on Windows that I wanted to force players to use the easy path For maze however I decided to release it for Linux and Mac as well, because I knew that all challenges can be solved simply by implementing a UDP proxy and some basic reverse engineering And this can be done on all operating systems However I included a small twist compared to the first challenge This time I used il2cpp to compile the game And my understanding is that the C# code is first transpiled to C++ and then compiled This might make it faster, and maybe also makes reverse engineering a bit harder, or annoying At least you can’t use simple tools like dnSpy anymore to directly change C# code and fully decompile the code Some people online even claim that il2cpp would be a good measure to prevent cheating or hacking for the game But it’s totally not effective for that, and this can obviously be seen here with Maze The game hacking community has written crazy tools again which can help with the reverse engineering process And from looking at the writeups a common tool used is Il2CppDumper which can be used to extract all the symbol names Mainly the names of the classes and functions and match them to the assembly code And then people can very easily find functions of interest and reverse engineer the assembly Maybe even use the decompilers included in IDA or Ghidra to get somewhat readable code However the actual act of cheating and hacking requires a bit more engineering and makes it a bit more interesting for this challenge For example writing a UDP proxy, rewriting the game’s memory, or other typical techniques such as DLL injection and injecting some code Chapter 8 – Player Radar Challenge So this challenge was the most confusing to players I thought so much about how I could title it or describe it, that it doesn’t give away the solution, but the direction is clear, and still failed The description said “There are rumours of a player who found a secret place and walks in a weird pattern A radar map could be useful.” When I thought about radar map, I had a radar hack in mind Like seeing other players on the map that you shouldn’t be able to see But I didn’t just want to hide a player somewhere to find Because you could accidentally find it and it wouldn’t super different to the tower challenge I wanted that players actually write a cheat where they can see other players on a map And THEN, when they have that, they might notice how this player walks in an interesting pattern Actually writing the secret flag with their movement I hid this player just below the floor under the hangar area, there is actually a wall without collision that you can walk through to enter this place below, or you teleport down But both is not really required to solve the challenge You only need to track the player’s position Players got really confused when they found the player, there was also a chest, and didn’t get the flag automatically I tried to indicate with an opened non-glowing chest that they are in the correct place, because the chest and flag was used in other areas, but it’s not quite the solution yet Anyway, let’s look at writeups The first solution here is from the player who wrote the hack tool to rewrite the memory for the emoji challenge But this time they READ from the game’s process memory Through reverse engineering, or even Cheat engine they somehow found the the coordinates from this hidden player and then draw it directly with SDL on a window The next one is a solution we haven’t talked about yet, and this is directly hooking the code and even doing that on Linux So this player apparently has a private tool called HookElf, which can be used to install

hooks into a binary In this case the main GameAssenbly.so Pretty cool that players write their own tools like that Here the player hooks the send emoji function which seems weird at first But it’s a neat trick, because this is executed when you press a certain emoji key in the game So essentially it’s a nice way to control your hack So if you send an emoji it will have a reference to the ServerManager, can then get all the players, and from there find the id If it’s the ID of the secret player, 0xffff1337, they start a logger thread This thread simply runs in an endless loop always getting the player’s position and writing it to a file In the end you have a big log with the player’s position and you can draw these positions on an image Now the next writeup is interesting So this player clearly is an experienced game hacker First they used a tool called Ninja Ripper to extract the map of the game, render it in blender and take a top view screenshot This way they got the whole map like this They also wrote a proxy to decode and analyze the packets, which allows them to see all players position This person also indicated that this was not hard, because they have done something similar for CS:GO mobile Linking a YouTube video There you go How cool is that And look at this awesome tool they wrote You have the whole map, the flag is drawn by the secret player, and you see the other players walking around, and you even see your own radar Like in CSGO Stuff like this is just awesome But yeah, if you can read memory, or decode the packets, you always somehow get the player positions, log them and draw them Cool! Chapter 9 – Maze Runner Now let’s get to what I imagined to be the hardest challenge At least when I compared to the others, but I quickly learned that it’s actually not that hard I thought using IL2CPP would make reverse engineering a bit more laborious But again, tools like IL2CPPDumper are just unfairly good So this challenge is a raze It’s probably the first challenge players discover, because it’s very close to the spawn You reach it after you use the stones to jump over the fence When you first try this it becomes pretty clear what to do There is this initial glowing checkpoint, it’s the start, and when you run into it disappears, and you immediately see the next checkpoint, and then you keep running But you are so slow, that eventually you won’t be able to reach the next one This race is impossible So you need to cheat it I thought you would really have to write a custom client, hardcode the path and just send the position packets faster But apparently it was super easy to simply find the speed variable of the bunny, increase that, and then just run the race So this first writeup did exactly this Through cheatengine they found the PlanarMovementParameters with the speed variable, and set it to 10 This makes the bunny run fast enough to win the race, but not too fast to trigger the cheat detection And so this is a bit easier than I hoped it would be But oh well It is what it is While finding the speed variable is one way, you can also do it differently And this player’s solution is quite creative So they used DLL injection to inject this code here And this snippet reads the players coordinates, twice, with a short time sleep in between Now these two coordinates have a small difference, right? The player moved a bit forward for example So then the boostFactor is used to make this difference larger Move the player further than the player was This effectively gives you also a speed hack Super hacky, and dirty, but it works It’s a speedhack without directly modifying the speed variable Now let’s look at a writeup of a player who did what I thought would be the intended solution Using a proxy or custom client to run the race very fast So this player first teleported up and got an overview of the checkpoints in the race So now they know the path they have to run By sniffing and decoding, or decrypting, the packets they logged all the coordinates of the player walking through the race track, which gives them a sequence of coordinates, to run the race After that they wrote a script to loop over all coordinates and simply send them very fast And they won the race…. in under 5 seconds WTF?! Didn’t I implement a speedhack detection? That should be possible! Chapter 10 – 1337 M4z3 Runn3r So… I’m not sure if it was exactly this player who did it first But yes that happened Some player solved it in under 5 seconds and I had no idea how I implemented the speed and distance check that should prevent that, right? You could definitely optimize the path, but there is a limit How is 5 seconds possible? So I looked into my server code again, and I noticed, OOOHHHH RIIIIGGGHHTT… I did implement that bug on purpose, I just forgot about it So when calculating the speed, I use a time And the time is taken from the packet Which means the player controls the time If a player simply always increases the time enough, the server will never complain about the speed I completely forgot about that And so after realizing this, I thought it made sense to have a second challenge And this became 1337 M4z3 Runn3r I also implemented a shitty highscore board that shows the fastest player’s times And it achieved what I was hoping it would achieve

Players started to really optimize their hacks to be faster than the others.That’s so awesome And I have seen some crazy tools how players tried to optimize their run Look at this one They made a program, to navigate the map and draw a path Including the distance check, which still applies You can’t just directly teleport to the goal You still can only move up to the distance check per packet So with this they can try to draw the most efficient path to the goal And then let it run this path Insane I love it so much To me as a challenge author, who obviously spent countless hours making this game, it’s the most awesome thing to see how players have spent countless hours optimizing their hacks Beautiful Chapter 11 – Open Source When this video is released, I don’t know if I have open sourced the server already I definitely want to share it at some point because I think our server might be taken down eventually Or you simply want to be playing with a better performing server and with your friends BUT! I told myself I will only release it if somebody else creates a private server based on reverse engineering of the protocol I think it would be sooooo awesome to have two alternative servers for this game I don’t think it needs to implement all the bugs too But as long as there is basic functionality, that would be awesome You could even add own challenges, for example get a flag for walking outside of the border of the maze Or hide and seek Or something like that Anyway So maybe there is already a server, or maybe not We will see Regarding the client, unfortunately I cannot open source the Unity project The issue is that I have bought assets from the asset store, and the license obviously forbids that I could share my C# code for various things Like the maze generator But to be honest, that code is sooooo bad, nobody should ever implement something based on that Actually I would make the world WORSE by open sourcing it Chapter 12 – Conclusion I’m so happy that I decided to learn the basics of game development Gamedev is really fun and I enjoyed making those games But I enjoyed it even more seeing players cheating and hacking it It was a great experience Personally I hope Maze can become something that many people learn the basics of game hacking from Whoa. that’s it This was a very weird video format for my channel But I hope you enjoyed this insight and documentary about the creation of Maze Let me know what you think about this But now we are back to normal videos


Pokémon Glazed Ep. 13 – Me roban las medallas

muy buenas que tal como estáis morzán bienvenidos a inglaterra vamos a ver si conseguimos en el vídeo de hoy la media flor que nos dio para el pelo en el vídeo anterior estamos viendo el nivel es una evolución algunos pokemon nos lo enseñó por aquí tenemos a dignidad 35 que ha evolucionado a looks reid tenemos algún luis killer al 36 que aquí no me encuentre su nivel más evolucionado a su amper luciano 35 y 628 juan 35 cifraron 27 veremos si somos capaces porque tal y tal mi óptica que tenía telita chico lotes y lo fuerte que era vamos a darle caña a esta mujer ya que nos faltaba saber cuál era su último pokemon bien viniste pensé que pasaría es de mi bien soy flojo y te enseñaré lo mejor del agua atención con los primeros nuevos deberían costar los décimos ya en el vídeo anterior tenían menos nivel por problema era el mi lote que se unió el 35 que aguantaba tela tiene a marinero que aguantaba a manos de mía a nivel tortellini haya evolucionado en looks rey nivel 35 la intimidación vamos con el rayo así suerte un rayo ahí estamos golpe crítico es muy eficaz ya te podías guardar los críticos para el minuto que marcha el líder lo va a sacar a sidra no quiero cambiar de pokemon queremos mantener a línea todavía vamos con otro rayo wausau tóxico que día estamos tío con la del tóxico esto nos destroce nos jode vivos nos puede muchísimo [Música] a ver ese rayo bien es súper efectivo vale la experiencia habrá línea no es la vida del veneno por suerte pero la infección es cambiar de pokemon podemos cambiar si vamos a cambiar nuestra granulares aunque sea para sacrificarlo y gastar un antídoto en línea aquí aparece millot y hay que hacerlo así es que si no no la quiero jugar ya nos cueste otro vídeo prevención así que no la quiero jugar antídoto para aquí línea fue curada del veneno emiratí cosas hasta luego obviamente un mirotic contra el claro que no sacaba ocho niveles pues que nos va a hacer nos destroza más con líneas y con mirotic nivel 35 contra de 35 digo mi lote que tiene una defensa especial muy alta y le gusta nos cuesta quitar la vida vamos viene con sur y nos ayuda mucho no se quitan mucho otros y nos mata madre mía loco bueno no hemos dejado tener media vida vamos a repetir radio te va a curar con su perfección vale nosotros seguimos radio radio radio radio radio y a ver qué conseguimos somos capaces de vencerla super eficaz vamos con otro rayo superposición de nuevo de flor se va a gastar todo lo que tenga aquí porque tiene toda la pinta vamos que tú puedes línea solar con la vida en amarillo vamos con otro rayo sur de mirotic ojos a la porra línea digo que rabia porque con todavía más con funk rayo más rápido que ya menos madre menos mal menos mal super eficaz mirotic fuera experiencia para juan y habiendo un kínder a hostias chaval arte nieve tiene el kinder a que esto es complicado también nivel 34 vamos a hacerle debate radio confuso de no hacerla yo voy a ir a atacar atacar atacar atacar les sacamos con ella es que si no yo creo de manera enfado chaval en serio tiene enfado con el 34 es que me la ha matado una pero ha reventado el grupo o sea grave que voy a tener mucha aguantar desde tipo roca y demás debería tener bastante defensa no se aguanta lo que le haga vamos a hablar con el terremoto mejor no sale un terremoto así lo aguante y si no no lo aguantado tíbet se va curando no tenía resto es algo así vamos con luciano venga segura con restos una botar enfado estamos jodidísimos yo he quitado nada chaval no le quitaron nada de nada para esta compulsa mos como realizador tendremos enfado de nuevo pero chico no para con el putter fa de los de gol killer son los que hay a nuestro compañero de gol killer vamos a hablar con el terremoto tiene derribo lo aprendido en este confuso golpe ate por favor bien se ha dañado por la confusión

haberes de terremotos y quita mucho y la vence o no ve vamos a ver confiamos confiamos bien bien madre mía con la de floresta que complicado ha sido es el chaval no me lo creas derrotables porque madre agua te has ganado a pulso la medalla voy a comprar antídotos tienes la media cresta la manía cresta permite usar golpes roca fuera de batalla además aumenta un poco la velocidad de tus pokémon tú me ayudaste antes en límite ‘pilates’ y me has derrotado toma esto te lo mereces obtienes la mente 0-3 contiene uno de los movimientos favoritos hidro pulso me interesa porque creo que he visto la agua no extranjero así que de un líder vamos a enseñarle y en el curso se ha ido curso en pokémon ser luego puede a ver vamos a evitarle piso al agua o sea no hay que pensárselo nada ya está listo perfecto – vamos a curarnos y a ver cómo lo hacemos sobre todo en señal golpe rock a alguien tengo que enseñar golpe rock alguien no tiene mucha potencia 140 la sube la potencia de la persona tiene 20 o 15 o algo así de potencia a lo mejor me equivoco pero bueno descuidamos por aquí nos vamos a darle reparte experiencia [Música] clarion a su equipo vaya subiendo como los demás [Música] repartirá experiencia y si tiene experiencia nos volvemos a imagino que habrá que seguir por la cueva a la que fuimos en gemini fifty el pueblo germen así en español es que no sé por qué no está introducido no hay partes que no está el nombre entero o no estar el nombre en español vale estamos curados si nos habla que ahora qué hacer si ahora quiere para abajo diógenes mi pelo actualmente siempre llueve sobre el mapa veis que ahora hay tractor ventosa podríamos ir la sociedad al parecer por aquí por la cueva rompiendo las rocas y no lo sé este trabajo está en mi espacio personal de cascada más para acá durante nature venga quiero entrenar en paz y sosiego vamos a molestarle un pokémon maestro tito envían con que el turn y el 28 1 hemos subido lo suficiente para acabar con estos que mons inclinación de niños la herat a que vamos a hacer leer rayos a ver qué tal vamos por venganza nada hacemos otros rayos y fuera el congelador muy bien bien al menos día oye ya tenemos niveles espero el gimnasio el chico que está en el puente es duro tener que decir nos van a dar el gimnasio pero no porque claro tendrá nivel ha tenido el 35 la asignación está mejor tiene el 40 no se veía hayley enviados looks yo como nosotros nuestros look sobre ya vale esté bien lo volvemos a hacer un cambio hacer un chance de pokemon pokemon contoneo o vaya nos ha confundido con el terremoto ha hecho mordisco y si hay un terremoto no le afecta a la confusión a nivel de science de elección experiencia para líneas precio paraíso y lo que quiero hacer cada línea a quien voy a sacar sino contra un embolado los ramos con el radio doble equipo rayo que impacta de afectar al suelo uno lo suficiente ese doble equipo golpe crítico derrotado su lado y desaparece casi en el 36 para alinear los ojitos con ella como la lox rey también eres duro más duro que el acero pasamos por el puente roca también morderá el polvo bueno veremos línea del joven bertrand envía 12 viper vamos diría que sacar uno de tierra también da igual vamos con la la llevamos azul con línea pero casi está paralizado lineal pobre

boya nociva los rayos x aquí no he comprado los sentidos a la clase ver nivel 36 para línea la experiencia para inside derrotado bertrand y lo morcillo el mordido el polvo vamos a cambiar vamos a poner a luciano cambio las palmas por aquí no hay que pasar por esta cueva para llegar al ahora sea tormentosa podemos enseñar golpe roca a lucia no me imagino uso o sea otro con pokemon sí vale puede y hay también pero ya no ya que debe ser olvidado pues ultra puño quita lo mismo lo único que este es más rápido nos golpea antes pero nos da lo mismo otra puño fuera a golpe roca ha aprendido luciano a golpe roca y llega madre mía los bracitos que tienen si como lo hará en lara con la cola monte estratos también a esta parte waterfall cerrando menos mortal en control caramelos raros no los quiero para nada tuvimos nivel 11 hoy dieron no me interesa lo más mínimo bueno estamos fuera es también juega a ser el mapa nos vamos acercando y nos podas no jodas los jodas baja por fin llega la revancha te quitaré del medio fácilmente ostias el y cachorro las medallas está hecho polvo hasta en un kit que dice estío me estás contando el pikachu loco se va a acabar como le pidió con un terremoto tienen sus casas van a conocer volvemos a pasar del wii celeste el grupo donde consta se pica su tío se ha enterado se va a enterar aquí para hacer corte pero como que nadie con corte y estás en mi vida aquí mis medallas tío que me ha costado mucho que había costado mucho un frac cel [Música] axel para gol killer es bastante no es nada bueno vamos a poner analogía no luego pero pulso matizado 30 de vida alguno y propulsó aquí hoy no es definitivo madre mía rapidez vamos a votar bájale bájale ahí estamos el chaval para tu casa flash el los tenemos dominados con estos niveles que llevo nos tenemos dominados y 6 1 al 29 al 30 evoluciona si no me equivoco que aprender el golpe más buen ataque golpe error me gusta bastante 120 de potencia que le quitó a tormenta de arena y aprendió con el gabitec de pokemon no vale no había tenido el 30 este complicado golpe cabeza media vida derribo que falla menos mal de cabeza de nuevo si hacéis bible gabi de garzón son muy buenos son problemas muy top gear en un foro art quieres cambiar de pokemon yo y ahora le haremos un golpe roca como falsa cabrón debería vencer no porque es muy blandito no el golpe roca superposición pues al turista del perro caer o ven zoroark y ahora sí debilitado turista afuera clic que ha sonado la foto la cámara que vamos a seguir por el puente así con tramos al picacho este buenos entrenadores tío hay que tener cuidado con esto están entrenando duro para vencer te justo a mí qué bonito kawaii que motivó todo 3 porque mal entrenador guaymas se envía a un tanque por lo que no podía sacar lo peor peor que se sancionará algo por un tanga de treinta vamos a probar desarrolló un toque especial aprendió a squash en el recordador de movimientos os acordáis hacemos ascuas por aquí su precio efectivo nos va a envenenar versión más cual de nuevo bueno tan grave ciudad nos ha cargado a uno y ahora que viene voy a seguir el 30 y

con veneno matar nos va a matar la cepa veneno ascuas vida en rojo ahora tengo cepa un veneno pascual del huevo casi casi vamos a ir antes de llegar la ciudad seguro pero es lo que hay experiencia mágica y experiencia para el avión en ese blog y no me queda más remedio vamos con juan el script lo que le hacemos lanzarle el puño sombra bien paralizado tío qué asco me dan con las que te paralizan te envenenan y todo ahora para tu casa residente en uruguay cuando esté hará mucho para llegar al pueblo porque tengo los pokemon muy tocados a ver si aparecen no importan no jodas a luchar contra blake me alegra verte tan lejos mortal con ganas de vencer a life no me han dicho que el capataz de pueblo germen ha sido secuestrado voy a ver qué es lo que ha pasado dónde están tus medallas un pokémon te da se ha robado hay que ver espero que las consigas lo antes posible tengo que irme cuídate morzán vale menos mal que no quiere luchar soy un temerario porque aquí siempre salen rivales y cosas y debería curarlos clarion debilitado el gimnasio ok entonces hay mucho que ver y que hacer por aquí vamos a curar los pokemones lo primero y vamos a volver para atrás la ruta y a luchar con los que hemos dejado eso ahora mismo me interesa y atormentado tormentos está justo delante pero siempre llueve es claro contra este ahora habrá que volverlo a pueblo germen también para verla pasar hay que hacerlo antes del gimnasio no lo sé 2 pokemon brigitte envía o avisar vas a vencerle vamos a hacerle un terremoto y no debería darle tiempo a nada debería morir estamos muy bien en ser vencido la experiencia y la experiencia y estáis al 30 su cría en el vídeo [Música] lineal sobre la línea así que mejor no valemos con el rayito prodigioso esta le golpea y le debilita muy bien espero que abra bien y espero que aparezca y derrotada y tchité nos da el dinero y aquí vamos ahí que estaba evolucionando 2 [Música] a publicar el siniestro logía siendo tierra roca y tierra hasta revolución a tirarnos sobre el siniestro felicidades twist evolucionó a pitar para echarle un vistazo o sea por aquí es ahí en el resumen roca y tierra siendo bastante ataque tiene unas defensas ahora y poquita velocidad bueno lo que hay [Música] tienes y de quién se cura pero el cuerpo no quita nuestro lugar me imagino tenía pinta de emular de árbol no lo sé porque está en inglés pero tenía toda la pinta bueno qué hacemos ahora debería hablar con la gente lo primero asegurarlos calculados vamos a empezar a hablar a ver qué pasa se han visto al picacho galgo el mar profundo que alrededor esta ciudad que que haya pokemon muy fuertes es peligroso pescar te has enfrentado a alguien la gente piensa que es fácil pero no tendrá por donde plantar con el mapa la liga por con de turno de esta fusión trabajando en la bahía y de allí algún día aquí al ladito no aparecen según nos cuenta la ex chica vamos a hablar con este hombre y hoy todo el año decía tormentos estamos cercanos ya no el aire frío del monte stratus y el corro serie de los trópicos causa esto imagina si está abierto de verdad líder lee es el gran jardinero hombre el iep suena a hoja inglés te has enfrentado unido tiene unos ponemos de planta envidiable nos vendría bien ahora tiene la flor y una oscura me vendría muy muy bien tengo hambre pero no quiero no me quiero mover sí sí vamos a estar viendo un combate por la tele marcas tenemos esta ciudad no aseguró estar fuera durante una tormenta porque la gente sale pues porque si se lo lleve

aquí conocer dónde juve mi cara casa del doctor de la amistad es esa para subir amistad con los pokemon se adaptó a la amistad por igual con los preciados pokemon la creación pero es asombrosa y es un gran trabajo entregándole gracias gracias para decirte están a punto evolucionar resolución por amistad o no la liga turno de está justo al pasar el estrecho pero la mayoría entrenadores hacen el camino a un lado puedo ver el entrenador estoy emocionada quiero ir más gente me aburre no se puede pescar porque los peces solo salen en día soleado está maestro y llama al sol cuando desees mt 11 día soleado vale muy bien muy bien me encanta vivir aquí yo que todo el día puede ser la lluvia con ventaja en los combates pokemon todo esto ok pues de lluvia y día soleado mt es que no voy a usar para nada vamos para arriba ahora esta chica que nos cuenta muchas zonas de casa se quejan del agua hirviendo pero a mí me da igual sabes que tengo un pokémon con escaldar quieres que te enseñe a leer en algún por como el tuyo más pero a lo mejor le viene bien una de gould tíber escalar quitaba más contra menos vida tenías nuevo así a otro ataque dadme causa albornoz un ataque que puede causar quemaduras y abyecta disparo los dos y ya está usted puede llamar quartet y agua hirviendo pues es fácil que te pegue quemadura es una fuerte y duro pulso con lo cual me viene no será físico pensarás pregunta estudias lo puede encontrar charcos por la calle quería comprarle el antídoto no quedó segmentado comprar bueno de sant y otros ok cierto a comprar 3 vale aquí ya no tiene river es decir voy a mostrar algunos dos yo creo que ha comprado por si acaso en algún gimnasio en algún momento los necesito y vamos con inversión si compramos dos más y ya está bueno bastante bien la compra de entidad para el dinero que voy haciendo bastante bien aquí sólo se puede comprar superbowl será ejercida no tenía puedes comprar otras ya llegaremos con calma viejo amigo como aquí yo es mejor viajar es submarino a waterfall torres ambas con retos difíciles si eres capaz superarlos esto es un ferry que nos lleva desde el entrenador clínica pokemon adopción que por una ola habían venido a la clínica adoptiva en la gente por una u otra razón no porque hace cuando supo que moss nosotros los cuidados hasta que encuentren a alguien adoptar que quiera hacer ser yo voy a de pokemon pero esto es porque más o menos fcs groba el ten cuidado con él pues es el que quiero pareces diferente a cualquier otra persona si puedo trabajar contigo me quieres entro de aquí que es un global pues sí no vamos a llevarlos los no tienes espacio vuelve pronto el tango es un músico y el junior gobierno de aragón gestión tangos y yo somos muy amigos quiero ser adoptado pero para eso no ser juntos o sea no te dejan llevártelo como la mansión llamarme y siendo en estos precios altos con una entrenadora guapa y joven prefiero recogerme en su pecho hijo de se sabe nada el munícipe este no sabe nada loco pues vamos a dejar algún pokemon no a ver a ver estaba el centro estaba arriba verdad voy a dejar a alguien y ahora vemos qué hacemos con ese ogro baile y dejar porque nos deja la explosión aunque va a tocar no hacer las claves en el gimnasio planta natura a subirle no sé si podrá entrar al gimnasio y luchar por él no tengo ni idea lo veremos el siguiente vídeo porque vamos a hacerlo el global y hay que recuperar la seriedad y hacer para hacer diferente puedo trabajar contigo me quieres en tu equipo si tienes un global y quieres darle un bote a groba y el si bueno me dijisteis que le diera de mote a un 3 que me pusiera a ian provocando un globo que es la evolución pues vamos a ponérselo igual ya está y anda vamos a echarle un vistazo pokemon no si luego de los tres puntos adelante durante sí con ser un vistazo al resumen tipo planta obviamente tiene crecimiento

de habilidad pasiva mucha ataques poquita defensa normal porque es especial mucha velocidad también ataques rápido ataque furia como el ataque furia pues también para el gimnasio en persecución y chirridos [Música] ya tenemos con nosotros bueno que tenemos que hacer con el siguiente vídeo no sé si haremos el gimnasio no sé si iremos a por él picachos iremos a por los términos a tenemos varias cosas que buscan las medallas de picacho hay que hacerse el gimnasio y habrá que ir al pueblo a terminar qué pasa con el capataz lo dejamos por aquí muchas gracias por verme espero que os haya gustado el vídeo si así lo podéis hablar con like podéis comentar cualquier cosa un saludo y hasta la próxima [Música]



Chuck is the karate master Yeah, that’s actually kind of sick Does he have- Oh my god he’s Mega Gallade, bro! Fwahaha! A mere child like you dares to challenge me? Oh, its Mega Toxtricity! (introduction music) What is going on YouTube? It’s your boy Dan, aka “aDrive” I brought you guys another episode of our Radical Red Let’s Play, baby. You guys have been loving it You guys have been showing the love on YouTube So if you enjoy the series, be sure to like the video, and subscribe to the channel if you guys are new We are doing it And, we have actually just taken on Sabrina And, we managed to get through with Spike Mikey coming up clutch at the very end against her very difficult Psychic type Trick room team which is stupid strong by the way Super duper stupid strong So, I think up next is Koga? But, let’s go see how the Fighting Dojo goes, and let’s just explore the rest of this town real quick And, then I think we take on Koga next What do you do here? I heard you like Mudkips! Oh, we gotta battle the kid! If you say no to him twice, he makes you battle He’s got a Rindo Berry! The Mudkip kid is gonna fight me now What’s up Francis? Thank you for the love, dude How scared should I be right now? He’s gonna set up the Stealth Rocks We’re trying to beat the, the Mudkip kid right now He’s going to switch out his Swampert into a Pelipper Not sure how to feel right now, to be honest What do I want to go into? I guess- He does have Stealth Rock up which is kind of annoying Stealth Rock is actually really annoying for my team I’ll go Gyarados Hurricane. Oh, he just wrecked me bro He’s faster too. He hurricanes me again And, Power Whip? Oh, he confused me, dude We’re in trouble I’m about to lose to Mudkip kid Oh, I hit the Power Whip at least Okay. Pelipper’s gone. That’s a win That’s a win. We call it a big dub Here comes Scizor. Oh god! How is that a thing? I’m just gonna go Voltar and let him die, I think? We’re gonna take 50% from Stealth Rocks He’s Super Powers kind of clutch I’ll Air Slash All right I’ll go Aegislash, and we’ll Kings Shield and hope he attacks, so I can get an Attack drop on him He U-Turns? All right. Good So, if he U-Turns out, that’s fine Rain’s gone as well which is nice I’m gonna Night Slash I’m faster? Why am I faster? He can U-Turn out. That’s fine Shouldn’t do too much We resist four times Okay. What else you got? Here comes the Swampert again He switches out Swampert Into Seaking Or are we going- Oh, we’ll go Mikey FishiousRend, bro! Oh my god. Mikey just got blown back by this guy This Seaking is no joke At least the Iron Barbs are doing something We can go Aegislash and just Shadow Sneak though I think that’ll do it. Yeah Okay. Seaking’s gone All right. This is no joke Here comes Swampert again He’s just gonna let me get him this time. Okay All right We’re doing it Swampert. Another Swampert? He’s gonna Mega, dude This one’s gonna Mega It’s like inevitable I’ll King Shield, but he’s gonna Mega- Yeah. Dude He’s, he’s Mega Swampert, dude It was inevitable, man Please don’t Earthquake I want to King Shield you I think I just lose to this Liquidation! Oh, that was massive That was actually huge for us That might have just saved us That he Liquidationed Because now I’m gonna sac’ off Undertaker And, then I can go Honey and Bullet Seed, and we actually have a chance again I’ll Ominous Wind I should have Sucker Punch actually I was stupid Yeah. Okay. Honey comes in now And, now we Bullet Seed and hope for the best He’s got Liquidation, but he’s -2 Liquidation So, we could tank this. Yeah. Good stuff Oh, let’s see how much our Bullet Seed does Oh, that’s good damage We need three hits, and we should be close Three hits. Yes! Okay. Good win there for Honey. And, we get a Moxie boost Here comes Frosmoth! I’m in love Don’t miss Oh, he’s- He’s faster, bro. That’s like a max speed Frosmoth, bro All right. I got an Iron Head He Quiver Dances but he dead, bro. We gonna rock him now Koopa, thanks for the sub love Special Saying coming through Thank you guys! All right. So, it depends on what this person’s last Pokemon was What’s next? Last Pokemon It is Scizor. Oh, wait We got this. We got this guys I beat the Mudkip kid! Yes!

(laughs) I heard you like Mudkips That’s actually pretty solid considering I did not have the proper team Oh, he gives me a Mudkip! Give me Swampertite, dude! This game won’t let me overlevel! (chuckles) Oh my god, I quit dude! Bro- We really doing this? Are we really doing this? Ouch That’s a yikes for me, dog Anyway, that was interesting Let’s go heal up, and then take on the dojo Oh, I’m like super overleveled We’re good Yeah, I was supposed to do this I think earlier and I didn’t So, we’re just like hyper overleveled All right! It’s time for this guy Oh, wait. This is bro? It’s Chuck! Chuck is the karate master Yeah, that’s actually kind of sick Oh, he’s got Poliwrath Level 50- Oh, he’s actually a higher level though He’s got Surging Strikes? That’s Urshafu’s move He can do that? Oh, he’s got Vacuum Wave I think I live this though. Yeah Hitmontop. He’s totally gonna Fake Out, bro Sucker Punch. Yeah He knocks me out. Okay Holy shenanigans, dude! Triple Axel is so dumb! I was gonna say if he knocks me out with that, that’s gonna be crazy, dude Okay. I got rid of that guy at least. A lot of priority here Does he have- Oh my god, he’s Mega Gallade, bro! Oh, he has Shadow Sneak I was wondering if he was gonna Shadow Sneak or not He went for Bulk Up on the King Shield, dude He just sat there and said, “Yes. I’m bulking up in your face.” He just does it again Please attack He Shadow Sneaked. He gets the Attack drop. Good He Bulks Up again, dude He Shadow Sneaks And, Shadow Sneak myself He Shadow Sneaks me, but I’m in Defense form He still got me though! Oh, boy. I think I’m gonna lose Oh, he has Drain Punch, bro. I lost I lost. I gotta battle him again, dude Stupid shock, dude He beat me because of Bulk Up, bro Like- Oh, I should have King Shielded! He’s gonna kill me, isn’t he? Come on! Stupid dude I’m gonna beat you Chuck Yes! Got him this time, dude Forgot the death count? Oh, yeah. True I owe what? Three, two to the death count I think Yeah, I forgot about that Let me add to the death count then All right. Well, I just got through that, so that was a good start This guy’s a problem, because he just puts you to sleep, dude And, it’s really annoying Oh, he might not have a Fighting move though He’s Rock Slide. Yeah, dude! Spikey Mikey walling the Breloom this time around And Chuck’s gone See you later, Chuck He gives me a TM and a Focus Sash. Focus Sash is so big, dude (gasps) Crabrawler?! Or Grapploct, or Clobbopus I’m taking the Crabrawler, bro Take it please! Thank you Chuck! I think our next gym Is Koga, right? So, let’s start thinking about what we want to use against Koga We can do Audino training I think I’m gonna battle this, this guy first though Let’s do the Snorlax Oh, I got him! Heck yeah! DualWingbeat! Ey! I’m already using that You found my secret retreat I’ll make it up to you with this And, we get HM2 Fly. Thank you for that Excuse me. Wait up! Oh, I don’t have a bike yet Okay. So these guys are like kind of a lower level Not anything we have to stress about right now I’m just gonna kind of destroy them all real quick Oh, a Mega Stone though! Absolite! Oh, baby! Absol’s so dope I’m still missing them on in here Oh, is that what it is? I think that’s what it is It’s worth the wait It was worth the wait, dude I’m catching that I will name her after one of my favorite gym leaders. Skyla Dedenne for Morpeko? Why does Dedenne keep popping up in my life lately? All right We gotta go heal which is over here I feel like there’s gotta be something here with Super Rod Not even a nibble, bro Well, I ain’t got time for this Kabuto. Kangaskhan Oh, Earth Power is good. Teach me that Yeah, why not? Oh snap! Oh god. I’m about to get wrecked, dude I’m not even close to max level right now, so just prepare for me to just get wrecked. Just, just assume I’m getting wrecked right now Well, we’ll see how it goes I’m battling Brendan here I mean at least I’m Megazard, but he’s gonna- Oh, he’s not gonna Earthquake though, so we might, we might have a chance I’ll take a crit to start it He had an Air Balloon. Okay Yeah, by max level we probably are better off, but- Wow. He legit just one-shot me with that He might have Aqua Jet He switches out into Medicham

Yeah, this isn’t even like a fair battle, dude, ’cause like- (soft chuckles) I’m not even like prepared for this My team’s not even like trained up yet I don’t know He’s gotta have Scrappy bro for sure He has Flamethrower? Oof. Yeah. That’s okay I didn’t realize that we had a battle. So, I have to just train on my team anyway So, let me just get to level cap In all his glory once again What’s up buddy? Okay. I’m ready for you this time You got a Metagross Sticky Web Aha! Oh, he sets up Stealth Rocks That’s so annoying that he set ups Stealth Rocks Because now my Charizard takes half of its health when it enters the battle He Earthquakes I Discharge. He gets paralyzed He blows up. I don’t know why he blows up but he blew up Everyone’s getting the levels Let’s go Zippo I might as well Mega I guess, right? Mega DualWingbeat I mean we’re about to get wrecked anyway He Aqua Jets and he actually just straight up knocks me out which is very sad to see. We’ll go Mikey We’re gonna predict the Fighting move and go Aegislash Shadow Sneak. He switches Goes Crawdaunt I lock King Shield He goes for Liquidation Gets an Attack drop We’re going right back into Mikey He switches back out into Medicham. Medicham gets wrecked Here comes Exploud We’re back to this again Oh, yeah. The Exploud’s a problem dude Let’s go Jet We’re gonna Earthquake He probably has Ice Beam Or at the very least his Boomburst is gonna hurt, but we could at least hit him here for a nice 60%. Here comes the Boomburst He just straight up knocks us out, because he is too OP We live on 15 like a baller, dude Here comes Sceptile Oh god Oh god Spikey Mikey! He’s gonna Mega, and he is gonna hurt Dragon Pulse He probably has Focus Blast So, like does he hit it or not? I don’t know He hits it Aegislash is my best bet I’m going to Iron Head He switches I’m going to King Shield I think I lost I need a crit Yeah Dude, we have it too man That’s our 40th loss. I think I kind of need to not let him get Stealth Rock up again I don’t know We’ll just Mega Flamethrower Ah, it doesn’t do enough, dude This is actually going pretty well so far I’ll go Charlotte I’m gonna set up Sticky Webs I’ll let him knock me out. It’s fine So, I gotta be faster? Nah I beat him though. So, we got that going for us He most certainly has something to hit me. I’m just gonna go Aegislash And, then I’ll Shadow Sneak Okay. He’s got a Gardevoir too? Geez! Okay. Here comes Sceptile Here’s a problem though. I kind of need Aegislash to beat Sceptile That’s the issue It’s like how do, how do I do this? Unless Jet’s faster I’ll go Mikey and Pin Missile Maybe he misses He missed I might have been better Gyro Balling, but let’s see how much that does. Oh, that’s not bad Three hits is amazing right now I got two, dude Oh, he missed again, dude! (chuckles) Haxing out Brendan, bro. Let’s get it Let’s get it. Haxing him out, dude We take those And, we beat him! That was it. I might have beat him anyway because Flygon may have outsped Sceptile at -1 Speed But, I’ll take the misses all day Thank you sir! Appreciate you And, he gives me Rock Smash! Oh, there’s, there’s Mega Stones for us to get now Ooh, baby! I’m actually gonna like do that now Orbeetlite! Oh, G-Max Orbeetle! All right. Well, I’m ready to take on- I want to take on Koga So, my team is almost all 68 The only ones that aren’t will probably get there. So, let’s see- Let’s battle his trainers and see how hard they are He really just beat me. Wow. Okay He really just did that Okay then, Jester So, let’s, let’s actually- Yeah. Let’s consider this Let’s, let’s give the Swampertite to Swampert Let’s give the Leftovers to Mikey Let’s see what other items I have here Leftovers. Soft Sand Swampertite. Metal Coat And, Wide Lens. Why does he have Wide Lens? What am I trying to hit with that? I don’t even know Oh, I do have the Focus Sash actually And, the Focus Sash shouldn’t be consumed. Yeah It shouldn’t be consumed as long as I’m in a Trainer battle So, we just have to remember to take it off after Koga, right? I’m gonna do Charlotte Let’s see what happens Fwahaha! A mere child like you dares to challenge me? The very idea makes me shiver with mirth. Very well, I shall show you the true terror as a ninja master Poison brings steady doom Sleep renders foes helpless Despair to the creeping horror of Poison-type Pokemon All right Let’s see what you got for me Koga

Swellow! What the heck is that? Why are you leading with a Swellow? I really want to set up Stick Web, but I also really want to just attack the Swellow with a Discharge He’s definitely gonna have- I mean we’re going to live because of that I’ll Sucker Punch for damage And, he knocked me out. Okay He definitely has Scrappy But, I still resist it, so I’m gonna go Aegislash and just Iron Head, I guess? Cause yeah. He might have had- I thought he was gonna have Heat Wave He might be Specs Swellow actually Yeah, that does a solid chunk, but I should be able to knock him out here with Iron Head So, Swellow’s gone Here comes Greninja I do have Sticky Webs though The problem with Greninja here is he can do a lot of damage to me and I cannot do much back to him Okay. I am gonna 1,000,000% Power Whip here He’s probably gonna switch out He actually Dark Pulse is- Do not flinch me, bro Oh, Spike Mikey! And, he’s got his Lefty He’s gonna nom, nomnomnom right now on some Leftovers Some Lefties Toxtricity Sticky Web’s kind of clutch here My assumption’s is he’s going for- I mean what would he go for here? Hidden Power Fire, Boom Burst, or Electric move, right? Like, those are the options Is it worth me risking Swampert right now by going into Swampert? ‘Cause it feels like it its, but Spike Mikey might be really good I don’t know. I’m gonna take the risk because it’s our first time I’m gonna go into Swampert Oh, it’s Mega Toxtricity! Go for an Electric move please It’s non-STAB, bro That’s what we’re doing? Okay That was some damage I shouldn’t have Mega’d Oh, he’s faster. Come on, dude I wasted my whole Mega right there Well if I lose, I know what to do, right? We know what to do He’s got a Dragapult, dog?! And, he’s faster even after the webs, bro That’s a Struggle Bug I don’t think I KO him I think I choked. I think I choked, dude He’s not Clear Body I’ll Shadow Sneak. I don’t, I think I choked it Oh, I’m so close too He’s, he’s Light Form as well This was winnable, dude This was winnable This was super winnable, because if I had a Mega right now, that would be so different Oh, he Wicked Blows I almost knocked him out, dude All right. So, if I Mega Swampert, then I think we beat him. I don’t know We can both crit We knock him out. It’s Accelgor, bro He’s gonna, he’s gonna 1,000,000% have Energy Ball He Bug Buzz. Bro! The last ‘Mon, dude Boomburst. That’s what I wanted Now, go for OverDrive Okay. We making plays now, team! We making plays now, team! Yeah! We making plays now! There we go Okay. So by doing that, I just saved one of our Pokemon by making those plays So, we are in a better spot now than I was Here comes Dragapult Now, this is the dude that’s the problem right here, right? Dragapult’s the issue So, what we’re gonna do now is we sac’ off Mikey, because now I have Mikey, and I did not have Mikey previously, right? So, we know Flygon gets outsped here, so I have to go Mikey to take the Dragon Darts Which we take, right? Which is good He’s gonna knock me out It takes more recoil I have to go Zippo now And, I think I just DualWingbeat And, he Dragon Darts and knocks me out He takes more damage Now, he’s in Aegislash range though, and I just Shadow Sneak and knock him out. Okay Here comes Drapion Now, Drapion is a problem for many reasons Do I sac’ off Jet at this point? I think so I think I sac’ off Jet which somehow I live He’s still faster. How is Drapion at -1 Speed faster than Jet? Like, I don’t understand that in the slightest That doesn’t really make sense to me, but- He crits every time anyway, Fidget He has 100% crit on this Yeah, he might be Scarfed, dude Scarf Wicked Blow, because like he shouldn’t be faster than me So, that’s fine. I can live a Wicked Blow We know this, ’cause I lived it last time And, then his last I think is Accelgor So, it’s, it’s basically Aegislash for Accelgor I think Aegislash can win this I think we can actually win this right now I’m gonna Protect I want to see what he has There’s no really- I don’t think he’s gonna set up So, I don’t think- Yea. He’s gonna Bug Buzz. Okay So, I’m going to Muddy Water So, it comes down to this Like, can I live one hit with Aegislash right now and go for the Iron Head? He’s got Energy Ball I think we’re good, guys I think we beat Koga Yeah. We got it I knew I could beat it, dude I knew I could. I just needed to time that right switch We’re good now Because that Iron Head plus Shadow Sneak should, should finish him off Didn’t even need it, baby! Put in the books!

Another gym down Koga goes down everybody. Crushing it Now that you have the Soul Badge, you can Surf outside of battle. Take this too Here’s TM36 Sludge Bomb, baby And, that’s it But, that is that man Our team of warriors has taken down another gym First try, baby! First try That wasn’t the first try but still pretty epic nonetheless So, big shout-outs there Aegislash continues to be MVP But, we’ve got some great stuff going on man I mean seriously, our team is looking super cool Really excited to see what happens next on Radical Red If you guys enjoyed this episode, hit that Like button on YouTube afterwards. Show some love Subscribe to the channel if you guys are new And, we’ll see you guys on the next one Who’s our next gym leader? It’s- Is it Blaine? Are we, are we down to just the final two? Is it- It is Blaine, isn’t it? Yeah. Blaine is next bro Okay. So, Nimbus might actually be worth digging up A couple of our ‘Mons are good against Blaine as well, and we’re gonna want to get a Stealth Rocker So, I think we’re, we’re setting ourselves up to take on Blaine next So, that’s pretty hype guys Thank you guys again for watching. I’ll see you guys the next one. Peace! If you guys enjoyed this video, definitely check out this one. Otherwise, this one’s not too bad either Check out one of my two videos or I’m gonna do something really, really bad The truth is I couldn’t think of anything to say, so have a nice day


Let's Play Pokemon Resolute Part 7 – Gameplay Walkthrough

all right what’s up dudes and welcome at a smokin resolute version the last was sewed we made our way to this town right here we bout the those all rock with a sword and boots because it’s not weird at all and we found Elijah who is actually going to take us to the carmine Isle which is on the ferry which should be south of here I think it was sunken let’s run away from that bad boy it’s gonna make her way to the ferry first and we’re gonna be joined by the third gym leader who was a pretty pretty chill guy or why does Peter do so much REO was so good star now he just kind of sucks might actually take him off the teams he doing so bad let’s switch him to pass and get that lovely mud shot there we go so I like to see don’t know why everybody’s been sucking ass so much me because he needs to evolve but hidden item in lime here we go no why is that no hidden item sucks oh god can’t make it fruit little gap too hard that’s about this fat guy who you seem to have some rare pokémon please show me your best Pokemon no you can see my worst Pokemon kick this guy’s ass oh here’s a proper gentleman isn’t he aha a little chain oh this guy is going hard okay let’s crush up that bad boy that very fine one slow rock slide okay sick that’s not bad at all jockey on we can stay and I guess and get four rocks no works like when you do too much other switching over bears I really thought you might be over like a fun move then I was gonna fund a lightning move Electric move electric Wonder Lightning Electric all the same thing really and crew guns got from mud shot again one more should do it I love my shot that little air speed decreases super nice go wait sir no one wants to talk to you anymore young man are you vote see I believe so I am sir Vitya the original Governor Asylum and you must be trying to stop team raj correct this guy’s kind of scary you need to push yourself do that so I do need to do this but you did well I’ll give you this as an or as a reward that’s surf here Ostara for this move your token will be able to help you push the big boulders within your way aside I hope that hey Chen will be useful for you okay I shall leave now I must keep on dealing with that affairs of this region so I’m tells me he’s not good guy just cuz the music but I live not bad well okay we’re gonna switch in the room I just run away doing a fight that bad boy 20 years ago I started with free taro again now we became stronger together didn’t have hitmonchan hitmontop him only I’m really super disappointed just saying it’s gonna ratchet hey miss that’s always nice and then a sigh be Mia full restore oh come on dude no reason to use that and you should have a hitmontop now be super nice nice and easy lovely sobbing that Fox can be quite useful this LP I think ah slob is necessary for Trina to battle to make Pokemon stronger for by fighting too many trainers in this game now let’s switch into what pass get that mud shot come on don’t hit me with a physical moon that’d be great cipher II okay let’s go for ratchet now Swords Dance is a little bit scary no girl I am pretty asleep I can help speed you good stuff I’m Augusta and you woke up sweet now right you work in a good group bears oh my voice gonna go keep saying that every time come on we can kick his ass good stuff oh my god hot bow in a beautiful way look honey should I kid what we practice for too many trainers credit chop for love let’s switch to our female porky man’s but the confusion off that’s always good get yourself put on a vampire you can’t do anything your sailor pony oh my god I value 1 hit ko tax will you spy from my attack will see my life looks like odd dammit that’s

not one hit care attack or technically him in one hit kill me one here is still I’m a low weakness to fire and this team is realized how much I can do against this thing oh my god come on Keyblade you can do it no you can’t what can we ask me this thing no we can’t I think we could be V should do it for the sleep and then I’m gonna sneeze again I’m yeah oh god don’t hay fever you suck everyone left the house today seriously oh god how this happens Alex seed dragon pulse and make draining get some HP back we should be good almost full health I’m going to use all dammit nom nom the one – this gonna run away then I’m gonna use some items use that revive we’re gonna pass he’s too good you buy some super potions later take some of these berries what’s the gist Barrett every using that give another one too superior ah dammit I’m gonna know my soul here that’s the source of my ideas should Augusta get mine in a bit more Dragon pulse critical hit good stuff ah 70 train about hey let’s get rocking together all right you sing the song now run away oh damn my stuff destroyed o’clock complaining kill me very good made it very good on my HP back please that student Magnum Magnum boy overclock volt optic for me damn is a 40 now it’s not bad what is up here nothing sir do not turn around damn it I travel I hike I do everything which ventures a venture is do I’m glad I’m gonna fight you now coz you’re nice and easy like a dream everything down the little i42 now they’re really getting stronger a fun city end a little bit training get rid of that stupid cleft cakes it’ll do much anymore it kind of sucks I’m gonna bring back in malamar he’s really good we got a psychic-type we got put a dark-type oh my dad mom we’re doing yeah rental access for babies a bit training though never hurts it’s good ways house is Savannah end of a free Pokemon I’m very lucky I found a shiny rotten oh my god can I have it ah damn it should I make one I have any but I have Sameer autumn you know I a bit more oh my god can I have one yes oh we go right I’m like I’m having that instead Rotom rotten Maya’s got rotten some I don’t know if that’s right you’re a match to any shiny pokemon they’re very rare and have them be different color from those normal Pokemon if you say either way like Road Tom or rot um I will say bottom okay let’s put this bad boy on our team of five on man it’s fine it’s fine I trained them up a little bit and we have some fun times maybe tip nothing in there that kind of sucks you deceive me game always buy some items over here super potions I’ll buy 21 because I can revives I will buy nine because that’s all the money I can afford good stuff anything else to do houses give me free stuff or coffee is said to be a kind of mystery and much cool drinking but of course you can’t buy one from vending machines version of your dream card is for children and children are not allowed to drink coffee that’s a pity that you can’t share the same feeling as mine I’m feeling good after I had one cup of coffee the one just dude coffee anyway coffee sucks yeah actually really hate coffee tastes horrible this is a music can clean your

mind and make your soul pure if everyone would like to listen to music there will be no wars of arguments exists and I don’t copy now and then but I need to wake me up and I hate the taste of it Coffee is very very bad it was a gym here that’s good hey dear were you looking for free stuff Obama is outstanding he believed that he is having the University made imagine PD ptew of you Nova cool it’s pretty legit god this place is huge new one free thing I’ll move Thalia you know where he is maybe poking with flies I’m going to fly iconic I’m four-player honored me a nickname reknit name bottom was an item down there well we got booked a sponge cool bike man can a free bike a coke ghormach bike that’s always handy okay Jim is this Leroy alright let’s do this Leroy Jenkins he’s good in there the trainer made a steal alright so should be pretty easy um as the ferry we have a let him go to the gym first I can my feel a little bit training but oh what see you again well I believe that you have known that I’ve become the king of tea mirage and to make myself strong I decide to travel all over the region and and all the eight badges just like you I just got a badge of this gym how about you you become stronger yet alright boss music oh I love that little er whoa glitch there all right you are for pokey man’s as cool off you got and the net rogue a 42 oh my god I love your little bear training given the level 40-ish because we are slacking well you’re slacking the level gap just jumps so much okay one more mud shot out you withdrew it Excel go okay let’s go into ratchet and look at her flame wheel oh Jesus yes get for the confusion we kill that bad boy manectric get back into bars and we’re mud shot it no more flinching for you nine tails go for it taking have a mug shot dark pulse Wow oh my god come on come on I’ll spit out speed I’ll speed it yes no relived it no odd song fair but we can finish up a quick attack hopefully were evolved after this it’s pretty important battle I mean I love all if I win out of all five portland’s for this bow I’ll actually see you’re gonna jump up cool ouch the eyes out speeds everything Jesus like mist awesome it’s got actually really good moveset long Ally now speed boosts I can’t have speed it’s gonna bounce everything I literally cannot kill this thing I’m gonna survive a bounce maybe about now I use a steel knife she normally attack me I’m gonna for revive because I don’t I’m gonna go for a sigh because I live it yes ah haha critical hit in your face woah that’s tough this make me angry on the Hulk still don’t know Wow oh by the way I heard that you have now you I heard that you’ve known our plans hours plan in carmine Isle correct if so I’ll tell you that to keep you to go to come and I’ll but never think that it good for you to stop us ha must go now okay let’s heal up and then we will take on the 4th Jim before we actually have to carmine I’ll because that extra training yo is always nice Oh at the way there we go let’s do this steel type should be pretty easy boy this must be your fourth Jim challenge haha cool they neither here are still type train it’s not easy to break his defense unless you have fighting type of fire type or have both so it’s always pretty handy Oh whoa Cloris nah that’s pretty cool ouch that’s kind of scary a little bit

I’m just going to this and then we will make a drain lucario a/c evolved into that please I beg you ouch Alyssa mist let’s heal up again because lots of damage this looks like the if Jim up a little bit redesigned steelix a flame wheel better does anything awesome come on kill it will kill him come on do it there you go elf a700 why why do you hate me why do you hate me I’ll show you nothing but love or pointy ass pretty cool we’re gonna go to ratchet again not the best idea consider it dark type as well but you know stuff happens no for not bad Oh God do you bid a wrong switch you may not be able to escape from me Blair the ninja boy or a mean ninja boy sounds pretty cool come on flinch yes whoa don’t flinch is scarce will come in one HIPAA as dammit course you would ouch this gym is gonna be really tough and after a little bit of training but we see how it goes if a stupids are doesn’t make me lucario well so if we early would evolve then yeah be really easy to be strong enough to go for like crow chop everything but know who was there there you go hi Pony Osprey cool I’m gonna quickly go ahead and heal up I think because we got our asses handed to us a little bit you mean Nurse Joy thank you bye I guess we’re not there Oh switches not all true though lunch lunch Oh miss Aleeah all the ninjas boys have the same Pokemon I think klefki would stay and flame wheel again and one more time she do it oh my god never say that’s annoying almost dad awesome cocky that’s not good don’t miss oh god source dance that’s never good I’ll speed it out speed it yes yes there we go do not mess with bass it’s too good oh god run away so hit the switch again we did before which was this one so d been hit I want to fight this dude I wanna fly more good XP I think it’s going to pass like good for some cheap bushings revive ratchet ok cool now just flame wheel everything that’s kind of annoying XP yo keep god damnit oh my god these gym guys are pretty hard I will get you to Lucario soon Oh Pursuit you got them does it affect you’ve got damage you forget in me heal up after this so the right sides

all dug through the left side ever spikes my friend go for it be taking your HP and I’ll be giving it to my superior ok cool right side is all done let’s leave this place heal up then we can come back other way fatty and need to be healed thank you nurse joy by Nurse Joy Hey Oh left side first witch angle fires dude so rock slide oh my god her back in the Jake saw myself a nine bit of ol sue I mean serious god dammit pursuit every time there’s a second time you’ve got me now and then I’m gonna revive him in a second after we kill this bad boy oh my god let’s go next Trina what how do you get here this gym is for strong trainers to challenge not for you cool I don’t know why steady man I know it’s a new psychic I’m noticing your psychic no no scary face whoa it’s too scary too scary for you oh my god I see monoi in there you go little forty let’s revive and heal up again because death is bad so me I’ll rock you with the salmon meadow I know we don’t have to actually do the rest of the trainer’s now if you just go by the gym leader but xpx being boys going on then we can head out giant buzzer noise but some like something outsiders I mean I’m mowing the lawn well they got big bushes and I think the burn the bushes which is great cuz I have hay fever and the pollens gonna go everywhere I’m gonna get sick again just my er no rage stupid people so inconsiderate ah and I’m gonna get sick always fun or I’m fing liver sick now but ah screw you people full heal and we get sick push it up subdued excuse me could you please show me the source of your confidence yep it’s non-existent hey clean wheel back in the Jake oh my god like a tad superior neck drain big seed little bit too much damage for my like in too much damage that’s finally he protected look at that Luke see damage well good giveaway let’s revive you all the S which is now done so I can want to fight the more ninjaboys there you go rockslide demos can we get the flinch thing again that flinch klefki stay in because we’re not pursuing me again because it’s really annoying now we can switch and then switch back and flame wheel good stuff switch into vvx I need to heal up ratchet flame wheel up coming on to klefki cannot switch because it pursuit me if you do anyway we’re going to superior should make a drain first i well okay little boy come on Bobby long ago damn it alright what do you not want to evolve okay we’re ready to take on the Jimmy now so I’m gonna quickly Hill up and then we should be ready to kick his ass unfortunately we still in ávila Koryo why do you not love me I love you riolu I love you buddy you to join my team

please I want you to evolve hey you you reach this fine you want to battle my dad no no I’ll let me let you go okay Wow does the killer bow like 10 times here cool I miss the rock slide that’s always good Oh critical hit oh I want you cover a rock slide house but anyway why am I so stupid ah that’s fine revive him on the XP Oh stay in being rule that bad boy switch in and switch back out and spikes a little bit damaged that’s not good he’s another boy too darn it we all couldn’t he’ll die should we just quickly do this let’s go sort of that kid he’s my naughty son must have made so much trouble to you I’m sorry I’m gonna introduce myself I’m Leroy a gym leader this city are you still type Pokemon you know still type Pokemon I’m not easy to be hurt but they can’t protect themselves from fire okay let’s battle after all it’s extremely the duty to test out challenges power thanks for telling me your weakness you silly gym leader not that I didn’t know already but still it’s got its badass cool so we got a switch our strode away into rechak that’s like it’s gonna come in and go for flame wheel no I didn’t finish off I got the burn that’s always nice steel eggs and we’re switching to Vivi or Jake sorry and then a little 44 damn I might have to not Jesus Christ critical hit mega drain my leech seed mist leech seed hit yourself in confusion nice MacGregor’s HP back ouch always nice okay back to Jake let’s try to this thing out cried shut up god damn it as I bought your point chin training Jake anymore he just dies on one hand it’s really annoying it’s got a gust so I can really hard goddamnit first I’m weak didn’t kill it with that I kind of noise me Oh pushing up or critical hit no don’t use to aah in your face Magneton boom that’s absolutely fine curse superiors god this I’m a dragon pulse he had this with a dragon course now he’s got it oh and that is four gyms defeated we have four badges as a leader I must admit you’re winning right now yes that means you deserved my badge winning right now you mean I won got a medal badge that’s that’s medal badge with that badge you can come closer to the gate of Cylon League and take this away metal claw steel wing cool thanks for the battle bro time for me to leave and we can head to the c’mon Isle which we will do next time so thanks for watching Pete


Let's Play Pokémon Colosseum #01 [Cheat] [Deutsch] [HD] – Ein 17-jähriger Trainer

hallo leute willkommen zu einem neuen projekt und zwar spielen via pokemon kolosseum mit schied natürlich drücken wir mal statt dadurch machen jetzt ein neues spiel na ja da habe ich schon einen spielen machen wir ja ja ja wir nennen uns dann mal wie pokémon perl smaragd und auch bei zelda twilight princess enrico ich glaube canyon eine explosion dieser charakter den ich spiele bin ja ich das nachteil ich bastian wow er kann motorradfahren naja hockey ist er 17 und schwupps sind wir weg ok hier werden wir dann mal ok immer daran wer sind diese typen oh mann ich bin pop satt und nach getaner arbeit schmeckt es gleich nochmal einmal so noch einmal so gut wir haben aber auch eine ziemlich fette beute an land gezogen was ich schätze das wird dieses mal ordentlich verspringen lassen und zwar nicht zu knapp was für ein tag ich frag mich wo die wohlfahrt gehen wir mal zum wüsten war hier drin darauf die nachricht wie heute offiziell bekannt wurde handelt es sich bei dem mysteriösen komplex der vom käufer der vor kurzem im canyon bei einer explosion zerstört wurde um das versteck vom team von einer bande von pokémon blieben nach der bereits seit längerem polizeilich gefahndet wird erst der explosion brachte werden standort des verstecks am tageslicht allerdings hatten die verbrecher ihrem unterschlupf bereits verlassen es wird zeit untersucht es wird zurzeit untersucht wie es zu dieser lösung gekommen ist wir halten sie auch weiterhin auf dem laufenden ok klima denn hier was da wohl los gewesen sein mag wenn dein versteckt in die luft geht hast du das hast du als gangster schlechte karten ich tue nichts böses deshalb geht bei mir auch nichts in die luft h ich hab’s drauf dieses thema hat sich einfach fremde pokémon dieses team hat das sich einfach fremde pokémon kalt ist wirklich eine schande es war fast zu schön um wahr zu sein wenn diese band und nach der explosion endgültig zuschlagen mehr du bist doch auch ein fachmann trennen oder ja schon klar ich habe einen blick für so etwas und du hast diesen glanz in den augen ich wette du hast auch ganz verfahren pokémon vielleicht ergibt sich ja mal eine gelegenheit für einen kampf aber

schätze gegen mich hast du nicht die spur einer chance hallo ich habe ich ja das habe ich ja noch nie gesehen auf eine durch auf der durchreise was egal weil kommst du und wohin gehst und wohin du gehst wurde ich erst mal ein wenig aus gehen wir mal raus vielleicht kommt er oder kommt er im moment einfach kommst mir nicht davon ich heiße willi und nicht sehr gleicht und nicht sehr gleich dass man mit der gut kämpfen kann du siehst vielleicht wie ein gewöhnlicher reisende aus da kommt schon lasst uns eine runde riskieren ja natürlich ja ich hab’s doch gleich gewusst also los hier geht’s lang das spiel aber das game cube hh jetzt wird es gibt es los kommt schon vollgas um ruhm und wir als gebe ich gas eine herausforderung von bulk abily 6 2 x naja sehr schön dass wir schützen gold und/oder sich viel kaffee 48 gewonnen mach da bis zu 264 aber konfusion zu sechs im ersten stock und schon ist besiegt naja von pokémon smaragd bis nach barra erfasst schreibt soll das wird schon so ich hab’s ja da fängt dann konfusion sein behalten sie 66 wurde physik gut 23 die beiden pokémon besiegt ich habe gewonnen viele besiegte wir bei carolina verloren da muss ich wollte noch etwas mehr trainieren sondern fast spucke dollar alle achtung du bist ziemlich stark respekt respekt vielleicht solltest du mal nach fehler fehler geben westlich von mir da gibt es auch wirklich gar keine trainings mit denen sollst du mit den kämpfen ok das war die wüsten war jetzt zur 4 nach toruns yanar die weiterentwicklung von solid das ist also viel ab diese gauner hey was machst du du setzt so salz festhalten man das sagst du so leicht da sagst du so einfach aber die hält mich stellen wie soll man denn da fest hatten fehler drastisch splash princeton dauert auch nicht mehr lernen hilfe ich selbst weiß ich es nicht heraus mist der kreml hat sich gelöst have to halt gefälligst die klappe hat er daten liefert all hatte keiner da etwa an dem angehört wenn er sie mehr klein ich bin 17 wenn du alles mitbekommen hast bleibt unser karneval bandkollege festerling formel 2 x nach warum für ein haus

als ok power zwiesel sounds bis so erstes modell konfusion zweiter brummel naja das ist normal hoch gewonnen normal pokémon ein volltreffer hallo 181 bis besiegt wurde besiegt alle achtung wir würden uns schon 874 aber auch punkte für nach kanada und spieler besiegt sinsheim du hast ja doch was auf den kasten wenn mit meinem formel fertig wird muss ein besonderer trainer sein aber das ist nicht im ziel gab es doch was ist hier los was geht dir vor sich hertreiben plätze wir sind doch keine keine röber wir sind kidnapper keine versteckten du vollidiot du regimes nach um kopf und kragen und du freust dich zu früh klar wie sehr uns wieder und dann zeigen wir wieder und dann pokémon was eine echte harke ist oh je ich glaube dass steckt jemand drin das fest verknotet was wird das nur für kerle wie so etwas machen der sand ist mit einem strick fest zugebunden kunden nur lösen ja in rico zieht an dem fest knoten strikt lang so langsam öffnet löst sich der knoten enrico ist in strick mit dem würfel sack verschlossen war es ein mädchen gott sei dank endlich frei aber so bin ich vor haben die diese keller misch hingebracht wir sind ein wenig cash der stadt der was wasserblauen köln und dieser junge mann hat dich aus dem händen der gangster befreit ja das stimmt und wie er gekämpft hat das war s klasse schade dass du das nicht gesehen konntest acht tatsächlich danke aber fair’ bist eigentlich heißen rego ach du bist also ein rico mein name ist jetzt müssen wir das mädchen einen namen geben ich nenne es ich weiß nicht was ich mir im saal lena ja ich heiße elena schön dich kennenzulernen die beiden haben mich in einer nachbarstadt überwältig und gefangen dies kann haben nicht zufällig ein sagen wir ungewöhnliches pokémon gesetzt oder was ein ungewöhnliches pokémon ein ungewöhnliches pokemon nein die pokémon ganz normal aber was genau meinst du das was an aber was du ein was aber was genau meinst du eigentlich mit ungewöhnlich naja ist nicht so wichtig nur frag doch aus einem bestimmten grund oder vielleicht hättest du dich einmal mit dem bürgermeister unserer stadt treffen er ist sehr zuvorkommend und kann er bestimmt irgendwie helfen dass bürgermeister aus findest du gleich links links wenn du die tra bender dem schwimmen hoch steigst der bürgermeister ja gute idee der bagger ist bestimmt etwas sagt mein rico es ist vielleicht ein wenig unverschämt aber kennen ich kenne sonst niemanden an dem ich mich retten könnte kann ich dich vielleicht

für eine weile begleiten natürlich kannst du auch elena dank in rico ich wusste genau dass du das sagen würdest du bei mir bist dann können diese dies ruhig kommt in rico wir werden bestimmt ein tolles team denkst du nicht natürlich wieder schließt sich die ran ok das ist erstmal die pokemon hallen also nach toruns diana naja pokémon rubin saphir und smaragd remake also dieses musik dass du sollte er das kann man kann man sich das nicht naja war das sonst immer wieder ist das passiert immer wieder ok okay wir mal zum bürgermeister also um dieses spiel geht also also ich weiß nur dass sie spielt um dem klub toll trieben carl geht wer ist dieser kerl also der große anteil auf reisen nicht wahr mir scheint du hast auch diesen spitzen black ich denke dieser blick gefällt mir hätte ich habe das unbestimmte gefühl dass wir uns wieder begegnen irgendwo irgendwann okay wir gehen rein oder bürgermeister ihr müsst 3com infina mann mit maske und ich bin der bürgermeister dieser stadt wir wollen mit gewalt nicht pushen wetter angelegenheit also wie kann ich eine hübsche junge dame glücklich sein ich habe wer etwas gesehen du hast also etwas gesehen und was hast du gesehen ein seltsames pokémon oder ein mann mit einer dunklen halle ein pokémon gesehen dass das war eine echte kampfmaschine und dieses pokémon grabs auch menschen an was unfassbar ein pokemon wie eine kampfmaschine dass auch menschen attackiert wenn das wahr wäre wäre das ein schrecklicher skandal allein es fällt mir etwas schwer auf das zu glauben aber es ist wahr wir müssen wir im glauben herr bürgermeister ich habe dieses pokémon gesehen und deshalb haben die gangster geübt wir haben die gangster gewidmet sie hat wirklich bist eben in ihre gewalt ich verstehe nun gut ich werde unverzüglich eine untersuchung anordnen wirklich danke herr bürgermeister danke aber nein nichts zu danken wörtlich kommunen muss ich aber muss man einhalt gebieten vor allem dann wenn sie so hübschen jungen damen hinweg bedrängnis bringen gib mir nur ein wenig zeit und ich werde bestimmt einige nützliche informationen sammeln können und auch einfach du siehst du siehst mir auch aus wie ein pokémon trainer du sollst du sagtest du auf jeden fall einen weg auf der stadion von finet werfen das ist der ganze stolz und brücken statt wirklich an press bis stark wie es sich für unsere blaue wasser metropole gehört ok danke herr bürgermeister auf zum stadion das ist das ein bummel auf das ist nicht im netz gesehen habe

willkommen in spanien hier können sich kam er nach teilnehmer an dem turnier inspirieren lassen man ist die registrierung der teilnehmer teilnehmer an aktuellen turnier bereits abgeschlossen also bitte bis zum nächsten turnier schade dann gehen wir hier raus hallo enrico haben wir dich endlich gefunden doom ii sa kleiner verräter nicht nur unser versteck in die luft zu jagen sondern auch noch die k maschine mitgehen zu lassen was wirklich nerven was sind das für typen was die sind top team krahl und warnen sie dich verräter in rico so lasset trifft den nagel auf den kopf kleine der kerl hat der keller gehört zum team kral genau wie wir aber er ist kein gewöhnliches mitglied wenn er bei twitter teilte sie sich auf jeden fall erst die beste kralle ganzen team krall das glaube ich nicht oder enrico stimmte sap an ja das ist ja sowas sind starkes stück sein rico und jetzt rückt die kamera heraus wie du mir unter den nagel gerissen last time machine enrico hast du etwas tatsächlich sollen schreckliche maschine ja wer harry kramer china hat muss noch muss nur an einem ganzen ganz normalen pokal bei sich haben ich schmeiße tabelle und will dabei wird durch die maschine sofort zum treiber mit dem er sich jedes pokémon kann kann also fangen egal wo und dann loses mundwerk denn das geht gar nix an so ist es also enrico dal pozzo von diesen tricks gehabt oder tricks bestien freak und wenn du die maschine raus dann holen wir sie und sehen dann müsst ihr gang stecken das machen wir den kreis motors capcoms lagern zwar hat er die schwächen nach tara und jana wer zutritt scorsese rabanne es ist schon besiegt hallo da 328 punkte für nacht tot sondern 97 zum gipfel nach diana und java erreicht habe 26 geil das war’s real besiegte im hooters nein ich habe versagt ok verflucht enrico denkt ja nicht dass wir was er schon als war die chromatin horn wir uns auf jeden fall zurück enrico ein mittig das kritik geschrieben das team aber das ist schon okay was du früher gemacht hast ist wirklich allen rico schließlich hast du mir egal damit aus dem becken dieser bilder länge gerettet abgesehen davon wie diese tricks haben mich auf eine idee gebracht lasst uns in dem schacht gehen und poker bälle kaufen das machen wir nächsten part das machen wir auf jeden fall nächsten

park das 1 4 mio bormio ok pokémon und lampard bänden die nehmen wir speichern so sichern den spielstand speichern spielen wurde gespeichert so leute das war part 1 von pokémon kolosseum bitte abonnieren kommentieren und bewerten bis 19 und schau


Team Rocket Challenge – Episode 9: WhAt R th0sE?!!

um what exactly is this this is no 3d what what um what game is this yeah I don’t really recommend I don’t know what this game is I’m just kidding welcome back to my team rocket challenger our team rocket challenge is actually saving it’s not mine it’s our team rocket challenge and yeah we’re back with part 9 i know i have an upload team rocket challenging about I’m two months or three months now but we’re back with Team Rocket challenge as I cannot really continue my book when I walk through right now that is explained Aimable my walkthrough part 12 um in case you do not watch that right now I can’t really continue because um I the website using right now for the bios and stuff is currently not up hasn’t updated for a long time so I’m waiting until they’ve updated and then once they’ve updated i’ll be continuing my poke my walkthrough anyway welcome back to part 9 of my team rocket challenge um it’s been a long time i totally wreck i don’t even know what team i have anymore let’s just check here we’ve got will loquillo of a lap dance the laparoscope bald backs to you and shika the electrons yeah I’m pretty sure we lost a Pokemon in last episode but let’s check out hona gym badges we have oh we got four okay not bad wait for more and then when we were able to battle of me for if we get that far anyway it’s been summer autumn um oh it’s autumn okay so only missed one season then so I guess it’s been a month since we last played to mock challenge ok so is good um ok so we’ve already beaten the form gym leader so i’m assuming where they go on to route 16 over here I don’t really know but I’m assuming way to go talk to you first because well on we have 20 yank enemy yet no I don’t like musicals Oh My Lord Jesus Christ hello wyd I don’t even get this i’m gonna skip this she was back ok well she’s done blabbing about her skirts and glamorous cases and all that jazz yes that’s something I’ve never really been interested in um I but one white and one black and pull them black to you but one white you I’d never really been really interested in that but nonetheless um this is a musical okay then we will for sure be going there um not really actually I don’t worry Edward I don’t like musicals at all so let’s get out of this joint let’s pull this but actually no wait I believe there’s a trainer in here that gives you TM why don’t you give you that Yeah right there TM putting on echoed voice and i don’t think i’ll be using echoed voice um but i might who knows and that’s a promise areas all I know oh boy daddy what are you doing here I’ve come to get back home of you of course you want to tell me that you’ve been all the way over here haven’t you gone far enough no way I’m gonna keep travelling up Jake on my Pokemon absolutely not others do things their way we do things ours is that so then how about you do things your oh snap she’s got some sass in her pants I’d only things mine so you keep child going on your travels um who is this hey it’s Alisa hey who do you think your are is a family matter my name is Alisa I miss Townsend leader I’m also happen to be a model old I am you know there are many pilas world there below is those thing he may be completely different yours sometimes means you get me Nick you may get hurt of course that’s exactly your days because I’m worried about that but it’s important to keep trying to learn about the difference between your health and others to learn what being different is okay oh wow they are teaching us here some valuable lessons in Pokemon surprisingly yeah and you shouldn’t worry China’s always have pokemon either side pokeman are wonderful isn’t only how cute they can be but also how much you can depend on them please I know there’s gonna be painful stuff like you’re worrying about I know really I get it but like listen there will be tons of nice people to you now no one else since I’ve been traveling the Pokemon I’ve re gotten tougher I control the town don’t please hmm i guess if could you want you even

to your journey itself us on your part when you stopped you is selfless of mine i’m surprised to find them on being child to my age this is somewheres compliment help me wake up Bianca I’m sorry I’m sir it’s better that you take the path you want to take now I hope you attending will be fun bon voyage Jake please take care of mother girl okay well I can make you no promises but I’m sure I’ll take care of her I winky face I’m sorry Jake all the way open route 50 yeah you go do that ELISA or Eliza I don’t really know anything your name’s Eliza but I then preacher named ELISA and yeah I think that’s enough for our stopping music right now let’s go on Route five cuz we’re done here like honestly word is done here there’s some wow I guess pastillas make you gassy warm up for me does it’s November 30th yeah what is this huh what okay then I guess has nothing else as an error no graphical glitch 8th route 50 boy and we’re battling champ Jake stop he’s got the ball bats I put the ball fetch lust as we just all you don’t mean this time we’re gonna win yeah and your wildest dreams Bob your name is still Bob that is interesting Giroux be I wanna destroy your child with a flame little right here look at that destroyed XO destroy as well so I’m guessing you’re really grass-type Oh Diane that did a bait stay in here because well i think i can take out Lucas yeah you definitely grass-type being going on ah what the hell’s stupid stupid chair and put me to sleep why can’t I beat you well um I’m Jake and you’re Bob I’m so uh yeah yeah that’s how that works oh why it was an elisa on festivals grand life should be enjoyed who is this man um this is only you know which am delivering champion champion playing with the champion be scooping off the place like this i heard that our market quite a judgmental young person are you not my name is older I mean of Apple makes champion pleased to make your acquaintance please ray see I’m not goofing off I want a voyage so in other words you’re goofing off on your voyage yeah yeah I know every corner of you Nova mmm I’m chairing flinging over town you know but no vemma town my goals trainer is to become the champion mmm telling the goal of mine is compatible thing and what you punt up do you have to to jump champion what else there other than serving to become stronger this song with trainer that’s a champion mmm think I’m striving to become a strong when you say is that alone enough of a goal hmm good Mike Quagsire for Michigan’s makes gates infinity sir like honestly you’re saying more rooms then Craig star is it’s not that I’m trying to say your way of thinking is wrong even my child’s I’ve help i need people learn to love Pope and I think that’s important to you play without Schiller and you might game work of an understanding with you all you have pokemon of these two hey you two come here for a moment yeah yeah that’s that’s a great idea to destroying two little boys or a girl and I’m boys dreams of becoming Pope I’m mattress by destroying them and what themed we have going on here cuz Magnemite is a steel-type and b2 phasing normal types I don’t think we think it’s that type combination or whatever let’s um destroy why you’ve got study at four since when okay you’re gonna kill it right don’t care honestly I’m not in there you do that don’t not just go ad thank you execute or thank you thinking man I put woman’s don’t kill Ellen yes yes your program ways when you cute not really but okay yeah um yeah yeah its role yes thank you let’s roll away from this joint um and chant you’re not healing me up well that is wonderful do I even have a paralyzed heel on me cuz I don’t think like you but let’s check here nope um eine by some items action so she has back miss well I bought some items so super potion and two repels because I know how annoying it is to

actually run into wall Pokemon yeah so let us go on over here because there are a few changes by linking a few items together at Isis great ball right there and there’s this backpacker on right here this bag bag big bag I just read bag twice over something you have a train cool so I’m assuming this area’s I got grass type air and nut grass what the hell says when is tranquil a grass type my bad my headphones are flying everywhere here because while they’re tangled in my shirt almost a short sir for a second I’m yeah I don’t get help never mind i let sealable here i think i think i needed train up mmm do I their experience share on me I do actually Oh case give it a chica right there and um yeah put cobalt enough fun actually well I think cobos of also 30 maybe I’m not reasonable to your 40 so I never mind as you know that there’s background right here and what do you have backpacker let’s see what you have look Danny okay lets you do chop on you what what you almost killed me there son um flame wheel you I do not kill me please like I swear to God like in the kill me oh yeah baby dragon glog okay so i think i’m actually the train up next episode because well um we’re kind of getting under level two your like for real for realsies um yeah and this I might use a revived useless item in Anna’s look um actually no i don’t know how cuz i was watching my friend pd Wendell’s Team Rocket challenge because I like I said in the first episode in second episode that I got this idea from pd window and he actually had he’s actually doing it and while I was watching it he’s a she he revived one of his pokemon and I’m just like why how you hear you’re a lot of reviving poke one than a team locker challenge this way and then someone the commons replied to me um and he’s like yeah the key market challenge he can revive your Pokemon I’m like what I never knew this but i don’t think i’ll be playing with those rules in my team rocket challenge because I not only thing I put this in my rules so I can only do that um but yeah i just don’t think i’ll be doing that unless you guys are like oh yeah if I’m everyone die you’re like yeah you can do that um yeah yeah but yeah I don’t think over there right now unless you guys will meet you hey lectric guitar yeah we won’t be going to that place yeah okay um you do that though clown so lets out you feeling Daniel okay we got a hammer curl right here and you’re going to pursuit that isn’t do to me because well I am oh I am is or what oh I could have caught someone in this route okay um but as too late hey I can catch someone in this grassy area cuz I haven’t actually ooh carvanha okay I I’m up for that I’m up for that totally up for that um let’s each fall swipe here shoot shoot shoot okay and you frozen okay Ellie’s you’ve got a decent new pool like ice fang that’s actually good okay Thank You carbon we got a curve on on this hmm you know what I have a good name for you a really good name for you um f you gotta have lower cases though cuz otherwise you look like a fool and for all those cool cats out there I’m not gonna put s NN we put Z because or yeah zed zee i’m canadian so yeah but yeah thnkx that’s that’s a pretty cool nickname is it not it is indeed except i don’t think i’ll be using things right now because um well i just don’t think i’ll be using it now i’m gonna okay so I’m all healed up we can out battle this later over here the bread lady I solrock um that’s not a good idea actually cuz soul rock is pretty super fight against lappers see you see this only disadvantage of having a Lapras that all having lappers because lat vs water ice type stop stop um

another thing is that wrong type moves are pretty super fight against it and that’s not good actually okay I could take that like no problemo and we’re defeated we’ve defeated you sweet okay um I got to say taking us quite a while to actually finish up around five like diam last not least is you i believe is old man Oh help a toast one of my favorite Pokemon actually have that my pokemon black walks like I think I don’t know I haven’t played these games I know I haven’t played but one black for at least three months now which is kind of disappointment because well it’s an awesome game and I out of love finishing I came anyway here we are this way and what is this way you may ask now contact him mm-hmm it’s me ELISA please over the drawbridge I have a couple of trainers who want to challenge you okay thanks now watch this yeah look at that awesome scenery right there uh in my opinion when I first played black and white when I saw his arms like oh my gawd that is one awesome scenery and I think I’m just my pants after that that is not good but okay yeah anyway yeah you are a trainer I am a trainer actually we’re Team Rocket grunts but uh we’re we’re still trainers in a way and on this draw but you can actually find yourself some doclets and I’m actually thinking of caching I doclet because we’re doing a flying-type pokemon because right now you don’t have one unfortunately yeah so we’ll fit four foot without 38 further ado I’m trying to find one yeah here we go what is this duck is a duck excuse me how the hell does a scraggy pop out of the sky what um ok well this craggy is also good there we go we caught scraggy um i would have liked a flying-type pokémon though but uh scraggy always works yep your name is gonna be sir bump yes I don’t know why Sir pumps a lot out of like surf bumps a lot but uh is that fit yeah now you know what hmm yeah mmm bumps what no yes bumps serve bumps uh the reason I don’t really know it when I when I caught this some like mmm pretty good name pretty good nickname for him there we go we’ve got served bumps right there um yeah I don’t ask me for a reason I just kind of named it the first thing that came that came to my mind when I’ve got a pretty weird mind so that’s why yeah that’s why yes go that my mind pretty weird Andy else is that that’s that let’s cross this bridge in fast speed cold storage huh I probably can’t be Nicole charts of cobalt here bridges are amazing yes they are actually pretty amazing Alec bridges ah the charger bridges the nickname of this bridge the question I don’t really no reason why I don’t really know um I want to find out someday though what is going on over here huffing you sure you two triggers early start on him on huh I’m playing gentlemen I’m around these parts don’t be expecting a welcome now because when we go to drive bridge and team a lot of his guys we got done and done accepting all the ruckus what a bonner but real good when you learned yes but our fillet escaped yes she can’t you can’t see whatever you want what else what ports on you showed up in tinting brought my escape it was a little heavy landed but you got to start looking for Team Plasma to get about a challenge don’t ya yes indeed Chanya what God if you find him blah smile like you challenge my gym life all about give and take yes that is that is always what life is about sir no not really but here we are in driffield city and this is actually one of my favorite cities in the game because while the music’s come and I don’t know it looks pretty awesome here in the wintertime actually um but other than that I kind of like it here to be honest know how the hell am I supposed to battle ajith elite forward one I don’t even have eight gym badges like that doesn’t just

it doesn’t work I’m sorry let it heal up here I don’t think it’s necessary though blood is always gonna heal up nonetheless so under fuel city there are a few places to go you can actually catch yourself a Pokemon over here but we don’t even have surf yet but I believe we do have what oh yeah we don’t eat we only get the super rod in this game which actually sucks dick like honestly um yeah it sucks luckily I do you think they raid you did they reintroduce this good rod in the old water and black home like you I’d only remember if they did that or not I’m pretty sure they didn’t do that but it’s whatever um I don’t have a poke know that means unfortunately so you will not be saying Pope one of the move cut today yeah I’m really sorry about that anyway up here we go over here um there is a hiker right here and heba like I didn’t do it um yeah you I don’t what what is this house but I don’t remember what’s going on in here I know I’m black on my to this is like the sages like little hideout church thingy yes the internal link is pretty unique I might go there sometime just to show it off probably not I’ll put it on my pokémon black walk few butter and this this is a nose look I don’t even think I don’t even know why we’re talking the trainer’s here for crying out loud I guess is this because I feel like we’re supposed to meet we’re supposed to find a TM in here or something maybe an H am I just don’t review to call it and you look like you’re important business businessman because you’ve got a suitcase like look at that mmm yes all I’m important thing is I’ve a suitcase mm-hmm well um over here this is a route route 6 yeah this door i was in trying to set her there us is doing a purpose right there jingle city and right here I feel an ultra ball which is actually pretty altar of us for finding an ultra bowl yeah make puns why don’t you Jake anyway enough goofing off your let’s see there is a triple battle over here if you talk to this bike over here he’s gonna be like hey yes um yeah let’s try a triple battle now trouble battle in my opinion is pretty stupid I don’t really like it okay I’m gonna go for cocooning here and you jerk Durant I guess well Durant is I think it’s the rent I don’t know Oh dad barely did anything there yeah o 29 almost evolving here okay so I’m gonna use that yeah okay you’re you’re almost dead there we go now you’re dead and she goes home 24 suite awesome that’s always good and there we go ok so that was chill bottle right there and I believe that our first shuttle battle in the game but right here is like a corner store or a market a farmers market eton college and that disguise that ladies all sold out what Oh muma milk yes except I wanted more than one movie look to be honest I actually want I want a dozen actually no and hey hey you one doesn’t there we go we’ve got it so we’ve got 14 now let’s always get the lumo is always yummy speaking of milk I actually have a craving for milk right now you he gives you the expert belt I believe you put that on the fun type Pokemon and they become extraordinary strong and no do not buy herbs at all if you don’t trying to get an easy or something do not buy herbes and put them on your Pokemon use them on your Pokemon the ease out just destroys your put one’s friendship to be honest right here’s a big pearl and while big pearls are used on there’s only one reason we have fake pearls and games and adds to sell them because well big pearls are pretty useless in this game if you don’t like you asked me and my opinion they’re really useless night I’ve always sold them I don’t really use them at all but over here is the cold storage will they go in here tomorrow because I think when you train up a bit I think I’ll be doing like a montage and tomorrow’s up so picking up door and probably end of it because I know how annoying it is to see a montage to begin the video so yeah anyway I think we’re pretty much done here we there’s a few more houses explore here actually let’s go see what

they have inside of them hey except I think I changed up that in this nuzlocke says randomizer so as to knock a challenge that element of all evolved by training evolved a certain level like I know them much shop um hey shel bel I’m actually about to cobalt anyway like I was saying I think my shop evolves a little 36 know my chocobos 136 into my champ so at least I think so I’m not really sure i’ll have to check that again dad I don’t know I think NASA gives me gas or something because I have I’m having so many couples right here pick up bells the hell hiccups right here let’s give that a COBOL and base for the cella bella does it gives you a pope on a few hit points back don’t even have an minccino sir ma’am guy friend yeah anyway I don’t know what I’m saying anymore I think I don’t know anyway uh yeah yeah the professor did put me on a journey oh this guy yeah I do hey you have to put will in front because I’m pretty sure we’ll can learn this move because it’s like fire pledge or something ok ok ok ok I guess can teach you I guess you can only teach the monkeys that then please I know that you can teach a monkey with that move yeah you lady would ya water pledge fire pledge and grass pledge um cuz I was like yeah they should be able to teach but I guess only the monkeys come on learn my move because I know I top I’ve taught my monkeys I moved before so yeah wait wait what is it oh okay so yeah I Monroe knows my first play pokemon and this was like what now seven eight years ago whenever my whenever the Pokemon use like a move or something that takes your item away I’m always like oh no I lost that Ivan was really important but uh after the years of my knowledge going in the games I figure out way they don’t really disappear they just go back in your bag / Kilpatrick Oakland afterwards except for berries they somehow disappear anyway fingers for watching part 9 of mighty of our team okay I’m not sure why I say mine because it’s actually ours anyway thinking watching part 9 of our team rocket challenge hope you guys enjoyed it I know it’s not but 1y or anything like that but hey it’s still the team rocket chalice and I’ll be finishing it up until the late for or maybe beating the game unless something happens like us dying which in my case we probably won’t die but anyway think of watching until next time p so she goes then as always thanks for watching


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